25th Annual Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival Contest Winners – 2015

Individual Category

Red Sauce
1st Place: Diana Martinez
2nd Place: Jennifer Boulware
3rd Place: Cameron Ruse
Honorable Mention: Bud Spaar, Leigh Schmidt, Tony Lopez, Ray Martinez, Anders Dowd
Green Sauce
1st Place: The Solano Twins
2nd Place: Bud Spaar
3rd Place: Chris Cooper
Honorable Mention: Doraelia Brackin, Kevin McAuliffe, Bella Kirchner, Ray Martinez, Tyler Ruse, Lucia Padron Champion, Bryan Strempel
Special Variety
1st Place: Pierre Auxila
2nd Place: Valery Caselli-Dubov
3rd Place: Shannon Miller
Honorable Mention: Vanessa Brightman, Mohammed Hassan, Evan Looper, Bidi Benson, Alex Hawkins, David Weaver, Barbara Cato-Lakhan

Restaurant Category

Red Sauce
1st Place: Las Lomas Tex Mex Cantina
2nd Place: Tacodeli
3rd Place: Serranos
Honorable Mention: Fixe, Don Pablo's
Green Sauce
1st Place: Tacodeli
2nd Place: Mariachis de Jalisco
3rd Place: Sazón
Special Variety
1st Place: Gourmet Gals Catering
2nd Place: Brick Oven
3rd Place: Hand Helds
Honorable Mention: Serranos, Curra's, Tacodeli, Trevino's Restaurant

Commercial Bottlers People's Choice

Red Sauce
1st Place: Mom's Family Kitchen
2nd Place: Mikey V's Foods – Original Red
3rd Place: Trezaratti's Fusion – Sofrito
Green Sauce
1st Place: Yellowbird Sauce – Yellowbird Serrano
2nd Place: Mikey V's Foods – Fresh Green Salsa
3rd Place: TIE: Tears of Joy – 6th Street Green; Damn Good Heat – Habanero Verde
Special Variety
1st Place: Gypsy Grove – Spicy Chimichurri
2nd Place: Bravado Spice – Pineapple & Habanero
3rd Place: Texas Triangle Grove – Evil Cowboy Smokin' Ghost
Pepper Sauce
1st Place: Aztexan – Habanero Supreme
2nd Place: Mikey V's Foods – Sweet Ghost Pepper
3rd Place: Bravado Spice – Ghost Pepper & Blueberry

Commercial Bottlers Judged by Celebrity Judges

Red Sauce
1st Place: Grinders Signature Hot Sauces – Molten
2nd Place: Jaime's Spanish Village – Hot Red Salsa
3rd Place: Yellowbird Sauce – Yellowbird Jalapeño
Honorable Mention: High Octane – Tire Smokin' Salsa Hot; Hair of the Dog – Home Grown Original; Hair of the Dog – Home Grown Habanero
Green Sauce
1st Place: Cin Chili Spice O' Life Jalapeño
2nd Place: High Octane Green Machine Hatch
3rd Place: Miley V's – Fresh Green Salsa
Honorable Mention: Big Daddy's – Amplified Heat; Texas-Texas – Verdelicious
Special Variety
1st Place: Stellar Gourmet Foods – King Calaverde
2nd Place: Grinders Signature Hot Sauces – Near Death
3rd Place: Kala's Kuisine – Ledho-Achar
Honorable Mention: High Octane – Anubis' Chariot; Kala's Kuisine – Chutney Salsa
Pepper Sauce
1st Place: Mikey V's Foods – Sweet Ghost Pepper Sauce
2nd Place: Tears of Joy Tony – Foresta's Liquid Arson
3rd Place: Castaway Sauce Co. – Blackbeard's Revenge
Honorable Mention: Aztexan – Habanero Supreme; High Octane – Hybrid Green Pepper Sauce
Super Hot
1st Place: Grinders Signature Hot Sauces – Death Nectar