Hot Sauce Festival

9th Annual Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival Contest Winners – 1999

Individual Category

Red Sauce
1st Place: Leslie Schultz
2nd Place: Laura Martinez
3rd Place: John Randall
Green Sauce
1st Place: Laura Bradshaw
2nd Place: Shelley Peebles
3rd Place: Helena Colyandro
Special Variety
1st Place: Saroja L. Kantan
2nd Place: Barbara Maltese
3rd Place: J.P. Hayes

Restaurant Category

Red Sauce
1st Place: Trudy's
2nd Place: Serranos
3rd Place: Central Market Westgate Cafe
Green Sauce
1st Place: The Yellow Rose
2nd Place: Ninfa's
3rd Place: Curra's Grill
Special Variety
1st Place: Botanitas – Pippian de Guajillo Chiles & Tomatillo
2nd Place: Ay Chiwawa – House Table Salsa
3rd Place: Central Market Westgate Cafe – Portabello & Oyster Mushroom Salsa with Turkish Figs

Commercial Bottlers People's Choice

Red Sauce
1st Place: Texas Lava Unlimited – Simply Delicious Salza
2nd Place: Ana's Salsa
3rd Place: Texas-Texas – Premium Salsa
Green Sauce
1st Place: Austin Spice Company – Smoky Hill Verde Sauce
2nd Place: Sgt. Pepper's – Tomatillo Chipotle
3rd Place: Austin Kitchen – Green Sauce
Special Variety
1st Place: Classy Delites – Portabello Dip
2nd Place: Classy Delites – Spinach Artichoke Dip
3rd Place: Austin Spice Company – Chile Ancho Sauce
Pepper Sauce
1st Place: Aztexan Pepper Company – Habanero Supreme
2nd Place: ATA International – Hot Paradise
3rd Place: Sgt. Pepper's – Tejas Tears