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SXSW Picks & Sleepers

Picks & Sleepers

March 15, 2002, Music

Sunday Picks

POISONED POLICY, OBSTRUCTION, THE DISTRESSED, DELECHO, CATSCRATCH: This youthful lineup represents part two of SXSW's local teen bands showcase. These Next Wave music makers run the gamut from the well-established Distressed to upcomers Catscratch, who are as informed by Slim Harpo as the Donnas. It's all pure rock punk-pop for now people. Kiss the past goodbye. (Hole in the Wall, 1-6pm) -- Margaret Moser

DUNG BEATLES: Yes, this band is exactly what you're afraid they are. A local quartet of mop-topped lads doing note perfect takes on the Fab Four -- only with all the lyrics changed so they're no longer paeans to love and peace, but rather to poop and piss. Understand the logic, when these folks formed the Diamond Smugglers, they were disappointed to find people actually liked them. (Emo's, 8pm) -- Ken Lieck

THE DIAMOND SMUGGLERS: Not Neil Diamond, but an incredible simulation that attains just the right mix of kitsch and reverence. Vocalist Steve McCarthy nails all the hits (along with ringers like Nirvana's "Rape Me") and goes on to capture virtually every aspect of Mr. Diamond's commanding stage show right down to the sequined shirts. When Brother Love himself rolled through town last month, he sent his keyboard player, who witnessed the Smugglers' "Heartlight" and found it favorable to the genuine article. (Emo's, midnight) -- Greg Beets

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