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Columns  November 21, 1997
"...Do you know if Flo's restaurant will be re-opening? The sign is still out in front of her relatively new location on East 11th Street and Navasota. (An article on soul food in the Chronicle ["Southern Comfort," Vol.16, No.40] is what originally prompted me to go there.)..."

Public Notice
Columns  September 13, 1996, by Kate X Messer
"...Ben White. Beckoning you to walk into the light, the Austin Whole Life Expo at Palmer Auditorium will accept donations for ASA, the Parks Foundation, or Capital Area Food Bank in lieu of the $8 admission -- let your consciousness be your guide...."

Film Reviews
News Story  November 17, 1995
"...Reviving that world may have been the most important thing about this film for screenwriter-director Franklin (One False Move). While he stages the genre material efficiently enough - the obligatory slugfests and gunfights are crisp and the scenes of confrontation are adequately tense - he doesn't give them the spark of other, less plot-oriented sequences: making small talk in a store below a speakeasy, sharing food and drink at a kitchen table with a grieving man, panning past crowds of African-Americans bustling along Central Avenue..."

Java Amping
Austin's Coffeehouse Circuit
Music Story  October 20, 1995
"..."We have our sources," she snorted with a big smirk on her face. If you get hungry or have a thirst for more than coffee, 'zino serves food, as well as beer and wine..."

Mann Made
Techno-Romance Artist Thomas Mann
Arts Story  September 29, 1995
"...Everyday Objects will be shown at I/O Gallery, the artist's New Orleans space, in October. Food for Thought used jewelry to talk about issues of hunger..."

How to Be Your Best Self in 2019
Take a class, learn a language, find your people
DAILY Chron Events  January 10, 2019
"...Want to start a veg garden but not sure how? The Sustainable Food Center can help. The SFC offers training for newbie gardeners, as well as cooking and kitchen skills classes that teach you what to do with all that glorious new plant bounty..."

Austin's Hottest Winter Date Ideas
Seasonally appropriate suggestions for your next night out
DAILY Chron Events  December 3, 2018, by Shalavé Cawley
"...You haven’t done Christmas in Austin without a trip to the Trail of Lights. Two million lights take over Zilker Park, making for a spectacular walk with food trucks, holiday activities, and live music performances along the way..."

Staying Hospitable During Our Nation's Division
Local restaurateurs discuss civility at the table
Food Story  November 8, 2018, by Melanie Haupt
"...Says Alexis Lanman, director of marketing, "We aim to align with community and charitable organizations that are near and dear to our team's hearts and passions. We work collaboratively with our people to determine the best partnerships based on shared values." New Waterloo has donated percentages of their sales to Equality Texas, GENAustin, Meals on Wheels, Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, and the Sustainable Food Center..."

Home Slice Pizza, Via 313, Pinthouse Pizza Collaboration!
DOUGHvember is filled with local charity events, and it kicks off today
DAILY Food  November 1, 2018, by Emily Beyda

Texas Book Festival 2018: Meet the Indie Next Authors
Faves R.O. Kwon, Tommy Orange, and Nicole Chung get personal
DAILY Arts  October 28, 2018, by Rosalind Faires
"...Their books might not have a great deal in common on the surface – The Incendiaries follows two college students who wrestle with radicalization and loss of faith, There There is a multi-perspective novel about Native Americans living in Oakland, and All You Can Ever Know charts its author’s experience as a transracial adoptee – but Depp deftly found common ground for the panelists with questions about the intimate nature of their work, the way all three books play with structure, and the experiences Kwon, Orange, and Chung share as nonwhite authors surrounded by a very white literary canon. Kwon recounted her youthful lightbulb moment, realizing that she didn’t have to have white protagonists: “Oh, Korean food can be in a book!” Orange admitted that working on something as personal as There There was scary, but that he took comfort in the fact that “the people close to [him] know what’s true.” Chung shared her worries resulting from the fact that “scarcity is the norm” – there are so few Korean-American memorists or stories about and by transracial adoptees, and she wants to be clear that she is sharing her own specific experience, not speaking for everyone...."

The Brewer's Table
East Austin’s truly wonderful dining experience with a complicated history
Food Story  September 13, 2018, by Melanie Haupt
"...A continuous lover." Indeed, beer shapes the culinary discourse here, with ingredients moving back and forth from brew space to kitchen, including barley and yeast and herbs and malt. In this historic area settled by a Swedish cattle rancher and, until recently, home to many low-income folks, the Brewer's Table is an innovative restaurant indicative of where the Austin food scene has been and is going, while also serving as the latest example of formidable change into the Eastside...."

The Color of Alina Baraz
Midwestern electro siren doubles down
DAILY Music  September 6, 2018, by Jeremy Steinberger
"...Every time I go to Texas, the fans are not afraid to sing and dance. And the food!..."

How a Genetic Disorder Drove Abby Solomon to the Forefront of Science and Music
After supplying a scientific breakthrough, this Austinite improves one show at a time
Music Story  September 6, 2018, by Rachel Rascoe
"...For Dr. Atul Chopra at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, she spent 24 hours in a metabolic chamber to monitor her breathing and food intake..."

40 Songs to Make You Feel Better (or Worse) About Drinking
A sampling of drinking songs local, south of the border, and global
Music Story  July 12, 2018, by The Music Staff
"...A grunge-punk Motörhead, this earthshaking Australian trio plowed its most fertile drinking anthem only 23 years into an inglorious career. Goliath frontman Ross Knight sings just 17 words on the Glorius Barsteds ode to pub life down under, listing bar food staples including schnitzel, chips, and "beetroot" – canned beets..."

A Good Time to Be Lawrence Wright
With new book God Save Texas, The Looming Tower series on Hulu, and his play Cleo at the Alley, Lawrence Wright is the man of the moment
Arts Story  April 12, 2018, by Elizabeth Banicki
"...In the dimly lit comfort of the indoors, we ordered wine and food. Recovered from the outdoor assault, I noted how he seemed to close in now that there were people around – not uncomfortable, just a little less open..."

ICYMI: Chez Nous
French bistro offers comfort, romance, and wonderful food
Food Column  February 8, 2018, by Jessi Cape
"...Boasting one of the best dinner prix fixe menus in town, a cool $34.50 will land you appetizer choices like salade lyonnaise or pâté maison, entrées such as saumon au beurre blanc or house-made lamb sausage with apricot, and a choice of desserts including mousse au chocolat and creme brûlée. Lunch offers a great chance to take a midday break with seafood crepes and salad verte, featuring a light and crisp Champagne vinaigrette..."

Day Trips & Beyond: February Events Roundup
February fun in the Year of the Dog
DAILY Travel  January 31, 2018, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...25, 2-5pm. There will be free music, kids' activities, food, drinks, and tours of the new layout..."

Hit the Spot Cafe
This local library’s diner serves up cheese, grease, and nostalgia
Food Column  January 11, 2018, by Emily Beyda
"...The waitress recommended the mac & cheese and mashed potatoes, but the idea of consuming such a large pile of similarly colored carb mush made my citified heart shake in its boots, so I replaced the potatoes with cabbage (the only non-fried vegetable option on the menu). The steak is pounded thin and slapped with a layer of chewy thin breading, super crispy and lace-ragged at the edges, like the best fast-food chicken you ever had..."

Korea’s Blue-Collar Heroes
AFS highlights the films of Bong Joon-ho
Screens Story  January 4, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...Alongside Park Chan-wook, Snowpiercer director Bong Joon-ho has become the most recognizable name in Korean cinema for American audiences – so much so that Netflix not only financed his latest, Okja, but has given it the big awards season push. But where Park (The Handmaiden, the Vengeance trilogy) always fostered a twist of the high gothic in his work, Bong's characters are blue-collar underdogs: store workers, secretaries, fast-food vendors...."

Shuck It 101
Making the case for cracking your own oysters
DAILY Food  November 29, 2017, by Danny Palumbo
"...If you turn your nose up at eating oysters with crackers and cocktail sauce, then a Gulf oyster isn't for you. They're blue-collar, working-class seafood; they're shellfish for the people..."

The Crack Pipes’ Beautiful Protest
Track premiere from the ATX blues punks’ vinyl reissue
DAILY Music  September 26, 2017, by Michael Toland
"...“So the first part I consider the question: What do we think we’re accomplishing doing all this stuff? Rather than making sure people have enough food and clothing, we’re using violence to try to free them? The answer is the crazy blow-out part...."

Internet Back to School Supplies
You've filled out the apps to get here – now it's time to download some
DAILY Chronolog  August 22, 2017, by Katarina Brown
"...An app that’s useful regardless of your college, Hooked gives you discounts at restaurants and bars based on your location. Finding cheap food is probably your best option to become the most popular kid in the crowd, so download it and strive to avoid the hordes of students complaining about how broke they are. InclusiveU..."

Review: Mattie's
Green Pastures lives at revitalized grande dame
Food Story  July 6, 2017, by Brandon Watson
"...By the time I was able to make my first dinner visit some five years ago, the entire place seemed dusty, weighed down with swags of Victorian(ish) drapery and overly polite quiet. And the food seemed just as dated..."

Emily West's "Why Eulagene?"
Second Place winner in the 2017 Austin Chronicle Short Story Contest
Arts Story  June 8, 2017, by Emily West
"..."Yes! I just caught the end, but I knew it was your voice! '... simple goodness, like farm fresh foods and sunny days..."

In Memoriam: Jason Tremblay
Playwright to be remembered at the Paramount on Sunday
DAILY Arts  April 28, 2017, by Robert Faires
"...Most writers do all their managing of events from the comfort of a computer screen, but Tremblay was also an expert stage manager, plying his skills at some of the biggest events in town – the X Games, South by Southwest, Pachanga Fest, the Austin Food and Wine Festival, and the Texas Monthly BBQ Festival – and events involving some of the biggest names anywhere: President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Kanye West, to name a few. He was also festival director for the Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival..."

How Smart Is Your City?
Interactive panels dive into the data
Screens Story  March 9, 2017, by Beejoli Shah
"...Part of the problem may lie in their branding. Austin's pitch early on included self-driving cars, electric fleets, and "connected corridors" along stretches of roads and highways – exactly the sorts of touch-of-a-button services residents likely envision when they imagine a smart city – all intended "to improve access to jobs, education, healthcare, healthy food, and other areas of need." But at their core, smart cities aren't a mesh network of optimized consumer services, they're a trove of constant data collection; data collection that, in theory, cities can then use to adapt those consumer-facing services in real time...."

Day Trips & Beyond: Ice Fishing, Door County, Wis.
A trip to Sturgeon Bay
DAILY Travel  February 15, 2017, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant: Swedish and American food, famous for their hearty breakfasts. Has goats grazing on the sod roof during the summer..."

Austin Film Festival Review: An Acquired Taste
Locavore youth documentary debut aims to please
DAILY Screens  October 16, 2016, by Sean L. Malin
"...Lemaire – who began shooting, writing, producing, and directing her debut in 2011 – follows three subjects: the self-confident, quiet Nick, who feels compelled to connect with his food; phobia-ridden Alex; and Ashlie, whose father believes hunting will cut through her reserve. By chance, these young people are thrown together on an expedition organized by the U.S..."

Opal Divine’s 13th Annual Whisky Festival: A Review
A night of quaffs from those distant lands where the wild haggis roam
DAILY Food  December 7, 2015, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Also, food. You want to serve people umpteen samples of a beverage this potent, you want to have a lot of solid calories on hand, too, to help temper the levels of intoxication, to assist with pacing..."

Just Desserts
Giving new life to the end of the meal
Food Story  July 16, 2015, by Rachel Feit
"...These days, desserts are so much more than that. This is thanks in part to a growing recognition and respect for pastry chefs in the food industry..."

The Hightower Report: 2016 Presidential Candidates Address Inequality (Sort of)
Aid goes to the same old corporate elites
News Column  May 28, 2015, by Jim Hightower
"...For example, Sen. Rubio proposes to kill the food stamp program (even though the need for it is greater than ever) and redirect that money into what he calls a subsidy for low-wage workers..."

This Is Not a Gay Column
AIDS awareness, Liberace, Scruff, and crafty prep for Queerbomb make a week in gay
Columns  May 14, 2015, by Kate X Messer
"...Amaris Ortiz: Fundraiser for Change Bring awareness to Trans* reality and support Amaris on the next part of his journey with cash bar, live music, food, and exciting door prizes. Sun., May 17, 7pm..."

The Luv Doc: Facebook Official
A sad attempt at territorial boundary pissing
Columns  April 3, 2015, by The Luv Doc
"...And yes, he might owe you an explanation as well, but do you really want one? Do you really want to hear why this guy felt it was important to get the message out on social media that he scored some strange at a festival? Bravo, good sir. We are all impressed that you barebacked your FBetrothed in a porta-potty next to the McDonald’s “Fry-Fi” food truck, but that, like chlamydia, is not a post-worthy accomplishment..."

The Republic of Sandwich
We pledge allegiance
Food Story  January 15, 2015, by Rachel Feit
"...There are no water-injected, shrink-wrapped deli meats served here. Instead, just about everything from meats and mayo to dressings and sides are made in a diminutive kitchen that makes a food trailer canteen look roomy..."

St. Philip
St. Philip is mostly divine
Food Story  January 8, 2015, by Virginia B. Wood
"...When we interviewed culinary director and project partner Philip Speer before the restaurant opened in the fall, he said "made-from-scratch doughs and batters will be the canvas for what we create here," describing St. Philip as "a comfortable neighborhood restaurant offering guests good food and an interactive dining experience." Based on several recent visits, we'd have to say that vision is being realized..."

New Year's Eve: Worst Snow Day Ever
City cancels celebration after learning New Year's is in winter
DAILY News  December 31, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...The press conference was supposed to preview what the city promised would be a "family-friendly celebration featuring the best of Austin arts, music, food and culture." Specifically, it would feature a performance by DJ! Dub Academy and Soul Sessions Breakdancers, plus an "interactive hologram" created by Asleep At the Wheel vocalist Elizabeth McQueen." Instead, it was Manno explaining exactly why the forecast for bad weather was enough to shut the whole affair down...."

Many Happy Returns
New name, same quality at the Preserve
Food Story  December 23, 2014, by Claudia Alarcón
"...The bar menu, like the food, is in constant flux – driven by available ingredients, seasonality, and weather. It includes local and craft brews, sipping tequilas, small-batch whiskeys, and excellent cocktails..."

First Look: Drinks Lounge
Cocktails and comfort via Brixton and Shangri-La
DAILY Food  October 13, 2014, by Adrienne Whitehorse
"...He suggests that he vomit in the corner on his way out. He’s pleased to find out he can bring his dog into the bar, since they don’t serve food (yet)..."

So Far, So Good
Kyōten charms with simple pleasures
Food Story  October 2, 2014, by Brandon Watson
"...But everything is placed with purpose, the plants are the only thing that are solely for show. It's a neat echo of what to expect once the food arrives...."

Chef Genealogy
Tracing culinary family trees to the roots of four local mentors
DAILY Food  September 16, 2014, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Andrew Francisco - formerly EC at Mettle, now co-owner of Aqua Crisps, a snack food company..."

Best of Both Worlds
El Sapo wows with Tex-Mex burger mix
Food Story  August 14, 2014, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Now that I've had a chance to give the menu a test-drive, El Sapo has become my go-to neighborhood spot for designer burgers, replacing the much-lamented Your Mom's Burger Bar that departed from Airport Boulevard in the spring. It's convenient both to eat in and take out, and the food packs a wallop of flavor..."

Eat Local, Help the Earth on April 22
Supporting environmental nonprofits is as easy as eating lunch
DAILY Food  April 21, 2014, by Melanie Haupt
"...The world is really your oyster at dinnertime, whether you want to go large with enchiladas and margs at Matt’s El Rancho, steak or burgers at ALC Steaks, locally sourced Southern comfort at Greenhouse Craft Food, or old-world with Nik’s Italian Kitchen...."

Keeping Austin Green
The Parks budget finally got a boost, but the real job has just begun
News Story  November 8, 2013, by Chase Hoffberger
"...News of the redevelopment raised plenty of local eyebrows at the donation's June announcement, among other reasons because the events production company (which in 2009 also lavishly re-greened ACL Fest site Zilker Park) was initiating a project that would displace the Fun Fun Fun Fest, produced by C3 competitor Transmission Events. (The project has also forced temporary relocation of a number of other events and festivals: the Reggae Festival, the Urban Music Festival, shows at South by Southwest, a number of city races, and C3's own Austin Food & Wine Festival, currently on the calendar for the last weekend in April.)..."

DVD Watch: 'Downton Abbey'
Limited edition box set is out today on DVD and Blu-ray
DAILY Screens  October 1, 2013, by Monica Riese
"...• This Is the End (Sony Pictures, $17.99 DVD, $40.99 combo): Maybe this apocalyptic tale of bromantic comedy, Hollywood insider jokes, and dick-waggling is better enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, with a couple close friends … and enough food and drink to last a few months, just in case. Read our theatrical review here...."

Playback: In a New York State of Mind
Mother Falcon hits Gotham, Not in the Face sears Vancouver, and Black Joe Lewis comes home
Music Column  June 21, 2013, by Kevin Curtin
"...When you're local indie-pop orchestra Mother Falcon, and your band's the size of a soccer team, everything becomes more complicated: ordering food, dividing up the drink tickets, assembling band members for a photo, and, more than anything else, touring...."

There’s a Blue Note in Each Song That I Sing Since You’ve Been Gone
George Jones, 1931-2013
DAILY Music  April 26, 2013, by Tim Stegall
"...Jones lived hard and fast and found himself frequently penniless despite his massive success, confessing that the likes of both Jennings and Johnny Cash had helped him financially at times. He sold dog food at his concerts and had succumbed on occasion to re-recording inferior versions of his classics to pay the bills..."

News Ticker: April 26
All the news that's fit to blog
DAILY News  April 26, 2013, by Brandon Watson

National Grilled Cheese Day
Gustidude's ode to the master of comfort food sandwiches
DAILY Food  April 12, 2013, by Mick Vann
"...My guess is that as soon as cheese made its appearance on American shores, and that was most likely via the Spanish, some crude form of grilled cheese sandwich-making was going on. I couldn't tell you who actually invented it, but I do know it's one of the most satisfying comfort foods in culinary history...."

Take Two Aspirin and Ping Me in the Morning
Heath care: an oral future
Screens Story  March 8, 2013, by Shawn Badgley
"...The first one is the people: We have 90,000 employees at the department. You have to keep in mind that HHS is inclusive of the National Institutes of Health, the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which is the world's largest insurance company, for lack of a better term..."

Point Austin: Government by Panic
The 'sequester' says more about our politics than our economy
News Column  March 1, 2013, by Michael King
"...It goes on from there: cuts in law enforcement and public safety; job search support and training; child care for 2,300 Texas children; 9,730 fewer child vaccinations; major cuts to public health emergency support; big hits to funds fighting domestic violence; major cuts to food aid for seniors (e.g., Meals on Wheels)...."

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