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Dancing About Architecture

By Ken Lieck, August 25, 1995, Music

"What? Again!?" I'm willing to bet that that'll be the most common reaction to the surprise news that La Zona Rosa is opening once again. And no, I don't just mean that the property at that address will be housing a new business, even though several local club folks have been chatting up the idea of opening nightspots there (including one former club manager who had visions of creating a combination punk/alternative club and late-night pho restaurant). No, I'm telling you that La Zona Rosa itself is rising from the ashes yet again (though not quite as literally as Pearl's Oyster Bar, whose formerly burned-out hulk reopens next Thursday). The owners of Fat Tuesdays have snapped up both the building and the name and will be re-opening the doors of the club on September 13, with an official grand opening to follow in October. Fat Tuesdays' Frank Alterman says that the hope is to "keep the spirit alive" that fueled the original Zona, but that the new owners "hope to run it better and keep it alive a lot longer." After two well-publicized closings on the part of the previous ownership, that would seem to be an admirable goal. Also back will be some of the residencies once nurtured by the old Zona, though Sarah Elizabeth Campbell's popular Bummer Night will be sticking with its current home. Oh, gosh, I forgot to ask what the food specialty of the new Zona will be - ah, well, it doesn't matter, as the kitchen won't be opening for at least four months. Say, isn't that longer than the whole operation stayed open the last time?

Young Guns in Texas

Celebrity spottings are coming in from all over the city these days. Emilio Estevez, the brat packer who still gets work, has reportedly been seen around town looking for a location for a movie shoot. Among the spots scouted so far are the Continental Club, Black Cat, and the Broken Spoke. Brad Pitt has also been seen cruising around in a black Jag, with a more domestic purpose in mind; he's looking into buying a house in the Lake Travis area. A second source tells me that Pitt waited unrecognized - and un-helped - at one real estate office for 45 minutes before walking out and trying elsewhere. I can't run through the young leading man category without getting Johnny Depp in there, now can I? Well, the release of the P album has been delayed until mid-October, but you may be seeing Johnny D. around town sooner, what with that video needing to get done (and hey, there is a Bill Carter gig coming up soon). I'm not sure where the release party gig is going to be, but I'd probably put a small wager on a big affair at the Austin Music Hall and a "secret" show at the Continental Club. Oh, and had you noticed that local band cling contains a member of the Twin Peaks cast?

America "Vaughan-Line"

This Sunday marks the fifth anniversary of the helicopter crash that took the life of Stevie Ray Vaughan, and in that half-decade, the blues haven't left us, and time hasn't stopped marching on. As such, America Online's Blues Chat will be presenting a forum this Sunday at 9pm CST for SRV fans to chat with his bandmates Tommy Shannon, Chris Layton, and Reese Wynans, as well as writers/friends of Stevie Margaret Moser and Dan Forte via the miracle of the internet. AOL subscribers can post questions in advance of the show by going to Keyword: MMC, clicking on Jazz/Blues, selecting Blues and scrolling down to the "Remembering Stevie Ray" folder.

Terminal Mind Just Left...

Next Thursday, not quite a year after the Raul's reunion show at Liberty Lunch, that club will be host to the official CD release of the oft-delayed Live at Raul's reissue album. On hand for the occasion will be the Larry Seaman Three (featuring most of the Standing Waves), Ty Gavin of the Next, Jesse Sublett of the Skunks, all of the Explosives, and maybe - just maybe - Mr. Roky Erickson will take the stage with Fred Krc and company for a short set. Even though this gig lacks some of last year's show-stoppers like The Judy's or the faux Re*Cords, don't forget how peeved you were when you blew off the reunion and then heard the next day what a blast it was.

Wait'll We Get Our
Haynes on You

I'm told that Andy Haynes, like his brother Gibby, is no slouch at attracting celebrities and alcohol. The younger Haynes recently did a little detective work and tracked down Ozzy Osbourne at Mezzaluna, I hear. There, he engaged the Oz in friendly conversation and even managed to get a free drink out of him. As far as Osbourne's show at the Austin Music Hall, kick yourself if you blew it off 'cuz you thought you couldn't get in. While the show was a quick sell-out, the scalper crowd apparently overestimated their market and last-minute tix were going for bargain prices outside the show. For further Oz talk, check the "Live Shots" this issue.

Hot Don!

ABC Prime Time has taken a shine to Don Walser and will be following him around throughout the next week in preparation for a 6-8 minute feature on him for inclusion in their September 13 airing. You'll likely find them at his usual Babes (Monday) and Jovita's (Tuesday) gigs, as well as at the Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival this Sunday at the Travis County Farmers' Market, where he and Los Pinkys will be providing the music.

Mixed Notes

The upcoming tribute album to Willie Nelson has got some mighty heavy hitters on it, like L7, Dinosaur Jr., and Screaming Trees (What? No Supersuckers?) Oh, yeah. One more thing: Also appearing on the album will be a "jam band" including members of Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, and Nirvana, fronted by Johnny Cash... Roland Swenson, SXSW kingpin, got his name on the cover of the latest Texas Monthly as one of the state's 20 "most impressive, intriguing and influential Texans of 1995." This despite the fact that article author Joe Nick Patoski admits Swenson is "a guy who can't play a lick of guitar, has no rhythm and wears the squarest clothes ever to grace a backstage dressing room." Hey, in Austin, that's what makes you different enough to be noticed... Next Tuesday is the date for Furry Things' release party at Emo's... Citizen Lane have gone one better than you folks who call every gig a "release party" for six months after your album comes out. Starting this weekend they're declaring "Citizen Lane Awareness Month." Take one of 'em to lunch, won't you?... Dah-Veed continues to pack them in - "them" being A&R reps. He's expecting to see faces from Sony, Capitol, and Elektra in the crowd at his Liberty Lunch show this Saturday. He saw those as well as some from Island and Arista at his recent gigs in California... Mitch Watkins and Claude McCann III are working with Laurie Freelove on her new album. She'll be discussing this in greater detail on KVRX this Friday between 7-9pm... Plowman's got a new drummer in former Stick People person Thor. Their new seven-song CD on Pinche Gringo Records is out now. What else have I got in the box this week? How about Cactus Smack Conspiracy's Patriot album and Patty David's Let Me Be the One... Some release parties: Dale Watson at Tower Records this Friday at 3pm; Toni Price at Waterloo Records the same day at 5pm. Joe Ely will be signing - but not singing - at Waterloo next Wednesday... Yep, the David Bowie/Nine Inch Nails tour is coming to Austin on October 14, going head-to-head with OU weekend and the first night of Phish... Soulhat has not been officially replaced in the H.O.R.D.E tour, but the Rembrandts will be joining the roster for the Austin show at least... Honestly! The Wannabes and a to-be-reunited Doctors Mob backed out of the upcoming Bob Stinson tribute album on Doolittle records, both still reeling from too many years of being compared to the Replacements. Members of each do appear in other bands on the compilation, however. More on this as the October release date approaches... Did I still not mention there's a new Hand of Glory lineup out there? Tim Swingle's not in it, but then again, his hairstyle stopped being interesting years ago... Say goodbye to Crown Roast. Their last show is Saturday at the Blue Flamingo with the Fuck Emos, before one-third of the band relocates to jolly old England... Rumor has it that after Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown leaves the Erwin Center next Wednesday, he'll be headed for an after-show party at the Victory Grill... The Clarksville Jazz Fest, reeling from disastrously low attendance last July, is holding an all-star jazz jam benefit this Sunday at the Elephant Room to help pay some bills. No truth to the rumor that French Smith is trying to put together a Beatles reunion for that day... n

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