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Waylon Jennings

July 26, 1996, Music

Right for the Time (Justice)

Survival is its own reward, and Waylon Jennings, who's raised at least 16 different kinds of hell since 1976's Wanted: The Outlaws, has come full circle. Not only is there a song called "Living Legends, part 2" on Right for the Time, there's also "Cactus, Texas" (does "Maybe once we're there we'll find out who we are" sound familiar?) and Paul Simon's "The Boxer." No, this isn't Waylon's Across the Borderline, but it isn't Waylon: The Sequel Album, either. The songs are all on familiar ground, but the record never drags and there's enough of Jennings' razor-sharp lyrics ("I could have killed her when I first met her/And I'd be out of jail by now") to keep the corners of your mouth perked up. This is a man who wrote "Get your tongue out of my mouth/I'm kissing you goodbye" years before Cynthia Heimel ever thought about it. Waylon Jennings is right for any time.
HHH -- Christopher Gray

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