Ice, Ice Baby

No, that title's not in reference to the South First bridge's slippery prospects should the temperature drops a few more degrees, but the chances of election season heating up any in the next few weeks. As in: sub-zero.

Sure, last week we saw Sheryl Cole's campaign kick-off (with potential mayoral challenger Brigid Shea in the audience), but the Hustle forecasts a couple reasons we won't be seeing big election news soon. One is timing, in that with the holiday season here, candidates will forgo big announcements lest they get lost in the yuletide shuffle.

The other reason is timing of a different sort: With the potential for geographic representation on the rise (as evidenced by last week's meeting, so packed they called an extra one this week), there's a sizable chance that, should any form of district representation be adopted, brand new elections would be held soonafter – making candidates and consultants ponder whether it's worth a challenge this election cycle, when the spoils could prove so short-lived. (We've heard through the grapevine one consultant’s already advised one such challenger to sit this one out.)

But don't worry, as there's 139 City Council items this Thursday to keep us distracted. Lucky us!

No ifs, ands, or (37,000) butts: One smokin' council agenda

No ifs, ands, or (37,000) butts: One smokin' council agenda: 12/ 5/11

It's the season of giving, and City Council doesn't disappoint with a wooly, 139-item agenda this Thursday. A parks smoking ban, a Comp Plan, bond election love-in, and Austin Energy power moves are all up for consideration: We've listed the highlights below. more...

With shelters swelling, slashed pet adoption fees

With shelters swelling, slashed pet adoption fees: 12/ 2/11

Sure, city politics can be an animal house, but this is ridiculous: Just in time for the holidays, adoption fees for bringing home a pet this holiday season have been neutered. more...

A guide to competing maps and more Charter Revision issues

A guide to competing maps and more Charter Revision issues: 12/ 1/11

The Charter Revision Committee meets tonight, and boy, do they have their work cut out for them. The committee’s chimed in on a few election-related proposals floated by Mayor Lee Leffingwell. But the main question of geographic representation and single-member districts remains decidedly unsettled. But don’t worry, the Hustle has your crib sheet. more...

SMDs to education, the Capitol Complex to … lipstick?

SMDs to education, the Capitol Complex to ... lipstick?: 11/30/11

It took her a while to get around to saying it, but Sheryl Cole is not running for mayor. That fact wasn’t mentioned in a press release touting her “campaign announcement” today, and it didn't emerge in what was ultimately her Place 6 re-election speech about halfway through. So fittingly, the Mayor Pro Tem hit on some big themes in her announcement today. more...

City Council changes temporary retail from 'naughty' to 'nice'

City Council changes temporary retail from 'naughty' to 'nice': 11/29/11

For you consumers who weren’t occupying Best Buy on Black Friday, bad news: There’s only 24 days left until Christmas! Luckily, there's plenty non-big box shopping options out there for you, including pop up retail. And believe it or not, their existence actually traces back to City Council. more...

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