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Reviewed by Christopher Coletti, August 30, 2002, Music

Bow Wow, IMX, B2K

Frank Erwin Center, August 23 Cheers, hearts a-pounding, and shrieking decibels could be heard all the way down Red River Friday evening, as UT's Frank Erwin Center hosted a trio of post-pubescent performers and a crowd of mature middle-school munchkins for the Scream Tour 2. B2K and IMX sizzled the stage first, serving up nonspecific innuendoes intended to shiver the spines of all the lil' ladies. With the constant hunt for eligible, legal ladies and multiple Hulk Hogan-styled shirt-tearings, the spicy content was no longer innocent or Immature, shame on you Romeo! Bow Wow, on the other paw, had a different offensive strategy, chilling down the otherwise steamy scene with a cute puppy persona and So So Def crew. Supplied with an intricate stage show of pyrotechnics, two DJs, Jumbotron, an automated airport-styled floor, and more cable work than a Hong Kong kung fu flick, BW had something special planned for each song. Like descending from above after an elaborate film set the scene for Bow Wow's parachute-drop down to the stage, or later re-entering from the back, while being swung, flipped, and dipped into a sea of screaming spectators. A dawg of simple pleasures, Bow Wow spoke of the younger and finer things in a young life: girls, fans, basketball, and making them all "bounce." And the young man did just that, keeping the modest throng on their feet dancing, yelling, and in awe as he skipped, shuffled, popped, and locked his way into their hearts. At 11pm, it was past most bedtimes, so BW serenaded four special "ghetto girls," and sent the rest back to the sandbox whimpering, with heavy hearts, Doggy Bags, and a wicked case of the "Wows."

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