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Texas Platters

Reviewed by Greg Beets, September 29, 2000, Music

The Chumps

R.I.P. Good Times (Mortville)

Rising forth from the putrid muckety-muck of the Blue Flamingo era of Texpunk, the recently departed Chumps steadfastly delineated themselves with fat, driving power chords and the David Johansen-on-glue vocal stylings of Sean McGowan. R.I.P. Good Times is a convincing rock through the windshield of convention joyously hurled in the almighty name of ear-ringing, malt liquor-fueled Friday nights. One of the key prerequisites of punk-rock aptitude is the band theme song, and "I'm a Chump" earns high honors with the killer chorus "I'm a fuckin' chump, I'm all fucked up, I wanna be demoted!" Instead of keeping self-loathing to themselves, this energetic local quartet spreads it all around with tunes like "Kill All Musicians" and "Punch Mama in the Nose." As the coup de grace, the protagonist of "Fuck You, I'm Rich" extracts revenge on a slimy businessman by kidnapping his wife and dog, locking them in the trunk of his car, and driving it into Town Lake. Throw in faithful covers of Redd Kross' "I Hate My School" and the Dicks' "Hate the Police," and you've got more than enough piss and vinegar to drown the moneychangers and moralists. Nice kids, these Chumps.


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