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Please, Mr. Postman

By Ken Lieck, May 24, 2002, Music

The Chronicle's Personal Attache to the Beatles, KGSR-FM General Eggman Jody Denberg, recently spoke to Our Lord and Savior (or is it still just "Sir"?) Paul McCartney in Dallas for his show there. Here's a short excerpt from their chat, which is available in its entirety at, and began with McCartney admitting he's never been to the Live Music Capital: "Well, I've never been to Austin, but I mean to. It's one of those things you mean to do. But I know all about the music that comes out of there."

Jody Denberg: Welcome back to Texas. If I'm not mistaken, when you did the Wings Over America tour in '76, didn't you start in Texas and keep a house for a while?

Paul McCartney: We started the whole thing off here. Tried out all the systems, you know. So, yeah, we were here for a little while. Dallas, yeah. Nice.

JD: Kind of hot.

PM: It was very hot, yeah. But we bought a horse, actually. We used to rehearse, I think, in Fort Worth. So we'd go from Dallas to Fort Worth, and on the way one day, Linda spotted this Appaloosa. We ended up buying it and bringing him back to England. He's the father of many of our horses. She loved those horses.

JD: There's been a Beatles anthology, a Lennon anthology, Wingspan. Do you think you'll ever get around to making your own Anthology?

PM: You know [smiles], the bootleggers have got it. I just have to arrest one of them and put it out! It's one of those things I'll get around to. This tour is taking up a lot of time right now. And I love the band. We're having some good shows. So they're thinking of doing a DVD and a live album. That will probably come up before an anthology. One of these days, I'll get around to it all.

JD: Your birthday is June 18. The big 6-0. Any special plans to celebrate that day?

PM: For me, it's like another birthday, which I always celebrate in good manner. So I actually don't have any special plans. It's not going to be like a great big one with everybody coming in from all ends of the Earth. Fifty was the same for me. And like 40. Those big turnover ones don't seem to bother me too much, as long as I'm having a good time, and I certainly am this year -- touch wood, you know.

I've had a lot of troubles in the last few years, and even though the troubles don't just go away, you still can get to a better place occasionally. I think I'm in that better place now. And the tour's going so great, the audiences are just beautiful and bananas. And I love them. They seem to love us. And the band is great. I'm really loving playing with the band. Even soundchecks and stuff are like a bit of a buzz, just hearing the noise we make. I think we make a good little noise. And we like each other, which is a plus. So yeah, I'll just have a good birthday.

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