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A Good Restaurant for an Awkward Conversation?
A place to say the things and eat the meatloaf
Food Column  September 27, 2018, by Emily Beyda
"...Plus, the gigantic menus mean everyone can order their personal comfort food. For me, embarrassingly enough, that's meatloaf (and the meatloaf at 24 Diner is served with bacon-braised green beans, come on), but maybe your friend is more of a biscuits & gravy girl, or fond of using the spongy pain au lait bun of their bacon and cheddar burger to wipe her tears..."

Black Dog
Patrick Swayze does some “dirty driving” in this routine trucker tale. There hasn't been a good truck-driving movie on the horizon since the glory days of CB radios and convoys....

Film Review  May 8, 1998, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Randy Travis has a tongue-in-cheek good time with his role as a trucker who writes tuneless country songs in his abundant spare time. Meat Loaf, on the other hand, as the gospel-spouting bad guy and sputtering loon, plays a character more tired than yesterday's meatloaf..."

The Kitchen Door
Since 1975, the Kitchen Door has been selling hearty home-cooked American comfort food to go, and despite its longevity, it shows few signs of aging
Food Review  July 8, 2005, by Rachel Feit
"...Anyone who has ever ordered food from the Kitchen Door knows there are two things that can't be skipped: the chicken salad and the meatloaf sandwich...."

Hilary and Jackie
For all its knock-'em-dead acting and aggressively stylish direction, Hilary and Jackie is still best described as arthouse comfort food: a big, proteiny platterful of cinematic meatloaf cooked to order...
Film Review  January 29, 1999, by Russell Smith
"...Starring: Emily Watson, Rachel Griffiths, David Morrissey and James Frain. For all its knock-'em-dead acting and aggressively stylish direction, Hilary and Jackie is still best described as arthouse comfort food: a big, proteiny platterful of cinematic meatloaf cooked to order for an audience with a limitless appetite for soap opera coated with a light, sophisticated glacé of highbrow-culture ambience..."

Southern Comfort
Homestyle Eats in a Post-Virginia's World
Food Story  June 6, 1997, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Once you pass the salad section with six or seven options (99cents to $1.25), the real meat and potatoes come into view. There may be huge tender beef tips in savory gravy, chicken with dressing, sturdy enchiladas, thick juicy slices of meatloaf....."

'Another Long Stretch of Continuous Soft Rock'
The third-place story
Books Story  February 8, 2013, by Josh Justice
"...Meatloaf's on the radio, insisting there is but one unnameable thing he would do for love...."

Go Go Gourmet
Busy Austinites focused on their destinations amid I-35 traffic might tend to miss the unassuming brick building on the northbound access road between the Crazy Lady and Dreamers
Food Review  April 29, 2005, by Virginia B. Wood
"...I've been working my way through the prepared foods in the Go Go deli case for a couple of weeks now, choosing several different entrées and pairing them with equally inviting side dishes. I enjoyed a slice of Meatloaf ($4) with Roasted Asparagus ($1) one evening and had Chicken Pot Pie ($4) in a rich, flaky crust with some crunchy Green Beans Almondine ($1) for lunch the next day..."

Review: Phoebe's Diner
New daytime dining hot spot hits the '04
Food Story  December 7, 2017, by Jessi Cape
"...The diner burger – two thin flat-top patties with diced tomatoes, unpretentious American cheese, and spinach instead of lettuce – is solid. The special – bacon-wrapped meatloaf with mashed sweet potatoes and fried spinach – was big enough for two meals..."

Welcome to Me
Kristen Wiig stars in this odd comedy about a mentally unbalanced woman
Film Review  May 8, 2015, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...An Oprah fanatic who hasn’t turned off her TV in 11 years, Alice lines her apartment walls with videocassettes of Oprah’s show, whose episodes she can recite by heart. Yet Alice’s show is filled with things like cooking episodes featuring meatloaf cake (with sweet potato icing) and libelous reenactments of childhood traumas..."

12 Days of Smoked Meats at Stiles Switch
Pit masters offer smokin' holiday specials
DAILY Food  December 9, 2014, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Though the idea is inspired by the old holiday song, guests aren't likely to find partridges, pears, or French hens, but there will be smoked quail, Cornish game hens, and turducken, not to mention pork chops, steaks, prime rib, and meatloaf. Also be sure to keep an eye on their Facebook page during the next 12 days, because that's where they'll announce the special craft beer pairings to go with the daily dishes...."

Lodge Cast Iron Nation: Great American Cooking from Coast to Coast
Cookbooks and cultural conversation starters top our summer reading list
Food Story  May 22, 2014, by Melanie Haupt
"...The major complaint I have about this cookbook is that it operates from a baseline assumption that its audience possesses cast iron cookware in a variety of shapes and sizes and serving individual functions. To wit: The recipe for Texas fried catfish calls for a Lodge 7-quart cast iron Dutch oven; Gooey Chocolate Skillets call for six Lodge 5-inch cast-iron skillets; and Upside-Down Meatloaf calls for a Lodge 10x5x3-inch cast iron loaf pan..."

Texas Book Festival 2013
Oct. 28, 2013. 36 photos.
PHOTO GALLERY  October 29, 2013
"...During Saturday’s “Self-Editing: Adapting Your Work for Screen” panel, Neil Flynn talked about his first meeting, over lunch, with Paul Dano, who would eventual play Flynn in Being Flynn, the film adaptation of his memoir Another Bullshit Night in Suck City. Unsure how to act, Flynn said his wife, the actress Lili Taylor, coached him to “just let [Dano] take the lead.” Flynn took her advice quite literally: “He ordered a meatloaf sandwich, so I ordered a meatloaf sandwich.”..."

Farmers Market Report: April 5-6, 2013
Gorgeous Spring weather makes for perfect produce
DAILY Food  April 5, 2013, by Kate Thornberry
"...Check out their Orange Scones, and their Walnut Scones. They are the best! [image-3] What will be cooking at Dai Due? This week the “hot” menu includes Lamb Meatloaf on ciabatta with marinated artichokes, red onion and mint mayonnaise; Chorizo and Egg Taco with charred onion salsa; Sweet Potato Poutine with a fried egg, chorizo, boar gravy and Mill-king curds; Hairston Creek Asparagus with smoked boar pancetta, a fried egg, brioche toast and hollandaise; and Toulouse Sausage with butter beans, collards and pickled leeks...."

Fion Wine Pub & Bistro
Those living near Steiner Ranch have a treasure in their back yard
Food Review  February 27, 2009, by Wes Marshall
"...Our main courses also showed real creativity in the kitchen. We selected Mia's Meatloaf served with buttermilk mashed potatoes, green beans, and spicy cornbread ($14.95) and the 16-ounce skillet-seared double-cut pork chops with caramelized onions, Gorgonzola cheese, and demi-glace ($18.95)..."

Patsy's Cowgirl Cafe
When I heard that the founders of Esther's Follies were opening a restaurant/music venue, two questions immediately came to mind
Food Review  August 17, 2007, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Some friends joined me for dinner at Patsy's last week, and we sampled a variety of dishes from the newly revised Texas roadside cafe comfort-food menu. At both lunch and dinner, the menu features a short list of appetizers and salads, sandwiches, and burgers cleverly named for local celebrities, and blue-plate entrées such as meatloaf and chicken-fried steak..."

Hyde Park Bar & Grill
While Hyde Park isn't an excessively distant drive, South Austinites rejoiced at the news that this institution was opening a second location on West Gate
Food Review  November 10, 2006, by Barbara Chisholm
"...For entrées, we sampled the meatloaf and the pork chop, both of which were served with green beans. Both meat items were perfectly acceptable, if unremarkable..."

Ice Age
Prehistoric buddy cartoon.
Film Review  March 15, 2002, by Kimberley Jones
"...In short, it's the touchy-feely we've come to expect, but glinting through the cracks are some surprisingly progressive ideas about living in harmony in the midst of nature's unavoidably antagonistic food chain. (Carnivore parents may cringe when kids push away tomorrow night's meatloaf, citing Manny the vegan mammoth as their spiritual guide.) The evolutionary premise is mined for solid laughs, certainly some of the smartest humor of Ice Age; its overall wit isn't quite as sharp as Diego's saber-teeth..."

Playback: And the Armadillos Went Wild
Threadgill’s World Headquarters goes the way of its predecessor, the Armadillo World Headquarters, plus Black Fret offers more than just money
Music Column  December 6, 2018, by Kevin Curtin
"...A family reunion of the aging more-Austin-than-Austin counterculture crowd, you couldn't light up a joint without attracting a gaggle of ex-hippies who'd promptly tell you about their exploits at the 'Dillo. Even the youthful minority quickly revealed they were raised on Threadgill's meatloaf..."

The Reputations
Music Review  November 21, 2018, by Kevin Curtin
"...On the locals' sophomore LP, tracked at Memphis' historic Ardent Studios under the guidance of Big Star drummer Jody Stephens, the power soul sextet harnesses music's uplifting potential. On highlight "Out of Style," akin to an early Meatloaf-Jim Steinman composition, bassist/vocalist Justin Smith provides a lyrical antidote to the hopeless feelings that consume us..."

John Prine Gets to Heaven
And welcomes surprise guest Tyler Childers
DAILY Music  June 6, 2018, by Kevin Curtin
"...People say geniuses see things differently, but John Prine sees exactly what the rest of us do and articulates it in distinct terms uniquely witty, heartfelt, and unpretentious. He’s forever the wisecrack sitting at the bar of a small town diner with a plate of meatloaf, a newspaper, and a mouthful of perfect quips...."

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