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WTP4: What's $15 Million Among Friends? December 14, 2012
One expects Council will be more vigilant the next time around

WTP4: Running on Overruns? October 19, 2012
Austin Water wants more money for WTP4

WTP4 Auditor's Report Released September 23, 2011
The city auditor brings the latest numbers on a WTP4 shutdown

The Fires This Time September 9, 2011
Austin's feverish summer a tinderbox for rumination

WTP4 Work-Stop Costs Go Under a Microscope September 2, 2011
Auditors scrubbing CDM costs estimates on postponing plant construction

Water, Water Everywhere ... and Nowhere August 5, 2011
Council splits on WTP4 audit, possible shutdown

WTP4: Still Bitter Waters June 17, 2011
The controversy that won't die

Cooper Rejects WTP Lawsuit April 22, 2011
Lawsuit alleged city acted in 'bad faith'

WTP4: Council Takes a Swig November 26, 2010
No more piecemeal votes on funding for Water Treatment Plant No. 4

WTP4: $300 Million in One Gulp? November 19, 2010
Council considers handing over remaining Water Treatment Plant No. 4 funds all at once

All Things Budgetary ... and WTP4 September 3, 2010
The proposed plant dominates budget discussions at the dais

No Surprises in City's Response to WTP4 Suit August 27, 2010
Water plant controversy keeps on churning

August 27, 2010
Page Three: Hell in a Handbasket
or, the Worst of Austin
Well, the shit is certainly hitting the fan this week. From the Chamber of Concrete/Austin American-Statesman war on public education...

Hell or High Water August 20, 2010
WTP4 opposition increasing – and increasingly not on the same page

Shoddy and Rushed July 9, 2010
Spicewood neighbors blast WTP4 water line plan

Top 9 Local Stories January 1, 2010
1) WET OR DRY? For it or agin' it, the 25-years-in-the-planning Water Treatment Plant No. 4 dominated city politics...

The Smartest Guy in the Room October 30, 2009
Professor Spelman breaks down the cost of WTP4

Trust Us, We're the Water Utility October 23, 2009
AWU's vows to deliver on WTP4 and conservation just don't wash

City Hall Hustle: Let's Move On October 23, 2009
Looking beyond the WTP4 controversy

More Water Under the Bridge September 25, 2009
Reading the political currents flowing through WTP4

Point, Counterpoint: The Debate Over Water Treatment Plant No. 4 September 18, 2009
The debate over WTP4 goes to a public forum

Dumping the Water Pump February 20, 2009
Should Austin's conservation success forestall WTP 4?

The $360 Million Question: Where to put WTP4? August 17, 2007
City Council is re-re-rethinking WTP4

County Doesn't Blink on City's WTP 4 Challenge October 13, 2006
City dangles Bull Creek in front of bulldozers, but county won't take the bait

Council Recap: A Wary, Cloudy Start for a New Police Cadet Class
Barton Springs Pool Will Require Reservations Starting May 21 
Texas House Passes Near-Total Abortion Ban

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