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Uberpong Brings Style to the Table
Graphically designed pingpong paddles straight outta Austin
DAILY Sports  December 26, 2012, by Carly Yansak
"...The perception is bland, and also outdated. Which is why David Lowe, founder of Uberpong, is bringing new style to the sport...."

Style X 2011
The SXSW XXV fashion perspective
DAILY Design  February 8, 2011, by Anne Harris
"...Admission to this feature of South by Southwest doesn't require credentials, has no heart-sinkingly long line to get in, and takes place all over town, though Sixth Street is obviously the real story, as always. And everyone knows that when it comes to fusing music and fashion in a colony of creatives, Austin is the grandaddy of "found-style"..."

Mountain Style
Chatting with Dr. Ralph Stanley, a pioneer of bluegrass music before there was such a thing
Music Story  November 30, 2001, by Kim Mellen
"...Ralph Stanley is variously assigned -- have never achieved wide popularity, so it's no surprise that the 74-year-old banjo pioneer doesn't enjoy the name recognition that other American musical greats enjoy. Perhaps only those who know their three-finger picking style from their clawhammer can truly appreciate Stanley's virtuosic playing, but nobody who hears his voice walks away unaffected...."

With Style
"As corny as it sounds, I have to say that my life changed 14 years ago," Anne S. Lewis writes, "the day my bike tire blew out -- the second time in one week -- right in front of John Trimble's house. I'd never heard of the author of the venerable Writing With Style book or his legendary UT writing classes."
Books Story  October 6, 2000, by Anne S. Lewis
"...He was working in his well-manicured yard and, as I pulled up to a stop sign a few feet away from one of his flower beds, the cap gun pop of my tire startled both of us. Though I'd passed his house regularly on my rides and often seen him out there gardening -- tanned, athletic-looking, mid-forty-ish -- I'd never heard of the author of the venerable Writing With Style book or his legendary UT writing classes..."

The Style Files
A Little Tongue-in-Chic
Books Story  May 30, 1997, by Margaret Moser
"...Julie Driscoll blooms in The End of Innocence The problem with being a fashion pariah is that anti-style is tough work. One must develop an utter disregard for the conventions as dictated by designers and perpetrated by models and fashion magazines and still look cool..."

The Good Eye: Service With a Style
Tip your server well – and nab some fashion tips in return
Columns  February 14, 2014, by Amy Gentry
"...Among the most tragic consequences of the recent cold temperatures plaguing our city is the fact that Thorne Russell can't wear lederhosen. Though the Hillside Farmacy host always looks dapper in classic British-inspired menswear, it is his Von Trapp vogue that has made him a local style icon, earning him pancake-appropriate nicknames like "Hansel," "Das Tapfere Schneiderlein," and "The Little Dutch Boy."..."

Gumbo Weather: Winter Warmup, Cajun-style
Food Story  February 4, 1999
"...Traditions and techniques often get passed down along family lines, with each student developing his or her own favorite. (I learned my gumbo basics from Michael Vidallier of Kaplan, Louisiana, a multi-talented friend who can stir a roux while playing guitar Hendrix-style.) For most Louisiana cooks, one's gumbo expresses personal style and can be as identifiable as a thumbprint...."

Where to Get East Coast-Style Bagels in Austin
Bagel culture is coming full circle
Food Story  January 11, 2018, by Veronica Meewes
"...Four years later, New York-born musician Joe Humel launched Rockstar Bag­els, producing wholesale products for local stores, restaurants, and cafes. The next year, Wholy Bagel opened on William Cannon Drive, becoming the only real East Coast-style deli and bagel shop in town...."

Family Style
Friendly service and well-executed food at MoMo Korean Cuisine and Sushi
Food Story  February 28, 2014, by Jessi Cape
"...Our other appetizer, the haemul pajeon ($10.95), could easily double as an entrée. It was delicious, but we only managed to devour half of the heavy, 10-inch Korean-style pancake, stuffed with seafood and vegetables..."

El Style! Gee, Style.
New gay rag hits Austin.
DAILY The Gay Place  November 7, 2007, by Kate X Messer
"...In the realm of Austin publishing, the local, free-slick-profiling-advertisers genre has a new brother. And sister. L Style G Style, a fun little flip rag (one side Lezzie, one side Gay boy) is on the racks in classier ZIP codes around town: SoCo, the Domain, 2nd Street District, even the burgeoning Burnet Road shopping strip..."

Going in Style
Three old-timers plan to rob a bank
Film Review  April 7, 2017, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...It’s nothing terribly original, but, in essence, the plot isn’t too far removed from last year’s popular thriller Hell or High Water: the wretchedly abused getting even with the banks that done ’em wrong. Except that Going in Style is a comedy that shoots blanks instead of real bullets, and old pros in lieu of young studs..."

Twisted X Brewing Company Celebrates First Year, Tex-Mex Style
Tasty beer, big dreams
DAILY Food  May 8, 2012, by Meghan Ruth Speakerman
"...The day had the feel of a backyard party at a friend’s house, fully-equipped with a kiddie castle, finger food, good music and family-style hospitality, with owners’ siblings manning the bar for eager guests.The company is proud to have one year of business under their belt and is eager for more space to grow...."

Thank You, Style Avatar
Postmarks  April 6, 2012
"...Dear Editor, Even though I know and care very little about style and fashion, I’ve long been a fan of Stephen Moser’s delightfully descriptive and sometimes outrageous writing in “After a Fashion.” In the last year or so, I have especially appreciated Stephen’s unabashed sharing of his experiences with cancer. If I ever have cancer, I would want to use him as a model for how to deal with it in public..."

ESSR: Style Over Substance?
Postmarks  January 28, 2010
"...Ms. Feit states ESSR is "a thoroughly engaging restaurant space that … oozes style." Style over substance is not somewhere I want to spend my money or time...."

'The Bigs' for Xbox 360 Is an Arcade-Style Thrill Ride
DAILY Sports  July 26, 2007, by Mark Fagan
"...While Sony’s The Show and 2K Sports’ Major League Baseball 2K7 pride themselves on replicating the intricacies and subtleties of an actual big-league game down to the most minute detail, 2K’s The Bigs prefers the fireworks and flash of arcade-style ball and the power-ups and special effects that accompany this fun and fluffy style of gameplay. Much like the casual baseball fan prefers the thrill of cover boy Albert Pujols knocking the ball out of the park over a well-placed bunt or exquisitely turned double-play, the casual baseball-video-game fan will prefer this quick, action-filled, bells-and-whistles-packed version that more resembles a pinball game than a baseball sim...."

Surf and Turf, Travis-Style
Lakeside dining 2002: by boat or by car, bring your appetite
Food Story  August 2, 2002, by Rachel Feit
"...This is bar food, which means you order at the bar and pick it up there yourself. But don't let the roadhouse-style atmosphere intimidate you if you're hankering for a good American-style feed..."

Piles of Style
  June 2, 1995
"...Room after room and shop after shop of the Homestead empire was filled with furniture, linens, dishes, books, and antiques, all arranged in a way to inspire a sense of history and mystique about the most common items. Isn't this bed from a Broadway production of The Princess and the Pea? Could this couch have been in The Great Gatsby? I could, of course, afford nothing. But as Richard dragged me away from the pillow shams of my dreams and the velour sofa that could have transformed me from a how-to columnist into a author of great depth, I realize the shops appeal lay not so much in their high dollar stuff as in their unflinching sense of style..."

Last-Minute Style Gift Guide
Presents for everyone on your list: from nieces to nemeses
DAILY Design  December 18, 2015, by Brandon Watson
"...Between your grandmother who collects string and your neighbor that may be plotting your murder, you have a lot of weirdos to buy for this year. We are here to help with our last-minute style gift guide..."

Celebrate Bastille Day Austin Style
Boots, baguettes, and Jello Biafra
DAILY Food  July 10, 2015, by Virginia B. Wood
"...French Legation (802 San Marcos) The Alliance Francais d'Austin hosts their 20th annual family-friendly party on the grounds of the former French embassy and current historic museum. There will be live music, games and contests for kids and adults, traditional French food and snacks, French-Vietnamese coffee, wine, and a French-style local beer, as well as ice pops, sodas, and nonalcoholic beverages..."

New York-Style Bagels Headed for Austin
Chef couple teams up for North Austin shop
DAILY Food  May 13, 2015, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Steven Cak and Jessica Peterson are a pastry and savory chef team with a desire to create their own business. They're currently scouting North Central Austin locations for a New York-style bagel store with artisan sandwiches and cured meats...."

Street Style, Festival Edition
Sartorial snapshots from Congress during AFF and TBF
DAILY Design  October 28, 2013, by Amy Gentry
"...Nevertheless, it was clear who was in line to see Vince Gilligan and who was in line to see Jonathan Lethem. As a lady who chose her argyle carefully that morning, I resolved to stage a street-style fashion face-off between the two fests, armed only with my iPhone and a willingness to make myself obnoxious to total strangers..."

Old World-Style Retailer Attracting Connoisseurs to Westlake Store
Vom Fass has exotic oils, vinegars, wines, spirits, and bottles galore
DAILY Food  July 10, 2013, by Virginia B. Wood and Wes Marshall
"...If .750bottle runs $75, a 100 ml goes for $10. For folks learning, or someone who just needs a bit of liqueur for one recipe, this sales style is a bargain...."

Austin's Pink Palace Makes the Gray Lady's Style
The New York Times' love affair with Austin
DAILY Design  April 5, 2012, by Anne Harris
"...helping ours in crowds, the old gray lady loves the ATX. It looks like the editors of the Thursday edition Style section are getting the itch as well – call it spring fever in a concrete canyon..."

'Rush Limbaugh-Style Name-Calling' Instead of Informing
Postmarks  August 2, 2011
"...Dear Editor, Michael King’s latest screed makes clear he prefers Rush Limbaugh-style name-calling to informing his readers. King seeks to inoculate his fact-free know-nothingism by accusing opponents of the billion dollar (counting interest payments) water plant with charges of “moral absolutism,” “demagogic environmentalism,” and not caring about the plant workers who would lose their jobs if the boondoggle plant was postponed for a decade or more until we actually need more treatment capacity. Building the plant was never about funding jobs – until every other reason for the plant was shot down as being wholly without merit..."

ATX Style at NOJF (or... Marcia Knows NOLA)
Austin takes NOLA by storm. Really, there have been lots of storms.
DAILY Design  May 1, 2008, by Kate X Messer
"...Austin style? You can't get much more iconic than Marcia Ball, Alejandro Escovedo, and Doyle Bramhall (indulge me – Willie is not playing Jazz Fest). The three artists are representing the ATX with their signature Lone Star stylies..."

No Las Vegas-style Casino Gambling in Eagle Pass, at Least for Now
DAILY News  August 24, 2007, by Kimberly Reeves
"...A federal appeals court has stopped – at least for now – the Kickapoo tribe’s efforts to add Las Vegas-style casino gambling to its reservation in Eagle Pass along the Mexican border. The Department of the Interior had given tentative approval for Class III casino gaming early this year over the objections of the state..."

Style! Cine! Swashbuckling!
New on DVD: Style Wars, Cinema Paradiso, The Complete Musketeers, and more.
Screens Story  March 28, 2003

Style! Cine! Swashbuckling!
Sampling the latest DVD has to offer
Screens Story  March 28, 2003, by Marc Savlov
"...Styles WarsPlexifilm, $27.95..."

Style! Cine! Swashbuckling!
Sampling the latest DVD has to offer
Screens Story  March 28, 2003, by Trae Stanley
"...Four making-of documentaries are included to fully explain the filmmaker's achievements, and an audio commentary track allows Zemeckis and five of the other prominent crew members to tell the story themselves, as well as reminisce about the great time they had making Roger Rabbit. Other offerings include developmental sketches of the characters, scenes split-screened to show how they looked before and after animation, deleted scenes, and a couple of busts: two interactive annoyances that serve no purpose other than to reinforce images seen during the movie, and a Pop-Up Video-style viewing option..."

Surf and Turf, Travis-Style
Lakeside dining 2002: by boat or by car, bring your appetite
Food Story  August 2, 2002
"...Buster's Bar B Cue, 303 N. RR 620, 266-3926: We can't say enough good things about the wonderful dry-rubbed pork chops, smoked garlic-stuffed pork loin, and Carolina-style pulled pork sandwiches..."

Like It's Going Out of Style
  August 26, 1999, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...And I am gonna shave this stuff off, too. Coffee, facial hair, all of it -- it's all way out of style..."

Schooling, Pre-Sputnik Style
Is O. Henry Rolling In His Grave?
News Story  November 10, 1995
"...The French classroom has an industrial-style fire suppression hood, left over from the days when students were taught quantity food preparation to prepare them for jobs in hospitals. The students have made the best of the massive, galvanized steel intrusion into their classroom, though, decorating the hood with tricolor construction paper..."

The Chili Dog Fest Caps SXSW Local Style
Impressive lineup of musicians to benefit Central Texas Food Bank
DAILY Music  March 15, 2018, by Mark Fagan

Flying in Style With Five and Four
Austin designer Jennymarie Jemison goes terminal on the ABIA
DAILY Design  May 4, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner

Gay Marriage American Catholic Style
American Catholic church celebrates marriage equality
News Story  July 2, 2015, by Kate X Messer

Summer Fun: Roadtripping, AAA-style
Nostalgia for TripTiks and roadtrips amps up during summer
DAILY Design  May 20, 2015, by Kate X Messer

Celebrate National Doughnut Day DIY-Style
Kamal Grant schools the home cook on how to make 'Homemade Doughnuts'
DAILY Food  June 6, 2014, by Rachel Feit
"...Nearly half the book is devoted to glazes and fillings. Once these are mastered, Grant encourages home cooks to experiment with different doughnut styles and flavor combinations..."

Michael Angelo's Feeds Folks Family Style
Local family-run company has nationwide distribution
DAILY Food  June 3, 2014, by Amira Jensen

The Good Eye: Server Style Photo Gallery
Columns  February 14, 2014

The Good Eye: Server Style
February 13, 2014. 18 photos.
PHOTO GALLERY  February 13, 2014

Staycation In Style and Altruism
Emancipet’s Sit Stay Kits of local goodies available this week!
DAILY Food  February 6, 2014, by Jessi Cape

Swift’s Attic Hosts Family-Style Benefit Dinner
Uchiko server needs help with medical bills after tragic accident
DAILY Food  January 15, 2014, by Gracie Salem

Gift Guide, Cinema-Style
Shopping for film lovers? We have you covered
DAILY Screens  December 11, 2013, by Monica Riese

Golden Hornet Project: Wolfgang-nam Style
'Amadeus' screening fundraiser for 'Mozart's Requiem Undead'
DAILY Arts  January 31, 2013, by Robert Faires

Family Style: Kathy Murray's Blues
From the dance floor to the stage
DAILY Music  December 3, 2012, by Margaret Moser

Heron Wines: Old World Style and Very Nicely Priced
Winemaker Laely Heron is on a roll!
DAILY Food  August 21, 2012, by Wes Marshall

Ass Paddling the Danish Way: 'Klown'-Style
The 'Klown' Rolling Roadshow Canoe Trip gets crunk, drunk, wet
DAILY Screens  July 1, 2012, by Marc Savlov

'Hellion' Gets Some Hot Lovin', Indiewire-Style
Kat Candler's Hellion named one of summer's hottest shorts
DAILY Screens  June 13, 2012, by Marc Savlov

Family Style
The Threadgill's secret to longevity
Food Story  July 8, 2011, by Claudia Alarcón

How to Play Women's Roller Derby, Texas Rollergirls-Style (a Very Simple Guide)
Sports Story  November 27, 2009, by Richard Whittaker

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