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I Sold the Lousy T-Shirt Off My Back and All I Got Was This iPad
What's Apple's touch tablet actually for?
DAILY Screens  April 30, 2010, by Adam Theriault
"...Since the official iPad announcement in January, nearly everyone I've spoken with has a strong opinion on this "magical revolutionary product." Steve Jobs is either saving the world, destroying the world, or condemning it to some kind of Disney-esque wasteland existence with his oversized iPhone. Zut Alors!..."

Sex Tape
Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel have escapades while trying to retrieve their sexcapade.
Film Review  July 25, 2014, by Josh Kupecki
"...In college, they had an energetic, fulfilling sex life. But careers, children, and the usual bourgeoisie tropes came creeping in, so one drunken evening, they decide to make an epic, three-hour document of their carnal knowledge on Jay’s iPad, re-creating all the positions of Seventies perennial The Joy of Sex..."

To 'Hell' in a Hand Device
iPad trailblazer 'Holy Hell' available for two-day-only free download
Screens Story  January 11, 2013, by Kimberley Jones
"...A lot of filmmakers view super-small-screen exhibition – think smartphones and tablets – as an unholy way to watch a product initially intended to be projected fifty feet high, but not Rafael Antonio Ruiz. In fact, the filmmaker went out of his way to embrace new technology by releasing his 2008 comedy Holy Hell on the iPad last January, making his the first feature film to premiere on the iPad..."

Cool App Alert: Awesome Eats
Austin-made app lets kids play with their food
DAILY Food  June 27, 2012, by Melanie Haupt
"...When my husband gave me an iPad for our anniversary/my graduation (yes, that’s Dr. Haupt to you), I didn’t realize just how much it would change my life...."

Outbox: The Death of Snail Mail?
Local company turns your physical mailbox into an inbox
DAILY Screens  November 16, 2012, by James Renovitch
"...I've looked at the website again and again. Outbox: A service that takes your snail mail, opens it, scans it, and sends it to your iPad..."

Apps and Entrées
Austin-centric food apps deliver
Screens Story  June 14, 2013, by Jessi Cape
"...Stars align over Austin's junction of tech and food. Whether cooking at home, perusing our town's bountiful farmers' markets, or diving into the award-winning restaurant scene, Austinites can use these food apps to help prevent bad meals with personalized solutions to many food issues, inside or outside of the home. STAYING IN? Food on the TableiPhone, iPad, and Android; free..."

Lucky Robot remodel of Zen Officially Open
Upscale dishes ordered via IPad
DAILY Food  December 3, 2012, by Gracie Salem
"...An open sushi bar with several seats has taken over the southern wall, and small tables, each outfitted with its own IPad, decorate the dining room. The most unique table is a four-top that seats two guests on a front-porch swing that dangles from the rafters..."

Ex-Punk Author, DIY or Die Forever
Test-driving the newest iBooks Author app (bumps ahead)
Screens Story  March 2, 2012, by Jesse Sublett
"...The app in question, iBooks Author, enables the user to create e-pubs for the Apple iPad, which can be enhanced with audio, video, and 3-D graphics. It can be downloaded free from the App Store on iTunes and – in theory, at least – allows an author to painlessly self-publish a multisensory product for a mass audience...."

Summer Fun: No Pressure; No Diamonds
Learning the facets of the AAA hotel inspector's trade
DAILY Chronolog  July 17, 2015, by Kate X Messer
"...One is doing his best, despite tightly clasped hands, not to reveal the minor case of jitters that's taken hold. The other is as cool as a cucumber, confident… jovial, even, holding a sturdy leather folio that protects his iPad...."

List Me This Christmas
A collection of Jimmie D's holiday hard-ons.
DAILY Qmmunity  December 17, 2010, by Jimmie D
"...For that special someone who has everything, why not try the $395 J. Peterman fruit drying basket? Hmmm, iPad, champagne drying basket… iPad.… no, I'm gonna go for the basket..."

The Face of Inclusiveness
Hint: It isn't white or male
Screens Story  March 5, 2010, by Richard Whittaker
"...Kapin said, "If the development team was diverse and if the product was properly tested by a group of diverse programmers and users, this major glitch would have been caught and fixed before it was released to the public." Even the biggest and seemingly coolest of firms can fall for the same problems. When Apple released the iPad, potential users quickly redubbed it the iTampon..."

Rolling the Dice
Behind the scenes of The Adventure Zone with Griffin McElroy
DAILY Arts  October 12, 2017, by Rosalind Faires
"...GM: I took a trip with a few friends for a bachelor party, and we went up to Breckenridge, Colorado, and there’s a long drive from the Denver airport up to Breckenridge, so I got my iPad out – there’s a lightweight version of GarageBand on that – and we spent basically the entire drive making terrible, terrible songs. But while we were doing that, I realized, “Oh, there’s some decent loops on here.” So over that trip, just like using the bad iPad version of GarageBand, I made some songs and I was like, “You know what? Using the full version of this on my Mac, I think I can do this.” So I got back and that was pretty much when we started putting music in the show..."

Mobile Games to Keep You Cool
When the heat is on, cool off with local apps
Screens Story  May 14, 2015, by James Renovitch
"...BloopApp Store, Google Play, Amazon Apps, $1-3 Rusty Moyher's iPad game has four players manically trying to tap their own colored squares and/or prevent other players from tapping theirs. Eight hands and one iPad equals trouble...."

Performers in Our Midst
In 1,000 Forest Gorillas in Kansas, primates inspire the art of living
Arts Story  March 26, 2015, by Jonelle Seitz
"...Back in rehearsal at her studio, Gold announces, "We're going to look at the gorilla video and play a bit with gorilla movement." Gold, George, Bartel, Elaine Dove, and Jason Phelps gather around Gold's iPad as she cues up "Gorillas and Wildlife of Uganda HD," a video documenting a tourist visit to a group of gorillas (uploaded to YouTube by Fred Heiman). "They spend their days quietly, either in a leisurely search for food or relaxing in a social setting," says the narrator, a woman with a New Jersey accent, as the silverback, the dominant male, sits Buddha-like, ripping thistly plants from the ground and picking off undesirable parts before gnashing them..."

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut
And there are many places to find nuts and treats on the road
DAILY Food  December 12, 2014, by Kate X Messer
"...You can order a small chunk out of the case or you can take on a whole tray. For some reason, I associate the sizes of these trays with the iPad (large) and the iPad Mini (small), but I could be off by a few inches..."

Kickstart Your Weekend With Puzzle Football
Part Time Evil puts a sporting spin on Bejeweled
DAILY Screens  November 22, 2013, by Monica Riese
"...From college students to kids and parents and everyone in between, gamers of all stripes dove into local developers' products on iPad, PC, Xbox One, and more. The team at Part Time Evil also set up shop with Puzzle Football: Quest of the Gridiron, which is still in development and is slated to hit the App Store next year...."

The AggreGAYtor Live: Election Special
Your minute-by-minute dose of election news
DAILY Qmmunity  November 6, 2012, by Brandon Watson
"...• 6:05 And we're off. Wolf Blitzer is looking furtively at a giant iPad on CNN..."

Sign of the Times
Phone app texts waiting patrons
DAILY Food  November 6, 2012, by Meghan Ruth Speakerman
"...The iPad app also offers restaurants analytics to help establishments monitor and better their customer experience. As our lives become more dominated by our smart phones, businesses have also turned to the mobility and convenience of using tablets...."

Red Hook Summer
Spike Lee returns to Brooklyn for this summer in the life of a 13-year-old.
Film Review  September 7, 2012, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...For the longest time, Red Hook Summer seems like it’s going to be a coming-of-age story about 13-year-old Silas Royale (Brown), who prefers to be called Flik and has come from Atlanta to spend the summer with a grandfather he’s never met, Bishop Enoch (Peters of The Wire and Treme), pastor of the Lil’ Peace of Heaven Baptist Church. The Bishop is always preaching to the boy, and the man’s ascetic lifestyle conflicts with that of the ’fro-hawked young teen, who places a wedge between himself and the world by holding his iPad 2 in front of him and recording everything he sees..."

LeVar Burton Brings 'Reading Rainbow' to the Smaller Small Screen
On the app, the digital divide, and the future of hardcovers
News Story  July 27, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...Actor and education activist LeVar Burton hosted the PBS show for 23 years, until was taken off the air in 2009. Now, under the RRKidz banner, his firm has relaunched the literacy-building brand with the Reading Rainbow app for the iPad..."

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