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Lilith Fare

July 16, 1999, Music

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It was sometime after Bonnie Raitt's sexy and spirited Southpark Meadows twilight set at Lilith Fair last year that it occurred to me: The Pretenders and B-52's played here last week. Were @#$&%* great. Why aren't they on Lilith Fair? Chrissie Hynde, Kate Pierson, and Cindy Wilson; they don't come more "chick rock." Where's Garbage? L7? Punk rock! As good as the nearly eight-hour festival was, offering strong, engaging sets from Erykah Badu, Natalie Merchant, and festival organizer Sarah McLachlan, only Bonnie Raitt, Liz Phair, and maybe Lucinda Williams "rocked." Perhaps it was the blazingly hot July inferno (this year there's the rain to contend with). For what will likely be the traveling musical festival's third and final year -- founder McLachlan maintains her brainchild was originally a three-year commitment -- it looks like Lilith Fair 1999 will go out rocking. With headliners Sheryl Crow and Luscious Jackson on the main stage (see "Music Listings"), and locals like Trish Murphy as featured performers on the second stage, girls with guitars could rock a little. Not like Handful or the Shindigs, two local punk rock bands we'd like to see on Lilith's second stage. Kitty Gordon, one of Austin's most promising new acts, was added to the festival's second stage after our decision to profile them as an act deserving just such exposure. Lilith Fair? Here's your Lilith Fare. --Raoul Hernandez

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