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Naishtat Files Medi-Pot Bill
Naishtat to Lege: Protect Pot Patients
DAILY News  February 15, 2007, by Jordan Smith
"...Austin Democratic Rep. Elliott Naishtat today filed HB 1534, which would create an affirmative defense to prosecution for pot possession by bona fide medi-pot patients..."

Judge: Medi-Pot Law Not in Conflict With Federal Prohibition
DAILY News  November 22, 2006, by Jordan Smith
"...supervisors – joined by officials in San Bernardino and Merced Cos. – arguing that the state’s medi-pot law is trumped by federal anti-pot law, thus exempting county officials from having to comply with the measure. Contrary to the county officials’ position, Nevitt ruled that the state’s medi-mari law, which legalizes pot use and possession by seriously ill patients, does not run afoul of federal pot prohibition, as codified in the Controlled Substances Act, because the state law (Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act, passed in 1996) does not “require” Californians to engage in “conduct that violates federal law,” he wrote..."

No Medi-Pot for the Feds
DAILY News  November 20, 2006, by Jordan Smith
"...The first federal prosecution of a California medi-pot patient-caregiver in three years began last week in federal court in Fresno, Calif., with the trial of 60-year-old former Marine Dustin Costas, former president of the Merced Patients Group, a private cannabis club formed in the wake of the 1996 passage of California's Proposition 215, which legalized medi-pot use, cultivation, and possession by seriously ill patients. Costas was arrested and charged in 2004 on state marijuana trafficking charges, but the case was handed over to the feds for prosecution since under state law Costas would be able to use medi-pot law in his defense..."

Medi-Pot Moving Along in Minnesota
DAILY News  April 20, 2007, by Jordan Smith
"...Minnesota lawmakers on April 17 got one step closer to passing a medi-pot bill that would protect patients from arrest for using pot on the recommendation of a doctor, when the Senate Health and Human Services Budget Division passed the bill out of committee on a 6-4 vote. The bipartisan measure now moves to Finance Committee before heading to the Senate floor for a full vote..."

Supremes Let Stand California Medi-Pot Ruling
The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal from Garden Grove, Calif., challenging a lower court ruling that a medi-pot patient should get back his seized stash
DAILY News  December 8, 2008, by Jordan Smith
"...The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal of a 2007 California court ruling that concluded that the state's medi-pot law is not preempted by federal pot prohibition and that a local medi-pot patient should be given back his seized stash..."

Medi-Pot Patient Sues Wal-Mart
Man survives cancer, but not Wal-Mart
DAILY News  July 12, 2010, by Jordan Smith
"...How does Wal-Mart prove that it doesn't mistreat its workers? By firing a model employee with an inoperable brain tumor after finding out he uses medi-pot, that's how...."

Medi-Pot Patients Denied Organ Transplants
Although medical marijuana is legal in Washington State, patients who might be in need of an organ transplant apparently need to think twice before availing themselves of medi-pot
DAILY News  May 21, 2008, by Jordan Smith
"...Although medical marijuana is legal in Washington State, patients who might be in need of an organ transplant – think hepatitis C patients, for example – apparently need to think twice before availing themselves of medi-pot: If they go that route, the University of Washington Medical Center won't let 'em on the transplant list...."

Medi-Pot Finally Makes it to D.C.
After more than a decade of waiting, city officials give medi-pot the green light
DAILY News  May 12, 2010, by Jordan Smith
"...After 12 years of waiting, Washington, D.C. officials have approved a medi-pot measure overwhelmingly approved by voters in 1998...."

Will Medi-Pot Caregiver Go to Prison?
Federal judge wants feds to clarify position on medi-pot raids before sentencing California man
DAILY News  March 24, 2009, by Jordan Smith
"...Will the Dept. of Justice's new policy on medi-pot effect the fate of California medicinal pot provider Charles Lynch? That's the question now before Los Angeles federal Judge George Wu who has postponed a sentencing hearing for Lynch pending the response of the DOJ to his inquiries about the policy change...."

Medi-Pot Patients Win Again
California judges say medi-pot laws don't conflict with federal pot prohibition
DAILY News  August 8, 2008, by Jordan Smith
"...California's Fourth District Court of Appeals this week ruled that portions of the state's medical marijuana law requiring counties to issue identification cards for qualified medi-pot patients does not conflict with federal pot prohibition, codified in the Controlled Substances Act...."

Medi-Pot Not Cause of Crime
UT Dallas researchers find certain crime dropped in medi-pot states
DAILY News  April 18, 2014, by Jordan Smith
"...There is no correlation between legalization of medical marijuana and increases in crime. That's the conclusion reached by researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas who looked at crime trends from 1990-2006 across all 50 states, the period of time during which the first 11 states legalized medi-pot...."

Reefer Madness: Medi-Pot Update
State lawmakers change pot rules and more states consider legalizing
DAILY News  June 8, 2010, by Jordan Smith
"...And these are just a few of the new regs the dispensaries must now abide. In short, say some advocates, the new regs will make it harder to maintain a medi-pot dispensary than it would a strip club or liquor store..."

California Judges Overturn Medi-Pot Restriction
Ruling backs patients' possession rights
DAILY News  January 21, 2010, by Jordan Smith
"...The California Supreme Court concluded today that the legislature cannot set a limit on the amount of marijuana a qualified medi-pot patient may possess under the state's Compassionate Use Act...."

Raich Still Fighting for Medi-Pot Rights
Medical marijuana patient - not to mention its fiercest advocate - Angel Raich, back in federal court
News Story  April 14, 2006, by Jordan Smith
"...Medical-marijuana patient, and its fiercest advocate, Angel Raich, was back in federal court on March 27, where her lawyers argued before a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that the Constitution and the common-law doctrine of medical necessity protect Raich's use of medi-pot and make unconstitutional the federal government's attempts to enforce pot prohibition against sick and dying patients...."

Weed Watch: South Dakota Medi-Pot Supporters Push Forward
After six years of failed attempts to convince state's lawmakers to pass a law to protect medical marijuana patients from arrest and prosecution, medi-pot supporters take their proposition to the public
News Story  August 25, 2006, by Jordan Smith
"...After six years of failed attempts to convince South Dakota state lawmakers to enact a law to protect medical-marijuana patients from arrest and prosecution, medi-pot supporters have finally tossed aside the statehouse and are taking the proposition straight to the people. Their proposal would create a statewide registry of patients, authorize the cultivation of up to six cannabis plants per patient, legalize possession of up to an ounce of useable pot, and create a "medical necessity" defense against prosecution..."

Obama May Not Favor Medi-Pot Raids, But DEA Sure Does
The DEA last week raided a South Lake Tahoe dispensary, the first such raid since Obama took office
DAILY News  January 25, 2009, by Jordan Smith
"...Agents with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration raided the Holistic Solutions medi-pot dispensary in South Lake Tahoe, Calif., on Jan..."

Weed Watch: Meddling Federal Lawmakers Share Blame in Senseless Medi-Pot Death
Barr and co. prevented D.C. voters from enacting law
News Story  September 30, 2005, by Jordan Smith
"...20 against individuals working for the jail and a local hospital for failing to provide adequate medical care in violation of federal laws – including the Eighth Amendment's ban on cruel and unusual punishment. Still, medi-pot advocates argue that there's at least one party – the U.S..."

Reefer Madness: Medi-Pot States Free to Inhale
It's official: The feds are backing off
News Column  October 30, 2009, by Jordan Smith
"...The policy makes final a campaign promise made by President Barack Obama; nonetheless, in the weeks after Obama's inauguration, raids of California medi-pot dispensaries by the Drug Enforcement Administration had picked up. In February, Holder promised the practice would not be ongoing: "What the president said during the campaign, you'll be surprised to know, will be consistent with what we'll be doing here in law enforcement." Now, it appears that will be the case...."

Medi-Pot Roundup
Reefer Madness fills you in on the latest in medical marijuana news
DAILY News  June 5, 2009, by Jordan Smith
"...New medi-pot laws are getting closer to passage in Delaware, Illinois, and New Jersey. In Jersey, the current version of the proposed medi-mari law is more strict than the original version..."

Medi-Pot Patients Score Two Wins
Medi-pot advocates in California and Colorado win big this week
DAILY News  July 25, 2009, by Jordan Smith
"...This week Oakland, Calif., voters overwhelmingly approved a new business tax on medi-pot dispensaries...."

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