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Where the Reparations At?
There's more to repairing than repealing
DAILY Qmmunity  December 20, 2010, by Andy Campbell
"...It seems to me that the repeal of DADT should come with a comprehensive reparations package for those discharged under DADT (regardless of whether they outed themselves or were outed by fellow service members). These women and men were potentially looking forward to being career service members, but with their discharge their lifeplan changed...."

Nolan's first film since The Dark Knight is a heist picture with an inventive twist.
Film Review  July 16, 2010, by Kimberley Jones
"...Certainly he’s an able action director, but via this dream anti-logic, he’s written himself full license to hurl his film into exotic, often otherworldly locales defined by an altogether other kind of physics. Hurl, indeed: While there is, of course, that typically Nolanesque self-possessedness to the film, what endures is its sense of desperate tumult as worlds collapse, multiple ticking clocks go off, and a broken man tries, badly, to make reparations..."

Joe Wright has fashioned an epic piece of moviemaking from Ian McEwan’s novel: Starring Keira Knightley, the film is consumed with the nature of storytelling and the moral responsibility of the storyteller.
Film Review  December 14, 2007, by Kimberley Jones
"...(The sound of a typewriter is also incorporated, to thrumming, thrilling effect, in Dario Marianelli's score – and what more appropriate audio cue for a work so consumed with the nature of storytelling and the moral responsibility of the storyteller?) Wright, in only his second feature (following 2005’s Pride and Prejudice), has fashioned an epic piece of moviemaking here in the tradition of fellow countrymen David Lean and Anthony Minghella (who cameos in the film’s final minutes). It’s not quite as brutalizing as McEwan’s brilliant source novel – it bears too much of a Great Art buff – but it ravishes nonetheless in its grand exploration of the sins of the daughter and a lifetime spent making reparations...."

Friday Blingee: Ask & Tell
For our DADT sisters and brothers
DAILY Qmmunity  October 15, 2010, by Andy Campbell
"...Now that the Don't Ask Don't Tell order is in the process of being repealed (riot shields crossed) our military needs to do that thing you do when you've made a mistake… what is it called? Oh yah, apologize and make reparations...."

Top 10 LGBTQ Victories Worldwide
It’s the most listicle time of the year!
DAILY Qmmunity  December 27, 2018, by Ray Emerson
"...1. Uruguay Pays Reparations to Trans People..."

The Great Invisible
Doc looks at the impact of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on the lives of residents in the Gulf area.
Film Review  December 12, 2014, by Steve Davis
"...The discharge decimated the area’s fragile ecosystem and devastated the local shrimping, fishing, and oyster industries, leaving countless families without a dependable income almost overnight. According to the film (which won the Documentary Grand Jury Award at SXSW 2014), even when British Petroleum announced the creation of a $20 billion disaster victim fund to compensate persons directly affected by the oil spill, the promise of such economic relief never materialized for the many who either did not trust the multinational corporation’s motives or could not provide the requisite documentation to qualify for reparations...."

After a Fashion
A turn for the worse? Or a turn for the better? Resolve makes all the difference.
Columns  October 7, 2011, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...But now I have agreed to the treatments – whatever is required to save and even prolong my life. What I've been offered is hope, and by agreeing to do the invasive treatments, I have finally discovered something to hope for in my life: hope that the treatments are successful; hope that with better health, I can make the reparations in my life that I want to; and hope that I can start anew without some of the emotional baggage (not Louis Vuitton) that I've dragged around for so long. Reading Fashion..."

Naked City
News Story  April 12, 2002
"..."To Heman Sweatt, We Owe a Debt." That's one way to describe the subject of the 16th annual Heman Sweatt Symposium on Civil Rights at UT, which begins Thursday, April 19 with a keynote speech by famed attorney Johnny Cochran on the symposium's theme of "Reparations: Does America Owe African Americans a Debt?" Cochran is part of a national legal team, headed by Harvard University's Charles Ogletree, preparing to file a court action demanding reparations for unpaid wages for the forced labor of slaves and punitive damages for exploitation and oppression during slavery. The symposium is an annual event in honor of the memory of Heman Sweatt, who in 1946 was denied admission to the UT School of Law because of his race and became the plaintiff in the landmark Sweatt vs..."

Council Watch
City Council hears neighbors' complaints about noise from the new Austin Bergstrom International Airport; and the city's solid waste services is headed for automated changes.
News Column  September 17, 1999, by Jenny Staff Johnson
"...All of that is required -- and will be paid for -- by the FAA. But for anyone outside the designated zone, it's up to the city to decide upon and fund reparations..."

Arts Story  July 7, 1995
"...From the moment Columbus "discovered" the Americas, the Europeans and then the Americans have engaged in the most effective and systematic terrorism, ethnic cleansing, and destruction of natural habitat the world has ever known. Fifty years after the end of World War II, editorials question whether the Germans have made sufficient reparations for the Holocaust..."

Christening the Waterloo Music Festival
Welcome to the jamily
DAILY Music  September 10, 2018, by Rachel Rascoe
"...Other connections and covers abounded. Tribute act Joe Russo’s Almost Dead made their first touchdown in Texas, and DeadEye demonstrated their own local reparations to the jam grandfathers..."

The Chronicle’s 2017 Holiday Political Survival Guide
Borscht in a Bag, a male chastity belt, and more gifts to get you through the rut
News Story  December 7, 2017, by the News Staff
"...We Were Eight Years in Power (One World, 2017), a re-collection of essays (including the groundbreaking "The Case for Reparations") threaded with a reporting narrative, recapitulates the Barack Obama presidency as seen through the larger and lengthier history of African-American slavery and its aftermath. It presents the hard-won understanding that "Good Negro Government" (as W.E.B..."

The Doctor vs. the Hospital
Relentless whistleblower fights legal war of attrition with Lakeway Medical Center
News Story  July 6, 2017, by Michael King
"...That arrest became the subject of yet another lawsuit, this time against the two police officers, for false arrest. The suit went to mediation on June 30 – and was resolved when the city of Lakeway agreed to pay Van Boven $55,000 in reparations...."

Lakeview Residents Contemplate Suit
Residents were forced to relocate after landlord announced plans to demolish
News Story  February 4, 2016, by Joseph Caterine
"...Carmona believes that with TRLA's help, the displaced residents may see some reparations for the costs of the move. "None of us are giving up," he said...."

The Perea Story
Producer fired by KTBC last year kills himself at Fox headquarters
News Story  January 29, 2015, by Chase Hoffberger
"...The NYPD's Public Information office did not respond to requests for a copy of a suicide note recovered at the scene, which reportedly blamed Fox for his plight and demanded reparations be paid to his family...."

After a Fashion
Only Your Style Avatar could figure out a way to meld his new fall collection with a mention of Water Wings
Columns  June 29, 2012, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...Austin Hotel, and Steve Garcia, a schoolteacher at Deerpark Middle School in Round Rock, which asked, "What would you do with your settlement from the Costa Concordia disaster?": Frightened, and with their lives at stake, the Austin couple managed to survive the famous disaster off the coast of Italy. Naturally, the cruise operators made quick reparations to the passengers, but have nonetheless perhaps caused irreparable damage to the cruise industry..."

City Hall Hustle: Got an App for That?
From the lobby to the parks, council has an item for you
News Column  October 21, 2011, by Wells Dunbar
"...The reliably controversial expenditure of Austin Energy's Holly Good Neighbor Program funds comprises Item 56. Set up by AE as reparations to neighbors for the noisy, ugly, and fire-prone Holly Power Plant, Item 56, from Martinez, Leffingwell, and Riley, sets annual funding for the program at $1 million, with just over half going to neighborhood home repairs and improvements..."

10 Pinky 10 Stinky
2010 was a year for the queers! Kindof.
DAILY Qmmunity  January 7, 2011, by Andy Campbell
"...1. DADT repealed, but what? No reparations for those discharged? Criminal...."

Thanksgiving National Day of Mourning for Native Americans
Postmarks  November 20, 2010
"...On Thanksgiving Day, Native American people from throughout the Americas will speak the truth about their history and about current issues and struggles in which they are involved. I believe apologies and reparations should come in the form of making history books truthful and honoring all treaties, including the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo...."

The Daily Hustle: 4/8/10 (Updated)
Brutal morning, brutal afternoon at council
DAILY News  April 8, 2010, by Wells Dunbar
"...Again, comment was limited to 15 minutes per side; several individuals spoke to support the events as good neighbors that gave back to the community, including Alejandro Vallejo, whose namesake band spoke and jammed with kids in a Holly neighborhood school. Fernandez, however, said the council had “abused and misused” their authority in allocating the funds, funds that due to Holly’s detrimental impact on the neighborhood, Austin Energy’s set aside as reparations – and funds folks like Fernandez feel they have the moral authority to allocate..."

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