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Fair Trade Festival Update
New film fest drops Price of Sugar and invests in Black Gold
DAILY Screens  May 7, 2010, by Richard Whittaker
"...Filling in the gap in the schedule will be another film in a similar vein: Black Gold, about the Ethiopian coffee industry...."

New Intelligent Briggo Coffee Haus Debuts
Visible robotics + Smartphone technology = good coffee every time
DAILY Food  August 1, 2013, by Virginia B. Wood
"...When the original Briggo test-market coffee kiosk was installed in the Flawn Academic Center in late 2011, both the novelty and convenience were embraced by coffee lovers. This week marked the debut of the company's newly-designed Coffee Haus, and whole system is now even cooler...."

A Different Kind of Barista at Empowered Coffee
Employees with intellectual or developmental disabilities make coffee and learn life skills
Food Story  May 10, 2018, by Dan Gentile
"...Not every coffee shop serves as home base for pretentious attitudes and pseudo-philosophical debates about the nuances of Kanye West's latest rant. It's refreshing to skip the latte art and artisanal snark and just find a good cup of joe served with a warm welcome..."

First Look: Patika Wine and Coffee
Raising the bar on South Lamar
DAILY Food  October 20, 2014, by Rachel Feit
"...Andy Wiggington talks about coffee like most sommeliers talk about wine. He will point out its fruity notes or earthy balance..."

Coffee With a Conscience
Local roasters give consumers a taste of culture and community
Food Story  November 9, 2017, by Jessi Devenyns
"...But just because your brain isn't firing on all pistons doesn't mean your taste buds have forgotten about quality or your conscience has foregone ethics. When it comes to cutting through the fog, it can be difficult to care if your coffee is transparently sourced or farmers have been adequately paid...."

Fair Squared
The Women and Fair Trade fair makes its annual trek to Austin
News Story  November 20, 2009, by Belinda Acosta
"...Music will also be on hand, as well as food, a raffle, and information booths from area activist organizations. Each day closes with a traditional Ethiopian Banu coffee ceremony..."

Radio Coffee Beer & Folk
Native son Jack Wilson, behind the bar and onstage
Music Story  August 14, 2014, by Jim Caligiuri
"...The local song enthusiast already boasts a pair of albums, an eponymous debut from 2012 and its 2013 follow-up, Spare Key, with a 7-inch vinyl EP due this month. Besides music, the 30-year-old Wilson also appreciates a good beer and fresh-brewed coffee..."

The Politics of Food Production
Austin's first Fair Trade Film Festival sparks controversy
Screens Story  April 30, 2010, by Richard Whittaker
"...If you've ever seen the Fair Trade logo on your coffee and wondered what it meant, then Austin's first ever Fair Trade Film Festival might clear up what's in your cup...."

On Leaving Paradise for an Oasis
An Austin foodie falls in love with Marathon and West Texas' other boutique towns
Food Story  January 19, 2007, by Claudia Alarcón
"...On our first morning in West Texas, Will, a sculptor by trade, wanted to check out the burgeoning art scene in nearby Marfa. Following our server Margaret's advice from the night before, we had breakfast at the Brown Recluse, a little neighborhood cafe in Marfa that serves gourmet breakfast and is also home of Big Bend Coffee Roasters (, a company that sells certified organic, certified fair-trade coffee that is freshly roasted on premise..."

Cruelty-Free Produce?
Coalition of Immokalee Workers comes to Austin
DAILY News  November 21, 2014, by Amy Kamp
"...However, amid the profusion of claims, guarantees of good labor practices are few and far between. It’s true that it’s possible to buy Fair Trade coffee and chocolate..."

Deliciously Ambitious
Progress Coffee's Joshua Bingaman
Features Story  April 18, 2008, by Sofia Resnick
"...It's a rainy, humid Friday morning, but Joshua Bingaman is all smiles: His Progress Coffee is teeming with patrons drinking organic, fair-trade coffee out of compostable cups. Four years ago, Bingaman and his wife, Sarah, left the Mission District in San Francisco for Austin, where they scoured the city for an old, dilapidated warehouse in which to start an environmentally friendly, community-centric cafe..."

Fair Bean Coffee
Food Review  February 22, 2008, by Kate Thornberry
"...Fair Bean Coffee..."

To Serve Man
Briggo: an Austin company at the crossroads of taste, technology, and social interaction
Food Story  January 20, 2012, by MM Pack
"...Picture this scenario: You're deep into a busy day and it's time for a good cup of coffee, made just the way you like it. On your computer or cell phone, you access a website or application, log in, and order your favorite concoction – say, espresso with one pump of vanilla syrup, no sugar, and a splash of soy milk – and pay for it via your stored account..."

Coconut Bliss
Skip the sugar crash and dairy congestion, and head for the frozen treats aisle for Coconut Bliss
Food Story  November 28, 2008, by Kate Thornberry
"...The chocolate hazelnut fudge is dense with Fair Trade cocoa and organic chocolate fudge; the cherry amaretto highlights the classic combination of cherries and almond extract. The cappuccino combines Fair Trade coffee with organic vanilla, the Mint Galactica delivers minty chocolate chip, and the Naked Coconut, of course, tastes overwhelmingly of coconut, but the other flavors have little to no coconut flavor..."

A Place to Try
The Lost Sock Launderette & Coffee Lounge
Food Story  June 29, 2007, by Claudia Alarcón
"...The Lost Sock Launderette & Coffee Lounge..."

Good Eats (and Drinks) Every New Student Should Know
The Food staff weighs in on student dining
Food Story  August 24, 2012, by The Food Staff
"...Briggo Coffee Kiosk: (Flawn Academic Center, UT Cam­pus) Caffeine and studying go together like cookies and cream; the Briggo coffee kiosk offers precisely prepared, fair-trade coffee drinks made to order by a robot barista. Order and pay via phone or computer and your coffee will be waiting in a few minutes..."

Food-o-File: Friday Lagniappe
A little extra Austin food news
DAILY Food  June 12, 2015, by Virginia B. Wood
"...• The INK Spring Brunch to benefit ASA at the lovely Hummimgbird House (12805 Arroyo Doble in Manchaca) will feature fabulous food from chefs Allie and Zack Teegardin, bottomless mimosas, a Bloody Mary bar, and fair trade coffee. Get tickets here..."

Kerbey Lane Cafe
Kerbey your enthusiasm
Food Review  April 27, 2012, by Kate Thornberry
"...(In my experience, it worked, too.) A long dreamt-of, dog-friendly patio has been added, surrounded by concrete walls topped with bamboo plants. Instead of one, there are eight beers on tap (seven of them local), and there is finally an honest-to-god espresso machine as well as the whole array of coffee drinks..."

Fishing for Change
Hightower's latest is a collection of inspirational tales
News Story  March 14, 2008, by Michael King
"...DeMarco persuaded Hightower that a book should be built upon those stories, organized here broadly into three categories: business, politics, and life. Under the business rubric, the book recounts the story of the Minneapolis-based fair-trade coffee cooperative organized by "a terrific organization with the wonky name of Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy" and follows that with tales of organic farms, groundbreaking microlenders, grassroots health-care operations (Hidalgo County), a unionized co-op taxicab company (Madison, Wis.), and so on..."

Dhaba Joy
After you're finished looking through kitschy playthings at Toy Joy, visit their connected cafe, Dhaba Joy, for vegan soft serve and baked goods
Food Review  December 7, 2007, by Daniel Mottola
"...Next time you're picking up a set of fake mustaches or Chinese finger traps over at Toy Joy, the Austin institution of kitschy playthings at the corner of 29th and Guadalupe, your revisitation of childhood bliss will be incomplete if you don't venture around back to Dhaba Joy, their equally jubilant cafe and bakery. There, you'll find healthier versions of youthful treats like cupcakes, oatmeal pies, muffins, and soft serve, as well as a unique selection of smoothies, fresh juices, vegan sandwiches, and a full array of espresso and coffee drinks...."

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