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Long Live the Emperor

By Ken Lieck, January 18, 2002, Music

King Coffey's Trance Syndicate may be dead, but its sister label Emperor Jones is still going strong, and sole staffer Craig Stewart has announced a number of upcoming releases. Here's a list of the current 2002 roster to expect between now and May:

Alastair Galbraith/Matt DeGennaro, Long Wires in Dark Museums Vol. 1

Thuja, Ghost Plants

Mountain Goats, All Hail West Texas

Leels, Leels

George Washington original motion picture soundtrack, with music by the Pilot Ships, Mazinga Phaser, David Wingo, and Michael Linnen

Chris Smith (the Australian one, not the Austin one), Map Ends: 1995-2001

Windsor for the Derby, Earnest Powers+

Concentrick, Lucid Dreaming

Steven R Smith, Lineaments

Pip Proud/Tom Carter, Death Don't Last Too Long

Stick Men With Ray Guns, Some People Deserve to Suffer

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