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Senators Hold Meeting to Reaffirm Anti-LGBT Discrimination
State Affairs Committee hearing used as anti-LGBT soapbox
DAILY News  February 17, 2016, by Mary Tuma
"...Members of religious-right groups including Texas Values and the Texas Eagle Forum claimed attacks on religious freedom have hit an all-time high and individuals, including Molly Crimer, the Irion County clerk who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses, and a Texas photographer who halted wedding photo services to prevent serving LGBT couples, decried non-discrimination ordinances that protect LGBT citizens while hoping to be afforded special protection themselves. However, the testifiers could rarely point to individual examples of actual retribution for religious beliefs, even prompting Sen..."

Ex-TCEQ Employees Lose Discrimination Lawsuit
Two former state employees lose discrimination suit
News Story  August 3, 2007, by Patricia J. Ruland
"...A federal jury ruled last month in favor of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality in a racial-discrimination lawsuit filed by two former employees. The June 7 verdict came as a major blow to plaintiffs Regina Adams and Deidre Moss, said one source close to the case..."

HIV Discrimination: Know Your Rights!
About AIDS
Columns  June 20, 1997
"...It is unfortunate, but all too often true that people living with HIV disease face the challenge of discrimination and unfair practice where they live and work and in access to goods and services...."

AWU Supervisor Cleared of Discrimination Charges
Assistant director expected to return to work
News Story  April 2, 2010, by Wells Dunbar
"...Last week saw the release of a "final report" from management consultants MGT of America into claims of gender discrimination and other equal employment opportunity violations in the offices of the Austin Water Utility. MGT's investigation of the allegations – levied by seven complainants at assistant director Gopal Guthikonda and others – absolves Guthikonda, who has been on paid administrative leave since late 2009..."

Insidious Discrimination
Postmarks  July 16, 2016
"...Dear Editor, I am a member of the Austin Film Society, and not only does Holly Herrick and the other great female programmers she mentions in her comment [“Killer Lineup,” Screens, July 8] do fantastic work, but she also illustrates the insidious nature of marginalization as a form of discrimination. I am a recreation therapist and as such I am often required to be an advocate for marginalized groups such as women, children, and people with disabilities..."

The Big D is for Discrimination
DAILY News  November 20, 2006, by Wells Dunbar
"...Department of Education just cleared rules that allow officials to separate by sex if they have a specific goal, such as boosting performance. The programs must be voluntary." So race-based discrimination is bad, but gender-based discrimination is OK, according to Bush's lackeys at the Education department...."

Mosley Discrimination Suit Settled
Lawyers representing Mosley's estate and AISD agreed to a settlement just days before district was scheduled to defend itself in sex discrimination suit
News Story  February 10, 2006, by Jordan Smith
"...Lawyers representing the estate of 15-year-old Ortralla Mosley and AISD agreed to a settlement late last week, just days before the district was scheduled to defend itself in a sex-discrimination suit in federal district court. Ex-boyfriend Marcus McTear murdered Mosley on March 28, 2003, in a hallway at Reagan High School, one day after Mosley ended their six-month relationship..."

Redistricting: 'Purposeful Discrimination'
The trampling of Travis County
News Story  June 17, 2011, by Lee Nichols
"...Democrats warned that the map will simply end up in court for violating minority rights under the Voting Rights Act. Dukes said SB 4 is "purposeful discrimination," and that public hearings on the map simply went "in one ear and out the other" for Republicans..."

Offensive Display of Age Discrimination
Postmarks  August 19, 2009
"...14]. However, that letter is an offensive display of age discrimination..."

But Texas Has Always Stood for Discrimination, Hasn't It?
Postmarks  November 10, 2005
"...Of course, at the same time your approval of Prop. 2 says that Texas stands for discrimination based upon not one shred of rational judgment..."

Shining Light on Campus Discrimination
New UT Queer Student's Alliance report says administration hasn't done enough to discourage homophobic behavior
News Story  December 1, 2006, by Michael May

Airline Discrimination?
Burundian author and runner Gilbert Tuhabonye has check-in trouble at Denver airport
News Story  June 30, 2006, by Diana Welch

Age Discrimination by 'Chronicle'?
Postmarks  March 1, 2006

Discrimination Against Tattoos
Postmarks  October 29, 2003

The Boys Club
Female employees say gender discrimination persists at City Hall. Could a new resolution fix the broken system?
News Story  August 11, 2016, by Mary Tuma
"...Vigil decided to speak up. She expressed feelings of gender discrimination in a private meeting with her supervisor, a nerve-racking but necessary conversation..."

Parks, Wildlife, and Racism
Wardens recount longstanding, institutional discrimination against African-Americans at TP&W
News Story  August 10, 2012, by Patricia J. Ruland
"...Agency officials say they are aware of the institutional problems and history of racial discrimination and are determined to make changes – but thus far, the people most directly affected say they've seen little evidence of any reform...."

Council Approves Workplace Nondiscrimination Measure
City manager to review current policies
DAILY News  March 25, 2016, by Mary Tuma
"...“My career at the city has been marked by discrimination, harassment, and retaliation,” said Sarah Fusco, a city employee since 2007, before Council on Thursday, March 25...."

Landlords Sue to Block Section 8 Renters
Austin Apartment Association fights Council's ban on source-of-income discrimination
News Story  December 18, 2014, by Mary Tuma
"...As a parting gift to fair-housing advocates and low-income citizens, last Thursday City Council unanimously passed (on third and final reading) an ordinance that would ban discrimination based on a renter's source of income. Sponsored initially as a resolution in April by Council Members Bill Spelman, Sheryl Cole, and Laura Morrison, the rule amends city code to include "source of income" as a protected class alongside race, age, sexual orientation, and religion..."

Sparks Upholds Fair Housing Ordinance
Judge rules against landlords on discrimination
News Story  March 5, 2015, by Mary Tuma
"...While to the naked courtroom eye it seemed that U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks – who charged the city of Austin with "bullying" property owners during a late January court hearing – would side with landlords in the case against the city's source-of-income discrimination ordinance, his Feb..."

The AggreGAYtor: April 7
What happened today in gay? Here’s your QILTBAG recap of queer news.
DAILY Qmmunity  April 7, 2014, by David Estlund
"...Britain feeds the quacks, Catholics respond to Catholic discrimination, and slut-shaming ravages the PrEP crowd, as your AggreGAYtor dances with dragons...."

On the Basis of Sex
RBG biopic focuses on a single case, but blurs the details
Film Review  January 4, 2019, by Danielle White
"...The second film about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in less than a year forgoes the traditional biopic formula for a tidy, well-acted courtroom drama centered on the case that kicked off her decades-long career fighting against gender-based discrimination and for equal rights. The film opens to a sea of men marching toward Harvard Law School to the sound of an actual drumroll, establishing the boys’ club atmosphere we are heading into in one single take..."

Sparks Flares Over City's SOI Ordinance
Court hearing on anti-discrimination ordinance goes poorly for city
News Story  January 29, 2015, by Mary Tuma
"...A city ordinance that would protect low-income renters from housing discrimination remains on hold while a federal judge – who criticized the ordinance as "troublesome" – decides its fate after nearly a full day of hearings...."

The AggreGAYtor: February 21
What happened today in gay? Here’s your QILTBAG recap of queer news.
DAILY Qmmunity  February 21, 2014, by David Estlund
"...Mark Regnerus gets kinky, the states make a mess on marriage and discrimination, and Chris Christie gets a new tool, as your AggreGAYtor gets happy...."

Los Lonely Boys: Cottonfields and Crossroads
Austinite Hector Galán’s reverential look at Grammy-winning "Texican" rockers Los Lonely Boys is a document of persistence, passion, and some of the finest rock & roll since Stevie Ray Vaughan’s untimely exit.
Film Review  August 11, 2006, by Marc Savlov
"...The film then moves on to their Austin debut at the Saxon Pub and discovery by producer Kevin Wommack, Willie Nelson, and local music standard-bearer Jody Denberg of tastemaking FM outlet KGSR. Cottonfields and Crossroads is crammed to bursting with reminiscences of the family’s ill-fated sojourn to Nashville, where they were laughed at by the clueless country-music cognescenti; the hard-charging drive that was instilled in the trio by Ringo Sr.; and assorted incidences of discrimination before their eventual triumph..."

About AIDS
The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal against an insurance company's cap on lifetime benefits for AIDS treatment.
Columns  January 28, 2000, by Sandy Bartlett
"...The HIV+ policyholders won a 1998 challenge to the caps, but that decision was overturned last summer in the 4th Circuit Appeals Court in Chicago. The appeals court ruled that while the Americans with Disabilities Act ensures access to insurance, it does not regulate the content of insurance policies, saying that such limits were just a business decision, not discrimination..."

Trump’s Far-Reaching Religious Refusal
An executive order allowing discrimination set to hit president's desk on Thursday
News Story  May 4, 2017, by Sarah Marloff
"...The leak caused a supposed rewrite, but the severity has not been reduced. In a statement, National LGBTQ Task Force Action Fund Executive Director Rea Carey wrote: "This executive order will be a charter for widespread discrimination, potentially against LGBTQ people, women, Muslim communities, and other marginalized communities..."

Section 8 Renters File Suit
Residents say ongoing construction made it impossible for disabled tenants to live safely
News Story  February 25, 2016, by Joseph Caterine
"...In coordination with the ongoing construction, residents say, the property managers have routinely shut off water and electricity to residents, often without warning. These withholdings, said the plaintiffs' attorney Brian McGiverin, constitute illegal discrimination against renters who are disabled, because it has a disproportionate effect on their health and well-being..."

Anti-Muslim Sentiment Alive and Well in Texas
Unlike Ahmed Mohamed, many members of the Muslim community in Texas experience hatred yet receive no support; their stories go unpublished.
News Story  October 29, 2015, by Dina Samir Shehata
"...Hisham, who is a quiet and introverted child, was once shoved into a wall by another a student while standing in line and got injured, an incident that the school described as "horseplay." In elementary school, Hisham was pulled aside by a teacher who asked him, "Why don't you eat pork?" Wernet has tried reporting incidents of harassment to the school district but her efforts went in vain. When she complained to the Texas Education Agency, Wernet was notified that discrimination based on religion is not covered by the agency; the website states, "Civil rights complaints allege that a public school discriminates against students on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or disability in admission or access to, or treatment in the district's programs or activities."..."

Council Preview: Where There’s Smoke
AFD hiring consent decree under fire by AFA
DAILY News  May 14, 2014
"...Tomorrow, City Council faces a choice on Item 10: “Approve a settlement of claims asserted by the United States Department of Justice concerning hiring practices within the Austin Fire Department.” The city has delayed hiring new AFD cadets until the claims of discrimination were reviewed the U.S. Department of Justice...."

The AggreGAYtor: April 23
What happened today in gay? Here’s your QILTBAG recap of queer news.
DAILY Qmmunity  April 23, 2014, by David Estlund
"...Indonesia shows some Muslim empathy, Georgia brings us closer to justice, and the nation's judges, like Washington D.C., show us what discrimination looks like, as your AggreGAYtor miraculously limits political bribery...."

The Life and Times of Gus Garcia
City Council Member Gus Garcia retires after more than 30 years of public service
News Story  June 2, 2000, by Daryl Slusher
"...Austin: The Early Years Marina remembers that Austin was "beautiful," but there was an ugly undercurrent the Garcias were not familiar with growing up in overwhelmingly Mexican-American South Texas. They found a town filled with discrimination against Mexican-Americans, and even worse discrimination against African-Americans...."

Without Teeth, Are Nondiscrimination Laws Effective?
City ordinance aims to protect LGBTQ Austinites, but the punishment for violators is mild
News Story  May 26, 2016, by Mary Tuma
"...Roque bypassed Austin's discrimination complaint process – largely due to the city's weak enforcement power ­– and instead filed a federal suit against his employers. Coupled with failure to pay minimum wage, the suit alleges Roque faced harassment because he did not "conform to gender stereotypes." 888 co-owner Kevin Le contends the allegations are false and says he is confident that the court will find in their favor...."

On the Record: Sexism and the City
Council should get serious about gender equality
News   January 28, 2016, by Mary Tuma
"...Signs point to the latter. AFSCME Local 1624, the union representing city employees, say they've seen a rise in callers alleging discrimination ever since the controversial presentation..."

State Enviro Agency Accused of Racism
Three longtime African-American employees of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality go public with charges that they were denied opportunities for advancement and systematically blocked from salary increases
News Story  February 10, 2006, by Daniel Mottola
"...Three longtime Texas Commission on Environmental Quality employees have accused the state environmental agency of racial discrimination. Having sought the backing of the Austin NAACP, the African-American workers, part of the Support Services division, where they oversee millions of dollars of state contracts, have gone public with charges that they were denied opportunities for advancement and systematically blocked from salary increases..."

Pressure Rising at the Water Utility
One manager forced out, another accused of harassment ... who's watching the valves?
News Story  May 7, 2010, by Wells Dunbar
"...The March 24 report from MGT accusing Moheet has an interesting background all its own. Directed by former Travis County Sheriff Margo Frasier, the $70,000 review and report investigated two distinct group allegations of discrimination and retribution at the Water Utility..."

The Death of Ben Brownlee
A Rockdale teenager's suicide raises questions about official protections for gay and transgendered kids
News Story  January 30, 2004, by Jordan Smith
"...Children Left Behind The idea that the investigation into Ben's death or his problems at school would not be taken seriously by the Rockdale police or school officials doesn't surprise advocates for school safety and equal treatment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual students. "Discrimination against LGBT students is the last form of socially acceptable discrimination," says Randall Ellis, executive director of the Lesbian/Gay Rights Lobby of Texas..."

Trouble at Station 15
Austin firefighter sues city after officials stonewall unequal treatment
News Story  January 16, 2009, by Caitlin Meredith
"...11, 2007, Allen filed a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission accusing the department of race and gender discrimination as well as retaliation for complaining about her disparate treatment..."

Council: Labor Protections and Job Evaluations
Marc Ott's job performance goes up for debate this week
News Story  March 31, 2016, by Mary Tuma
"...At their March 24 meeting, City Council approved a number of labor-friendly measures, including Mayor Pro Tem Kathie Tovo's resolution to review and help strengthen the city's discrimination complaint policies, Council Member Greg Casar's initiatives to extend the city's living wage of $13.03 to city-funded positions for construction workers and employees of subcontractors, and Casar's Fair Chance Hiring ordinance...."

On the Lege
Free to Be
News Column  April 1, 1999
"...Kent Grusendorf would never be mistaken as any kind of friend to gays. So it was all the more surprising when, facing a roomful of some 70 supporters of two bills that would prohibit discrimination against gay public school teachers and students, the dour Republican found himself blurting out that "we need to find some place to fix" the current employment non-discrimination law to include sexual orientation...."

Scottish Rite Dorm Admits They Failed Queer Resident
Separate rules were applied to UT freshman and her girlfriend
News Story  December 6, 2018, by Beth Sullivan
"...There is currently no state law that protects LGBTQ tenants from discrimination, but Austin city code does include sexual orientation and gender identity in its protections against housing discrimination. Similarly, UT policy "explicitly prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex," including sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression, according to spokesperson Shilpa Bakre..."

Council: Talk and Action
Council discusses public testimony; prepares to act on employment discrimination
News Story  March 24, 2016, by Mary Tuma
"...City Council meetings resume this Thursday, March 24. Expect major discussions on employee protection measures – Council Member Greg Casar's Fair Chance Hiring proposal is up (Item 19), as is a resolution from Mayor Pro Tem Kathie Tovo regarding workplace discrimination (Item 14), postponed from the Feb..."

Point Austin: What Would Cole Porter Say?
Indiana's RFRA is an invitation to progressive response
News Column  April 2, 2015, by Michael King
"...The silver lining – or perhaps golden backlash – of the state of Indiana's enactment of a "religious freedom restoration" law designed in fact to enable anti-gay discrimination has been the enormous outpouring of public opposition. Indiana Gov..."

Point Austin: Supreme Confusion
The Supreme Court ratifies the Texas GOP majority with a shrug
News Column  July 7, 2006, by Michael King
"...It was the Voting Rights Act that enabled the Supreme Court to come to the inescapable legal conclusion that the Tom DeLay-redrawn Congressional District 23, designated fiefdom of Republican Rep. Henry Bonilla, reflects a "troubling blend of politics and race – and the resulting vote dilution of a group [Latino voters] that was beginning to achieve [the VRA's] goal of overcoming prior electoral discrimination." That is, faced with Bonilla's inevitable defeat because roughly 92% of Latinos refused to vote for him, DeLay's map drafters redesigned his district to eliminate roughly 100,000 Latino voters, while leaving just enough "voting-age" Latinos (i.e., including noncitizens) to maintain the illusion of a majority-minority district..."

Naked City
Making Fine Discriminations
News Story  December 20, 2002, by Michael King
"..."The days of discriminating against religious groups just because they are religious are coming to end," said Bush. Henceforth -- in the interests of anti-discrimination -- religious charities seeking federal contracts will be allowed to discriminate in making hiring decisions based on religious belief...."

Doomed to Repeat It?
Former Students, Profs, and Lawyers Remember
News Story  February 6, 1998, by Cristina Smith
"...The recent debate over comments made by UT Law Professor Lino Graglia, coupled with the fact that UT has officially spent one semester bound under the Hopwood decision, which outlawed affirmative action at UT and some other southern law schools, is cause to look back at the history of discrimination and affirmative action at UT Law...."

Getting Outside the Box
Will City Council decide to give job applicants with criminal records a "fair chance"?
News Story  October 8, 2015, by Amy Kamp
"...They'll be expected to find jobs and housing while complying with the requirements of their parole or probation. Unfortunately for them, housing and employment discrimination are rampant...."

House Arrest
APD brass decided they had a problem with Officer Jermaine Hopkins – so they assigned him to stay-at-home duty until they could figure out what to do with him. That was a really bad idea.
News Story  December 18, 2014, by Chase Hoffberger
"...The fallout from the Price arrest meant Hopkins would go onto restricted duty. He left his South Austin patrol unit and transferred to Narcotics, only to move again – this time to Warehouse – after his denied transfer sparked his first racial discrimination complaint with the city..."

Point Austin: Race Does Matter
Sotomayor on the willfulness of judicial 'colorblindness'
News Column  May 2, 2014, by Michael King
"...Supreme Court decision (Schuette v. Coali­tion to Defend Affirmative Action) – upholding the Michigan rejection-by-referendum of affirmative action in college admissions – Roberts made it clear he recognized Jus­tice Sonia Soto­may­or's jab at his previous glib formulation, "The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race." In her dissent, Sotomayor countered that the true approach to ending discrimination is "to speak openly and candidly on the subject of race."..."

Equal Pay: Abbott Breaks Silence
Davis campaign asks if attorney general would have vetoed fair pay act
News Story  March 21, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...On June 14, 2013, Gov. Rick Perry vetoed House Bill 950, the Texas version of the Lilly Ledbetter Act, a bipartisan bill enhancing workplace protection against pay discrimination..."

AFD Hiring: Smoke or Fire?
Add the EEOC to the parties weighing in on firefighter hiring
News Story  February 28, 2014, by Jordan Smith
"...Department of Justice – took another turn Feb. 20, as the Austin Firefighters Association announced that it had been informed by the federal Equal Employ­ment Opportunity Com­mis­sion that the union is now being accused of playing a role in hiring discrimination...."

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