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Comics? Zines? People who MAKE them?
Like, that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles guy, even?
DAILY Books  March 1, 2012, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...It's Staple! time again. That is, it's Austin's eighth annual celebration of independent media. You know what that means, right? Comic books, zines, posters, gaming gear; all the handmade, limited-edition, geek-o-centric goodness that emulates or sometimes drives so much of what's happening in pop culture. Not so much with the Hollywooded megasuperblockbuster movie trailers or the Z-list gods & goddesses slumming among the fannish supplicants, though, no. This ain't no ComicCon, in other words. Even though it boasts exhibitors from all over the country, it's more of a downhome kind of thing. Tim Doyle's Nakatomi Inc..."

Cuneiform Press: Strong, Silent Type
Making books more deep in the heart of Texas
DAILY Arts  May 1, 2015, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...There are people who make what are called zines...."

V Is for...
‘Vagina’ Editor-in-Chief Hillary-Anne Crosby on zines, feminism, and – well, you know
Arts Story  January 11, 2013, by Amy Gentry
"...If I can start a zine, having never seen one ... Zines are the easiest."..."

The Zine Scene
Anthologies Top the Underground Stream
Books Story  October 10, 1997, by Stuart Wade
"...So many zines, so little time... until now..."

"Z" Is for Zine
"V" Is for V-Search
Books Story  July 12, 1996, by Ken Lieck
"...Little has changed with the advent of Zines Vol. 1, though it is published under the "V Search," imprint, RE/Search co-publisher V..."

Fixing Up the Fringe
The Austin Zine Library Saga, Part V: Alive, authentic, and real
Books Story  October 3, 2003, by Josh Medsker
"...Recently, I was reading an article by Don Skiles in Poets & Writers called "Obscurity: The Persistence of the Unknown Writer." In the article, Skiles talks about how without a reputation behind them, new writers constantly have to prove themselves and are faced with the ever-present desire to quit, but that in this agitated, hungry state, the new writer is "alive, authentic, [and] real." That's what zines are all about...."

Fixing Up the Fringe
"This was going to be a real library with real hours and a real librarian, if it killed me."
Books Story  May 9, 2003, by Josh Medsker
"...It was big. It held 4,000 zines along one wall with a bank of donated computers on the other wall and a room of turn-of-the-century presses in back..."

Lone Star Zine Fest Rounds Up Local Mini-Mags
Artful publications will be on display and for sale at Cheer Up Charlies
DAILY Arts  June 8, 2017, by Rachel Rascoe
"...Event organizer and zine archivist Jennifer Hecker said via email she loves zines because they are an easily-accessible print medium. “[Zines] are fun, cheap and easy to create, and they are cheap to buy, portable, and endlessly variable,” Hecker says..."

Gay New York: Queer Zine-itude
They Shoot Homos, Don't They?
DAILY The Gay Place  July 28, 2009, by Andy Campbell
"...No trip to New York is complete without a shopping experience at Printed Matter, the independent and artist bookstore in the heart of Chelsea. Recently Printed Matter held an exhibition of Queer Zines..."

Fixing Up the Fringe
Do it yourself? No way. This is the second in a series of articles by Josh Medsker as he attempts to re-establish a zine library in Austin.
Books Story  June 13, 2003, by Josh Medsker
"...Zines are an individualistic medium, but as a medium, their primary function is communication. People create zines to scream out "I exist." They also do it to connect to others saying the same thing..."

Strong and Talented and Young
Austin's Raw Paw collective inhales life, exhales art
Arts Story  December 23, 2014, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...It's obviously about zines, right? Because that's what they do, this quartet of Jen Rachid, Will Kauber, Clementine Kruczynski, and Chris Dock Davis: At least once a year since 2010, they've published a thick anthology of art and writing. And it's not the low-budget celebration of creative expression you typically find in the scene; it's more along the lines, in the effectiveness and daring of its graphic design and the high quality of its showcased works and production, of something you'd discover in the gift shop of a progressive art museum..."

Getting a Read on the State of Anti-State Bookstores
Brave New Books and Monkeywrench Books keep thinking outside the mainstream
Arts Story  February 8, 2018, by Taylor Prewitt
"..."The distinction here is that people took such media seriously," she says. "There wasn't an elitist presumption that such media was confined to public access cable/Xerox-published zines/local watering holes because it was inferior or not ready for prime time."..."

Ben Snakepit Releases His Manor Threat
New collection of diary comics debuts at Beerland this Saturday
DAILY Arts  June 8, 2016, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...WAB: Did you move out of Austin to get away from the craziness, or is it mostly about the cost of living?..."

Such Stuff as Screams Are Made On
Austin punk gets the museum treatment, but does the scene come off as dead or alive?
Arts Story  March 20, 2009, by Robert Faires
"...You'll find no wall text supplying context for the scores and scores of objects he's assembled from three decades of Austin punk, no annotations for any of the items themselves. For the most part, you just get shelves and shelves of CDs, fliers hanging on the walls, and glass cases packed with zines, T-shirts, videos, and print articles laid out without any overt sense of organization..."

Let Us Now Praise Sluggo
Books Story  October 10, 1997
"...Somewhere in a box of old Raul's posters and yellowed clippings of then-current events like Sid Vicious' death, I have one copy of Sniffin' Glue, the notorious English zine that chronicled the rise of punk. In that box are assorted other zines: Xiphoid Process, Seattle's Chatterbox, Western Round-up, Plan 9, Monthly Chat, Honolulu Babylon, ContempoCulture, Oasis, Oo-La-La, Baton Rouge's Skinner Box, and other relics of the day plus Alcohol Drugs & Driving, Peek-a-boo, Bikini Kill, Apathy Trend, RockrGirl, and other more recent efforts..."

Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One With the Universe
Artist Yumi Sakugawa draws enlightenment and visits Austin this week
DAILY Books  October 1, 2014, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...We reckon that, wherever Yumi Sakugawa is in Austin this week, her books and zines will be right there with her. So stopping by to say hello and to get a copy or copies for yourself makes perfect sense..."

Gay Place
Thanks, MonkeyWrench!
Columns  October 21, 2011, by Kate X Messer
"...(GENDER)QUEER ZINES/(GENDER)QUEER ART Damn, we love print media. And we especially love alt-print media..."

Crash Landing in Teen Heaven
A reunited Sincola on the 1990s
DAILY Music  September 8, 2011, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Music had value. Bands were putting their own records out and making their own zines..."

Domy Books: Where Art and the Printed Page Meet
Russell Etchen on launching an Austin version of his Houston bookstore that focuses on art books, magazines, and toys
Arts Story  July 4, 2008, by Rachel Koper
"...A self-confessed progressive, Russell Etchen has brought his quirky bookstore, Domy, to Austin after launching a successful model in Houston. Domy Books features an art gallery, books, magazines, plushies, and other collectible toys à la Kidrobot..."

Wish List
Give 'Til It Helps, Part 2
Features Story  December 21, 2007
"...Art supplies: small and regular-sized scissors, black Sharpies of all thicknesses, glue sticks, magazines (w/ female musicians), stickers, white typing paper, saddle and regular staplers, photocopying services, color markers, highlighters, girl and lady zines for zine library, silkscreen supplies, new plain T-shirts for printing on (child and adult sizes)..."

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