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September 27, 1996, Music

Eric Johnson is all over the Web. Of course, you have to do a little judicious surfing but the first place to get your feet wet is at, the official Eric Johnson website. Here you can download previews of five songs from Venus Isle, with four 30-second previews of "Manhattan," "Lonely In The Night," "Song For Lynette," and "S.R.V." (a tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan) then a full-length preview of "Pavilion." These DLs are available in in three audio formats: StreamWorks, RealAudio or Shockwave Audio. You can also order Venus Isle, check tour dates, and -- what else -- link to other sites.

From here, I jumped to, the site for G3. This site carries info on the G3 tour and is linked to Steve Vai's page and Joe Satriani's page

Sometimes "official" Web pages ignore fan-based pages but from the official EJ site, where there's a link to, the sanctioned fan page.

This page has a nice big graphic of Johnson playing and carries the Chronicle's 1994 interview by Raoul Hernandez as Johnson's official "biography". This fan site is regularly updated and gets a big thumbs-up from me.

At the fan page, click on its links and it offers, among others, the Capitol Records site. Bet you thought you'd escaped that one! Locally, Usenet newsgroups such as and will carry audience-based commentary on Eric Johnson, always interesting for its local angles.

Hey Eric! How about some surf tunes?

- Margaret Moser

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