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Reviewed by Andy Langer, November 10, 2000, Music


Tender Is the Savage (Sub Pop)

Thankfully, there's never been a star-studded AC/DC tribute album. It's not that they don't deserve it, because their influence stretches far beyond the credit they've been given. Instead, it's a case that there's no need for overpriced amateurs to try their hand at what so many hardworking pros have already polished; there's never been a shortage of virtual tribute bands like Rhino Buckett, Speedealer, and the local Broken Teeth. Overseas, nobody's deeds are dirtier than Gluecifer; they've been offering a high-voltage salute from Oslo since 1994 with a long series of singles like "Dick Disguised as Pussy" and "God's Chosen Dealer." A greatest-hits Sub Pop compilation, Get the Horn, properly introduced them stateside last year, and Tender Is the Savage is the hardly surprising follow-up -- a sleazy, raucous, brash, and unapologetically paint-by-numbers take on AC/DC. So then why is it all so fun, so vital? Perhaps because Gluecifer typically use their power chords to ride the line between tongue-in-cheek gags and straightforward aggression so deftly. From a vow in "Red Noses Shit Poses" that "I'm gonna shit in your pants" to the declaration in "Drunk and Pompus" that "I was born to rule, you's born to drool," it's tough to say whether AC/DC was Gluecifer's blueprint for a lifestyle or merely a compact vehicle for their punchlines. Either way, Tender Is the Savage is a well-crafted and eminently listenable guilty pleasure. Let there be rock indeed.


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