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'Arrested Development' Developments
For the Bluth-watchers among you
DAILY Screens  July 18, 2013, by Monica Riese
"...There was perhaps no more highly anticipated television premiere this spring than the Netflix-exclusive return of Arrested Development...."

Maxum Development And Worker's Defense Project Make a Pact
Developer agrees to help eliminate construction site safety hazards
DAILY News  June 14, 2011, by Katie Tomasino
"...Last Thursday marked the first partnership between Maxum Development and the Worker's Defense Project. In a press conference held at 21Rio, the plan was announced to ensure better safety training and protection for workers...."

Casting Votes Against Development
Columns  February 21, 1997
"...24]. I live in the 78751 zip code and would like to cast a vote against this development..."

Cleaning Up Economic Development
Greens and the Chamber of Commerce join hands for renewable energy in Austin
News Story  February 18, 2005, by Daniel Mottola
"...Last month the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce announced a plan to create a Clean Energy Development Council, a project financially endorsed by the City Council on Jan. 13 with a city grant of $100,000 for the first year of a five-year commitment..."

The Anti-Development Developer?
News Story  August 17, 2001, by Jordan Smith
"..."I was scared about the direction that Georgetown was developing," Lyda says. "I believe that you can have a growing community that is both aesthetically and economically sustainable." Lyda says he opposes any kind of incentives to attract commercial and industrial development and is focused on preserving Georgetown's quality of life...."

Déjà Vu Development
photograph by Jana Birchum
News Column  July 18, 1997, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...Stop me if you've heard this one before: An oddly shaped parcel of state-owned land in Central Austin, currently undeveloped, is poised for imminent large-scale development. Concerned locals fear the project's impact on their lives and neighborhoods..."

FWS Approves Stratus-pheric Development
News Story  November 2, 2001, by Amy Smith
"...A plan by Stratus Properties to develop its Circle C property has received the all-important blessing of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, laying a significant piece of groundwork for an overall development that could be the size of a small city in 30 years..."

Urban Renewal, Sustainable Development, and ... Fluoride?
Preview Pt. One of a crowded Council agenda
DAILY News  December 12, 2011, by Wells Dunbar
"...Item 14: Accepting $3 million in U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development funds for the Colony Park Sustainable Community Pilot Project “to plan a model sustainable and livable mixed-use, mixed-income community.” According to backup, the Project is..."

Then There's This: Loophole Development Code?
Lobbyists may get a crack at rewriting land-use regs
News Column  February 1, 2013, by Amy Smith
"...UPDATE: Thursday morning, Council Member Bill Spelman pulled down his proposal to allow lobbyists to serve on an advisory group that will help rewrite the Land Development Code...."

Developing Stories: Goodie Basket Development
The Grayco South Shore PUD proposal adds public benefits for height
News Column  September 18, 2009, by Katherine Gregor
"...Can it be? Austin's urban design and planning processes actually seem to be working, at least for the South Shore planned unit development. The large mixed-use project proposed by developer Grayco Partners goes to City Council Sept..."

Curious Development Afoot Over Aquifer
Proposed development in sensitive recharge zone prompts requests for contested case hearing with commission charged with reviewing developer's land application permit
News Story  March 28, 2008, by Jacob Cottingham
"...have prompted a state representative and other officials and citizens to seek a contested case hearing with the state agency charged with reviewing the developer's land application permit. The proposed development, along FM 967 in the sensitive recharge zone of the Edwards Aqui­fer, seeks authorization of 330,480 gallons of treated domestic wastewater per day via surface irrigation of more than 122 acres of public-access land..."

Another Springs/Aquifer Development Fight
Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District finds itself on wrong side of environmental fight as its board continues determining whether it should build new headquarters on donated parcel inside aquifer recharge zone
News Story  July 6, 2007, by Kimberly Reeves
"...It won't be without a lot of opposition. The Save Our Springs Alliance considers this a ploy by developer Bill Walters to get zoning approval for the Wildflower Commons planned unit development inside the ecologically fragile recharge zone..."

Drag Development Villa-fied
The Villas on Guadalupe goes back to the drawing board.
News Story  November 16, 2001, by Lauri Apple
"...UT-area neighborhood activists, especially members of the North University Neighborhood Association, have spent the past few months worrying that a "New Triangle" development has landed on their doorstep in the form of the Villas on Guadalupe: an apartment-house development proposed for a triangular plot between the Drag and Hemphill Park. Villas on Guadalupe Limited -- mainly represented by property owner Brad Zucker and real estate consultant and project applicant Mike McHone -- hoped to erect a high-density housing and a six-story parking garage on the 2.4 acre-site, currently occupied by a Blockbuster video store, an historic building, an office complex, and vacant lots..."

A Development Project With a Silver Lining
The Rebekah Baines Johnson Center is about to be part of an ambitious master planned community for Austin seniors.
News Story  July 10, 2014, by Amy Smith
"...Once completed, the campus will feature 500 units of senior housing – 250 of them for low-income seniors – plus 340 units of mixed-income apartments and condos, and 25,000 square feet of commercial space. Additionally, the new development will feature indoor and outdoor gathering spaces with new connective pathways to the Edward Ren­don Sr..."

Planning and Development: A Small Bump
Building fee hikes will pay for new hires
News Story  August 31, 2012, by Amy Smith
"...The Planning and Development Review Department is undergoing a bit of a sea change this year as additional staff comes on board to process a backlog of building permit applications and to move toward implementing the new Imagine Austin Com­pre­hensive Plan. City Council has already adopted a plan to increase fees – the department's first hike since 1993 – to generate revenue for about a dozen additional full-time hires..."

No Human Development Is Ever Good
Postmarks  May 12, 2006
"...And the pro-props are debating that, claim by claim. But the reasons I'd vote for them are exactly those. You say the city is already progressive and moving toward conscientious development..."

Too Much Urban Development in Watershed Already
Postmarks  January 10, 2006
"...Dear Editor, Douglas Watkins writes [“Postmarks,” Jan. 6] about the extensive development in the Barton Springs Watershed of the Edwards Aquifer, where rainfall runs off land or pavement, enters the aquifer, flows underground, and emerges at Barton Springs. There has been an awful lot of urban development over the Barton Springs Watershed..."

Aquifer Development Horse Has Left Barn
Postmarks  January 3, 2006
"...The Edwards Aquifer contributing zone is similarly developed, particularly along highways 290 and 71. Assuming these existing high-density developments have not already ruined the aquifer and Barton Springs, I doubt that development of the AMD tract (especially as proposed) and the few remaining parcels in the vicinity will have significant additional impact..."

Take That!: Supremes Allow Takings for Development
Effect on notable local cases still uncertain
News Story  July 1, 2005, by Jordan Smith
"...In a June 23 ruling that has generated instant controversy – including proposed legislation down at the Texas Capitol – the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that local governments have the right to seize private property to promote "economic development" plans, even though those plans may primarily benefit private interests..."

Any Development Needs to Contribute Positively
Postmarks  April 18, 2005
"...Editor, I am writing in response to the News article regarding the protests over the development of the Waterstreet Lofts in East Austin [“Protesters' Message: 'Stop Gentrifying the Eastside'”]. Mr..."

Spencer To Head Neighborhood Housing and Community Development
News Story  December 24, 2010, by Wells Dunbar
"...Last week, City Manager Marc Ott appointed Betsy Spencer to head the city's Neighborhood Housing and Community Development Office. The move comes at a time when the city's ambitious affordable and supportive housing policies are coming under closer scrutiny...."

Eastside Development: A community dialogue
Meetings encourage community input on Urban Renewal Plan
News Story  April 25, 2008, by Katherine Gregor
"...On Saturday, April 26, Central East Austin neighborhood residents, East End property owners, and all interested citizens are invited to a second consensus-building meeting concerning proposed developments in the East End. The meeting – organized by the Austin Revitalization Authority, in partnership with the city of Austin – will address changes to the East 11th and 12th streets Urban Renew­al Plan..."

Crestview Neighborhood Development Buzz
North Lamar Transit-Oriented Development Zone changes and proposals abound at North-Central neighborhood meeting
News Story  August 24, 2007, by Lee Nichols
"...One – as explained by Mike Blizzard, a spokesman for Crestview Station LLC (a mixed-use development on the former Huntsman site, centered around the planned Capital Metro commuter-rail stop at Airport and Lamar, being developed by Trammell Crow and Stratus Properties), and Sonya Lopez of the city's Neighborhood Planning and Zoning Department – involves a land swap between Austin Energy and Crestview Station for the location of an electric substation necessary to meet the neighborhood's current power needs. Currently, AE owns a pole yard on Justin Lane, within the borders of the TOD and right across the tracks from where the rail stop will be..."

Where Does the 'Chronicle' Want Development?
Postmarks  December 27, 2005
"...Dear Editor, In “Downtown Density Dreams” [News, Dec. 23] by Rachel Proctor May, Kirsten Bartel said, "We're all for [Austin] being denser overall, not just downtown." In a piece about AMD moving out off of Southwest Parkway again there is an anti-development attitude..."

In Development
Music Story  July 15, 1999, by Andy Langer
"...Admitting their band "still needs a lot of development," Kitty Gordon co-founders Mark Addison and Nina Singh are perhaps the only two music industry insiders who have heard the local act's seven-song EP, Seven, and not thought "huge advance," "bidding war," and "radio-ready." Whether the duo's reluctance to hype their own project is a defense mechanism against the backlash that generally accompanies nextbigthing status, or because the break-up of Addison and Singh's last grab at the major label brass ring, the Borrowers, is still fresh enough to sting, Kitty Gordon are remaining cautious...."

Riverside Development in Crosshairs of Activist Troupe
Defend our old domainz
News Story  September 20, 2018, by Sarah Marloff
"...Neighborhood activists Defend Our Hoodz have identified a few new targets: real estate firm JLL, developers Presidium Group, and private investor Nimes Capital, the stakeholders behind the proposed "New Domain" mixed-development project eyed for roughly 97 acres of land northeast of Pleasant Valley and East River­side. The catch? Existing, reasonably priced housing already sits in that location..."

Grove Mixed-Use Development Clears Another Hurdle
Zoning and Platting Commission votes 6-4 to recommend mixed-use community
News Story  July 21, 2016, by Nina Hernandez
"...After hours of testimony over two (and a half) meetings, the Zoning and Platting Commission last week approved – with conditions – the Grove at Shoal Creek planned unit development. This is a major hurdle cleared for the Grove as it now makes its way to the full City Council next month...."

Cheer Ups Cheerless Over Development
Construction of parking garage threatens rock wall
DAILY News  June 24, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"...It’s the beginning of a construction project that the Red River club is begrudgingly hosting – their landlord agreed to accommodate the development of a Hyatt hotel parking structure that will butt up against the property’s western border...."

The Dream City Development – Austinites, This Can Happen To You
Postmarks  March 28, 2011
"...Dear Editor, We thank Amy Smith for her story about the Dream City development, a church with benefits [“'Dream City' or Neighborhood Threat?,” News, March 25]. Austinites take note: this can happen to you. An important precedent will be established if this outdoor events center – an amplified entertainment venue – is approved in residential zoning..."

Transit Oriented Development Seminar Today
The future of transit tomorrow is here today
DAILY News  April 4, 2007, by Wells Dunbar
"...For anyone itching to get their New Urbanism on today, there's a free conference at the university at 6pm pertaining to the city's plans for TODs around town. The press release: "With commuter rail expected by the end of 2008, the community has a chance to learn now how it can affect the areas surrounding future rail stops and what opportunities exist for development in close proximity to rail. The City of Austin and national planning consultant representatives will discuss Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and station area planning at 6 p.m. April 4 at the University of Texas Thompson Conference Center, Room 3.102. City planners will present the upcoming process for visioning and planning areas near commuter rail stops and how the public will have input..."

City Sued Over Domain Development
Longtime critic of using public funds to assist retail development files suit in Travis Co. District Court
News Story  March 23, 2007, by Katherine Gregor
"...Brian Rodgers, a longtime critic of using public funds to assist retail development – as the city of Austin did for the Domain luxury shopping area – filed suit Monday, March 19 in Travis County District Court against the city. This was his second lawsuit against the city related to the Domain...."

Breaking: Northcross Development Stopped for 60 Days
DAILY News  December 13, 2006, by Wells Dunbar
"...Big news out of city hall: Councilmember Mike Martinez has announced Wal-Mart is undertaking a 60-day moratorium on development at Northcross. "This is a huge step in the right direction," reads a press release from Martinez..."

East of I-35: Welcomes Thoughtful Development
Postmarks  November 7, 2005
"...Dear Editor, The same people protesting these developments today were protesting the apparent racism shown by the lack of development on the Eastside not that long ago [“How Not to Gentrify: HRC Asks for Eastside Moratorium,” News, Nov. 4]..."

Wanton Development Deprives Future Generations
Postmarks  June 2, 2004
"...Dear Sirs, I have just read the article in The Austin Chronicle about the proposed projects on Hamilton Pool Road and I am appalled ["Westward Ho!" News, May 28]. No one seems to care anymore about the sensitivity of the Edwards Aquifer, the rich beauty of that area, the unique hidden treasure of Blue Hole (a longtime secret swimming hole), nor the overdevelopment of already congested Austin..."

Three Businesses Sprout in New Development, the Yard
Trio makes their way through Austin’s burgeoning artisan food world
Food Story  September 29, 2016, by Adrienne Whitehorse
"...The Yard – adjacent to the historic Missouri Pacific rail yard in South Austin – takes that spirit to heart, offering a mixed-use development that, when fully completed, will be home to a community of creative and collaborative businesses. Tenants like the Austin Winery and architects Drophouse Design have already settled in, and the coming months will welcome coffee roasters Spokesman and arts collective Raw Paw, among many others..."

Development Plan Goes Nowhere Fast
Hancock Golf Course plan stokes outrage
News Story  August 30, 2013, by Elizabeth Pagano
"...Board chair Jane Rivera explained that she had asked to discuss the idea after hearing talk about the plan. And after the briefest of assurances from Parks and Recreation Department Assistant Director Jesse Vargas that the department stood with the community and opposed the proposal, the board unanimously embraced a recommendation from board member hill Abel that City Council "not consider any additional development of Hancock Golf Course." There were cheers all around (despite an oddly aggressive defense of the proposal from mediator Jim Huddleston of Crawford, Huddleston & Co., who explained his plan was misunderstood)...."

Auto-Centric Suburban-Type Development
Postmarks  August 21, 2013
"...Dear Editor, Auto-centric, suburban-type development with little sense of place is multiplying at Mueller. Retro isn't cool when we repeat the mistakes of spreading asphalt far and wide that dominated the post-World War II period..."

'Arrested Development' Is Gob's GIF to Mankind
All the reaction GIFs you need for Sunday's premiere
DAILY Screens  May 23, 2013, by Monica Riese
"...Everyone knows about the classic lines from the first three seasons of Arrested Development. But we figured it might be a good time for a refresher course as the world prepares for the long-awaited fourth season, premiering on Netflix Sunday, May 26...."

Ryan Gosling and 'Arrested Development' Reincarnate the Trailer Park
The SXSW staple blog returns with Richard Linklater and more
DAILY Screens  April 5, 2013, by Monica Riese
"...All throughout the South by Southwest Film Festival, we brought you daily posts of trailers to help you plan your day. Now, it's not every week we have 140 features in town to promote and fawn over, but a few exciting developments have hit the interwebs in the last few days that we thought might warrant a return to … the Trailer Park...."

Is 'New Urbanism' Just a Green-Washed Development Scheme?
Postmarks  July 24, 2009
"...Dear Editor, When Capital Metro hijacked 'Dillo bus service from working-class riders on East Seventh and South Congress and gave it to the wealthy Downtown condo dwellers, it was with an assurance that these “New Urbanists” would ride it ["MetroRail Progresses; ‘Dillo Regresses,” News, July 24]. Ridership figures and imminent 'Dillo death belie the real motive of the transit authority and could lead one to believe that perhaps this “New Urbanism” is nothing more than a green-washed development scheme...."

Research and Development
Back in the performance laboratory of the David Mark Cohen New Works Festival
Arts Story  March 27, 2009, by Robert Faires
"..."What distinguishes NWF from other festivals is the same intangible quality that helps a script in development: optimism!" That's Suzan Zeder, who succeeded David Mark Cohen as head of the department's playwriting program and has been co-producer of the festival with dance professor David Justin and department producing director Denise Martel. Zeder says that the three of them, along with every student and faculty member of the festival committee, "try to treat each creative team with the respect and rigor that it deserves..."

City Should Not Be Subsidizing Development
Postmarks  October 28, 2008
"...Dear Editors, Whether it’s the Domain mall subsidies, last year’s proposed forgivable $750,000 loan to Las Manitas, or the city’s failed investment in Don Limon’s Restaurant & Cantina back in the Nineties, the city should not be in the business of subsidizing retail development. That’s why I am voting for Proposition 2...."

Friday's TV Development Talk
Robert Markovich, Director of Original Project Development for the Starz Network and Mark Stegemann, past writer on Scrubs, My Boys, and now the famously popular Greek discuss how TV shows get made and how to break in.
DAILY Screens  October 18, 2008, by Belinda Acosta
"...Real hard. It’s made even harder by the seemingly divergent advice given to the eager writers who showed up for Friday morning's AFF panel on TV Development to hear advice from two men who’ve found work in the biz. On your work: Have fresh ideas, be unique, but make sure your characters are relatable. On spec scripts: Sure, everyone wants to spec The Office because it’s popular..."

Big-Picture Development Needed
Postmarks  June 3, 2008
"...Dear Editor, Re: “City Sweeps Its Problems to East Austin” [“Postmarks,” May 30]: One thing that unnerves me is the entitlement felt by some Austinites who attend a lot of the city meetings and hate development. I'd like to remind you that you're speaking for those of us who can't go..."

Development on the Down Low?
General Land Office responds to last week's coverage of House Bill 699, a bill that expands office's ability to keep information about development deals confidential
News Story  April 19, 2007, by Richard Whittaker
"...The Texas General Land Office has responded to coverage in last week's "Naked City" of House Bill 699, a bill that expands the office's ability to keep information about development deals confidential. With gas and oil reserves depleting, the GLO is pursuing various new deals with developers..."

Very Upset About East Avenue IG Development
Postmarks  April 1, 2007
"...Now it is hellishly loud, as well as more poisonous from low-speed congestion, when the wind blows from certain directions, carrying even more noise to our side of the highway. God only knows how demonic it will be when 85-foot-tall buildings are insensitively built right up next to the west side of the highway on the Concordia University site ["Developing Stories," News, March 30]! I am so upset about this East Avenue IG development I could spit..."

Character Development
UT's Video Game Design Boot Camp
Screens Story  August 13, 2004, by Rachel Proctor May
"...Thus, his course is one in which story development trumps technology. While participants need to know (or learn in a crash course the first day) a little flash, they also need to have some game ideas in mind..."

Downtown Development
News Story  October 2, 1998
"...These parcels of land (A, B, C) are slated for residential development near existing music venues (1, 2, 3, 4). A= The Pole Yard B= Privately -owned AMLI property C= City -owned AMLI property 1= Electric Lounge 2= La Zona Rosa 3= Austin Music Hall 4= Liberty Lunch..."

Budget Development
Ordering from the Concept Menu
News Story  August 31, 2017, by Michael King

Green Pastures Sold to Development Group
Renovation, boutique hotel planned
DAILY Food  July 10, 2015, by Brandon Watson

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