20th Annual Austin Chronicle
Hot Sauce Festival Contest Winners – 2010

Individual Category

Red Sauce
1st Place: Matt Hudson
2nd Place: Steven Rivera
3rd Place: Matt Hudson
Honorable Mention: Marcus Sillers, Kristin Lobstein, Bud Spaar, John Robinson, Kala Uprety, Cheryl Sipowski, Scott Nettles, J. B. Larrimer, Patty Tomasco, Kevin Whitton, Deborah Vogt, David Bernard, Amy Zeinner, Laura Martinez, Sonya Miller, Carmen Joseph Hasse
Green Sauce
1st Place: Brian Morrison
2nd Place: Tom Frist (Florence)
3rd Place: Sue Sanders
Honorable Mention: Laurie Lynch, Arty Passes, Rebecca Cooper, Eddie O'Connor, Hunt Grundy, Paul Whitman/Ozzy Tamez, Stephen Fox, Gary Peifer, Martha Samaniego Calderon
Special Variety
1st Place: Russell & Mattie Lewis
2nd Place: Brian Campbell (Cypress)
3rd Place: Kevin Lewis
Honorable Mention: Sam Constantino, Patty Tomasco, Shane Pickett, Kim Smith/Alan Goldstein, Marcus Sillers, Vanessa Brightman, Marvin Perez, Martin DeRiso, John Cargill, Selina Guerra, Melanie Marley, Arty Passes, Tony Onzures, Scott D. McIntosh

Restaurant Category

Red Sauce
1st Place: Santa Rita
2nd Place: Izzoz Tacos
3rd Place: Sazón
Honorable Mention: Torchy's Tacos, Las Lomas Tex-Mex, La Reyna Restaurant, Texican Cafe, Aquarelle, Westfall Cafe - Westlake Medical Center, El Rincon (Pflugerville), Las Lomas Tex-Mex, El Caribe Mexican Restaurant, Aster's Ethiopian Restaurant, Hot Chix Wing Joint
Green Sauce
1st Place: Chucho's Mexican Restaurant (Pflugerville)
2nd Place: El Rincon (Pflugerville)
3rd Place: Las Lomas Tex-Mex Cantina
Honorable Mention: Sazón, Casa Chapala Mexican Grill, Tacodeli, La Condesa
Special Variety
1st Place: Tacodeli
2nd Place: Casa Chapala Mexican Grill & Cantina
3rd Place: Curra's Grill
Honorable Mention: Sazón, Iguana Grill, Torchy's Tacos

Commercial Bottlers People's Choice

Red Sauce
1st Place: Don't Panic Hispanic
2nd Place: Tears of Joy – 6th Street Salsa Red
3rd Place: Austin Slow Burn – Salsa con Habanero
Honorable Mention: Texas-Texas Habanero Heaven, Kala's Kuisine Curry Chipotle, Two Brothers Chipotle Salsa (Richardson, TX)
Green Sauce
1st Place: Tears of Joy – 6th Street Salsa Green
2nd Place: Don't Panic Hispanic – Greengo Salsa
3rd Place: Austin Slow Burn – Salsa Verde
Honorable Mention: Sgt. Pepper's El Chipotle Roasted Tomatillo
Special Variety
1st Place: Logan's – Habanero Relish
2nd Place: Tears of Joy – Tequila Lime Hot Sauce
3rd Place: Austin Slow Burn – Green Chile Salsa Fresca
Honorable Mention: Texas-Texas Fresh Roma Roasted, Winston's Mango Sauce, Granddaddy's Sweet Southern Heat (Midland, TX)
Pepper Sauce
1st Place: Aztexan – Habanero Supreme
2nd Place: Tears of Joy – August in Austin Hot Sauce
3rd Place: Austin Slow Burn – Creamy Jalape&ntiled;o
Honorable Mention: Kala's Kuisine – Curry-Cayenne

Commercial Bottlers Judged by Celebrity Judges

Red Sauce
1st Place: Salsa, Texas, Intl. (Houston)
2nd Place: Austin Slow Burn – Salsa Con Habanero
3rd Place: Don't Panic Hispanic
Honorable Mention: Salsa, Texas, Intl. (Houston)
Green Sauce
1st Place: Kala's Kuisine – Mirchi-Masala Salsa
2nd Place: Tears of Joy – 6th Street Green
Special Variety
1st Place: Redback Chilli Company – Chilli Chutney
2nd Place: Kala's Kuisine – Mango Chutney
3rd Place: Texas-Texas – Fresh Roma Roasted
Honorable Mention: Salsa, Texas, Intl. (Houston)
Pepper Sauce
1st Place: Sgt. Pepper's – Tropical Tears Mango Ginger
2nd Place: Big Daddy's (Houston) – Ass Burn Hot Sauce
3rd Place: Tony Legner's (Rockport, TX) – Cat5
Honorable Mention: Tears of Joy – August in Austin, Sgt. Pepper's – Chipotle Del Sol Smokin Hot Sauce, Kala's Kuisine – Curry-Cayenne, Aztexan – Habanero Supreme

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