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Tear Time, Drop by Steel-Colored Drop

November 10, 2000, Music

"Hasn't Happened Yet" -- Chapter one in the saga of our sad-sack leading man. He used to "hang out with that honky-tonk crowd downtown," so his love "put me out like a butt from a cigarette."

"Tearjoint" -- The song that inspired the band. Contains the choice couplet, "Won't you please pour me a tall one, 'cause my troubles, they ain't small ones."

"Se Habla Heartache" -- Bilingual broken-heart border ballad. Marty Robbins would be proud, especially of the line, "She swore she'd meet me when the sun was high, I stood alone as it fell."

"All Night Texas Turnaround" -- Jaunty Western-swing ode to life in a Chevy van. No tears here, just miles and miles of Texas.

"Something Good" -- Rare instance of a relationship actually going right. Of course the girl's already got a man at home, but who's counting?

"Let's Drown Together" -- This is more like it. Couple meets when he "grabbed the wrong glass" and decide to pool their misery. "When we're through, if I can still see you, I'm gonna make a little pass." Slow down there, buddy.

"Hillbilly Rocket" -- Should this guy be driving? That's debatable, but this nimble little rockabilly thumper makes a solid case.

"War Between Two Loves" -- More adulterous intrigue. "Yesterday we were lovers, today we'll be just friends."

"I Like Whiskey" -- And he loves the people who inspire him to drink it, namely "George Jones, Hank and Ernest, Conway, Lefty, and Merle."

"Border of Mexico" -- Road trip to Laredo and the Purple Sombrero. "I can tell you if you don't know, what a peso can do for a gringo" suggests possible shady activity.

"The Goodurn" -- Brisk instrumental harp showcase. Live, this or "Sugarfoot Rag" means it's time to pass the tip jar.

"Pretty Baby" -- Souped-up Cajun number where the singer seeks assurances from his beloved, because, "I can see your eyes a-wanderin', pretty baby."

"Presence Known" -- He's been working late a lot, and she's been fitting in quite well with her new friends at the local tavern. Now he wants to meet them.

"By My Side" -- Back to the Atchafalaya, as singer petitions bayou belle for her affections with slithery harp and sweet nothings on the order of, "We go together like red beans and rice."

"Pick Up & Move On" -- Destination Sun Studios as our hero comes to his senses. "Go find yourself another fool who'll let you treat him like this," because he's outta there on the heels of those ringing Scotty Moore guitar fills.

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