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Need to Fix Noise Ordinance Now!
Postmarks  June 13, 2009
"...Hopefully, lots of others will follow suit. Our band, the Bonneville County Pine Box, lost at least two gigs at Freddie's because of the last news-making sound ordinance story..."

Enforce Existing Noise Ordinance; Don't Emasculate It
Postmarks  November 9, 2007
"...Dear Editor, As a former member of the task force that wrote the existing Noise Ordinance, I'm disappointed at the current efforts to emasculate it [“Page Two,” Nov. 9]..."

Fix Noise Ordinance Now
Postmarks  June 22, 2009
"...Dear Editor, We need to fix the noise ordinance now [“Postmarks,” June 12]. Do not forget all those motorcycles that came to town recently..."

On Noise Ordinance – Time for a Class Action?
Postmarks  June 15, 2009
"...Dear Editor, Does anyone know exactly how many live music venue owners (who've been cited under the noise ordinance) it would take to meet class action status? It seems to me – what with all those conspicuously uncited Republic of Texas Biker Rally events over the weekend – that venue owners would have a pretty solid case against the city of Austin for unequal enforcement. Since the City Council's sole contribution to the idea of "live music capital of anything" appears to have been thinking up the slogan, maybe some charges of false advertising could get thrown in there as well. How long is it to the next council election, anyway? A lot of Austinites go out to see live music, and a clever venue owner could probably whisper a few words in his customers' ears come election time on the subject of council members who want to put them out of business...."

Noise Ordinance for Pipelines Needed?
News Story  May 3, 2002, by Amy Smith
"...At that point, city attorneys started a flurry of phone calls to Longhorn lawyers asking them why the company had so brazenly bypassed the city. Municipal ordinances are somewhat hazy on all-night construction projects, but city lawyers were researching the law as the Chronicle went to press...."

Sorry, Charlie: New Noise Curfew
Ongoing disagreements with nearby residents yield stricter curfews
News Story  August 24, 2012, by Tyler Pratt
"...According to the language of the permit, the areas around CUC are residential zoned as Single Family (SF-3), and under last year's ordinance changes, the city may issue sound restrictions for a property within 600 feet of a residential zone...."

JD Samson & Saving the Noise
The girl from MEN is here to show you a good time.
DAILY Qmmunity  August 31, 2012, by Tyler Pratt
"...GP: Have you come up against [sound ordinance issues similar to those faced by Cheer Up Charlies] in your experience as an artist? JD: You know, often times, clubs can kind of come and go, and it’s always sad to see for whatever the reason. I used to go to this club called DUMBA in New York, which was kind of this queerish, blend, collective space and it got bought out by some people who basically renovated it and turned it in to expensive apartments and stores..."

Sound Ordinance for More Than Music?
Postmarks  July 8, 2009
"...Dear Editor, It's my understanding that if current noise ordinance laws can shut down Unplugged at the Grove, then surely they can take care of that religious guy on the corner of Congress and Oltorf who screams into a megaphone every week. I can hear him above traffic and all the way over to the doors of H-E-B while he is at the Twin Oaks shopping center...."

Sound Ordinance Hurts Live Music
Postmarks  June 8, 2009
"...As a crane pivoted overhead like something from an H.G. Wells novel, Shady Grove was cited for a sound-ordinance violation..."

Feel the Noise
Postmarks  November 12, 2014
"...Six Austin City Council members have voted in support of Downtown noise limits. A second reading of a proposed ordinance comes up on November 20. Dallas, Houston, New York, and many more cities all have nighttime construction noise bans that apply citywide, including downtown..."

Keeping the Peace
Andy Langer examines round one of trying to establish a new city noise ordinance for Austin.
Music Story  May 3, 2002, by Andy Langer
"...Nobody could have imagined that seven days of intense public debate over the city's proposed new noise ordinance would end in five minutes of silence...."

Council Watch
Planning Commission and two council members consider measures to reduce commercial noise pollution near residential land; Vista Ridge PUD developer negotiates compromise agreement on its single-family development overlooking Bull Creek.
News Column  January 14, 2000, by Kevin Fullerton
"...Here's a mixed-use development that neighborhoods could do without: For over a year, homeowner Mike Alexander has been complaining that the roar from condenser fans atop a two-story icemaker owned by his next-door neighbor, Junior's Beer and Wine on 29th Street, forces him to sleep with earplugs and interrupts conversations inside his home. Alexander called the police, but the decibel readings officers took on Alexander's property didn't violate the city's nuisance noise ordinance..."

911, We've Got a Smoker
Austin's new smoking ordinance takes effect today
Music Story  September 2, 2005, by Darcie Stevens
"...Would you believe that local club owners, bartenders, and doormen have been instructed to call 911 when encountering a smoker in their establishment? Well, they were. Two weeks later, said enforcement of Austin's new Smoking in Public Places Ordinance – which can be read in its entirety at and is available at the city of Austin's Health and Human Services Web site, – was downgraded to "following your standard business practices for enforcing house rules." Unfortunately, standardization doesn't typically exist in the bar business..."

The Power to Change
A quick sound check with the Austin mayoral candidates
DAILY Music  April 30, 2009, by Austin Powell
"...As the ongoing hullabaloo over the Austin sound ordinance in regards to live outdoor music at restaurants has only reiterated, music is politics here in the Live Music Capital. Since the general economic downturn has dominated most political discussions, OTR polled the mayoral candidates – Mayor Pro Tem Brewster McCracken,City Council member Lee Leffingwell, David Buttross, and Josiah Ingalls – on issues facing the local music scene, beginning with his favorite Mojo magazine inquiries..."

Unplugged, Literally
Shady Grove gets one in the Gourds
DAILY Music  June 12, 2009, by Austin Powell
"...In case there was any lingering doubt as to the absurdity of the current Austin sound ordinance and complete lack of City Council leadership on the issue, Shady Grove was issued a noise ordinance violation last Thursday during the Gourds’ annual set for KGSR’s beloved Unplugged at the Grove series...."

Reasonably Offensive
Two civil suits against live music venues downtown call into question Austin's sound ordinance.
Music Story  August 31, 2001, by Andy Langer
"..."Noise Pollution Clearinghouse" at has posted hundreds of articles about similar controversies across the country. Moreover, it was less than four years ago that 10 local nightclubs, in conjunction with the East Sixth Street Community Association, sued the city of Austin over the municipal noise ordinance...."

Page Two
If the City Council approves a proposed noise ordinance, Austin will have to stay weird quietly, and possibly without many nightclubs.
Columns  November 29, 2002, by Louis Black
"...Last Thursday, I first read "Council Plan: Keep Austin Weird," an article on the front page of the Statesman's Metro section. Then I flipped to the front-page story titled "City Council close to offering noise ordinance."..."

There Are No Guidelines
The Sixth Street Sound Ordinance
Music Story  November 21, 1997, by Louisa C. Brinsmade
"...Last Friday, in response to their lawsuit filed against the City of Austin, Travis County Court Judge David Phillips granted the clubs' request for a temporary injunction on the city's sound ordinance as well as a temporary restraining order on another tool the police use to enforce sound limits on clubs, the state penal code section dealing with "unreasonable noise." The case goes to trial in March for the city ordinance, and in April for the state penal code. In the meantime, sound meter checks have stopped on Sixth Street, according to the Austin Police Department...."

Stop! Hey! What's That Sound?
Proposed noise ordinance threatens downtown clubs.
News Story  April 26, 2002, by Jordan Smith
"...If the City Council approves the proposed revisions to the city's noise ordinance this spring, say opponents, Austin may have to consider changing its beloved moniker from "Live Music Capital of the World" to something more appropriate -- perhaps, "High-Priced Loft Capital of the World."..."

Off the Desk:
News Story  August 9, 1996
"..."Recycling is a good thing, but it's not fair that the company has been allowed to grow from a small newspaper recycling center 10 years ago into a full-blown industrial site." -- A.S. Wait And Hear The noise complaints issued around the Barton Springs area may be getting all of the attention right now, but if the buzz of Sixth Street merchant's "wait-and-see" attitude could be registered on a sound meter, it might just read off the scale. According to an Austin police memorandum addressed to downtown merchants, Austin's Municipal Court has changed the filing procedures for noise ordinance violations citywide, requiring that complaints be filed under state law instead of under the city ordinance..."

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