Hot Sauce Festival

6th Annual Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival Contest Winners – 1996

Individual Category

Red Sauce
1st Place: Joe Morales III
2nd Place: Dennis Williams (Cedar Creek)
3rd Place: Lori Adams
Green Sauce
1st Place: Joanna Shuckman (Round Rock)
2nd Place: Karen Peterman
3rd Place: Pamela Wells
Special Variety
1st Place: Jimmy Williams
2nd Place: Michael Walters (Galveston)
3rd Place: Chris Buslett

Restaurant Category

Red Sauce
1st Place: Trudy's
2nd Place: Bon's – Fresh Red Salsa
3rd Place: Trudy's
Green Sauce
1st Place: Trudy's
2nd Place: Trudy's
3rd Place: Bon's – Roasted Tomatillo Salsa
Special Variety
1st Place: Botanitas – Roasted Pepper Salsa
2nd Place: Satay – Roasted Coconut Salsa
Pepper Sauce
1st Place: Iguana Grill – Mole Sauce
2nd Place: Artz Rib House – Artz on Fire Habanero Sauce

Commercial Bottlers People's Choice

Red Sauce
1st Place: Santa Cruz Fine Foods (San Jose, California) – Roasted Garlic & Red Pepper Salsa
2nd Place: Hutton House Salsa from Linda & Darrell Hutton of Rock Hill, South Carolina
3rd Place: Max's Salsa Sabrosa from Norma Garvey and son Max, of New Braunfels
Green Sauce
1st Place: Timpone's Fresh Foods – Rose's Salsa Verde
2nd Place: Austin Spice Co. – Smoky Hill Salsa
3rd Place: Texas Food Research – Satay Kaffir Lime Salsa
Special Variety
1st Place: Devil's Revenge Habanero Salsa, Poco Loco Chile Co., Al Galley of Katy, Texas
2nd Place: Texas Heatwave, Original Habanero Co., Jay Davis of Selma, Texas
3rd Place: Sgt. Pepper's Hot Sauce Microbrewery – Pineapple Pico
Pepper Sauce
1st Place: Jo B's (Warren, Vermont) – Chilipaya Island Rojo Sauce
2nd Place: Habanero Supreme, Aztexan Pepper Co., Mark & Nikki Witt
3rd Place: Jo B's (Warren, Vermont) – Gorda'sala Habanero Salsa