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Welcome to Me
Kristen Wiig stars in this odd comedy about a mentally unbalanced woman
Film Review  May 8, 2015, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Directed by: Shira Piven. Starring: Kristen Wiig, Linda Cardellini, James Marsden, Wes Bentley, Tim Robbins, Joan Cusack, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Alan Tudyk, Thomas Mann and Loretta Devine...."

Return to Me
What are the odds? A woman (Richardson), a crusading bookkeeper, dies, and her organs are harvested. Her desolate and grief-stricken husband (Duchovny) throws himself into his work (building the gorilla...
Film Review  April 7, 2000, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Directed by: Bonnie Hunt. Starring: Bonnie Hunt, James Belushi, Joely Richardson, David Alan Grier, Robert Loggia, Carroll O'Connor, Minnie Driver and David Duchovny..."

Listen to Me Marlon
Marlon Brando, in his own words, is nothing short of transcendent
Film Review  August 21, 2015, by Steve Davis
"...Marlon Brando was a bundle of infinite contradictions: sinner and saint, recluse and icon, glutton and stud, charlatan and genius. The utterly remarkable documentary Listen to Me Marlon charts the actor’s life through Brando’s own words, using public domain materials and never-before-seen or -heard video clips and audio tapes from his personal archives to reveal a complicated human being who defied simple categorization by design..."

Talk to Me
As the Washington, D.C., deejay Petey Greene, Don Cheadle leads a great cast through this biopic and musical glance back at the Sixties and Seventies.
Film Review  August 3, 2007, by Toddy Burton
"...Don Cheadle rarely disappoints. Endearing and chameleonlike, he embraces his performances (Ocean’s Eleven-Thirteen, Hotel Rwanda) with a mixture of comedy and pathos that always leaves us wanting more..."

From the Vaults: “Are You Talking to Me?”
Chronicle Archives: Richard Linklater & Paul Schrader in 1991
DAILY Screens  June 3, 2015, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Although The Austin Chronicle began publishing in 1981, our searchable online archives only go back as far as 1995 (or thereabouts). However, our collective memory extends back even further and that’s how this 1991 piece in which Richard Linklater interviews Paul Schrader came to be reprinted...."

People Keep Lying To Me
Postmarks  May 25, 2011
"...Dear Editor, People keep lying to me. They always have, all my life..."

Tell It to Me True
Postmarks  August 5, 2015
"...Bland and Rosa Parks was the hook that brought his thinking to the forefront. There's an old saying: "When you tell it to me, the truth will do just fine." Mr..."

Barton Springs Is Dead to Me
Postmarks  June 12, 2006
"...Dear Editor, Barton Springs pool is dead to me. Each summer, I kept hoping that the thick algae sludge would disappear, but year after year it worsens..."

Most Disturbing to Me Was ...
Postmarks  March 8, 2005
"...21]. I tried to look up his source articles, and I was unable to find The New York Times article from Dec..."

Makes Sense to Me ... Not
Postmarks  October 3, 2006
"...Dear Editor, The dynamic duo of Lee Leffingwell and Jennifer Kim are spearheading the City Council on a plan to police and enforce a clamping-down on water use by the Austin citizens and the city and claim they will save 25 million gazillion gallons of water that then can be used for more unchecked growth and development. Makes sense to me ....."

'What SXSW Means to Me' by Kate Getty
Kate Getty turns in her "What I Did Over Spring Break" essay a few weeks early.
DAILY Qmmunity  February 27, 2008, by Kate Getty
"...No sleep for two weeks, the organic art of bedhead, and a Flavor Country-gravelly voice that has me sipping hard whiskey and talking to roadies about the good ol' days. Existing on caffeine, underground gossip about secret shows, day parties with free booze, and having the choice to ride my bike instead of park illegally during shows I just can't miss. The Gay Place Blog is blowing out our birthday cake candle next week: We'll be one year old and the anniversary will always coincide with SXSW. (And it just keeps getting … better.)..."

It's a Mystery to Me
Books Story  April 22, 1999, by Jesse Sublett
"...illustration by Penny Van Horn Believe it or not, mystery musketeers, there are people in the world who maintain a certain snotty conceit that all genre fiction is somehow inferior to so-called "literary" fiction, that Hammett was a hack, that the MacDonalds (John D. & Ross) were mediocre..."

Drink to Me Only With Thine Lies
Those classic club tales tantalize, whether you’re sober or besotted
DAILY Arts  July 20, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...You want to go to a place where everybody knows your name?..."

Shut Up! Listen to Me! I Know and You Don't
Postmarks  April 12, 2006
"...Dear Austin Chronicle and Rachel Proctor May, I have been watched, incarcerated, and watched again after I made some protest art before the war started, so unless you have the CIA up your backside for years on end and have been in jail for the truth you should let me talk instead. How dare you chastise the Arab League [“The Rhythm of Peace,” News, March 24]..."

Ventura, I'm Better Educated and Informed Than You, So Why Aren't You Listening to Me!
Postmarks  October 11, 2004
"...How disappointing. This, after my reply to your last rant on the subject, printed in this fine publication ["Postmarks," July 16], which you unsurprisingly rewarded with ignorance. While you denigrate Nader as delusional, and those who may vote for him as duped fools, you merely shoot the messenger and demonstrate the fine art of diversion from the real issues..."

If It Were Up to Me...
News Story  February 2, 1996
"...With all due respect to Dr. James Fishkin -- who looks like a very nice man and for whom I sort of feel sorry because he threw this big party and the presidential candidates and the press didn't come and people keep criticizing his idea -- if my sister Cindy and I ran a National Issues Convention, we'd do things a little differently:..."

Tastes Off to Me
Why are the critics giving Salt a pass?
DAILY Screens  July 27, 2010, by Kimberley Jones
"...I’d like to extend my regrets to Knight and Day. I panned that film a month or so ago, calling it infuriating for this viewer, “still naively wishing her entertainment might be tethered however faintly to logic.” But apparently, logic is no longer of any concern, if my fellow critical brethren are to be believed...."

Saying Goodbye to the Ex
Margaret Moser says goodbye through the ether.
DAILY Music  April 30, 2007, by Margaret Moser
"...I have been extraordinarily fortunate in my life to love and be loved by some remarkably talented men. Last week, I had to say farewell to one of them. Mike Malone, better known to Austin as Rollo Banks, killed himself in Chicago on April 16 at age 64..."

What Happened to D.J. Augustin on Sunday?
DAILY Sports  March 31, 2008, by Ricky Treon
"...It's pretty amazing how far out of it Texas was for its Elite Eight game with Memphis in Houston...."

License to Wed
A couple seeks connubial advice from a celibate with an affinity for Popeye impressions.
Film Review  July 6, 2007, by Josh Rosenblatt
"...To remind viewers of its gilded past, Warner Bros. Studios has taken to introducing all its movies to the tune of “As Time Goes By” from Casablanca, including its newest romantic comedy, License to Wed..."

Dems Block McLeroy Nomination to SBOE Chair
Controversial creationist fails to get two-thirds of Senate support
DAILY News  May 28, 2009, by Lee Nichols
"...I even thank the Democrats. They met with me, they were polite, and they listened to me..."

Instant Karma Come to Get You, Horns
DAILY Sports  December 14, 2007, by Joe O'Connell
"...Many years the team that has nothing to lose pounces on the one that does. But you have to hand it to Dennis Franchione – likely chuckling as he sips a Mai Tai on the beach in Hawaii and counting that $4 million buyout! (Hey, Chronicle bosses, how much do I get if you fire me?) – for actually watching the UT vs..."

Letters to God
A young boy with cancer writes letters to God, an action that affects the lives of others around him.

Film Review  April 16, 2010, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Starring: Robyn Lively, Jeffrey Johnson, Tanner Maguire, Michael Christopher Bolten, Maree Cheatham, Bailee Madison and Ralph Waite. I’ve seen sick kids exploited for all sorts of reasons – usually as easy ploys to manipulate emotions but sometimes to sell things or encourage philanthropic outpourings – but Letters to God takes the cake (make that the holy wafer)..."

"Sum You Some Me" at Butridge Gallery
This show pairing artwork by Felice House and Dana Younger feels dedicated and warm, a committed homage to the body
Arts Review  September 8, 2016, by Sam Anderson-Ramos
"...There are no robots in Felice House and Dana Younger's "Sum You Some Me," but there is a curious phenomenon discussed in the study of robotics that is worth mentioning. The "uncanny valley" refers to the moment a person realizes the differences, and the eerie similarities, between a human-like object and a real human, and experiences feelings of revulsion..."

Take Me Home: Kelley Mickwee
Trishas singer steps out front
DAILY Music  July 22, 2014, by William Harries Graham
"...Kelley Mickwee’s You Used to Live Here drops today. After spending years singing as a duo with Jed Zimmerman and finding success with the currently on-hiatus Trishas, Mickwee went back to her personal drawing board, starting from scratch as a solo artist...."

Let Me Paint You a Picture
Movies were made to be shared
Screens Story  May 20, 2011, by Richard Whittaker
"...There was only one cinema in Macclesfield. As in most crumbling post-industrial towns in the north of England, entertainment choices were in short supply..."

A Rocky Road to Recovery
The lights are still on at ME TV, but is it a new dawn?
Screens Story  October 16, 2009, by Belinda Acosta
"...When Marcus Sillers decided to propose to Jasmine Hamamcy, it didn't take long for him to decide when and where to do it. Sillers, a Fort Worth native, is a longtime music lover, and the "live music capital" provided an important soundtrack to his courtship with Hamamcy..."

Live to Tell
Madonna Live Shot, Houston's Minute Maid Park, 11.16.2008
DAILY Music  November 17, 2008, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Of course, such minutely choreographed electro-pulsation translates into a high percentage of vocals not being live, a fact Madonna made no effort to conceal by fourth pelvic thrust “Vogue.” Ramming home the point was the following “Die Another Day,” for which the star yielded the stage entirely to a fake boxing match out on the satellite rostrum. Then came “Into the Groove” and Madonna’s assertion, as she pointed to her privates, “Live out your fantasy here with me - you can’t touch this.”..."

Back to Babs
Barbara Lynn at Antone's tonight
DAILY Music  July 29, 2008, by Thomas Fawcett
"...Bump & Hustle: When you were growing up in Beaumont, who were some of the artists you heard on the radio that made you want to be a musician?..."

We Need to Talk About Maxwell
“I make records because I live, not because I live to make records”
DAILY Music  July 13, 2016, by Alejandra Ramirez
"...2016 marks the 20th anniversary of Gerald Maxwell Rivera’s debut, Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite, but the first of this month also saw the release of the Brooklyn neo-soul native’s fifth LP and first in seven years, blackSUMMERS’night. Prior to his show at the Moody Theater on Monday, July 18, he discussed his debut, his insecurities, and Prince...."

Grace Potter Lives to Perform
Vermont wailer strikes out on her own with firmly-rooted pop
DAILY Music  January 27, 2016, by Alejandra Ramirez
"...It’s one of the most cathartic and visceral experiences of my life because I finally figured it out. I cracked the code and figured out why a show is what it is for me..."

Jad Abumrad Detours to the Paramount
Radiolab creator previews Austin audio walking tour
DAILY Arts  March 3, 2015, by Marc Savlov
"...Armed with his trusty laptop, a film screen, and musician Sarah Lipstate at stage left (Radiolab co-host Robert Krulwich was presumably holding down the fort back in New York City), Abumrad expounded in his inimitably Jad-esque way, about the birth of Radiolab, his own struggles with creative blockage, and how other creatives could benefit from his backstory. Even watching from the nosebleed section of the Paramount, Abumrad’s techniques for combating creative inertia – be it the writer’s blank page, an artist’s empty canvas, or a Radiolab microphone – came across as intrinsically useful, do-able, and, no surprise to podcast listeners, endlessly fascinating...."

Brooklyn Brewery Brings The Smoke Experiment To Austin
Clive Bar hosts smoked food cook-off for adults only
DAILY Food  March 12, 2013, by Jourden Sander
"...As I headed to Clive Bar for the Austin Smoke Experiment, an amateur cooking event that was part of the Brooklyn Brewery Mash on Sunday, I grew exited about the plethora of smoked dishes and culinary exploration awaiting me. But when I reached the man with the tickets and the power, I was told to hit the road...."

Uberpong Brings Style to the Table
Graphically designed pingpong paddles straight outta Austin
DAILY Sports  December 26, 2012, by Carly Yansak
"...When you hear the word "pingpong," certain images come to mind: long, green tables in dusty rec halls; black-and-red paddles with worn-down handles; VFWs filled with old men and mothballs. The perception is bland, and also outdated..."

Lust to Love
Kathy Valentine/Go-Go's Q&A outtakes
DAILY Music  August 18, 2011, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Beauty and the Beat's “Lust to Love” haunts me. With it, Go-Go's guitarists Charlotte Caffey and Jane Wiedlin experienced what Kathy Valentine calls in this week’s Music feature their Lennon & McCartney moment..."

Don't Let Me Fall
One ancient, cracked 45 opens the doors to the church of the Relatives
Music Story  October 1, 2010, by Audra Schroeder
"...It's 104 degrees, and the ice cream truck is stalled. Kids run around the faded blue van, banging on the side and waiting for something cold, but the man under the hood is not amused..."

Got the Dog in Me
David Kimbrough, Jr., in the name of the father
DAILY Music  July 29, 2010, by Austin Powell
"...David Kimbrough, Jr. cut his Fat Possum debut I Got the Dog in Me under the alias of David Malone to avoid confusion with his father, Junior Kimbrough..."

Alas, Lord Is Upon Me
Adam 'Nergal' Darski, frontman for Polish metal titans Behemoth, talks English, Polish, and Slayer
DAILY Music  January 7, 2010, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Bad connection, great English: Behemoth frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski as patched through the L.A. office of label Metal Blade from his home in Poland..."

SB3 Still Hard to Swallow
Texas State Teachers Association weighs in on the heavy issue of education
DAILY News  March 19, 2009, by Richard Whittaker
"...Wading through the four hours of testimony on Tuesday before the Senate Education Committee hearing on the new omnibus education bill Senate Bill 3, the recurrent meme was that it tackles the worst concerns about TAKS as the ultimate metric for student achievement. On the other hand, no-one seemed happy that, while it got rid of the acceptable/unacceptable tags for schools, it did little to change the "all or nothing" metric for school assessment..."

Layoffs at ME Television
Layoffs at ME TV.
DAILY Screens  August 19, 2008, by Belinda Acosta
"...The rumors were out there, thanks to some loose lips at a cocktail party I attended last year, so when Paul Saucido, the VJ Host of Sonido Boombox sent the word last week that he was laid off from ME Television, I wasn't surprised -- sad, but not surprised...."

Michelle Tea Brings Her Latest Book to UT
Iconic queer memoirist reflects on her past and future writing career
DAILY Qmmunity  October 24, 2018, by Beth Sullivan
"...During the Nineties, Tea captured the queer, punk subculture of then-gritty San Francisco. Though heralded for her memoir work (à la Valencia), Tea is a prolific writer who’s covered such topics as the legacy of queer misfit (and Andy Warhol’s failed assassin) Valerie Solanas, the history of San Francisco’s lesbian street gang HAGS, and the fallout – and controversy – of the now-defunct Michigan Womyn’s Music Fest..."

Fantastic Fest: Starfish Clings to Grief
Writer/director AT White on how his own loss shaped his film
DAILY Screens  September 26, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...Every film is somewhat intimate to the filmmaker: A.T. White, the writer and director of enigmatic and uncanny drama Starfish, is explicit and open that his film is a work of both art and therapy, one that spins out of the turmoil of loss...."

ATX Television Fest: Pulp Page to Small Screen: A Look at Comic Adaptations
Panel offers tips on what makes a good comic book TV show
DAILY Screens  June 11, 2016, by Ashley Moreno
"...I’m not discounting it.” But that wouldn’t work for Jessica Jones, whose psychological journey is the point of the story. Focusing on Jones' cases, the action scenes, or some high concept would have missed the point..."

A Final Gina Chavez Diary: Back to Argentina
Embrujos, Malbec, and even “Kumbaya”
DAILY Music  May 6, 2016, by Gina Chavez
"...I was 21, a journalism major at UT, and I was traveling 5,000 miles to a country I knew nothing about. The magnitude of it all didn’t hit me until I left my parents at the airport..."

Tyler, the Creator Returns to Austin
Odd Futurist on his Austin arrest, a new app, and ice cream
DAILY Music  June 3, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"...The last time Tyler, the Creator performed in Austin, during a day show at the Scoot Inn for South by Southwest 2014, he invited fans outside the fence to rush the gate and they obliged. Two days later, at the airport on his way out of town, the L.A..."

Mardi Gras 2015: Wendy Colonna to Home and Back, Pt.2
Her "strange little circle" led right back home and to the Real Thing™
DAILY Qmmunity  February 9, 2015, by Kate X Messer
"...Our road trip/conversation with Wendy Colonna continues: A few weeks ago, as she and I each headed to separate gigs in Houston, we plugged in our blue teeth and commenced to chatting...."

All Dogs Go To Heaven
Saying farewell to a senior pet, Miss Ray Charles
DAILY Music  April 30, 2013, by Margaret Moser
"...My dog died Saturday at the age of 14 and took with her a piece of my already wracked heart. When I adopted her last year through Austin Pets Alive, she had so little chance she was named “Hope.” With me, the black, blind, and deaf Chihuahua became Miss Ray Charles and we were inseparable...."

My Love Note to Lovejoys
RIP, Lovejoys
DAILY Food  August 6, 2012, by Jessi Cape
"...The doors of Lovejoys closed forever Sunday, August 5th, and for me and many people I know, it was the final chapter in a story that changed our lives...."

You Got Me Singing
Another Spotify convert
DAILY Music  August 10, 2011, by Jim Caligiuri
"...Before Margaret Moser’s piece on Spotify in last week’s Chronicle, I considered something similar. Margaret and I are about the same age, so it’s no surprise we’ve had similar experiences when it come to how we’ve gotten our music over the years...."

Bedside Manner: Return to Treehouse
Cloudy with a chance of ice cream
DAILY Books  August 7, 2011, by Monica Riese
"...Remember me? The heathen with no bed frame to speak of, let alone a bedside table?..."

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