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Snapshot: Austin's Large-Scale Public Art
Exploring the big ideas behind big art installations
Arts Column  February 1, 2018, by David Brendan Hall
"..."As an artist, you can never imagine the many different ways people will interpret or interact with your work ... there's freedom that comes from that thought," ponders painter José Parlá, who created the wall-spanning Amistad América (above), part of UT's Landmarks series at the new Robert B..."

Public Art
Two artists are arrested while painting a mural on a wall in East Austin
Arts Story  November 13, 2009, by Abe Louise Young
"...Mural artists Angel Quesada and Lannea Brooks were arrested and jailed on Oct. 24 for painting a botanical mural on a low wall over a bridge in East Austin..."

PHOTOS: Landmarks' Public Art at UT
UT's public art arts program
Arts Story  January 26, 2017

Landmarks' Public Art at UT
PHOTO GALLERY  January 26, 2017
"...Landmarks, the public art arts program at the University of Texas, maintains a collection of more than three dozen works spread across the UT campus. In January 2017, it added the project O N E E V E R Y O N E to the Dell Medical School..."

Austin Street Art Enters Into a New Era
With the city cracking down on graffiti and Hope Outdoor Gallery set to close, artists look for permission to paint
News Story  July 26, 2018, by Kate Groetzinger
"...Depending on the work, tagging city walls can be a class B or C misdemeanor, or even a felony carrying a prison sentence. So street artists painting illegally will often get out at night..."

Art for Healing
The stunning art collection of the Dell Children's Medical Center
Arts Story  January 18, 2008, by Rebecca S. Cohen
"...Hospitals can be scary places, especially for ill or injured children and their families, and, as I understand it, many people find art museums almost as intimidating. But fear gives way to wonder when patients and families enter the new Dell Children's Medical Center and stop to turn the knobs of the loopy, multisensory, hands-on contraption that greets them..."

Landmarks: Enhancing Campus With Art
UT gets 28 large sculptures on long-term loan from the Metropolitan Museum
Arts Story  August 15, 2008, by Robert Faires
"...The 40 Acres is about to get a lot more … artful, thanks to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The New York institution is lending the University of Texas 28 mid- to late-20th century sculptures that will be installed across campus as part of a new public art program at UT...."

The Art of the Steal
This documentary looks at the quandary faced in Philadelphia about moving the Barnes Foundation, home to a premier Postimpressionist collection.
Film Review  April 16, 2010, by Kimberley Jones
"...Don Argott's endlessly engrossing documentary makes no bones about where its allegiances lie. The Art of the Steal bills itself, after all, as "the true story of a multi-billion dollar heist and how they got away with it." It tracks the decades-long pursuit of the most impressive and coveted private art collection in the world, that of Philadelphia resident Albert Barnes, who caught on to Post-Impressionism long before the general public, or even the art establishment, did..."

Art in Public Places' TEMPO Program
The city of Austin gets into temporary sculpture in a big way, debuting 10 new works around town this fall
Arts Story  October 1, 2015, by Robert Faires
"...That's not a concept exclusive to magic. It's increasingly part of our public art scene..."

Art Week Austin
Arts Story  April 22, 2011, by Robert Faires
"...Hosting the 2011 Art Week Austin, Art Alliance Austin is taking advantage of the exceptional convergence of special arts events this month, including the annual Fusebox Festival and Umlauf Garden Party, the Texas Biennial, and the Austin Museum of Art's triennial "New Art in Austin" exhibition. The events span April 27-May 1, with a special arts summit co-sponsored by Art Alliance Austin, AMOA, Fusebox, and Texas Biennial on April 30..."

A Living in Art
Nathan Jensen Creates New Frontiers
Arts Story  October 13, 1995
"...The man, made from wood and metal hinges, was one of many pieces of art in the room. Judging from his missing legs and slumping position, he wasn't going anywhere soon..."

UT's Public Arts Program Debuts an Ambitious New Project
Landmarks presents Ann Hamilton’s O N E E V E R Y O N E at the Dell Medical School
Arts Story  January 26, 2017, by Robert Faires
"...The girl in the photograph looks to be enveloped in fog – there are no edges to the sandy hair crowning her head or to her cherubic cheeks or to the floral-patterned PJs covering her slight frame, just blurs of color caught in the obscuring embrace of a great grayish void. Curiously, though, there are two areas where the haziness gives way to sharp resolution: part of her face and her hands, held gingerly across her midsection..."

Art Week Austin 2010 Schedule
Arts Story  April 23, 2010
"...Art Week Austin runs April 21-25, with the fair Art City Austin taking place April 24-25 along Cesar Chavez at City Hall. See for more info. Thursday, April 22..."

Art Openings
News Story  March 14, 1997
"...ALTERNATE CURRENT ART SPACE, 2209 S. First, 443-9674..."

The Art of Parenting With Art
Trying to find ways to make art while sustaining a family is no easy road.
Arts Story  June 22, 2001, by Robi Polgar
"...Michelle and I always knew we'd have children, but like many new parents, we weren't fully apprised of all that having children entails. Before the girls came along, we'd both been working artists, eking out a coexistence supplemented by jobs outside or indirectly related to the arts..."

Public Notice
Get Downtown With Your Bad Selves
Columns  November 1, 1996, by Kate X Messer
"...setting the precedent for fun!), the Downtown Austin Alliance (DAA) (née Downtown Management Organization) has the right idea when it comes to getting the general public out in the grid -- entertain them, they will come. Promoters of the Tuesday Noontime Concerts at Regents' Plaza, Sixth & Colorado (uuuh, that would be Tuesdays, at noon...), the DAA heads into the nighttime for their Election Day special First Tuesday Downtown, Tue, Nov 5, 5-9pm, which will feature musicians and dancers, sidewalk sales, art shows, and performance art, among other forms of merriment and mirth all over Congress Avenue from the Capitol Building to Town Lake. 469-1766. PowWower of the Drum Last year's AISD American Indian Powwow was an amazing flurry of color and fanfare celebrating American indigenous culture..."

Austin Green Art
Arts Story  March 24, 2006, by Robert Faires
"...The Gates made a big impression on Austin artist Randy Jewart, a work that was simple, elegant, and powerful. "And I thought, 'We should have our own Gates project..."

Art Top Ten
Hanging the Best of 1995
Arts Story  January 5, 1996
"...1. Artwork/Installation: Regina Vater's installation "Ita./Ota" (The Austin Museum of Art exhibition, Ceremony of the Spirit). While I didn't write about the show, I did make a point of going to the museum to hear Vater talk about her work..."

10 Can’t-Miss Art Museums and Galleries
Old Masters and new whiz kids all have a home here
DAILY Chronolog  March 3, 2017
"...A city of murals and outdoor sculptures and inspired graffiti, art is all around you in Austin – including, more traditionally, hanging on the walls of our very fine art museums and galleries...."

Art City Austin
The big outdoor art fair is spreading the love, via partnerships and pink notes
Arts Story  April 24, 2009, by Robert Faires
"...Art City Austin 2009 is on its way this weekend, and the annual outdoor visual-arts fair is seriously spreading the love this year: to architects, to performance artists, to bicyclists, and to, well, everyone in town. See, not only has sponsoring organization Art Alliance Austin expanded its Art City partners to include Pecha Kucha Austin, the Fusebox Festival, and Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop, it's also commissioned performance-art visionary Jaclyn Pryor (floodlines) to create a new iteration of her love-note courier service, pink, so anyone who visits Art City this Saturday and Sunday will be able to send a love note to anyone else in the city via a messenger on a pink bike...."

Out in Public
OUTsider returns with Sex in Public, and we're ready to voyeur
DAILY Qmmunity  February 17, 2016, by Ezra Edwards
"...For this second year of OUTsider Festival, sex will be very public. Kicking off tonight and stretching over the next five days, this LGBTQIA art and film festival is about to knock some boots and inspire some desire...."

Public Notice: The New Industrial Revolution?
Is Mayor Adler our Teddy Roosevelt?
News Column  January 21, 2016, by Nick Barbaro
"...Mayor Steve Adler is pushing hard for his Thumbs-Up solution to the standoff with Uber and Lyft. And I must say, the most compelling part of his long and excellently argued press release on the matter is when he takes the broad view: "A hundred years ago, government responded to the Industrial Revolution by creating new kinds of regulations to protect people and the environment in ways that were not previously necessary..."

Public Notice: Shared History
Art and Journalism: Incubator 1.0
News Column  July 7, 2016, by Nick Barbaro
"...Thirty-five years ago this summer, on what may have been July 9, The Austin Chronicle moved into our first office, sharing space with the sorta-famous art collective known as Sheauxnough Studios...."

Art in Public Places' Wander
This interactive public artwork creates narrative pathways for you to travel in Downtown Austin
Arts Story  December 21, 2017, by Robert Faires
"...See, physically, I'm still in 2017, standing at the Margaret Moser Plaza on West Third, where the only trees are, curiously enough, palms. But I've been led here – and back to the 18th century and that troublesome live oak – by Time Machine Freak Out!, one of four stories bound up in Wander, an interactive public artwork that propels users through Austin streets by linking chunks of their narratives to specific sites around Downtown..."

Art Par Excellence
The nominees for the 2014-15 Austin Critics Table Awards
DAILY Arts  May 20, 2015
"...After poring over the hundreds of stage productions, concerts, and art exhibitions mounted locally between May 1, 2014, and April 30, 2015, the members of the Austin Critics Table have agreed on the most outstanding work in dance, classical music, visual art, and theatre in the past year and announced the nominees for the 2015 Critics Table Awards...."

Art Openings
News Story  March 4, 1999
"..."Dance Show," Skylight Gallery (Mar 4); "Definientia II," Gallery Lombardi (Mar 4); "New Work by Virginia Fleck," Women and Their Work (Mar 4); "Standing, Sitting, Sleeping, Sinking," Lyons Matrix Gallery (Mar 4); "N-O-N," Terra Children's Gallery (Mar 5); "Texas Film Art," Pro-Jex (Mar 5); "C-21 Expo -- Metamorfosis," Austin Visual Arts Association (Mar 6); "David Douglas Duncan: One Life, a Photographic Odyssey," LBJ Library (Mar 6); "A Quiet Song," Tarrytown Gallery (Mar 6); "Models and Artists," Laughing at the Sun Gallery (Mar 11-12) Rebekah Baines Johnson Health Center Mural..."

The Public Eye
As inspired an idea as it was casting Joe Pesci as the great freelance photographer Weegee, whose brutally realistic tabloid photos of New York City nightlife defined an era, the...
Film Review  October 23, 1992, by Louis Black
"...Starring: Joe Pesci, Barbara Hershey, Stanley Tucci, Jerry Adler and Jared Harris. As inspired an idea as it was casting Joe Pesci as the great freelance photographer Weegee, whose brutally realistic tabloid photos of New York City nightlife defined an era, the rest of this film isn't nearly so smart..."

Nicole Eisenman Receives Booth/FLAG Art Prize
NYC artist is the first recipient of the $200,000 award
DAILY Arts  August 6, 2018, by Robert Faires
"...Three months after the Contemporary Austin announced its partnership with New York's FLAG Art Foundation to expand the Suzanne Deal Booth Art Prize into the Suzanne Deal Booth/FLAG Art Foundation Prize – an honor with a $200,000 unrestricted cash award attached – the museum has announced the prize's first recipient: Nicole Eisenman...."

Talking Curation With Art Alliance Austin's Asa Hursh
Lora Reynolds Gallery's exhibition of work by Troy Brauntuch, Andy Coolquitt, and Jeff Williams proves a good case study in putting together an art show
Arts Story  August 20, 2015, by Seth Orion Schwaiger
"..."No, I've got nothing." I stare at a vertical rectangle of rich midnight blue colored over in parts by equally even, cloudy gradients of rusty umber. "I can feel there's something there, I can sense the space, but ...."..."

Symposium on Early Texas Art
Texas art isn't an oxymoron, and the members of CASETA will gladly tell you why
Arts Story  May 1, 2009, by Robert Faires
"...Give Bob Rauschenberg his due. With his groundbreaking modernist combines, the Port Arthur native got a lot of people to stop thinking of Texas art as an oxymoron..."

Alok Vaid-Menon and Lisa Donato Showcase Their Art at Gender Unbound
From poets to film screenings – 2018's trans and intersex art fest wows
DAILY Qmmunity  September 28, 2018, by Sarah Marloff
"...Take everything you know about a queer arts festival and pack it away for this weekend’s Gender Unbound. The (now expanded) two day art fest will display visual artwork created by trans, nonbinary, and intersex visual artists from all over, but it's far more than just eye candy...."

November Is Austin Art Month
With EAST, POP Austin, and the Creek Show, who's to argue?
DAILY Arts  November 10, 2017, by Robert Faires
"...We know you're hot to gorge on turkey this month, but there's something else you should feast on first: art. While we have no shortage of the stuff to savor in other months, November is the one when it's the most bounteous, what with the East Austin Studio Tour, Creek Show, and POP Austin..."

Stefanie Distefano's Public Mosaics Mirror Austin's Bright and Vivid Streets
And these good shards aren't hard to find, man
DAILY Arts  February 27, 2013, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Every time Stefanie Distefano breaks a mirror, somebody's in for years of good art...."

The New APD Execs (or, Art and Debbie, Sitting in a Tree)
Art Acevdeo unveils his executive team; will the ACLU be on board?
DAILY News  August 2, 2007, by Wells Dunbar
"...A press release from the Austin Police Department Public Information Office announces new APD Chief Art Acevedo has announced his "executive team;" their duties include "oversight responsibilities of day-to-day operations at APD, as well as carry out the policies set by the Chief." Without further adieu, they are Asst. Chief David Carter, Asst..."

From Stuff, Art
The 21st 'New American Talent' exhibition features a whopping 72 works of art, many of them created from everyday objects
Arts Story  July 14, 2006, by Amanda Douberley
"...Chances are you'll notice at least one of the four modified "Exit" signs by Austin artist Kurt Dominick Mueller, installed in various places high up on the walls at Arthouse at the Jones Center. The sentiment expressed by the whole group, "Stay Here For a While," is a polite request that you might want to take Mueller up on..."

Work of Art Recap
it's down to the final three in this could be better reality series.
DAILY Screens  August 5, 2010, by Belinda Acosta
"...I stopped blogging about Work of Art because it was starting to irritate me, but now that the show is down to the final three, I’m intrigued again. Left are Abdi, Miles, and Peregrine—two hipsters in desperate need of a brush and Abdi, dear Abdi; bright, funny, and genuine, Abdi...."

We Live in Public
The Internet-based social experiments of Josh Harris, the original dot-com visionary kid, are profiled in this cautionary documentary.
Film Review  October 9, 2009, by Marc Savlov
"...Directed by: Ondi Timoner. In the early 1980s, Josh Harris, a young, smart, tech-savvy Nerd Yorker, developed an intense – and as it turns out, prophetic – interest in the emerging shadow-space that was the newborn Internet..."

Good Art Hunting
'Cracks in the Pavement' is back, giving Austinites another chance to discover art left on sidewalks, under bridges, beside freeways, in park bushes, and in other unlikely corners of the cityscape
Arts Story  June 24, 2005, by Robert Faires
"...The gift was a hand-carved prayer bench with cloth upholstery on which was embroidered in red: "Your happiness is intertwined with your outlook on life. Lucky Numbers 12, 19, 30, 34, 44, 46." It had been left by its creator near a picnic area in Seider Springs Park, off 34th Street around Seton Medical Center, to be found by anyone who might be in the area – a small artistic treasure hidden in the urban landscape...."

The Fine Art of Dining
The work of local artisans enhances restaurant decor.
Food Story  September 10, 1999
"...The secret to success in the restaurant business is based on many factors; location, menu, design, atmosphere, service. With the local restaurant industry expanding at breakneck speed, restaurateurs always have an eye out for some distinctive new twist that will set their eatery apart in the minds of the public..."

Art of the State
Arts Story  November 22, 1996
"...ART MUSEUM OF SOUTH TEXAS offers "A Painter's Path," featuring work by Robert Jessup, through November 24; "An Artist and His Place," featuring photorealist paintings by Jesse Treviño, through December 1; "Pieces, Parts, and Passion," featuring quiltwork, through December 29. 1902 N..."

Public Notice: Priest Walks Into a Bar …
Armadillo Art Squad dean Micael Priest dead at 66
News Column  September 13, 2018, by Nick Barbaro
"...Sad, sad news arrived Wednesday, as we prepared to go to press, that Micael Priest – dean of the Armadillo Art Squad that invented the iconography of cosmic cowboys, rock music posters, and weird Austin as we know it today – passed away Tuesday in his apartment, most likely at 7:09pm. [image-3-right]..."

More Art for Laguna Gloria
The Contemporary Austin gets $9 million for sculpture park
DAILY Arts  September 12, 2013, by Robert Faires
"...Seventy years after philanthropist Clara Driscoll donated her Lake Austin estate to the Texas Fine Arts Association to be used as a civic art museum, a multimillion grant to The Contemporary Austin will transform the grounds of Laguna Gloria into a garden for site-specific sculpture by prominent artists from around the world...."

PROTOS Digital Art & Prototyping Festival
Next weekend's fest gears up for tech/art synergy
DAILY Screens  May 19, 2013, by James Renovitch
"...The spring festival season draws to a close as summer temps make "celebrating outside" a contradiction in terms. Before that happens the PROTOS Digital Art & Prototyping Festival introduces itself to Austin courtesy of the Austin Museum of Digital Art..."

Knit Scarves, Not Art
Postmarks  May 4, 2010
"...Dear Editor, On repeated occasions, visiting friends have asked me what the blue signs on South Lamar signify. Each time I give a sly smile and answered, “Oh, it's art.” Needless to say, I was dismayed to find that knitting enthusiasts had covered Carl Trominski's blue signs on Lamar as part of Art Week Austin, stripping the work of its subtlety and humor..."

The Art of Moving Books
The Nobelity Project taps Baylor Estes to put his art all over a bookmobile in Honduras
Arts Story  May 10, 2013, by Robert Faires
"...This week, Austin artist Baylor Estes gets to put his creative stamp on another part of the world – and maybe change lives in the process. The 23-year-old illustrator and muralist, whose work can be seen in the zine Raw Paw, the comics anthology Rough House, and on posters and promotional items for Mother Falcon, Hello Wheels, Marmalakes, and the Frontier Brothers, has won the Nobelity Project's Art of Moving Books competition to design the colorful exterior for a new bookmobile for the island of Roatán..."

Real Community Is Real Art
The schedule
Arts Story  September 19, 2008
"...Third Ward TX – documentary about Project Row Houses in Houston, the unlikely home of cutting-edge art and visionary thinking about inner-city renewal. Meet the unforgettable residents and extraordinary artists breathing new life into their historic but struggling community..."

Seaholm Powers Ahead, Amid Questions About the 'Public Interest'
Oft-delayed development getting serious at City Council
DAILY News  December 12, 2007, by Katherine Gregor
"...The big money would come from new underground parking on a nearby to-be-redeveloped site: Green Water Treatment Plant. Other structured parking opportunities named in the resolution: Downtown, South Congress, Transit-Oriented Development zones, the North Burnet Gateway “second downtown,” and along rail lines. Council authorized the adaptive reuse of Seaholm in 1996 to create "a unique and exceptional cultural facility in downtown Austin.” Many cool cultural proposals were floated in a public conversation about Seaholm; meanwhile, once-discussed tenants like the Austin Children’s Museum and the Austin Museum of Art still need permanent homes..."

Art of War 2 Invades Convention Center
DAILY Sports  May 10, 2007, by Jeremy Martin
"...True face-punching connoisseurs got a taste of the old mixed martial-arts combat in January when Chuck Norris brought his inaugural World Combat League championship into town. But while the schedule for the next WCL season, with the newly relocated (Austin) Texas Dragons, is still TBA, fight fans can get their kicks (ha) at the Art of War 2..."

Blue Genie Art Industries Is Moving
And you’re invited to the farewell party, citizen!

DAILY Arts  March 29, 2016, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Blue Genie Art Industries is moving...."

Parsing Buehler for Public Safety
Police accountability activist's commission nomination makes waves
DAILY News  May 3, 2015, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Friday’s news that Council Member Don Zimmerman plans to nominate controversial cop-watching activist Antonio Buehler to the city’s Public Safety Commission doesn’t mean yet that Buehler’s actually on the commission, but it does mean that associated parties have had to establish their positions...."

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