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Local Breweries Take Home Awards From Great American Beer Festival
The ABGB wins big for the third year in a row
DAILY Food  September 24, 2018, by Jessi Cape
"...•Austin Beerworks’ Flavor Country wins bronze in Australian-Style Pale Ale and they also received third place for their Super Awesome Lage in the Light Lager category...."

Wayne Kramer Still Kicks Out the Jams
MC5 founder talks politics, prison, and the art of double guitar solos
DAILY Music  September 24, 2018, by Kevin Curtin
"...WK: Two bands that I feel are moving the music forward are Tank & the Bangas from New Orleans, a terrific combination of poetry and very sophisticated music, and the other would be the Dirty Projectors. They have their own take and style on music that’s very well done..."

Fantastic Fest Review: The Quake
Sequel to The Wave goes insane with the tension
DAILY Screens  September 22, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...All he can do is hope to warn enough people, and then run to get everyone he can out of collapsing buildings. And, no, there will not be any San Andreas-style theatrics..."

The Song of Sway Lake
Period family drama is evocative, if sometimes lacking in clarity
Film Review  September 21, 2018, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Accompanying Ollie is Nikolai (Sheehan), a Russian immigrant possessed of an outsized and ingratiating personality. The film’s prologue is packed with background about the fictitious Sway family history, although its jumble of visual styles and wealth of information may prove more disruptive than welcoming to viewers..."

Faith and Fear at Fantastic Fest
Action director Gareth Evans returns to Wales for the chilling Apostle
Screens Story  September 20, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...It was also Pearce who designed the village itself, a rough-hewn settlement that was deliberately not supposed to be of one specific style. Evans said, "We didn't want it to feel purely British, so there's that American Gothic feel, houses on stilts, houses we can get under." That reflects the community, who were driven there by desperation and religious ecstasy, not because of a desire to be pioneers..."

The Luv Doc: A Graceful Exit
Leaving someone pretty much implies you have something more important to do
Columns  September 20, 2018, by The Luv Doc

How to Jail the Poor
Travis County tries to fix its Driving While License Invalid issue
News Story  September 20, 2018, by Chase Hoffberger

"Ann Wood: Quick and Quiet" at Big Medium
The artist's solo show is like a large-scale, experiential temporary memorial, with fake flowers rotting in a gloomy exuberance
Arts Review  September 20, 2018, by Melany Jean
"...How I Hope to Die, a tripartite piece, fills a wall with the artist's preferences for her final exit in pop-up-style patterned paper and pom-poms. "Alone if possible." "Quick and quiet." "With my mouth shut tight." The words are sprawled in painstakingly push-pinned black pom-poms..."

Meditate with Laraaji
Zither virtuoso gets transcendental with Dallas Acid
DAILY Music  September 19, 2018, by Dan Gentile
"...L: There’s a slight difference. In practice, I’m refining my style and technique with the instruments and voice – breathing, using imagery..."

The Nun
The Conjuring franchise heads to Romania
Film Review  September 14, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...But he can only do so much, especially with so many baffling decisions – interchangeable supporting nuns, inexplicable accent choices, painfully laugh-resistant jokes delivered by dashing village handyman Frenchie (Bloquet), and a denouement that peddles in medieval-style Catholicism as a bundle of superpowers and trinkets. At least Hardy seems to know that this is just a 90-minute fun house ride...."

Jennifer Garner assumes an Alias to get revenge
Film Review  September 14, 2018, by Matthew Monagle
"...Unfortunately, it’s not enough. Morel's parkour-driven 2004 film District B13 is often named as one of the best action movies of the young century, but none of that style is on display here..."

A Simple Favor
Anna Kendrick turns unlikely sleuth in this deliciously twisted romp
Film Review  September 14, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...At this point, just strap in, because A Simple Favor's plot isn't just twisty: It's so labyrinthine that you expect a minotaur to pop up. With more red herrings and American Gothic hijinks than should be seemly in polite company, the murder-mystery influences are obvious in this homage/spoof of Gillian Flynn-style femmes fatale..."

Hungry at Trib Fest? Here Are 14 of Our Favorite Restaurants.
A sampling of interior Mexican cuisine to dim sum in Downtown Austin
DAILY Chron Events  September 13, 2018
"...51 Rainey #110 If heritage grains, fermentation, and seasonal ingredients are your jam, you’ve probably already discovered the wonder that is Emmer & Rye. Chef Kevin Fink weds a love of forgotten flavors with a Scandinavian ethos, culminating in American-style dim sum on Rainey Street. [image-1] Kebabalicious..."

Can You Help? Paul Feig Needs A Simple Favor
Director talks cameos, thrillers, and mommy vloggers
DAILY Screens  September 13, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...The film is his homage to the classic, somewhat campy, sometimes menacing era of suburban murder mysteries, where dark secrets are revealed between widowed mommy vlogger Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) and the enigmatic Emily (Blake Lively). And, of course, there's that Hitchcock-style background appearance from Feig himself..."

Reminiscing With k.d. lang
Ingénue Redux tour revisits crooner’s spotlight moment
DAILY Music  September 13, 2018, by Beth Sullivan
"...In 1992, Canadian singer k.d. lang released her monumental breakthrough, Ingénue, a defining moment both in style and for its role in the LGBTQ rights movement..."

Police Oversight: Starting From Scratch
Farah Muscadin’s work in progress
News Story  September 13, 2018, by Nina Hernandez
"...• Create a "pizza-tracker"-style feature (like one you see on Domino's website when you order a pizza) so complainants know the status of their case..."

Point Austin: In the Shadow of the Capitol
Council approves its latest budget with the Lege over its shoulder
News Column  September 13, 2018, by Michael King
"...Although September "budget readings" are officially scheduled for three days, prior to the 10-1 Council the occasion was mostly ceremonial, with the first day – even morning – serving to officially ratify decisions that had been incrementally made in the previous weeks. Although the debates over final details in both eras have often been similar, the change has been more than a question of style..."

Micael Priest 1951-2018
Austin’s godfather of poster art moves on
DAILY Music  September 12, 2018, by Kevin Curtin
"...McElhaney, Ken Featherston, Nels Jacobson, and Sam Yeates. “Known for his iconic laconic style of drawing, his work was unmistakable..."

Turn Out the Vote Pep Rally at Scholz Garten
PHOTO GALLERY  September 10, 2018
"...Jack Sanders of Design Build Adventure designed the "I'm So Gonna Vote" sticker, which has popped up guerilla style around town and on social media...."

Texas Craft Brewers Festival Unveils List of Brews
77 ways for you to capitalize on the celebration of suds
DAILY Food  September 10, 2018, by Eric Puga
"...There are a couple of examples at this year’s festival to woo you, like Brazos Valley’s Greetings From Brenham and NXNW’s Brutylicous. But if you really insist on having that ancient relic of a beer style, this festival is still loaded with great NEIPA options, like Last Stand’s Fuzzieluscious, Hi Sign’s Hi-C, and Great Heights’ Fruity Pellets...."

Channeling Bonnie Parker
Postmarks  September 10, 2018
"...["Laura Pressley Rocks On," News, Sept. 7] I couldn't find the site with the quote you cited – "In the 1940s … no one questioned the right to bear arms or to have paper ballots." Yes, she does seem to be channeling Bonnie Parker, who with her partner in small-time robbery and murder of innocent, usually low-income citizens, loved guns and could never get their hands on enough high-power military-style firearms..."

Local Artist Thomas Hooper Tattoos Bulleit Bourbon
Austin is one of four cities tasked with creating a limited collection
DAILY Food  September 7, 2018, by Emily Beyda
"...Hooper’s distinct style, drawing from Indonesian, Australasian, Japanese, tribal and Tibetan art, is inspired by the people of Austin in his work and how they make the city what it is. “My work draws its influences from many things the sanctum of nature and natural forms,” explains Hooper in his Rock of Ages website bio..."

John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection
The genius of the original bad boy of tennis, deconstructed
Film Review  September 7, 2018, by Josh Kupecki
"...Faraut culls most of his footage from Gil de Kermadec, who was tasked with filming the French Opens of the late Seventies and early Eighties for use as instructional videos. But de Kermadec became obsessed with McEnroe: his play style, his tantrums, his presence..."

These Local Cheeses Are Curated to Be an Edible Experience
Antonelli’s, Vino Vino, Il Bruto, and La Matta think beyond the palate
Food Story  September 6, 2018, by R.T. Frank
"..."Cheese is a big part of what people experience Vino Vino as – a wine and cheese bar," said Ben Schwartz, executive chef at Vino Vino. For his selection process, he looks at milk type, aging process, style, weather, and geography, and tries to create a balance without alienating styles or palates..."

Playback: Waterloo Music Festival vs. Eastside Kings Festival
Austin music’s fall festival opens with a double-barrel bang
Music Column  September 6, 2018, by Kevin Curtin
"...Easy Star All-Stars Sunday 9, Relix stage, 6:45pm Now 15 years in, this NYC troupe re-creates classic albums in vibey dub style: Radiodread, Lonely Hearts Dub Band, Thrillah. Their strongest send-up, 2003's gravity-defying Pink Floyd reinterpretation Dub Side of the Moon, gets Sunday's focus...."

Kydd Jones
Music Review  September 6, 2018, by Clara Wang
"...After stays in Atlanta and Brooklyn, both etched into his R&B-infused rhymes, the hometown hero returns triumphant. Opener "Day 1 Freestyle," produced by ATX's own OVO rep Eric Dingus, twists Drake's signature "Run around town with my woes" into "Run around town with my ex," a nod to Jones first gaining notoriety at North by Northeast in Toronto..."

Hosea Hargrove Passes
Austin bluesman influenced the Vaughan Brothers among others
DAILY Music  September 5, 2018, by Kahron Spearman
"...Inducted into the Austin Music Awards Hall of Fame in 2009, Hargrove employed a guttural, rootsy style of blues around Austin for nearly 60 years, thoroughly studied by Bill Campbell and the Vaughans, Jimmie and the late Stevie Ray...."

Leon Bridges Comes Home
Texan evolves past retro soulman in a modern star
DAILY Music  September 2, 2018, by Jeremy Steinberger
"...Moments that made you want to dance were as vast as those that made you want to squeeze your squeeze, as many did when he came out for an encore performance of “River.” Similar to his delivery of the Coming Home standout in 2015, Bridges, his guitar, and backup singer Brittni Jessie held the stage alone. Three years ago, he couldn’t meld such a wide range of feeling, style, and emotion...."

Live Music Recommendations for the Weekend
Weary from the first week of school? Live music to the rescue!
DAILY Music  August 31, 2018, by The Music Staff
"...Born out of the back room of a San Francisco club in 1992, Mark Farina’s fusion of Eighties hip-hop beats and deep house became its own style. The resulting mushroom jazz cassette series embraced rave culture by focusing on elements of downtempo, boom bap, Latin, and other soulful flavors..."

Blood Fest
Comedy-horror provides plenty of GIF-able gags
Film Review  August 31, 2018, by Jenny Nulf
"...Blood Fest is the name of a Renaissance-faire-style horror festival – a secluded, outdoor gathering for the world’s largest gorehounds. Dax (Kay) has been obsessed with horror ever since his mom was murdered on Halloween night while they were watching White Zombie..."

Gritty sci-fi road trip has teen appeal
Film Review  August 31, 2018, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Milly (Kravitz), a pole-dancer with a heart of gold, joins them after the blaster impressively blows out a wall in her place of business. All the while, the brothers are being chased by a couple of ray-gun protectors, otherworldly enforcers who dress Terminator-style and zoom toward its signal on motorcycles seemingly fueled by the speed of light...."

The Next Generation of Austin Hip-Hop
Young rappers reinvent the most streamed genre in America
Music Story  August 30, 2018, by Clara Wang
"...Quick to form loosely knit Wu-Tang-style collectives, the League of Extraordinary Gz, founded in 2009, rap/rock blend Dirty Wormz, and more recently Team Next dispersed into solo and small-band acts. Even the Southern battle rap scene, which used to be headquartered in Austin, is now disbanded..."

Longhorns Football Preview
Will talent beget success?
Features Story  August 30, 2018, by Jeremy Steinberger
"...Watson, a Cal graduate transfer, has rare shiftiness while freshman Ingram comes in ranked as the top high school running back in the state. Combining elite vision with a tall and strong downhill running style, Ingram is the freshman to keep an eye on this season...."

10 Recommended Food & Drink Events This Fall
Looking for a few culinary celebrations, are you?
DAILY Chron Events  August 29, 2018, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...3. Whiskies of the World We begin to suspect that Fair Market's some kind of boozy epicenter at this point, as now the venue plays host to this prestigious gathering of connoisseurs, distillers, mixologists, and bona fide whisky-expert celebrities presenting hundreds of different styles from all over the world – Scottish, Irish, American, Texan, Canadian, Indian, Australian, and so on – and with masterclasses available for those who are called to deeper knowledge, and with VIP options including that whole cigar-celebrating side of the culture..."

The Lost Art of Being Offensive
Swimming in satire with cartooning documentary Mr. Fish
DAILY Screens  August 29, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"..."He's a real prodigy," said Bryant, "and one of the things that differentiates him from other cartoonists is that he never branded himself. A lot of the advice that he got when he started out was 'pick a style,' and the whole idea of branding himself was sickening to him."..."

Austin Beer Guide’s Lager Jam 5
Lager mongers collaborate for annual festival
DAILY Food  August 28, 2018, by Eric Puga
"...(512) | Export Lager (512) | Lagered Amber Austin Beerworks | Gal-Lager (Watermelon Lager) Austin Beerworks | Lotion in the Basket (India Pale Lager) Austin Beer Garden Brewery | Velvet Revolution (Czech-style Pilsner) Big Bend | West of The Pecos (Raspberry Maibock) Blue Owl | Czech Czech with lemon and spice (Sour Czech Pilsner) The Brewer's Table | Keller Vor Ort w/ Saaz (Euro Lager) Brewtorium | Electric Lederhosen (Vienna Lager) Brazos Valley | Two Step Pils with passionfruit (German-style Pilsner) Hops & Grain | Suerte Lager (North American Adjunct Lager) Independence | Cowboys from Helles (Helles) Live Oak | "Farny-Style" Kristall-Weizen Live Oak | Oaktoberfest (Festbier) NXNW | Bohemian Pils (Czech-style Pilsner) NXNW | Haus Party (German-style Pilsner) Pinthouse Pizza – North | Burro's Breakfast (Mexican Lager) Pinthouse Pizza – South | Joe's Magical Pills (German-style Keller Pilsner) Real Ale | Hansorade (Gatorade in a Hans’ Pils Cask) Real Ale | Wall Ball (India Pale Lager) RedHorn | 9-2-5 (German-style Pilsner) RedHorn | Goat Shed (Pre-Prohibition Lager) St. Elmo | Vaughan (German-style Pilsner) Skull Mechanix | Wahrsager (German-style Pilsner) Southern Heights | I Just Want A Pils (Czech-style Pilsner) Vista Brewing | Dark Skies (Schwarzbier) Zilker | Spun Fancy Friday (German-Style Pilsner)..."

Out of Bounds Comedy Festival 2018: Picks
In the bounty of improv, sketch, & stand-up, some of our picks
DAILY Arts  August 28, 2018, by Robert Faires
"...Tue., 10pm, Hideout Upstairs: Yes Anderson (Austin troupe that not has the best improv name ever but uses it to improvise stories in the style of Wes Anderson films) and Golden (Austin troupe that improvises silent stories) [image-2]..."

Live Music Recommendations for the Weekend
Jason Isbell plays three nights, Wiz Khalifa returns to town, and more
DAILY Music  August 24, 2018, by The Music Staff
"...This summer’s stoney sequel to Rolling Papers stacks atop an already hazy stash of baked gems for Wiz Khalifa, while co-headlining brethren Rae Sremmurd promote their SremmLife-style via superfluous trap with whimsical debauchery. The kids will be out for Kimetrius Foose, aka Lil Skies, a face-tatted 20-year-old Auto-Tune crooner, while O.T..."

Devolver Digital Reigns With Game of Thrones
Local gaming house taking its swiping game to Westeros
DAILY Screens  August 23, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...In hindsight, it's a perfect pairing: Devolver's Reigns (developed with UK-based studio Nerial) is a swipe-style app-based game about ascending to the throne of a fantastical medieval kingdom - and then hanging on to it, balancing out the demands and needs of the peasants, aristocrats, clerics, and warring factions under your rule. Part of the appeal is that you can take a ....."

A Different Kind of Taco
Baja-style tacos are Rosarito’s specialty, and Austin’s obsession
Food Story  August 23, 2018, by Aaron Teel
"...Constantly on the move, Rosarito's Baja-style taco and ceviche trucks are making fresh waves in a scene grown somewhat stagnant with oversaturation. In 2014, when Carlos Acosta and his cousin Mauricio Davila first parked their brightly painted taco truck alongside the other food trucks then lining the empty lot at the southwest corner of Fifth and Colorado, they were just hoping to find their place in Austin's crowded taco scene, and to offer, as Acosta says, "a different kind of Mexican food from what [people are] accustomed to in Texas."..."

The Past, Present, and FuturX of Latinx Performance in Austin
The current surge of Latinx theatre and dance in Austin speaks to both tradition and pioneering new directions
Arts Story  August 23, 2018, by Roxanne Schroeder-Arce
"...The present can be seen in companies such as Aztlan Dance, which evolved out of Maria Salinas' folklórico company under the stewardship of her son Roén; Latino Comedy Project, which got its start in 1997; Teatro Vivo, founded by Rupert and JoAnn Reyes in 2000; and Olivia Chacon's A'lante Flamenco. Their productions are contemporary in style and the world they present, even when the forms they use may be traditional..."

Justin Stewart
Music Review  August 23, 2018, by Doug Freeman
"..."Lucynda" lilts with galloping rhythms that evoke early Paul Simon, while "Nod of Knowing" sweeps the country dance hall floor and "Jesus #9" kicks like John Prine. Even the cover of Don Williams' cheesy "I Believe in You" works with Stewart's style, especially next to deep album gem "Yellow Umbrella." With Renaissance, Stewart steps up into an elite tier of local songwriters even if his eclectic sound makes him difficult to pin down...."

Gay Place
The Flash Collective calls on the queer community to help create public art
Columns  August 23, 2018, by Sarah Marloff
"...Geeks on Fleek Things are going anime style at this month's nerdy cosplay-inspired drag show. Thu., Aug..."

Point Austin: The Circus Returns to Town
Final-day filings bump up the list of wannabe Council candidates
News Column  August 23, 2018, by Michael King
"...Oddly enough, none of the district Council races appear quite so packed with wannabes, although I presume that's because you don't get as much ego-inflation in a district race. I know, I know – the national political obsession with amateurism means every last one of us is qualified to be "Mayor of Austin" (one dubious candidate, to be nameless here, has already fashioned himself a wrestling-style championship belt carrying the title)..."

The Night He Came to Fantastic Fest
Genre fest announces Halloween for opening night
DAILY Screens  August 22, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"... [image-5] IN FABRIC D: Peter Strickland United Kingdom, 2018, U.S. Premiere, 118 min. Peter Strickland (The Duke of Burgundy, Berberian Sound Studio) returns to Fantastic Fest in full, flourishing style with In Fabric, a film that’s part surreal thriller, part giallo love letter, part fashion collage, and all hypnotic originality. THE INNOCENT D: Simon Jaquemet Switzerland, Germany, 2018, U.S..."

Derrick Sims is The Perfect Host
Filmmaker talks Southern Gothic before world premiere tonight
DAILY Screens  August 22, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...AC: Were there any particular Southern Gothic influences - literary or cinematic - on the story and the style?..."

Bitch Betta Have My Honey
August is Honey Month
DAILY Food  August 21, 2018, by Emily Beyda
"...Instead of managing a factory style hive facility of their own, Austin Honey places their bees on local organic farms within a 30-mile radius of the city, where they have a symbiotic relationship with the crops pollinating the produce and supporting a holistic approach to creating strong Austinite foodways. They also devote time to educating consumers on planning bee-friendly landscapes, homes and businesses, and supporting a thriving community of wild pollinators for generations to come..."

Major League Sucker
Postmarks  August 20, 2018
"...Dear Editor, Whether they are “tax-and-spend Democrats” or “read-my-lips Republicans,” Austin City Council just doesn't get it. First: Taxation without representation went out of style centuries ago..."

Share Some Punch in Austin
It’s already spiked!
DAILY Food  August 17, 2018, by R.T. Frank
"...Elizabeth Street Cafe The Gin Dragon (Glass or Carafe): Drawing from all corners of the globe, the Gin Dragon mixes London dry gin with tiki-style sweetener velvet falernum, and spices it up with jalapenos and Thai basil...."

Minding the Gap
Sundance-lauded Hulu skateboarder doc surpasses Thrasher equation
Film Review  August 17, 2018, by Danielle White
"...His proximity to the material makes for some rather questionable directorial decisions (he sometimes frames people’s faces too closely), and he’s an unassertive presence behind the lens. There’s a scene where Zach asks him if he wants to act like Bing is there or isn’t, and Bing replies, “Just do whatever you want.” The way he speaks to his interview subjects has the calming tone of a therapist or counselor rather than the probing or investigative style we are used to in documentary filmmaking..."

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