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Reviewed by Greg Beets, February 16, 2001, Music

Stinky del Negro

The Soft Favorites

Former Solid Gold 40 guitarist Stinky del Negro's solo tunes are not unlike what you might expect from the long lost fourth-grade buddy who invited you over to his house after school to look at dad's porno mags while listening to Blowfly records. The relish with which del Negro plies his sexcretory tales is exceedingly palpable. Worst of all, these schoolyard chants actually stick in your head. What do you do if you're in a senior manager's meeting and all you can think about is the lyric, "La turista! Tengo la turista! Los baños, por favor!"? If diarrhea's not your bag, try the snappy, gender-bending love song "Tuckin' It Between My Legs" on for size. Although slightly hampered by the lack of Mutt Lange production, the epics "Penises and Vaginas" and "She's Got an Ass" are introspective arena rock tours de force, deserving 1,000 disposable lighters thrust skyward in ribald affirmation of life itself. Del Negro's homemade tap dance on the fine line between comedy and inflammation is vaguely reminiscent of the Frogs, but his music is all over the map. He even takes a poke at polka on "The Ointment." For those with the prerequisite predilection to celebrate the humor of bodily functions, del Negro's multitextured 29-track testament is imminently more defensible than most anything this side of Dolemite.


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