Street Team Application

The Austin Chronicle is looking to add a few members to our street team. If you enjoy going out to shows, attending events, and promoting cool things going on around town, then you may be the perfect fit.

Please fill out this online form and explain why you think you'd make a great addition to the street team.

Note: Street Team members are volunteers that support The Austin Chronicle marketing team periodically throughout the year. If you'd like to regularly contribute to The Austin Chronicle please visit for our current internships and job postings.

Application for Street Team


Email Address:

Age: (Many of our events take place at bars or clubs, are you 21 yrs or older? If not, there may still be opportunities to participate in the street team, but minors need parental consent.)

Twitter handle:

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In School?

If so, where?

Where ya from?

How long have you lived in Austin?

What are some things you're into? (music/film/yoga/cooking/skateboarding/gaming/sculpture/making kombucha/photography/fashion/bikes/vampires/etc...)

Favorite place to see live music?

Favorite band?

Favorite local band?

Favorite local restaurant/cafe/food truck?

What neighborhood do you currently reside in?

What's your favorite thing about your neighborhood? (walkability, taco options, the coffee shop around the corner, the location, your neighbor's dog, etc...)

Ideally, you see your involvement with the Chrontourage for the next few months being...

Anything else you'd like to tell us about why you'd make an awesome Chrontourage Member?