Meet the Chrontourage

Ashley Sherwood
A Texan for 12 years; an Austinite for 2. Loves everything about this city, and plans to stay here for quite a while. Recently transfered from ACC to Texas State in San Marcos as a junior majoring in Art. Enjoys things like live music, drinking tons of coffee, reading, and film photography. Plans to have a great time working with the Chrontourage, and can't wait to see everyone at all of the events!

Charles Heidrick
Charles has lived, worked, and studied in Austin his entire life. Naturally, he enjoys the finer things that his beloved hometown has to offer: great Tex-Mex, interactive film experiences at the Alamo Drafthouse, SXSW, and the outdoors. Charles is nearly finished with his scholarly pursuits at UT Austin and is hoping to stick around for a couple more years. Charles' true passion is to learn how to play the entire guitar segment from Prince's "Purple Rain", but sadly, he doesn't have a musical bone in his body. Maybe one day he will finally succeed, until then, you can probably spot him at one of the many Chronicle related events around town.

Lauren Modery
Lauren may have a New York state license and a Los Angeles mailing address, but her heart is in Austin, Texas. After ending a tumultuous love affair with Hollywood last year, she jumped in her car and drove east on route 10 to Austin. She was moved by the warm and generous welcome she had received and is continually inspired by the energy that pulsates through the city. Her hobbies include biking around taking snapshots and talking with the amazing people of Austin. When she's not daydreaming about being in the next Pee-Wee Herman movie, she likes to go out dancing and tries to emulate her favorite dancer- David Byrne. She hopes to one day finish a piece of writing.

Logan "Jerkface" Youree
Unlike Tom Selleck, Logan is not the world's handsomest man, smartest man, most charming man, richest man, or manliest man; Logan is perhaps the worlds most completely average man, a title few others can claim. Logan grew up in north Texas and after a brief sojourn to San Francisco he took up residency in Austin when he awoke here one day after being shanghaied by SXSW volunteers. When not tending to his flock of giant squid on his central Texas cephalopod ranch, he likes to spend his time riding his bike downtown, shooting photos/video, and generally trying to avoid office work at the Austin Chronicle. Logan manages to survive exclusively on a diet of tacos and Lonestar tallboys.

Matthew Wedgwood
Matthew is a computer geek by trade, and spends a lot of his time corralling wayward bits into their little buckets. Thankfully, he's spending increasing amounts of time quietly photographing all the great stuff that happens around town. He's lived in Austin for over a quarter century, and that probably passes for a native these days. Aside from the Chrontourage web site, you can see Matthew's photographs on Flickr, or at his web site.