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The Jacqueline Susann Story
My Heart Belongs to Daddy... or His Equivalent in Drugs
Books Story  February 13, 1998
"...At his grandmother's funeral, he shakes his cousins' hands, and "asked them how their mommas was." He writes about "fake, pink" tomatoes that New Yorkers eat "because they don't know no better." At another point, talking about race relations in his part of rural Alabama, he says that he and his brothers would throw rocks at the black children who lived down the road. Then, after the same children brought them some food during a period when his mother was sick in bed, Bragg writes, "I would like to say that we came together but that would be a lie..."

Step Outside
California's Smoking Ban... Coming to a Club Near You?
Music Story  February 13, 1998, by Michael Bertin
"...So much for getting help from the food service industry. Amazingly enough, though, we do have a real live lab-mouse of a test case in Austin - several years into an involuntary experiment to determine what effects a smoking ban would have on a nightclub...."

Record Reviews
Music Review  August 29, 1997
"...Can't believe you did that, can you? Well, that's what you get for having too good a time. Oh, you had fun, alright, but now there's a big mess to clean; someone vomited VU all over your precious collection of classic psychedelic pop records; beer and food are mashed into the shag of your British Bohemia go-go rug; they broke the Lava Lamp and took the strobe light; and they smoked all your pot and ate the whole blotter of acid..."

Postmarks Scandal!
Columns  August 1, 1997
"...Plazas are often used, as well, as sites for market days where vendors and farmers set up an array of goods once or twice a week. What pleasure! And what a far cry from mega malls and strip centers filled with chain stores and fast food franchises, to which we race on perilous highways -- that is, when we're not closeted at home or work, riveted to our TV and computer screens......"

Perpetuating Preservation
Austin's Historic Victory Grill
Music Story  January 3, 1997, by Christopher Hess
"...One soldier stationed at Fort Hood, Bobby Bland, became a regular at the club, stepping up to house musician, and eventually taking over the house band. Though the sale of food and drinks were a part of the Victory Grill from the beginning, even then it was based on a much larger idea -- the need and desire to bring people together, to be a forum for the furthering of the community's identity...."

Making a Difference: Being There
Columns  June 14, 1996
"...Following are some of the ways you, as a volunteer, can give directly to clients at ASA. Food Pantry: stock shelves, greet clients, sack groceries, etc. Freelance: drive clients to appointments, help with some general, light housework, hospital visits..."

Rock and a Hard Place
Balancing the Austin Music Ledger
Music Story  December 1, 1995
"...For Pratz and his fellow club owners, the "price of progress" is the combination of increased competition and the rising costs of taxes, insurance, alcohol prices, and the light and sound production it takes to keep customers happy. For the musician, Austin's progress has driven up his/her cost of living (rent, food, etc.) as well as creating a competitive climate that sees more bands vying for a limited amount of stage time -- a situation that encourages bands to play for less money simply for the exposure opportunity..."

Film Reviews
News Story  October 6, 1995
"...Reviving that world may have been the most important thing about this film for screenwriter-director Franklin (One False Move). While he stages the genre material efficiently enough - the obligatory slugfests and gunfights are crisp and the scenes of confrontation are adequately tense - he doesn't give them the spark of other, less plot-oriented sequences: making small talk in a store below a speakeasy, sharing food and drink at a kitchen table with a grieving man, panning past crowds of African-Americans bustling along Central Avenue..."

Film Reviews
News Story  September 29, 1995
"...The virtual villages that form in the stadium parking lots along the Dead tour are composed of tens of thousands of people. Most are there for the vibe, others are there to vend items such as food, T-shirts, and crystals..."

Day Trips
Columns  August 18, 1995
"...The ground level of the grandstand is really where the action and fun happen. The open spaces are filled with people milling about, and the smell of food vendors gives the area the feel of a town plaza on Saturday afternoon...."

Books, Books, Books
The Summer of '95
Books Story  June 2, 1995
"...When my finances and ego are at rock bottom, I consider joining the army, substitute teaching, or returning to waitressing. After reading Waiting: Waiters' True Tales of Crazed Customers, Murderous Chefs, and Tableside Disasters by Bruce Griffin Henderson (Plume, $9.95 paper) - a collection of comments from waiters on such subjects as disasters, tipping, food, and chefs - however, I've decided that marching for hours or spending the day with 30 short, hyper people are my options: I will never wait again...."

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