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The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years
Ron Howard tackles the Beatles
Film Review  September 9, 2016, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Eight Days a Week is an apt title for this Ron Howard-directed documentary about the early years of the Fab Four, essentially 1962-1966. At first a gas for the young moptops, performing live in the face of unchecked Beatlemania eventually caused the band to quit touring and focus on creating studio albums..."

Playback: Touring Austin's Latin Record Stores
Discotecas outnumber Anglo record shops
Music Column  August 17, 2017, by Kevin Curtin

Touring the Tour
A very meta experience, guided by Heather Pesanti, senior curator of the Contemporary Austin
Arts Story  November 20, 2014, by Seth Orion Schwaiger

Let Me Know the Deal on Touring Bands and Austin
Postmarks  October 1, 2004

The Touring Syndrome
Music Column  December 14, 2001

Touring the Technology Factory
Human Code's Award Winning Multi-Media Mission
Screens Story  December 8, 1995

For Whom the Road Tolls
The Death of Touring
Music Story  December 5, 1997, by Andy Langer
"...The Death of Touring For Whom the Road Tolls..."

Aimee Mann & Ted Leo: The Both
Likely/unlikely collaboration might even yield a musical
DAILY Music  August 13, 2014, by Doug Freeman
"...Ted Leo and Aimee Mann demonstrate a natural rapport – a deep friendship – one that manifests itself in their musical partnership, the Both. After touring together, the two began collaborating..."

15 Minutes with Pat Metheny
Guitar radical still finds the good notes
DAILY Music  October 3, 2012, by Jim Caligiuri
"...Pat Metheny brings his Unity Band to the Moody Theater tomorrow, Thursday. It’s the first time in 30 years the renowned jazz guitarist is touring with a saxophonist, this time Chris Potter..."

Some Parts of the World Pt. 7
BettySoo's European tour winds to a close
DAILY Music  June 20, 2011, by BettySoo
"...One of my favorite aspects of touring is finding I have an extended family all over the world. In Austin, musicians are really fortunate to have a community among ourselves that supports and celebrates one another, as well as a general city population who loves the local music scene, in a way I haven’t seen in other music centers in the U.S...."

Brad's Status
Ben Stiller shines in this character study
Film Review  September 22, 2017, by Marc Savlov
"...Old buddy Nick (White) is on the cover of Architectural Digest and sporting a brand new mansion and husband, pal Billy (Clement) sold his tech company at 40 and now lives in Hawaii with not one but two girlfriends, and former bestie Jason (Wilson) is running a mammoth hedge fund. Touring Harvard with Troy, problems arise due to a mistaken interview date, and Brad feels compelled to call the friends he hasn’t seen in three decades to pull some favors..."

Tommy's Honour
Lacking biopic on the game of golf
Film Review  April 14, 2017, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...This film tells a story about Old Tom Morris (Mullan), the greenskeeper at St. Andrews who’s responsible for establishing many of the game’s standards as well as making the golf club’s balls and irons, and his son Tommy Morris (Lowden), a wiz whose golf skills outshine his father’s to eventually become one of the first touring golfers who helped popularize the sport..."

Spectre brings the spectacle, but it lacks a soul
Film Review  November 6, 2015, by Josh Kupecki
"...Unfortunately, the film never advances past that giddy high. Bond extracts from that man a ring engraved with an octopus symbol (not Hydra, btw), which leads him on a MacGuffin-fueled travelogue to Rome (Monica Bellucci), and then to Austria (Léa Seydoux), with an extended stay in Morocco, touring and destroying enemy strongholds and henchmen who call back to classic Bond tropes (Dave Bautista has Oddjob’s style, but Jaws’ strength!)..."

Being Evel
Evel Knievel rides again in this retrospective doc
Film Review  August 21, 2015, by Marc Savlov
"...Junge traces “the last gladiator”’s hardscrabble roots amidst the coal-mining, alcohol, and fisticuffs of Butte, Mont., to his early deal with Honda motorcycles, which led him to touring the country performing risky tricks for crowds that cheered for the failures as much as they did for his triumphs. That the man in the red-white-and-blue jumpsuit was a narcissistic egomaniac with some serious anger and booze issues is something Being Knievel makes abundantly clear through interviews with his longtime wife Linda and the various outsized characters who orbited his mercurial world..."

Arthouse comedy amuses yet disappoints.
Film Review  September 5, 2014, by Kimberley Jones
"...British journalist Jon Ronson and co-writer Peter Straughan have fancifully adapted Ronson’s memoir about touring with the real-life performance artist Frank Sidebottom, né Chris Sievey (the film’s fake head is a near replica of Sidebottom’s distinctive dome). But the screenwriters have curiously sanded down Ronson’s own sharp-witted, terrifically dyspeptic public persona..."

Catching Up With Tish Hinojosa
Onetime local light begins El Sol y la Luna residency
DAILY Music  March 27, 2013, by Jim Caligiuri
"...It was late 1989 or early 1990. With guitarist Marvin Denton, who later reverted to his real name, Marvin Dykhuis, she was touring the Northeast with her debut album, Homeland..."

'The Lion King' Is a Feast For the Eyes
But lackluster performances dampen this touring production
DAILY Arts  January 31, 2013, by Eli Black
"...Spectacular sets, costumes, and special effects upstage the actors in the touring production of Broadway’s The Lion King, currently running at the Bass Concert Hall through Feb. 10...."

Purity Ring, Still Ungirthed
Megan James on social media: “It’s all of it”
DAILY Music  January 17, 2013, by Abby Johnston
"...2011. The message was simple: “We are birthed.” 2012 LP Shrines set them into whirlwind touring, and as production guru Corin Roddick and vocalist/lyricist Megan James begin a winter trek, they stop at a sold-out Mohawk Tuesday, Jan, 22...."

Preacher's Kid
A minister's daughter wants to experience more of life, so she runs away with an actor appearing in a touring gospel play.
Film Review  February 12, 2010, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Not reviewed at press time. A minister's daughter wants to experience more of life, so she runs away with an actor appearing in a touring gospel play..."

Like the Rest of Us
Atmosphere's Slug isn't dead from tequila poisoning yet
DAILY Music  November 5, 2008, by Chase Hoffberger
"...A hell-bent touring schedule has put Atmosphere – Slug and DJ Anthony “Ant” Davis – in Austin on two occasions in the past year, and over a decade they've released six LPs, thirteen EPs, and a two-album side project with buddy Murs as Felt. The Minneapolis duo’s also built up one hell of a devoted fan base in the process...."

Texecutioners Take to the Road for '08 Season
TXRG touring team to hit Houston, Kansas City and Feasterville
DAILY Sports  March 26, 2008, by Richard Whittaker
"...Following on from the confirmed dates for the Texas Rollergirls: If you're hoping to catch their touring team, the Texecutioners, this season, you'll have to do some traveling. The Women's Flat Track Derby Association No..."

Jimmy Carter: Man From Plains
Filmmaker Jonathan Demme accompanies Jimmy Carter during the former president's controversial book tour for Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, and in the process offers a re-evalution of this world leader.
Film Review  March 14, 2008, by Kimberley Jones
"...Welcome to our 39th president – you know, the peanut farmer – who continues to reside in his family home in Plains, Ga. (population 600), in between touring the globe as our most esteemed elder statesman..."

Shut Up and Sing
The Dixie Chicks' struggle with the conflicting demands of art and commerce as portrayed in this documentary shows that they're still not ready to make nice.
Film Review  November 17, 2006, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Thus began a three-year period during which the Chicks were renounced by hordes of red-state fans who were encouraged to trash their records. Instead of a passing event, the incident sparked years of fallout, during which the band who, up until that point had been the bestselling female group in history, was subject to death threats, hate mail, and nonexistent record sales and touring opportunities..."

Malibu's Most Wanted
On the lower, less-developed levels of Hades these days, there is, with luck, a spot reserved for the makers of Malibu’s Most Wanted, somewhere between Vanilla Ice’s cramped and airless...

Film Review  April 18, 2003, by Marc Savlov
"...Starring: Jamie Kennedy, Taye Diggs, Anthony Anderson, Blair Underwood, Regina Hall, Damien Dante Wayans, Ryan O'Neal, Bo Derek and Snoop Dogg. On the lower, less-developed levels of Hades these days, there is, with luck, a spot reserved for the makers of Malibu’s Most Wanted, somewhere between Vanilla Ice’s cramped and airless Styx-side cabana and Milli Vanilli’s touring Yugo..."

For Ever Mozart
Most days, if asked to name the most important filmmaker in the history of cinema, my answer would be Jean-Luc Godard … of course. Now that I have had the...
Film Review  October 10, 1997, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...A film director (Messica) wants to make a movie about war based on the Spanish novelist Juan Goytisolo's claim that “the history of the 1990s in Europe is a rehearsal, with slight symphonic variations, of the cowardice and chaos of the 1930s.” The film director's daughter, her cousin, and the family's Arab maid are preparing to go to Sarajevo to put on a production of Alfred de Musset's One Must Not Play at Love. The trip proves disastrous as the touring literati are captured, tortured, and forced to dig their own graves..."

Wild America
Suggested alternate title: The Women Don't Know, But the Little Boys Understand. This second feature by William Dear (Angels in the Outfield) has its flaws, but as an example of...
Film Review  July 4, 1997, by Russell Smith
"...This second feature by William Dear (Angels in the Outfield) has its flaws, but as an example of adolescent male fantasies writ large it approaches brilliance. Broadly based on true boyhood experiences of award-winning nature documentarian Mark Stouffer (played here by Devon Sawa), Wild America chronicles a summer in the late Sixties when he and brothers Marshall (Jonathan Taylor Thomas of the Home Improvement TV series) and Marty (Scott Bairstow) spent several weeks touring the country and filming threatened animal species in their natural habitats..."

Dragon Fight
Not reviewed at press time. Hong Kong action hero Jet Li stars as a member of a touring martial arts demonstration team who becomes stranded in San Francisco and winds...
Film Review  December 6, 1996, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Not reviewed at press time. Hong Kong action hero Jet Li stars as a member of a touring martial arts demonstration team who becomes stranded in San Francisco and winds up as a murder suspect...."

2nd International Festival of Short Films
Eleven short live-action films. Two hours total running time. Some excellent films. Some mediocre pieces. None bad. This second collection of short films is an admirable effort on the part...
Film Review  April 29, 1994, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...This second collection of short films is an admirable effort on the part of Andalusian Pictures to make short films theatrically accessible. Little seen outside the festival circuit, these touring packages of shorts ensure their wider viewership..."

The Music of Chance
Chance abounds in this intriguing adaptation of Paul Auster's novel, and there's a chance you may like one half and not like the other. Filmmaker Haas moves from documentaries, where...
Film Review  September 17, 1993, by Robert Faires
"...Always attired in oversized outfits, he's an appealingly goofy picture of the talker who isn't as big a man as he thinks. Though considerably more subdued, Durning and Grey give an old-fashioned sparkle to their eccentrics, and the time with them is a metaphysical delight, with musings on the souls of numbers and touring the “City of the World” display, a model train-size layout of a town depicting scenes from Stone's life..."

Taxi Blues
This French-Soviet co-production won the 1990 Cannes Film Festival Best Director award. For us it is a remarkable glimpse of the Russia we never see and hear. It also deals...
Film Review  June 7, 1991, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...The relationship parallels the situation imposed on Russian artists by the state government (as well as paralleling the moral struggles of the, no doubt, influential film Taxi Driver). Lyosha finally slips away with a touring jazz impresario who offers him a tour of the United States..."

The Phantom of the Opera at Bass Concert Hall
This new touring production makes a grandly restaged, compelling tale of thin source material, with a chandelier drop that still thrills
Arts Review  April 27, 2017, by Elizabeth Cobbe
"...The touring version currently in Austin is a restaging of the original, developed by producer Cameron Mackintosh and directed by Laurence Connor. It's a grand production of a musical built on thin source material, but it brings out a compelling story..."

SXSW Preview: Kumbia Queers
A Q&A with Ali Gua Gua of Kumbia Queers
DAILY The Gay Place  March 14, 2014, by Sarah Marloff
"...The members of Kumbia Queers met by chance eight years ago at a DIY festival in Buenos Aires. The kismet meeting of the six self-described “punk, roller girls” from Argentina and México blossomed into a world-touring band that’s "reinterpreting Latin American heart-aching" machismo, politics, and fun...."

Alice Bag
Punk feminist brings ‘Violence Girl’ to ATX
DAILY Music  April 20, 2012, by Zoe Cordes Selbin
"...Alice Bag was in town. A punk legend, she's been touring her new book Violence Girl, which covers her bands the Bags, Cholita!, and Castration Squad, plus all that came before and after...."

Architects of Air in Austin
Impressions from the touring inflatable structures
DAILY Chron Events  January 23, 2012, by Chrontourage
"...On the last day of the exhibit, a few of us were lucky enough to experience the touring Architects of Air sculpture that made the Long Center's lawn home for a week...."

Over the Wall With Will Sergeant
Rob yaks with Will Sergeant of Echo and the Bunnymen
DAILY The Gay Place  May 7, 2011, by Rob Cohen
"...As guitarist for this seminal group Sergeant brought a psychedelic sound into the chilly post-punk landscape that truly set the Bunnymen apart from a lot of the day's sounds. The band is currently touring and stop in Austin tonight, May 7...."

Master Blaster
Q&A with Dave Alvin
DAILY Music  November 19, 2008, by Jim Caligiuri
"...But to answer your first question, I tend to balance things out. Maybe two-thirds or three-fourths of my touring is loud with a band..."

TXRG, Home and Away
Texas Rollergirls season firming up
DAILY Sports  March 24, 2008, by Richard Whittaker
"...With the first bouts of the season behind them, the Texas Rollergirls are putting the 2008 season together, and fans are filling up their calendars for the first Sunday of every month (check back soon for the touring Texecutioner's season). First up will be the April 6 event, which could contain one of the most interesting matchups of the season. The Hotrod Honeys came out of their March 2 rematch with the champion Hell Marys with a squeaker win: this time, they'll be facing the Hustlers, whose new-look team has had a month to shake off their inaugural loss to the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. When it comes to Texas hospitality, it looks like Austin's own are trying to set up their own Red River Rivalry..."

Mastodon's 'Blood Mountain' Flows Into Austin
Coming down the mountain with Mastodon
DAILY Music  March 14, 2007, by Austin Powell
"...We’re still at the footstep of a giant slab of Mother Nature that we’re trying to scale. The struggle and quest on Blood Mountain is completely metaphorical to our true life journey, struggle, and sacrifice to achieve our goals, to the new record, to our new marriage with Warner Brothers, to the next year and a half of touring, to many things...."

Tentatively Titled
Austin's Class of 1997
Music Story  January 24, 1997, by Andy Langer
"...Others saw me as too AAA for alternative and too alternative for AAA. Atlantic saw the potential for great rock & roll songs and thought they could build on my fanbase and touring..."

The Prison Diaries of the Fabulous Thunderbirds' Preston Hubbard
Music Story  October 20, 2000, by Preston Hubbard
"...Roomful was a hard-partying, hard-gambling, hard-touring, and definitely hard-playing band. We ran on booze, coke, Quaaludes, and girls..."

If It Ain't Bruch, Don't Fix It
Just a drummer from Iowa? Just a culinary badass? Hold his beer.
DAILY Food  December 21, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...And bend wires, literally, to create sound systems and music compositions different from what he usually gets by furiously assaulting tightly stretched goatskins or whatever. And have a recent past that includes touring with Grupo Fantasma and What Made Milwaukee Famous, and catering private parties, and holding down chef and kitchen-manager jobs at places like Z Tejas and Drink.Well and so on and on...."

Great Expectations
Assessing Austin's Class of '96
Music Story  December 27, 1996, by Andy Langer
"...Tuned In or Out? Nobody can testify to the power of radio better than the Butthole Surfers. After 15 years and 12 albums, the Surfers went into 1996 with an average but diehard touring fan base and a scrapbook of press clippings that went well beyond what their album sales might have indicated. Their first album for Capitol, 1993's Independent Worm Saloon, had sold in the low six-figure range and spawned one moderately successful alternative radio hit, "Who Was in My Room Last Night." Still, no one anticipated "Pepper."..."

Can a Working Musician Find a Decent Job in This Town?
Musicians looking to subsidize their poverty-level passion already have one strike against them
Music Story  January 26, 2017, by Leslie Sisson
"...I originally thought film production might allow time in between jobs to do music, but the hours are long and contracts can last many months. Touring demands flexibility...."

Expectations of Future Growth
Third Time Lucky?
Music Story  January 14, 1999, by Andy Langer
"...In April of 1997, Hentges and Robbins agreed that Fountains of Wayne guitarist Adam Schlesinger was the right producer for the project, only Schlesinger was tied up with his Atlantic Records side project, Ivy. In between touring and recording, Schlesinger scheduled four sessions in New York with Hentges, who along with bassist/songwriter Jude O'Nym, recorded an album in separate, four-song chunks..."

Room With a View
La Zona Rosa's Ripple Effect
Music Story  September 19, 1997, by Andy Langer
"...So far, business for all three rooms has been mostly status quo or better. Then again, O'Connor says he has only recently started bidding seriously on shows and expects to confirm a batch of high-profile touring talent for La Zona Rosa's grand opening in October..."

Who's Got the Hootie?
Comparing Austin' and Dallas' 1995 Output
Music Story  January 19, 1996
"...By 1993, Dallas had entered into a phase of dramatic resurgence in both the number of live music venues and local indie releases. As such, of the 10 acts currently signed to major labels, all had released at least one independent record, and at the minimum had developed reasonably impressive draws both at home and on selective regional touring circuits..."

Supersizing the Scene
From Rest Stop to Tour Stop
Music Story  May 12, 1995, by Andy Langer
"...That's the bad news. The good news for music fans is that the buses and trucks that carry national touring talent are now more likely to display "Austin" in their destination windows..."

Judas Priest Axe Grinder Glenn Tipton
Q&A with metal mainstay to preview Cedar Park Center siege
DAILY Music  May 14, 2015, by Raoul Hernandez
"...We’ve always been known as a good live act and took pride in that. We’ve always enjoyed touring..."

John Dyer Baizley’s Brute Emotion
Baroness frontman cuts through the B.S. for Chaos in Tejas
DAILY Music  May 30, 2013, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Turns out it wasn’t. It was confidence building – a good pre-prep for touring...."

ACL Music Fest Preview
Music Story  September 15, 2006
"...After 2004's energetic Shake the Sheets (Lookout), Leo and his Pharmacists signed to Chicago's Touch & Go. Since then, the foursome has been juggling touring with writing new material, and it all goes down with intelligence..."

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