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Six Films You Can’t Miss at aGLIFF 2018
Biopics, retrospectives, and one big mystery
Screens Story  September 6, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...9:45pm: Secret Screening (TBA) aGLIFF's mystery slot has always been a joy, with prior titles including a special sneak peek at soaring indie Princess Cyd last year and heartland documentary The Overnighters in 2014. Saturday..."

A Different Kind of Taco
Baja-style tacos are Rosarito’s specialty, and Austin’s obsession
Food Story  August 23, 2018, by Aaron Teel
"...Constantly on the move, Rosarito's Baja-style taco and ceviche trucks are making fresh waves in a scene grown somewhat stagnant with oversaturation. In 2014, when Carlos Acosta and his cousin Mauricio Davila first parked their brightly painted taco truck alongside the other food trucks then lining the empty lot at the southwest corner of Fifth and Colorado, they were just hoping to find their place in Austin's crowded taco scene, and to offer, as Acosta says, "a different kind of Mexican food from what [people are] accustomed to in Texas."..."

Kat Candler Moves to TV With Queen Sugar
OWN’s breakout hit comes to ATX Television Festival
Screens Story  June 7, 2018, by Beth Sullivan
"...That was writer-director Kat Candler's quandary in 2015. A stalwart of Austin's indie film community, she was riding the breakout success of her award-winning 2014 feature Hellion, an adolescent angst flick starring Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) and Juliette Lewis (Whip It)..."

Levitation Review: Panda Bear, Geologist, Lou Rebecca
Two out of four ain’t bad – plus a Parisian!
DAILY Music  April 28, 2018, by Rachel Rascoe

Top 10 Austin Breweries of 2018
Power ranking the local leaders in craft beer
Food Story  March 14, 2018, by Eric Puga
"...And that's only the top of the order here. Nomura DIPA took third place in the Alpha King Challenge in 2017, in addition to their surprise runner-up placing for Fully Adrift in the 2014 competition, back when Pinthouse was still an underrated prospect...."

The Boleys Put an Acid-Punk Spin on the Family Bands of the Sixties
Ethan, Emma & Jovian Boley do the punk rock
Music Story  January 18, 2018, by Tim Stegall
"..."I sang and played guitar in really shitty bands in high school," recalls 22-year-old Ethan, who bears a striking resemblance to 1968 vintage John Lennon. "Then I went to South by Southwest in 2014 with our friend Marcus, and after that, I said [to my brother and sister], 'Dude, let's just be a band..."

Moontower Comedy 2018:
First Headliners Announced

"Weird Al," Birbiglia, and Haddish inked for joke jamboree
DAILY Arts  October 13, 2017, by Robert Faires
"...Mike "Sleepwalk with Me" Birbiglia is making a return visit to Moontower. In 2014, he was here performing his show Thank God for Jokes, which was just turned into a Netflix comedy special back in February this year..."

Live Music This Weekend, Aug. 18-20
Soundtracking this weekend’s sweat-fests
DAILY Music  August 18, 2017, by James Renovitch
"...Alexander Delgado and Michel “El Caro” Delgado began as a hip-hop group at the millennium. El Caro left but with Randy Malcom Martinez the group broke internationally on “Bailando” in 2014..."

Jenny Slate Returns to the Big Screen With Landline
Nineties comedy reunites the team behind Obvious Child
Screens Story  August 3, 2017, by Jessi Cape
"...I actually had two. I was like, 'Oh, the first one's going so well, getting all pus-y, so I'll get a second one." Robespierre's debut feature, Obvious Child, screened at SXSW in 2014, and she wrote the hot mess lead role in their latest collab specifically for Jenny Slate..."

Jimmy LaFave in the Present Tense
Honoring the local musician’s commitment to life
Music Story  May 11, 2017, by Dave Marsh
"...The best "Not Dark Yet" is the live take from 2014's Trail 2. In my soul, it's from that night at the Cactus Cafe..."

Socking the Newman
Fancy footwear becomes Austin’s talented star of stage and screen
DAILY Design  May 2, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...And she, being a very thoughtful gift-giver, later got me these cool Southwest-pattern socks. And I was like, “Yeah – this feels right.” Now I only have a few basic socks and the rest are all like planets, or Abraham Lincoln, or a collage of the Spurs 2014 championship..."

Reviving Austin's Cab Industry
ATX Co-op Taxi splits the difference between traditional taxis and ridesharing
News Story  April 27, 2017, by Nina Hernandez
"...Austin's private transportation scene drove on a different road map as recently as three years ago. Uber, the largest TNC in existence, had just begun bulldozing its way into the market in time for South by Southwest in 2014..."

Ethan Embry Licks The Devil's Candy
Cheap Thrills star on his very heavy metal Austin horror
DAILY Screens  March 31, 2017, by Richard Whittaker

Mustang Island Premieres at Dallas International Film Festival
Craig Elrod and Nathan Smith screen their latest starring Macon Blair
Screens Story  March 30, 2017, by Sean L. Malin
"...Their new feature – which has its world premiere April 1 at the Dallas International Film Festival – was directed and co-written by Elrod, co-written and shot by Smith, and stars a who's who of local character actors, including John Merriman, Byron Brown, and real-life couple Macon Blair and Lee Eddy. For Elrod, who has had several shorts premiere at SXSW, including "Molly" (2014) and the 2010 Jury Award winner "Petting Sharks," the journey to Mustang Island's completion has been an odyssey: "This thing has been going for the longest time."..."

A Guide to Austin Stand-Up: Comics
The stand-up people behind the city's comedy scene
Arts Story  March 30, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner, Ashley Moreno, Sean L. Malin and Robert Faires
"...When describing Avery Moore's place in Austin's comedy landscape, the same adjectives continuously surface: "mainstay," "favorite," "regular." But these compliments hardly capture Moore's ubiquity and influence on the local scene since the San Antonio native emerged here. After becoming the host of the Velveeta Room's "no womps given" Sad Trombone Showcase in 2014, Moore began to show up everywhere around town, her motormouthed "Aubrey Plaza on psychedelics" persona commanding each stage she was on..."

Audio Interview: Mastodon
Gary Lindsey interviews Brann Dailor
DAILY Music  March 10, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...Listen for Lindsey’s harmony vox on “Aunt Lisa” from Mastodon’s 2014 long-player Once More 'Round the Sun...."

The 2016-17 Austin Music Awards’ Texan Tower of Song
Thirty-five years of AMAs? More like 181 years of Texas on one stage, on one night!
Music Story  March 9, 2017, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Parliament-Funkadelic to our booming urban metro, mothership Grupo and satellite guitar asteroid Brownout of Brown Sabbath infamy hit the lights like Santana's mescaline mayhem at Woodstock. Grupo's nine-deep Latin conga line keeps causing Problemas, peak compositional roil from 2014 whose Spanish-language rearrangement of the Fab Four's Abbey Road prayer "Because" deserved a Grammy..."

How to Treat Trans Students
Kentucky high school does the right thing with its bathroom policy
News Story  March 2, 2017, by Richard Whittaker
"...With so-called "bathroom bills" swirling in several states (and now explicitly encouraged by our nation's president), discussions of the legal, linguistic, liberty, and philosophical implications of transgender have become common currency. Yet Aberli had never really considered them until the Friday before spring break in 2014, when the school's LGBTQ club sponsor told him about a student who was preparing to transition..."

Don Pitts Calls It Quits
City Music Manager resigns citing bureaucracy
DAILY Music  February 14, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...Last month, a source in the mayor’s office confirmed to “Playback” that the probe was looking into whether Pitts violated official procedure in the way he disciplined a former music office employee in 2014 after he discovered wrongdoing on her part. At the time, the high-ranking source felt optimistic Pitts would be reinstated..."

John Doe Moves to Austin
X’s “man of the world” contemplates life in Big Boys country
DAILY Music  February 9, 2017, by Kevin Curtin

Worst Tour Stories Ever: Gina Chavez
Music Story  July 7, 2016, by Gina Chavez
"...It was July 2014. My album, Up.Rooted, was still buzzing from spins on NPR, USA Today, and a weekend hang with Shakira and Enrique Iglesias..."

Boogarins é Foda
Brazilian psych-pop foursome takes up residency at Hotel Vegas
DAILY Music  June 30, 2016, by Michael Toland
"...BF: Austin was the first place we stepped out of Brazil, two years ago in 2014, coming to SXSW. In that opportunity we played twice in Hotel Vegas..."

Last Day for AFS Film Grants
Get your AFS Grant applications in before midnight
DAILY Screens  June 2, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...The list of previous recipients is a who's who of local talent: Keith Maitland's Tower, Clay Liford's Slash, Steve Mims' Starving the Beast, Andrew Bujalski's Results, Berndt Mader's Booger Red, Carleton Ranney's Jackrabbit - and that's just the 2014 recipients. Over two decades since its establishment, mainstays of Austin and Texas filmmaking, including the Zellner Bros., Kat Candler, Bob Byington, Bryan Poyser, Kyle Henry, Duane Graves, Heather Courtney, Don Swaynos, and PJ Raval, have all benefited from the program...."

Review: Chicon
Edgerton and Wiseheart trade preciousness for accessibility
Food Story  May 26, 2016, by Brandon Watson
"...It would have seemed that Gardner, Ben Edgerton and chef Andrew Wiseheart's first move after Contigo, would have fit in with the new. Its buzzy unveiling at the 2014 Austin Food + Wine Festival with a minimally printed white banner and a long table dotted with art-directed waxed vegetables was certainly not how things used to be done..."

DVDanger: Kill or Be Killed
Western revenge, Texas style
DAILY Screens  March 25, 2016, by Richard Whittaker

Robert Plant Crowns Austin Music Awards
Fortune teller to unspool vintage Twine Time at local Grammys
DAILY Music  March 15, 2016, by Kevin Curtin
"...During his time as a townie, 2011-2014, Plant adopted a homegrown custom known to locals every Saturday night for decades: He tuned into Twine Time, a master class of classic soul, blues, and R&B. During a the station’s pledge drive in February 2012, the Whole Foods enthusiast famously called into the station to make a considerable donation and a request...."

A Laughing Matter
Rice University's Kim McGaw brings levity to dry topics
News Story  March 3, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...In 2014 McGaw became director of professional programs, so now she's in charge of not just one classroom, but of building whole programs. That means finding talented lecturers and professionals who share her nontraditional, nonacademic background..."

Staple! The Independent Media Expo Returns
Year 12 brings diverse delights and DIY creativity all weekend long
DAILY Arts  February 24, 2016, by Wayne Alan Brenner

Inside OUTsider
Queer filmmaking panel highlights Texas talent
Screens Story  February 11, 2016, by Sean L. Malin
"...While some of the filmmakers participating in this explosive moment for queer media exhibit a contagious hopefulness and energy, Tan – a legend in Austin for his award-winning graphic design business Otto Is the One – is appropriately skeptical: "It's still hard for LGBT filmmakers to make their next films ... if your films or themes are niche-oriented, people are not rushing out to make them." His own third feature, Pit Stop, a subtle, slow-burning drama about two Texan men orbiting one another, had its world premiere at Sundance 2013 and was nominated for the John Cassavetes Award at the 2014 Independent Spirit Awards..."

News Story  January 21, 2016
"...Rail Not: Austinites still waiting for the train may have to wait quite a bit longer – Capital Metro CEO Linda Watson told the Austin Monitor this week that the failed 2014 bond election has put plans for rail on indefinite hold. "Based on that election and the plan that was presented, I don't think the community of Austin is ready for that at this point," Watson said..."

Austin Airport Keeps Growing
ABIA plans on adding new gates to meet demand
News Story  December 23, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...That explains where your elbow room went, but it also means Bergstrom is reaching another of those all-important trigger points. That's why, in 2014, Council approved the next stage of the master plan: adding new gates..."

Jumpolin Lawsuit Settled
But terms of the settlement aren't being released
DAILY News  December 3, 2015, by Tony Cantú
"...A subsequent check of city permits revealed the new landlords (a pair of recent Vanderbilt University grads who had bought the property in Oct. 2014) had hoped to capitalize on the upcoming throngs lured to SXSW by applying for a city permit to stage a party on their newly purchased land, while concurrently seeking a demolition permit (see “Gentrification Refugees,” Feb..."

Dinner Lab + Phaidon = Magnus Nilsson's Nordic Feast
Not even an army of frost giants could keep us from this culinary event
DAILY Food  November 16, 2015, by Wayne Alan Brenner

Craft Work
The Roosevelt Room primes West Fifth revival
Food Story  October 29, 2015, by Adrienne Whitehorse
"...Lavenue was recently named Bombay Sapphire's 2015 Most Imaginative Bartender of North America, and Gobis' accolades include winning Domaine de Canton 2014 Bartender of the Year and making Zagat's "30 Under 30" list last year. The honors have afforded each to travel extensively, during which they've taken mental notes (and photographs) of elements of style and functionality that might influence De Rigueur's final conception..."

D’Angelo Out, Lauryn Hill In
Fun Fun Fun Fest swaps headliners amid cancellation
DAILY Music  October 28, 2015, by Kevin Curtin

Deadmau5 vs. Drake: Saturday ACL Face-Off
Which Saturday headliner?
Music Story  October 1, 2015, by Kahron Spearman
"...Last show in Austin: Sept. 6, 2014 – Circuit of the Americas with Lil Wayne..."

Slipknot Devastates COTA
Iowa’s malevolent sons blaze and burn
DAILY Music  September 3, 2015, by Richard Whittaker

News Roundup: Law & Order
Council argues, Buehler arrested, grass green
DAILY News  August 3, 2015, by the News Staff

One in a Crowd Triple Play
Three local projects need your crowdfunding help
DAILY Screens  July 12, 2015, by Richard Whittaker

Austin’s Record Store Day Picks
Local releases and where to get 'em
DAILY Music  April 15, 2015, by Kevin Curtin

Live Review: The War On Drugs
Philly psych rockers tape Austin City Limits
DAILY Music  April 7, 2015, by Neph Basedow
"...Kickstarting their Austin City Limits debut with “Under the Pressure,” a highlight from 2014’s Lost In the Dream, the psych rockers’ 70-minute set brought back memories of last month’s South By Southwest gig, revisiting 2011’s Slave Ambient with “Baby Missiles,” while coolly channeling Bob Seger via “Arms Like Boulders,” from 2008’s Wagonwheel Blues...."

One in a Crowd: Raymond Lewis: L.A. Legend
New basketball doc seeks crowdfunding
DAILY Screens  April 3, 2015, by Richard Whittaker

ISIS and Radical Twitter
Should we be worried about extremists' hacking skills?
Screens Story  March 12, 2015, by Marc Savlov
"...ISIS or ISIL, AQAP, the Syrian Electronic Army, and freshly minted, apparent lulz-seekers like CyberCaliphate-supporters the Lizard Squad – who in January managed to black-eye both the United States Central Command's Twitter feed and Malaysia Airlines' homepage – are estimated by extremism analyst J.M. Berger to have no more than 45,000 Twitter accounts, of which Twitter has shut down some 18,000 since fall 2014..."

Bon Appétit, Y'all
Legendary mag still eyeing Austin
Food Story  March 12, 2015, by Virginia B. Wood
"...AC: Andrew, you created quite a stir here last year when you named an Austin food trailer, Thai-Kun, to Bon Appétit's list of the country's top 10 new restaurants for 2014. Will you be checking out some newer places this visit?..."

News Story  March 12, 2015
"...The Chronicle hosted the inaugural Austin Music Industry Awards on Monday, March 9 at Palm Door on Sixth to celebrate the winners of the industry-specific categories from the Austin Chronicle Music Poll 2014-2015 ballot. Gina Chavez won the AMP Esme Barrera Award for Music Activ­ism and Education; for the full list, see "Welcome to the Machine," Mar..."

True Believers? Painted Redstarts!
A second generation guit-army
DAILY Music  March 4, 2015, by Raoul Hernandez
"...At the close of Alejandro Escovedo’s heroic United Sounds of Austin concert at the Moody Theatre January 2014, a three-hour overview of local music history as recounted in words, pictures, and song by Terry Allen, Roky Erickson, Butch Hancock, Lucinda Williams, and many others, the Painted Redstarts scrambled onstage for one final number. Introduced by Jon Dee Graham, the teens then ripped a page from his and Escovedo’s good book: the True Believers’ “She’s Got.” Killed is what she got...."

Amplify Austin 2015: Countdown to Giving
For 24 hours, Austin gives like it means it
DAILY Chronolog  February 24, 2015, by Blake McCoy
"...“We are a genuine marketplace of local causes. Aside from its local focus, what sets Amplify Austin apart is its impact.” In 2014, 498 organizations joined in..."

Waste Not
Local groups work to "rescue" food from loss and landfills
News Story  February 19, 2015, by Robyn Ross
"...Called the Emerging Solutions Project Charter, it was signed on Sept. 18, 2014, by then-Mayor Lee Leffingwell, the Greater Austin Restaurant Association, the Austin Hotel & Lodging Association, and Keep Austin Fed, among others..."

News Story  January 29, 2015
"...26. Formerly the superintendent of Laredo ISD and a deputy commissioner at the Texas Education Agency, Cruz served as interim superintendent after Meria Carstarphen resigned in 2014...."

The Voice: Rebecca Loebe
TV breakout debuts solo Feb. 5 at Strange Brew
DAILY Music  January 22, 2015, by William Harries Graham

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