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Superdelegate Thompson Defects to Obama
Houston state rep deserts Clinton
DAILY News  February 28, 2008, by Lee Nichols

The Toxic Border
Researchers ponder increasing birth defects in the Valley.
News Story  November 9, 2001, by Dan Oko
"...of Health and federal officials were at a loss concerning a response. Before 1993 -- despite widespread concerns over petrochemical processing, pesticides manufacturing, and other potentially harmful industrial activities across the state -- a system for monitoring birth defects didn't even exist in Texas..."

Building Bombs and Deadly Deception
Hot on the heels of having won the well-deserved Academy Award for Best Documentary Short only a couple of days ago, Chasnoff's Deadly Deception: General Electric, Nuclear Weapons & Our...
Film Review  April 3, 1992, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...The amount released was greater than the amounts released at Three Mile Island or Chernobyl, yet no one was evacuated or even warned of the danger. One survivor takes us for a drive down Death Mile where 27 of 28 families have suffered birth defects or cancer..."

Ever want to know how to make 90 minutes seem like a lifetime? Go see Shout. What a mess. It's the mid-1950s in Clarity, Texas. The new music teacher Cabe...

Film Review  October 11, 1991, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...And Sara presumably goes back to college. Choreographer Hornaday (Flashdance, A Chorus Line) debuts as a director with Shout and could be forgiven some of the story defects if only Shout were a better musical..."

To Your Health
Now that I am pregnant, my mother-in-law is very concerned about the vitamin A in a multivitamin I have used for years. Am I endangering my baby?
Columns  June 22, 2001, by James Heffley, Ph.D.
"...However, more is not always better and certain nutrients deserve closer examination. A 1995 article in the New England Journal of Medicine warned that vitamin A in amounts over 8000 IU per day might lead to an increase in birth defects, specifically cleft palate..."

To Your Health
Using DNA to provide customized vitamins based on genetic needs
Columns  July 1, 2005, by James Heffley, Ph.D.
"...• A cardiac panel identifies the mutations associated with increased risk of developing atherosclerosis, hypertension, and coronary artery disease. The tests check for risk factors that include blood clotting syndromes, cholesterol regulation defects, and inflammation markers...."

Abortion Regulation Trial Concludes
Judge will rule "as quickly as I can"
DAILY News  October 23, 2013, by Jordan Smith
"...He said the state has not only an interest in protecting the safety of women via both provisions, but also an interest in protecting fetal life – for example, the second of a two-drug abortion-inducing cocktail has been known to cause birth defects in fetuses, he argued (presumably those that weren't properly aborted and then are carried to term). And that alone "is sufficient" to create a compelling state interest in regulating pharmaceutical abortion...."

The Common Law
I don't want this car
Columns  April 16, 2004, by Luke Ellis
"...In some circumstances, however, a consumer may be able to use the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. Under the DTPA, it is against the law for a seller to fail to disclose known defects in order to induce you to purchase the item..."

2016 Oscar-Nominated Short Films: Documentaries – Program B
Be the most knowledgeable voter at your Oscar party
Film Review  February 5, 2016, by Josh Kupecki
"...In Courtney Marsh's "Chau, Beyond the Lines," we meet the 16-year-old Chau, a Vietnamese teenager disabled due to the effects of Agent Orange. Placed in a care center at a young age with other children with birth defects, Chau dreams of becoming an artist..."

The Green Hornet
This Hornet's a cheesy and borderline-boring cream puff of a vigilante.
Film Review  January 14, 2011, by Marc Savlov
"...Rogen, slightly miscast (although you can see what they were aiming for), plays Britt Reid, the wealthy, arrogant, spoiled, party-happy scion of a big-city newspaper publisher. As played by Rogen, Britt embodies the worst character defects of Bruce Wayne minus the stoic panache and single-minded drive..."

The Common Law
Protest High Property Taxes
Columns  July 2, 2010, by Luke Ellis
"...• Defects not mentioned in the district's survey (cracked foundation, inadequate plumbing, etc.) – take photos and or get supporting statements from builders, contractors, or appraisers to support your position...."

The Yes Men Fix the World
These anti-corporate pranksters strike again.
Film Review  February 5, 2010, by Marc Savlov
"...1 is Dow Chemical (corporate slogan: "We bring good things to life!"), having recently acquired Union Carbide, whose brand was scuttled stockwise by their lead role in the world's worst-ever industrial accident in July 1984 in Bhopal, India. (Some 3,800 were killed outright with an estimated 100,000 others instantly doomed to live the brief remainder of their lives suffering from illnesses ranging from crippling emphysema to horrific birth defects..."

A 'Topsy-Turvy' Take on Life
How we live our lives and how we live our movies
DAILY Screens  October 16, 2008, by Kimberley Jones
"...Where we cross swords is in what one then does with the fruits of that self-examination. It's a notable achievement to identify one's own defects, but the real struggle is in righting those defects, or at least trying to temper their damaging winds..."

The Common Law
Protesting High Property Taxes: Persuasive Evidence
Columns  May 16, 2008, by Luke Ellis
"...• Defects not mentioned in the district's survey (cracked foundation, inadequate plumbing, etc.). Take photos and/or get supporting statements from builders, contractors, or appraisers to support your position...."

Rock & Roll Books
Punk love
Music Story  June 1, 2007, by Darcie Stevens
"..."Long before I was a Zen monk, I was a punk rock bass player," begins Brad Warner in his second book, Sit Down and Shut Up: Punk Rock Commentaries on Buddha, God, Truth, Sex, Death, & Dogen's Treasury of the Right Dharma Eye (from green publisher New World Library). That mouthful could be Zen Buddhism for Dummies, as Warner, who played bass for Akron, Ohio, hardcore band Zero Defects, has a knack for laying down the nothingness for regular folks..."

The Common Law
Selling My Home - Disclose Death by Natural Causes?
Columns  November 17, 2006, by Luke Ellis
"...Not in your case. Texas law requires the seller of a property to disclose many things, including structural defects and latent (hidden) defects..."

Naked City
Headlines and Happenings from Austin and Beyond
News Story  January 27, 2006
"...• Comptroller and gubernatorial candidate Carole Keeton Strayhorn had little good to say about the Texas Residential Construction Commission during a news conference this week. She released a 50-page report that called for abolishing the agency, saying that it lacked enforcement powers to force builders to fix defects in homes and that the mediation process was more one of documenting defects than finding a resolution between homebuilder and homebuyer..."

Naked City
Headlines and happenings from Austin and beyond
News Story  October 21, 2005
"...Our government should give parents this information, and ultimately remove toxic chemicals from children's products," said TexPIRG Federal Field Associate Kim Frusciante. PBDEs are fire retardants that have been linked to a host of health concerns, including impaired learning and memory, reproductive defects, cancer, and impaired immune systems..."

To Your Health
I know acne is not life-threatening, but it makes my life miserable. I am considering AccutaneTM treatment but I'm open to other suggestions.
Columns  February 22, 2002, by James Heffley, Ph.D.
"...However, this is a cure that may be more dangerous than the disease, especially for women of childbearing age. ACT was introduced in 1982, and by 1990 the Food and Drug Association had reported about 1,000 ACT-related birth defects, which led most physicians to require women to take birth control pills before ACT would be prescribed...."

Grateful Dawg
Captain Trips Unplugged. Using the parlance of the day, the “unplugged” terminology might be the best way to get across the idea of Grateful Dawg -- home-movie footage cobbled together...
Film Review  November 2, 2001, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...His widow, Deborah Koons Garcia, is also listed as a creative consultant. If the film's archival reminiscences disappoint in their redundancy and lack of new information, the music more than makes up for these defects..."

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