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As High as the Scooter Can Fly
Kate Cantrill calls Lia Nirgad's debut one of "heart," but she also calls it "precious." Find out why.
Books Review  January 24, 2003, by Kate Cantrill
"...A modern-day fairy tale full of elves, magic bracelets, talking minks, and flying scooters, Lia Nirgad's first novel finds Layla, our heroine, freezing within her loveless marriage. After discovering a magic scooter in her back yard, she sets out to exotic otherworlds -- Alaska, Prague, Paris -- in search of the love she so desires..."

2002 Summer Camps
Features Story  May 10, 2002, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...At this camp, kids will participate in roller hockey, capture the flag, roller basketball, roller T-ball, and whatever else you can think of. Kids aren't just limited to inline skates either: Scooters and skateboards are also welcome..."

Dancing About Architecture
Noise ordinance debate blows over -- for now -- while Internet radio crisis threatens, and SIMS crisis subsides.
Music Column  May 3, 2002, by Ken Lieck
"...The recording is also notable for guest appearances by Larry Seaman on keyboards and the late, lamented Dick Hays on French horn(!). Frontman Mike Runnels has a spanking-brand-new CD out as well -- his kiddie band Little Scooters' new one, Tippie Toe..."

The List Pt. 1
Music Column  December 21, 2001, by Ken Lieck
"...Bands that are scheduled to play include: the Angel, Anvil FX, Atom and His Package, Bare Jr., Beulah, Bigbang, Big Leaves, Jeff Black, Brainfailure, Brian Jonestown Massacre, David Bridie, the Briefs, Nicole Brophy and Jodi Moore, Simon Bruce, Richard Buckner, John Butler Trio, Car Stereo Wars, Chancho en Piedra, Doudou Cissoko, Clem Snide, Color Filter, Cravo Carbono, DASH, the Datsuns, the Delphines, Departure Lounge, Destroyer, the D4, D14, the Gabe Dixon Band, DJ Dolores Y Orchestra Santa Massa, DJ Roger Moore, DNA Doll, Susan Enan, Anna Fermin's Trigger Gospel, FOE, Genitallica, the Gift, the Glands, Howling Guitar, Jenai, Jesus Jones, Daniel Johnston, Norah Jones, Joselo, Jucifer, KaitO, the Kingsbury Manx, Kitty Wu, Knievel, La Honda, the Latebirds, Lo-Ball, Macha, Marcy Playground, the Mayflies USA, Megababe, Mr. Scruff, Mono, the Mooney Suzuki, Mull Historical Society, My Morning Jacket, Nile, pexbaA, Poncho Kingz, Quintron, Radar Tanta, the Revs, Riddlin' Kids, Amy Rigby, Sahara Hotnights, the Scooters, Seaworthy, Serafin, Sing-Sing, Toby Slater, Jenny Toomey, TSOL, Ultrasound, Ulu, Umphrey's McGee, Valv, Robert Walter's 20th Congress, and Xploding Plastix ..."

Skate Listings
Features Story  May 11, 2001, by Shadrock Roberts
"...Also, those under 18 must have a waiver on file, signed by a parent or legal guardian. No private parties, no scooters..."

A Life on Wheels
Features Story  May 11, 2001, by Shadrock Roberts
"...For every lesson that he teaches, be it hockey, freestyle, or physics, he has the skates to match. Whether your interest lies in racing, hockey, or even off-road, Fritz has a pair of skates to fit, buried somewhere in the back of his skate truck, along with ramps, hockey sticks, goals, and scooters...."

2001 Kids' Summer Fun Guide
Features Story  May 4, 2001
"...At this camp, kids will participate in rollerhockey, capture the flag, rollerbasketball, roller T-ball, and whatever else you can think of. Kids aren't just limited to in-line skates either: Scooters and skateboards are also welcome..."

2001 Kids' Summer Fun Guide
Features Story  May 4, 2001, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Maybe they're offended by Digimon because they think it's a rip-off of Pokemon. Perhaps there's a brand of scooters with particularly unappealing design elements..."

Global Warming, Public Schools, and Jazz a la Zorn.
Columns  January 26, 2001
"...One cheery note in all this is the current popularity of children's motorless scooters. It's good to see children playing outdoors again, and moving around without burning fuel..."

Affronts to Gracious Living
Your Style Avatar ticks through the 10 worst fashion and style trends of the Year 2000.
Features Story  January 5, 2001, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...That's about the best new thing I could think of. Scooters, costume dramas, and brushed aluminum all were cool, and all harking back to another era of design, which seems to be the biggest trend of all...."

On the Santa Trail
Ace reporter Jordan Smith is hot on the trail of Austin's own Santa.
Features Story  December 22, 2000, by Jordan Smith
"...Toy trains, the Beatles Anthology, saddle bags, scooters, new houses, and cars are all on the list. "I don't bring puppies," Santa insists..."

Kiddie Spree
Uncle Stephen & the Children Go Holiday Shopping
News Story  December 15, 2000
"...Zack knows that the pleasure of zipping around with the wind in your hair can't be beat. Scooters are back ($69-$499) at Toys-R-Us and all over town...."

Coach's Corner
Ratings, schmatings! Why the big obsession about how many people are watching which sporting events on TV?
Columns  October 6, 2000, by Andy "Coach" Cotton
"...I see a little kid, shirtless, riding one of those ubiquitous black-and-white scooters. The fields are filled with simultaneous games of softball, soccer, and football..."

Texas Platters
The Scabs
Music Story  July 29, 1999
"...With production and playing that's top-notch but never overbearing, good songwriting that's never too cute for its own good, and Wallace's smooth versatility, Hillbilly Heights is brimming over with material that ought to make its way onto country radio rather than the Nashville machine's Tracy of the Week. A shuffle or two, some uptempo boot-scooters, and well-chosen covers of Jerry Reed and Kris Kristofferson songs make this a release to be reckoned with..."

Don't Shelve Smart Growth
Columns  July 1, 1999
"...Not quite as bad as our former vice-president, Dan Quayle, though. On the same trip, however, he was asked about his knowledge of Italy, only to reply that Italians ride a lot of scooters..."

Performing in the Moment
Arts Story  May 6, 1999, by Barbejoy Ponzio
"...It was so authentic that I asked my seat mate if that was a recording or her. Driving in traffic turned into a hysterical bumper car ride with the threesome somehow maneuvering their mini-scooters while in a supine position and frantically blowing head-hunter horns..."

Bonus Tracks
Music Story  July 11, 1997
"...Five hunky Dance Across Texas types from Waco are given a vaguely Western name, locked in a basement/studio with a copies of Steve Earle's Guitar Town and the Brooks & Dunn catalog, and unleashed on the radio scant months later. Full of pallid boot-scooters and nearly rockin' twangers espousing safe suburban values, Whatever Comes First thinks it's still 1992, and people are still line dancing..."

Public Notice
Go Granny Go!
Columns  July 4, 1997, by Kate X Messer
"...Here's a great opportunity to motor-vate folks with walking impairments. Some senior citizens and permanently disabled citizens may qualify for the Senior Wheels Program. The program makes power and manual wheelchairs, three- and four-wheeled electric scooters, walkers, canes and other medical items available for no cost to folks who qualify..."

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