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SXSW Film: Opening Night Party
March 7, 2014. 35 photos.
PHOTO GALLERY  March 8, 2014
"...March 7, 2014. 35 photos...."

SXSW Interactive: Opening Night Party
March 7, 2014. 17 photos.
PHOTO GALLERY  March 8, 2014
"...March 7, 2014. 17 photos...."

SXSW Film: 'COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey' Red Carpet
March 7, 2014. 6 photos.
PHOTO GALLERY  March 8, 2014
"...March 7, 2014. 6 photos...."

SXSW Film: 'Chef' Red Carpet
March 7, 2014. 9 photos.
PHOTO GALLERY  March 8, 2014
"...March 7, 2014. 9 photos...."

SXSW Film Review: 'Thank You a Lot'
Matt Muir's debut puts Austin's club scene in the spotlight
DAILY SXSW  March 8, 2014, by Monica Riese

SXSW Film Review: 'Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton (This Is Stones Throw Records)'
An adventurous hip-hop label gets a straight-forward doc
DAILY SXSW  March 8, 2014, by James Renovitch

The Texas Film Awards Class of 2014
Screens Story  February 28, 2014, by Richard Whittaker

Trailer Park: SXSW Film Day 2
Three picks (and clips) from today's screenings
DAILY SXSW  March 9, 2013, by Monica Riese
"...Now, watch 11 projects that seek to follow its lead. This year's Grand Jury Award-winning short will be eligible for nomination to the 2014 Academy Awards...."

S'more! S'more! S'more!
A dark and stormy day couldn't keep Veronica's Marshmallows away
DAILY SXSW  March 9, 2014, by Kate X Messer

The Great Invisible
Doc looks at the impact of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on the lives of residents in the Gulf area.
Film Review  December 12, 2014, by Steve Davis
"...The discharge decimated the area’s fragile ecosystem and devastated the local shrimping, fishing, and oyster industries, leaving countless families without a dependable income almost overnight. According to the film (which won the Documentary Grand Jury Award at SXSW 2014), even when British Petroleum announced the creation of a $20 billion disaster victim fund to compensate persons directly affected by the oil spill, the promise of such economic relief never materialized for the many who either did not trust the multinational corporation’s motives or could not provide the requisite documentation to qualify for reparations...."

Austin Film News
Locals at SXSW, plus RSVP for a Maybe Shower
Screens Column  March 8, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...Of course, it wouldn't be South By without the Zellners, and brothers David and Nathan ride home with their latest, offbeat historical comedy Damsel. Mumblecore pioneer Andrew Bujalski takes a glimpse at the bizarre world of breastaurants in Support the Girls, while Austin director Michael Tully (SXSW 2014's Ping Pong Summer) deals in the supernatural with our SXSW cover star Anna Margaret Hollyman in Don't Leave Home..."

Gay Place
Where my queers at? SXSW, b'duh.
Columns  March 7, 2014, by Kate X Messer
"...SXSW: SOUTH BY BEDPOST Bedpost babes are officially SXSW 2014, hosting confessors from all over to share dark and lovely tales of titillation. Sat., March 8, 9-11pm..."

The Pete Principle
The star of TBS' 'The Pete Holmes Show' is a poster boy for SXSW Comedy's impact on a comic's career
Arts Story  March 7, 2014, by Russ Espinoza
"...This year, he accompanies mega-stars Bill Cosby, Fred Armisen, Seth Meyers, and others as a marquee name on the 2014 slate; but he was a mere up-and-comer just four years ago at SXSW 2010...."

SX Sketchbook, Round 3
Jen Sorensen's sights from Downtown
DAILY SXSW  March 12, 2014, by Jen Sorensen

Robert Rodriguez Opens Frank Frazetta's Archive for Austin Show
Exclusive first look at special art event during SXSW
DAILY Screens  February 19, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...Rodriguez first announced his plan to bring the fantasy icon's collection to Austin back in 2012, and held similar temporary shows across SXSW 2014. "I came up with it the week of SXSW," he said..."

Bill Cosby
Playing a cozy venue at SXSW won't be this comedy legend's first encounter with adverse conditions
Arts Story  March 7, 2014, by Raoul Hernandez

What Would Mindy Do?
Her program in peril, showrunner and star Mindy Kaling discusses digital media at SXSW
Screens Story  February 28, 2014, by Amy Gentry

Yee-Haw! Rodeo Austin 2017 Lineup
Charley Pride, Kenny Rogers, and Dwight Yoakam top the talent
DAILY Music  January 10, 2017, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Opener Yoakam crowned Rodeo Austin two of the last three years, and there’s no better native locale to catch the Kentucky country blue blood, recently glimpsed on the small screen opposite Billy Bob Thornton in Amazon series Goliath. When my wife and I concluded our SXSW 2014 by taking a couple visiting music dignitaries to see the singer, everyone agreed he proved the most authentic performer of the week..."

Episode Guide
Breaking down SXSW Film's newest programming track
Screens Story  March 7, 2014, by Richard Whittaker

Tyler, the Creator Returns to Austin
Odd Futurist on his Austin arrest, a new app, and ice cream
DAILY Music  June 3, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"...The last time Tyler, the Creator performed in Austin, during a day show at the Scoot Inn for South by Southwest 2014, he invited fans outside the fence to rush the gate and they obliged. Two days later, at the airport on his way out of town, the L.A..."

Snowden Defends Fourth Amendment
'Would I do it again? The answer is yes.'
DAILY News  March 10, 2014, by Michael King

The Austin Chronicle SXSW trade show booth is better than ever this year
DAILY Chron Events  March 5, 2014, by Lia Crockett

Under the Big Tent
SXSW Eco Brings Together Engaged People and Active Projects
News Story  October 2, 2014

Film Flam
AMC develops 'The Son,' 'Sin City 2' covers up, Cinema East drops lineup
DAILY Screens  June 6, 2014, by Kimberley Jones
"...In its short history, Cinema East’s summer film series has become a reliable place to catch microindies and festival favorites that otherwise wouldn’t reach Austin audiences. Its newly announced 2014 schedule, held Sunday evenings at the French Legation, kicks off June 22 with Leah Meyerhoff's I Believe in Unicorns and includes additional SXSW '14 alums like Wild Canaries and Above All Else, from ATX filmmaker John Fiege..."

DVDanger: Alexandra Essoe Gazes Through Starry Eyes
Horror star talks body image, body horror, and audition angst
DAILY Screens  February 7, 2015, by Richard Whittaker

Top 10 Festival Films You Haven't Seen Yet
Vampires, hip-hop, cults, and odd romance are our unreleased faves
DAILY Screens  January 3, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...2014 is dead, done and gone. But we'll be living with the legacy of its film festivals for months to come..."

Fantastic Fest Gives Us the Horns
Daniel Radcliffe's latest heads up final wave of films
DAILY Screens  September 10, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...Automata United States, 2014, US Premiere, 110 min D: Gabe Ibañez In the post-nuclear apocalypse there will be robots, and insurance agents played by Antonio Banderas. He’s investigating an insurance claim on a faulty robot that leads to greater discoveries...."

DVD Watch: 'Grand Piano'
Elijah Wood's thriller heads up this week's releases
DAILY Screens  May 20, 2014, by Richard Whittaker

South by Southwest Drops Opening Night Film
Jon Favreau's 'Chef' kicks off 21st annual festival
DAILY Screens  January 9, 2014, by Monica Riese
"...Executive producers include Molly Allen and Karen Gilchrist. Open Road Films will release Chef in May 2014. Cast: Sofia Vergara, Scarlett Johansson, John Leguizamo, Bobby Cannavale, Dustin Hoffman, Oliver Platt, Robert Downey, Jr..."

Film Flam
‘No No’ nabs distribution, Google Glass gets the boot, & more film news
DAILY Screens  June 12, 2014, by Kimberley Jones
"...Directed by Austinite Jeffrey Radice, No No: A Dockumentary was a favorite at SXSW 2014. (The Chronicle praised its portrait of the pioneering but troubled Dock Ellis and called it a “riveting lens on seismic change in baseball and American culture at large.”) No word yet on an Austin opening date, but according to this morning’s press release, “The film will be released by The Orchard theatrically in U.S..."

Fun with Brickbats
Chronicle's Barbaro and Statesman's Bridges go at it in our forums
DAILY News  May 30, 2014, by Michael King

Where the Girls Go/ATX : Interactive Edition
Where will the girls be this first SXSW weekend?
DAILY Qmmunity  March 6, 2014, by Sarah Marloff

NASA Wants You to Help Save the World
Space returns as the final frontier of Interactive programming
Screens Story  February 28, 2014, by Michael Agresta
"...As part of a Space Act Agreement with private space exploration firm Planetary Resources announced last November, NASA will conduct the first online crowdsourcing activity associated with the Asteroid Grand Challenge in 2014. This first challenge in the series will invite competitors to write algorithms to analyze Catalina Sky Survey data and identify the most near-Earth asteroids possible in that dataset while minimizing false positives..."

Chronolog Radio (April 4)
Play ‘Misty’ for me
DAILY Music  April 4, 2014, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Ghost Wolves, “Shotgun Pistol Grip” (Man Woman Beast, 2014)..."

Chronolog Radio (May 2)
Psych Fest radio with a touch of Austin Derbyfest and more!
DAILY Music  May 2, 2014, by Chase Hoffberger
"...The Wolf, “She is Everything” (Ride, 2014)..."

Things That Go Bump in the Blumhouse
As "Oculus" opens, producer Jason Blum on suburbs and franchises
DAILY Screens  April 11, 2014, by Richard Whittaker

How to Run a Very Successful Crowdfunding Scam
Or epically fail at launching a tech product
Screens Story  February 28, 2014, by Dan Gentile
"...As for the Instacube, the latest updates from the development team claim that the beta testing is going smoothly and that the product could ship by the second quarter of 2014, but backers are still leaving daily comments accusing the company of being a scam. Peterson does believe that donors will eventually receive their Instacubes, but until people actually have the products in their hands, don't expect to be able to leave her a voicemail. Related Events..."

DVDanger: Four Films in Search of a Cult
Retro releases and martial arts aim for new crowds
DAILY Screens  April 18, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...Manny This SXSW 2014 title, following the life and career of boxing phenomenon Manny Pacquiao, gets a home release on the eve of his long-awaited bout with Floyd Mayweather. The Liam Neeson-narrated doc gets a little hagiographic in places, and several deleted scenes, depicting the behind-the-scenes reality of boxing, should never have been cut, but it's still an intriguing portrait..."

Levitation Uncorks 2015 Lineup
Former Austin Psych Fest teams with Fun Fun Fun Fest promoter
DAILY Music  December 3, 2014

DVDanger: Sasquatch and Zombies and Demons, Oh My!
Let the Halloween countdown commence
DAILY Screens  October 3, 2014, by Richard Whittaker

Time Is on My Side (and My Other Side)
Wrap your head around wibbly-wobbly time-travel features like 'The Infinite Man'
Screens Story  March 7, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...2014 is the year of the time-travel movie at SXSW, with Jack Plotnick (Wrong) directing Liv Tyler and Patrick Wilson in retrosci-fi comedy Space Station 76, the Spierig brothers reuniting with their Daybreakers star Ethan Hawke in temporal crime tale Predestination, and raunchy coming-of-age comedy Premature, best described as Groundhog Day meets American Pie. Normally, the Festival doesn't double down on too many films with a similar motif, but this year, SXSW Film Director Janet Pierson said, "It became interesting to see how all these different people were doing something having that in common."..."

Spillers' Guts
Ashley Spillers stepped out of her comfort zone to write these 'love letters to Austin'
Screens Story  March 7, 2014, by Ashley Moreno
"...Spillers' performance in it caught the eye of director Alex R. Johnson and landed her a role in his 2014 release, Two Step...."

Saturday ... Anyone still standing?
Music Column  March 14, 2014, by Kevin Curtin
"...• You've been ignoring your family all week, attending panels, drinking at day parties, and staying out late at showcases. On Sunday, gather the kiddos and head down to Mad Tiger Fest 2014..."

ATX6 Announces 2015 Artists
A second musical six-pack reps our scene at international fests
DAILY Music  April 21, 2015, by Doug Freeman
"...The group heads to Toronto for NXNE next month, and like last year, plans to attend the Reeperbahn Festival in Germany this September and showcase at next year’s South By Southwest. Brecht is also looking at adding other potential international festivals as the program becomes more formal and builds on the 2014 experience...."

News Roundup
Your Monday morning news update
DAILY News  October 20, 2014, by the News Staff

A cult deprogrammer needs some mental floss of his own.
Film Review  March 6, 2015, by Steve Davis
"...The more-often-than-not engaging Faults, which premiered at SXSW Film 2014, recounts Roth’s attempt to deprogram another young woman brainwashed by a cult, a job he reluctantly takes in order to pay back the money he owes. His subject, the 28-year-old Claire, has been living with a group called the Faults, whose members advance to and from specified levels of growth until they reach the stage at which they no longer require human form..."

Soul Track Mind: Unbreakable
Exclusive stream of local soul-stirrers’ breakout third LP
DAILY Music  September 15, 2014, by Raoul Hernandez

Wednesday Picks & Sleepers
Wednesday night SXSW blurbs
Music Story  March 14, 2014
"...12:50am, Icenhauer's; Thu., Red 7 Patio, 11pm The DIY recording project of young Brazilian duo Fernando Almeida (vox) and multi-instrumentalist Benke Ferraz came to beautiful fruition on their Fat Possum As Plantas que Curam, a daydream of sun-baked psych pop with Ferraz's effect-heavy instrumentalism and Almeida's delicate vocals singing earnest poetry in English and Portuguese. Austinites best get acquainted; Boogarins are booked for Psych Fest 2014. Kevin Curtin Jack Wilson..."

Austin Filmmakers Have That Independent Spirit
Several local directors earned nominations for Spirit Awards
DAILY Screens  November 27, 2013, by Sarah Marloff
"...Many Texas- and Austin-based filmmakers were honored yesterday by nominations for 2014 Independent Spirit Awards...."

'From Dusk Till Dawn' Bites into a Big Kahuna
Director Eduardo Sanchez on El Rey, Rodriguez, and that tasty burger
DAILY Screens  March 25, 2014, by Richard Whittaker

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