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Reviewed by Jim Caligiuri, August 9, 2002, Music

Colin Gilmore

4 of No Kind Being the son of Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Colin Gilmore is assured of drawing comparisons to his famous father. As evidenced by the four songs on his debut EP, however, the younger Gilmore has his own distinct sound. Sure, on occasion Colin recalls his father vocally, a slight echo of Jimmie's trademark warble peaking through often enough. And yet, musically, Colin goes his own way with a combination of energetic guitar pop and melodic twang. Since it's so short, 4 of No Kind can only be labeled a calling card, a taste of what Gilmore can do as a songwriter and bandleader. "The You That I Knew" is the strongest of the quartet of songs here, with its sing-a-long melody and hearty dose of twang-pop augmented by the stellar (as always) lead guitar play of Rob Gjersoe. An interesting start to be sure, but -- and this may be the point -- it leaves the listener wanting more, waiting to see what kind of flower Gilmore's obvious talent will blossom into.


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