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The Boat

When Rock & Roll Was Dangerous

By Andy Langer, September 24, 1999, Music

Will Sexton, Barbara K, Stephen Doster

"I just keep thinking, åMan, 20 years is a long time,'" says Stephen Doster of his association with Steamboat. "There's a lot of history in that ol' place." For Doster, Steamboat is where he forged long-term friendships with Bill Hicks, Tommy Taylor, and Will Sexton, held his wedding reception, hosted his annual John Lennon Birthday party, and jammed with a who's who of local and national musicians (not to mention Sonny Bono and Bruce Willis!). Although many of Doster's Steamboat memories date back to the early Eighties, he says Steamboat never stopped being his idea of the musician's clubhouse. "They always showcased a wide variety of genres, paid well, and treated the musicians with respect," says Doster. "Over the years, those have been the constants. And even now, it's always been the place to go when I had an idea for a show or a special project. They always were receptive because they respected the people and respected their history with the club. At Steamboat, nobody was yesterday's news."

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