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Mike Martinez on MySpace? OMG!
DAILY News  November 30, 2006, by Wells Dunbar
"...While hard to swallow, there's some doubt as to the authenticity of Brewster "Emcee" McCracken's MySpace page. For one, we're sure Brewster has way more friends than just Tom..."

New Rule: No State Officials With MySpace Pages
It's just wrong.
DAILY News  March 6, 2007, by Wells Dunbar
"...Especially when you're the former Texas Youth Commission security director accused of having sex with teenage boys. Not a good look. This Mike Ward article spells out how former TYC official Ray Brookins, accused of molesting his teen charges, has a hot and heavy MySpace page, complete with pictures of him at the adult entertainment expo (i.e., porn convention) in Las Vegas..."

Why Not a MySpace Page, APD?
Why does the "community outreach" page on APD chief hiring look worse than a GeoCities page?
DAILY News  June 6, 2007, by Wells Dunbar

And I Approved This Instant Message
What will page views, YouTube clips, and MySpace friends add up to for Web-savvy Democratic hopefuls?
Screens Story  March 1, 2007, by Robert Bryce
"...And, no, it doesn't have anything to do with his idiotic remarks about Barack Obama's personal hygiene. Instead, the odds on Biden's bid for the White House in 2008 are readily available to any Web surfer who spends a few minutes at"

'Mo Music: Chilly Dreamy Dreamsicle
The cream of the crop of this year's dream rock.
DAILY Qmmunity  October 19, 2010, by Rob Cohen

Post-SXSW memories of balls and gutters.
DAILY Music  March 18, 2008, by Audra Schroeder

Pink Glocks???
Bill O'Reilly's pricking up his ears again.
DAILY Qmmunity  July 1, 2007, by Kate X Messer
"...Searching "DTO," or "Dykes Taking Over," pretty much all of the links spin out of O'Reilly. There doesn't seem to be much in the way of outside confirmation beyond that. Unsatisfied, we took our quest to the most credible source for all groups underground: MySpace..."

The Ladies of SXSW
Plus more femme-focused musical events for Spring
DAILY Music  March 24, 2009, by Audra Schroeder

theGlitoris' Top 5 Albums to Pick Up in Janurary, 2011
As publications reflect back on 2010, theGlitoris looks to 2011.
DAILY Qmmunity  December 17, 2010, by The Glitoris

Laid Back with Mirage
Part two of Summer in the City
DAILY Music  June 18, 2008, by Chase Hoffberger

Austin's Own Top Femme!
Local Lisa makes good. Good femme cake.
DAILY Qmmunity  December 5, 2007, by Kate X Messer
"...Well, what a surprise to click open the MySpace this evening and find one of our own Austin lasses, Lisa G., as this week's Femme Tart of the Week on Top Femme! According to the freshly popped tart, "So I'm checking my blueberry [sic] at work and Fukn Bulldyke would like to be added as one of my friends. I knew something had shifted my paradigm." Apparently, Lisa's MySpace page was private, and Mr..."

Win a Date With K8 &/or Kate: Come Be Our VIP Guest!
Missed buying your Dinah Lakeshore ticket? Maybe Kate or K8 will take you as their guests!
DAILY Qmmunity  September 4, 2007, by Kate X Messer
"...Register to comment and type in your 50-100 word treatise on this topic:Why I Think Consciousness Is HOTTT, and What I Am Doing to Keep It That Way. You will be graded on HEART. Then send an email to Gay Place ( with your full name, a day and nighttime phone number, a valid email address, and the name you are using in your blog registration. You may also offer a preference as to which Kate or K8 you wish to date. Want to know more about us? Check our MySpace pages: Kate Getty and K8X..."

Mother Falcon’s Still Life
Austin's animal collective
DAILY Music  February 15, 2010, by Margaret Moser

J Walkin' and Other Teen Beats
The BlastBeat finals yield new talent
DAILY Music  June 15, 2009, by Margaret Moser

Summer’s Here, and the Time Is Right
Rock camps: open!
DAILY Music  June 16, 2008, by Margaret Moser

Petals Pusher
Two San Antone sisters tiptoe through the decades
DAILY Music  August 25, 2008, by Margaret Moser
"...Natural Fear invited me to a July show they were playing at the Red Eyed Fly with Petals on the bill. I couldn’t go but I checked out their Myspace page and read about Petals playing too..."

Bad Joy Backlog
Cleaning out the wax
DAILY Music  May 29, 2008, by Audra Schroeder

For the Benefit of Mr. Kite
A wave of benefits rides through town
DAILY Music  May 19, 2008, by Margaret Moser
"...Her unfettered style derives from a pure youthful love of music that has yet to see her with a broken heart or a rotten experience with a record contract. Despite her complaint to Ray, her Myspace page is packed with gigs...."

Paranoid Park
Gus Van Sant's new film about young male skateboarders is breathtaking, heartbreaking, tragic, gorgeous, and psychically true all at the same time.
Film Review  March 21, 2008, by Marc Savlov
"...At its frightened core, Paranoid Park is about the bridge of guilt that spans the crossing between innocent and innocence lost, kids and adults, however and in whatever form it may arrive. From a strictly filmmaking standpoint, it's unique and brutal in its beauty and the truth it tells, and so, too, is Van Sant's visual style, which visually shuffles VHS, Super-8, and 35mm alongside an equally nonlinear tale that features a cast of young people chosen almost entirely from the ranks of (most of whom, to judge from their performances here, are destined for bigger, if not greater, things)..."

Ode to M'Lady (and Her Kin)
Where would I be without Margaret?
DAILY Qmmunity  March 15, 2007, by Kate X Messer

Ain't No Shame in the Heartbreak Game
The Shondes' new album makes heartache sound good
DAILY Qmmunity  May 7, 2010, by Ricky Hill

When It Snows ....
A flurry of U21 activity
DAILY Music  February 25, 2010, by Aaron Miller

RIP: Rusty Wier and Jon Pettis
Mourning the loss of two fine local musicians
DAILY Music  October 9, 2009, by Austin Powell
"...It’s a heavy, tragic day in Austin music. Original cosmic soulman Rusty Wier, who held a Thursday residency at Saxon Pub for nearly 15 years, succumbed to liver cancer this morning after a two-year battle, his manager Vicky Moerbe confirmed on Myspace..."

Maximum Minis
V's Mini Burgers: Maxi flava.
DAILY Qmmunity  June 20, 2008, by Kate X Messer
"...was Sat., June 21. Regular Austin MySpacers (especially queer Austin MySpacers) may know "V" better as Virginiainc., a 2007 Austin transplant from Louisville, KY, whose positively viral blanketing of the social networking site made her a household name..."

Fashion Freak Out
DAILY Design  February 18, 2008, by Sofia Resnick

Floyd Moore R.I.P.
DAILY Music  January 29, 2008, by Margaret Moser
"...Floyd Moore passed away Monday. His name won’t mean much unless you were around in the early 1970s or are from Port Arthur, but trust me when I say that if Austin gets to call itself weird, Floyd was one of the reasons. We struck up a MySpace correspondence a few months ago, when he wrote ragging me for not having gotten band lineage correct on a Uranium Savages piece I wrote some years back..."

Real Kid Rock
Kids get left at the airport, but don't worry.
DAILY Music  July 25, 2007, by Margaret Moser

Andy Brown Wins Scoot Inn Beer-Bobbing Contest
DAILY Sports  July 8, 2007, by Mark Fagan

How the West Was Won
Music Story  February 22, 2008, by Marc Savlov
"...In the UK they're already aces, chiefly due to their unstoppable lyrical firepower, yo, and a series of electro-beat-bomb cannonades ( led by the devastatingly on-target "Thou Shalt Always Kill." Sample brilliance:..."

Canada gets bigger
Music Story  February 22, 2008, by Darcie Stevens
"...Laura Barrett, Toronto,, Wednesday, 8pm, Habana Calle 6..."

UK Calling
Damon Albarn leads SXSW 07's UK act armada. Again.
Music Story  February 23, 2007, by Marc Savlov
"...If it hadn't been for Al Gore inventing the Internet and thus enabling global Friendstership and MyFaceSpacing, any number of UK acts would still be busking outside Steve Lamacq's flat. Chief among them is snarky Hammersmith native Lily Allen, who bypassed the whole label thing and went straight to the kids, uploading her first batch of catchiness directly to her MySpace page and scoring an iTunes superhit in the process..."

Mexico and Spain 'hablan' behind your back
Music Story  February 22, 2008, by Belinda Acosta
"...Allison, Mexico,, Saturday, 1am, Spiros..."

Inevitable Influx
Asia, Africa, and everything after
Music Story  February 22, 2008, by Doug Freeman
"...The s.i.g.i.t, Bandung, Indonesia,, Thursday, 12mid, B.D. Riley's..."

OoBer Alles
A guide to the troupes in the 2007 Out of Bounds Improv Festival
Arts Story  August 31, 2007, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Gigglepants: Because you have to do something besides study if you're in college, this gaggle of young UT toilers manifests a sustained psychosomatic twitch they call improv."

Bangers and Mash
France and Germany, allies in the dance dance revolution
Music Story  February 22, 2008, by Audra Schroeder
"...Brooklyn, Paris,, Thursday, 11pm, Maggie Mae's..."

Blazing Baile Carioca
Mexico takes on Brazil: winner, metal-based dance?
Music Story  February 23, 2007, by Belinda Acosta
"...Allison (Mexico City) Rio, Fri., 1am;"

Hammer of the Gods
Scandinavia brings the lobster tail to SXSW 07
Music Story  February 23, 2007, by Audra Schroeder
"...While a no-show last year, hopefully Oslo sextet Turbonegro's absence was due to a sudden, countrywide shortage of sailor hats and eyeliner. Their MySpace states, "New year, new beers" (dude!), and we can expect a follow-up to last year's Party Animals (dude!) this year..."

In Your Facebook
Do social networking sites strengthen communities or the class divide?
Screens Story  February 29, 2008, by Jon Lebkowsky
"...wise to limit membership. In the early Facebook years, it was labeled 'MySpace for Elitists,' because you had to have an active college/university e-mail address..."

Kortedala Syndrome
Night falls over Scandinavia
Music Story  February 22, 2008, by Austin Powell
"...A-Laget, Bergen, Norway,, Thursday, 9:20pm, Fuze..."

The Hour Has 22 Minutes
Pop quiz on Canada, with a SXSW 07 musical cheat sheet
Music Story  February 23, 2007, by Darcie Stevens
"...Haunted folk-rock quartet Nathan, Keri Latimer and Shelley Marshall's Nettwerking tool. Patrick Watson plays the creepier Jeff Buckley to Dan Mangan's Damien Rice, but Watson can't touch Mangan's live ode to MySpace..."

They're still streaming into SXSW from the land down under
Music Story  February 23, 2007, by Michael Bertin
"...The Beasts of Bourbon (Melbourne) Dirty Dog Bar, Sat., 12mid;"

La Bush Resistance
France and Israel put in a strong SXSW 07 showing, with Holland, Spain, South Africa, and Germany bringing up the International Bands' rear
Music Story  February 23, 2007, by Austin Powell
"...Keren Ann (Paris, France) Central Presbyterian Church, Fri., 11pm;"

Cannibalist Manifesto
Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia on the pitch
Music Story  February 22, 2008, by Thomas Fawcett
"...Axel K Soundsystem, Buenos Aires, Argentina,, Thursday, 10pm, Ninety Proof Lounge..."

Make It Work
Music to get down with
DAILY Music  February 1, 2008, by Darcie Stevens
"...I sent out a plea for help via MySpace, and surprisingly, quite a few of you put a lot of thought into your workout jams. I got everything from Rush’s “Moving Pictures” to L7’s “Wargasm,” but that didn’t feel right to me..."

The 1821 Club
Tuning in to the future of Austin's music scene today
Music Story  July 10, 2009, by Margaret Moser
"...The short life span of the quartet (, which has been together more than two years but "only serious for one," has yielded gigs at the Mohawk, Red 7, Room 710, playing with pals Hotel Hotel, Salesman, and their "big brother" band, Balmorhea...."

Smells Like Teen Spirit
Austin's bands of tomorrow are already here, they're just U18
Music Story  October 24, 2008, by Margaret Moser
"...Remember wearing a "sex, drugs, and rock & roll" T and yelling "paaarrrty!!!" while trying to cadge a brewski and get lucky? That's your kid. Have you looked at her MySpace page lately? It probably says she's 23 years old and trying to get laid...."

It's Too Funky in Here
Music Story  July 27, 2007, by Jim Caligiuri

Waxing Nostalgic: 2008 SXSW
Getty's SX wrap-up.
DAILY Qmmunity  March 18, 2008, by Kate Getty

Sissies, Comedy, Gay Bi Gay Gay, and a Bishop
Your gay guide for the final leg of SXSoLong
DAILY Qmmunity  March 19, 2010, by Andy Campbell

Gay Place
Where the queers at on Friday? SXSW!
Features Story  March 20, 2009, by Ash Bell and Kate X Messer
"...SXSW Film badge, pass, or $10 tix (available 15 minutes prior)."

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