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Day Trips
Two Grannies' Downhome Cookin' in Glen Rose hands out hugs like most restaurants hand out mints
Columns  May 27, 2005, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...Two Grannies' Downhome Cookin' in Glen Rose hands out hugs like most restaurants hand out mints. It's pretty difficult to get in or out of the c afe without getting a big granny hug or without getting plenty of Southern comfort food to eat...."

Pastures Still Aplenty
Eating up the miles in search of country dining destinations
Food Story  February 25, 2005, by Virginia B. Wood
"...The once sleepy farm town of Bastrop and the tiny hamlets of Buda, Kyle, and even Niederwald welcome new residents daily. The major highways to and from these fast-growing bedroom communities are lined with national fast-food and quick-casual chains, attesting to the increased demographic..."

Page Two
More than the insanity or weaponry of Saddam Hussein, we should fear the deepening of a rift between the Muslim world and the West. The haste with which we are building toward war in Iraq is sending the wrong message to both.
Columns  December 20, 2002, by Louis Black
"...We are fighting a new war with the old ways and weapons. The concentration is on TV-friendly, massive actions -- a kind of ideological comfort food..."

Top Notch Restaurant
Trust us: 30 years later, it's still one of the best tastes in town.
Food Review  September 13, 2002, by Mick Vann
"...When you step inside Top Notch, you enter the world of "fast food" from the Sixties and Seventies, before chain restaurants destroyed our concept of what real food, served real fast could be. This is what someone of middle age grew up on, genuine food that makes no pretensions about what it is and isn't..."

Season's Grazings
Giving the gift of food this Christmas
Food Story  December 7, 2001, by Virginia B. Wood
"...This year's holiday season seems tinged with uncertainty; how much celebration is appropriate in the aftermath of tragedy and in the midst of war? Should we send greetings on postcards as opposed to cards in envelopes? What's affordable during a recession? Food is still guaranteed to comfort and, in this insecure time, the idea of cooking and or at least eating at home appears to be more appealing than ever. The need for cocooning safely around the family table makes cookbooks, culinary fiction, literary food writing, and kitchen gadgets great all-purpose Christmas gifts..."

Counting Our Blessings
Considering what we're thankful for in the local food scene
Food Story  November 23, 2001, by Barbara Chisholm

Readers Poll
Food Story  May 25, 2001
"...HONORABLE MENTIONShady Grove, Houston's, Cafe SpiazzoSeafood DishMirabelleRUNNERS-UPPappadeaux, Gilligan's..."

Readers Poll
Food Story  May 12, 2000
"...HONORABLE MENTIONWest Lynn Cafe, Mother's Cafe & GardenBEST SEAFOOD DISHGilligan'sRUNNERS-UPPappadeaux's Seafood Kitchen, City Grill..."

Room With a Vista
New Brio Overlooks Hills, Not Adventure
Food Story  May 30, 1997, by Rebecca Chastenet dé Gery
"...Like its sister restaurant Z-Tejas, Brio, one of West Sixth Street's successful food ventures, has multiplied, providing Austin residents parallel cuisine in a Northwest location in the burgeoning Arboretum complex. The new Brio, aptly named Brio Vista for the unobstructed view it affords of the surrounding hills, possesses an inordinate amount of style..."

Subtle Sophistication
The Secret Is Out
Food Story  January 31, 1997, by Rebecca Chastenet dé Gery
"...Begun by Scott Campbell and Mary Hall Rodman in July 1996, HighLife Cafe (formerly The Wine Cellar and before that the California Hotel), today feels one part honest country inn, one part understated urban coffee bar. It offers a limited if well-executed menu, an extensive wine and port list and selection of beer on tap, as well as changing daily food specials..."

Spider House Kitchen Is Closed
Arlo’s to take over all food operations
DAILY Food  December 14, 2018, by Jessi Cape
"...According to General Manager Jay Cesak, they are “moving toward a Cheer Up Charlies model, with Arlo’s taking over all food operations.” Spider House has moved another trailer from Casino Southside into the back “chapel-ish” area, and now there will be two Arlo’s trucks on site. Arlo’s is known for its vegan comfort food like the Bac’n Cheeze Burger...."

Review: Citizen Eatery
Vegetarian eating for a new Austin
Food Story  July 13, 2017, by Brandon Watson
"...But diets have changed since that Hyde Park stalwart first opened. Veganism has become more common, various permutations of the Atkins diet remain in fashion, and food allergies are now as much of a badge of upward mobility as oversized bags..."

Soul Summit Achievements
Inaugural African-American foodways symposium successful
DAILY Food  July 2, 2015, by Virginia B. Wood
"...The first annual Soul Summit: A Conversation About Race, Identity, Power, and Food was a unprecedented gathering of African-American culinary professionals and foodways scholars held at various locations around East Austin on Juneteenth weekend, June 19-21...."

Texas Honey Ham
Still going strong after arson-robbery
Food Story  June 11, 2015, by Melanie Haupt
"...Teen girls gossip while teen boys jostle one another. These kinds of gatherings can happen at any given cafe in any given town; but what brings people back is the food...."

Wondrous FIFA 2014 World Cup Watching
Enjoy fútbol with international style and comfort at these restaurants
Food Story  June 12, 2014, by Claudia Alarcón
"...Russian House will be showing the games live at the bar, featuring drink and food specials, and a half-time happy hour. You can bet that chef Vladimir Gribkov will pull out all stops in the kitchen, and the vodka will flow freely during Mother Russia's matches..."

Hi Fidelity
Trying – and failing – to make it work with Hi Hat Public House
Food Story  April 18, 2014, by Anna Toon
"...After a disastrous brunch service in September that saw multiple dishes sent back to the kitchen, I broke up with Hi Hat Public House. Drawn in by their well-curated craft beer selection, comfort-food menu, and Eastside location, I had desperately wanted the relationship to work out, but alas, a frigid helping of biscuits and gravy sealed our fate..."

This Little Piggy's Going to New York
Salty Sow previews upcoming Beard House dinner
DAILY Food  January 27, 2014, by Rachel Feit
"...Chef Marmulstein, who comes to Austin by way of upstate New York and Atlanta, has so far impressed Austinites with his high concept nose-to-tail comfort food. He’ll have a chance to strut his stuff and answer questions about his culinary aesthetic for New York’s foodies next month...."

Tickle the Ribs
The first annual 'Austin Chronicle' Invitational BBQ Beef Rib Smackdown
Food Story  January 17, 2014, by Mick Vann
"...Demand for short ribs has shot up; braised short ribs are showing up on more fine dining and comfort food menus around the country, plus more and more beef ribs are being processed for kalbi (Korean barbecued beef ribs). Couple this with lower numbers of market cattle available due to the drought, and you have a seller's market..."

There's a Seat for Everybody at This Table
Food Story  November 22, 2013, by Jessi Cape
"...In a season commonly dedicated to pleasing the omnivorous among us, a meat-free main course is always a welcome addition to shared meals, particularly when it's both substantial and delicious for a variety of diets. Though Moosewood Collective is based in Ithaca, New York, their odes to vegetarian Southern comfort food have become staple recipes and regular "Blue Plate Specials." Appealing both in texture and flavor, the Dixie Tofu-Pecan Loaf proves a hearty late-fall entrée, excellent for a Thanksgiving table..."

For Those Late-Night, All-Night Cravings
Food Story  March 15, 2013, by Jessi Cape
"...24 Diner (600 N. Lamar) A Downtown 24-hour diner next door to Waterloo Records, offering "chef-inspired comfort food," with farm-to-table ingredients (when possible) and a menu stocked with modernized 1950s-era classics, such as milkshakes or chicken and waffles...."

Mrs. Santa's Book Bag
Food Story  December 7, 2012, by Amy Kritzer
"...  What makes certain foods Jewish? With the Jewish culture's geographical reach – from South Africa to Austria – can there be just one definition? For author Jayne Cohen, Bubbe's (Grandma's) sacred holiday recipes create the common bond. This, her second cookbook, includes both traditional dishes and elevated modern twists to simultaneously connect to past generations and evolve traditions for the future..."

Foraging Near Zilker
Food Story  October 5, 2012
"...8) Green Mesquite Barbeque & More One of Austin's favorite barbecue dives – it may look seedy, but the menu is extensive and the food is terrific. 1400 Barton Springs Rd...."

It's the pigs
Food Review  December 9, 2011, by Melanie Haupt
"...Chef Tyler Johnson, formerly of the food trailer Along Came a Slider, isn't playing around when it comes to delivering on the titular promise of his hip, pig-centric eatery, Bacon. The new hot spot, opened in Septem­ber, occupies the little frame house on 10th Street where the Screaming Goat resided until June of this year..."

Restaurant Roulette
The 10 you clicked
Food Story  January 7, 2011, by Anne Harris
"...La Condesa Chef Rene Ortiz and pastry chef Laura Sawicki serve up the cuisine of Mexico City's Colonia Condesa at this environmentally friendly 2nd Street District anchor, setting a new metric for local Interior Mexican eats. A relatively new denizen in the Austin food scene having opened in 2009, it took home four Chronicle Restaurant Poll honors in its first year of operation: Readers Favorite, Readers Best New Restaurant, Critics Best Octopus Dish, and Critics Best New Cocktails..."

Wine of the Week
The best wine deals in Downtown
Food Column  March 19, 2010, by Wes Marshall
"...Second, 472-9463, has more than 50 wines by the glass, and they are brilliantly chosen. The food is simple bistro fare, leaning heavily on classic French dishes..."

A Walk in Austin's Shoes
Curious tidbits and Austin arcana
News Story  March 19, 2010, by the News Staff
"...Already a rebellious outsider back in Port Arthur, where she grew up, she was never meant for frat-straight early-Sixties UT. She was enrolled as a fine arts student and began playing autoharp in a bluegrass band, both on campus and at the original Threadgill's Bar & Grill on North Lamar, which is still cooking up good food and good music nearly 50 years later..."

24 Diner
Check out this newest addition to Austin's round-the-clock restaurants
Food Review  March 5, 2010, by Kate Thornberry
"...Despite its name, 24 Diner does not specialize in typical diner fare. Instead, it serves what Curren describes as "elevated comfort food": meat loaf, chicken pot pie, roasted chicken, shepherd's pie, chicken and waffles, and the like, made with premium ingredients..."

Justine's Brasserie
The kitchen serves food until 1:30am, attracting a late-night dining crowd that makes for splendid people-watching
Food Review  November 13, 2009, by Rachel Feit
"...When Pierre Pelegrin and his wife, Justine Gilcrease, decided they wanted to start their own business, their first idea was to open a bar. But the thought of a bar with no food seemed sterile to Gilcrease, who envisioned an environment more like her living room..."

Max's Wine Dive
Max's offers a very affordable brunch and happy hour, but loud music is part of the package
Food Story  July 17, 2009, by Virginia B. Wood
"...When I heard the hip, popular Max's Wine Dive from Houston was planning a Downtown Austin outpost, I immediately checked it out online. Max's upscale comfort-food menu was very attractive and priced right, so I made mental notes about several dishes I intended to try when I got the chance..."

Day Trips
When discussing the finest cuisine in Central Texas, barbecue has to top the list
Columns  September 1, 2006, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...When I finally got my voice back, I said: "To talk about food outside of Austin, you have to start with barbecue." The state capital is surrounded by a higher concentration of top-notch barbecue joints than any other place on Earth. This is the Holy Land of smoked meats...."

Nutty Brown Cafe
Your first impression on walking into the Nutty Brown Cafe is that this place must have been here when the cattlemen were still using the Chisholm Trail
Food Review  September 16, 2005, by Wes Marshall
"...But our assignment this time was to check out the food and drink. We started on a late afternoon lunch..."

The Kitchen Door
Since 1975, the Kitchen Door has been selling hearty home-cooked American comfort food to go, and despite its longevity, it shows few signs of aging
Food Review  July 8, 2005, by Rachel Feit
"...Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm; Saturday, 8am-6pm Almost 50% of American food dollars are spent on meals prepared outside the home. And not just restaurants, but takeout places, as well, are popping out of every neighborhood to take advantage of our increasingly busy, and increasingly service-oriented lifestyles..."

To Your Health
Are there enough nutrients in gelatin desserts like Jell-O to do kids any good?
Columns  July 23, 2004, by James Heffley, Ph.D.
"...His wife, May, named it Jell-O. Since then Jell-O has become the staple comfort food in hospitals as well as potluck suppers..."

Summer Fun
Oh, Galveston
Features Story  May 14, 2004, by Kate X Messer
"...MOSQUITO CAFE Regulars joke that this cool little neighborhood bistro was one of the first in Galveston to succeed without the aid of a deep fryer. But just because their menu – featuring fresh fare with names like Killer Chicken and Kahuna Tuna – leans toward the green and healthy doesn't mean it doesn't also cater to those in need of a comfort food fix..."

Every Missed Bite a Heartbreak
Why Pacific Blue is one of the best new restaurants in Austin
Food Story  April 16, 2004, by Rachel Feit
"...And they are all well-prepared at Pacific Blue. Though much of Pacific Blue's food is basically traditional, the kitchen's specialties draw on fusion concepts, incorporating Western-style ingredients, preparation, and presentations...."

After a Fashion
This week, your Style Avatar dresses to the nines and eats well
Columns  January 23, 2004, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...Don't ask any questions; just look fabulous, and be on time." He did show up looking fabulous and about as on time as possible for him (only 45 minutes late). We went to a lovely preparty get-together at Margaret Shaw's house in Clarksville -- a spread of excellent food and wine guaranteed to have us all prepared for the night ahead..."

The 2002 Austin Chronicle Restaurant Poll
Critics Picks
Food Story  May 24, 2002
"...AppetizersAntipasto case at VespaioBarbecueThe country-style pork ribs at Artz Rib HouseHamburgerCasino El Camino; BurgerTex on the DragSteakAustin Land & Cattle Co.Chicken-Fried SteakHoover's Cooking, R.O.'s OutpostFrench FriesWaterloo Ice House on SixthSoupNew England Clam Chowder at Whole Foods; Lobster Bisque at Emilia's; Tom Kah Kai at Madam Mam's; Gumbo at Quality SeafoodSaladsSpinach salad at Vespaio; Thai Beef Salad at Madam Mam's; Salade Lyonnaise at Chez Nous; Field Greens with Eggplant Croutons at AstiOriginal RecipesEmilia's, VespaioPub GrubB.D. Riley's, Mother Egan's Irish PubBagelsHot Jumbo BagelSushiUmi Sushi, OrigamiBowl of PhoTâm Deli & CafeAlternative to a Bowl of PhoRice Flour Crepes at SunflowerBreakfastJuan in a MillionMigasPolvo's, Las ManitasSandwichesOyster Po'Boys at Quality Seafood; Sloppy Joe at NeWorlDeli; Chicken with Parsley Vinaigrette at Jo's; AzulHonorary Ed Ward Chicken Sandwich AwardPhoenicia Bakery & DeliDessertLemon Meringue Cup at Wink; pies at R.O.'s Outpost; Chocolate Hazlenut Ganache at Lambert'sIce CreamDolce Vita (best scoop shop); Binasco (best retail pints)Coffee ShopJo's Hot Coffee, Cafe MundiPizzaReale's Pizza & Cafe, Saccone's PizzaEnchiladasEvita's Botanitas, Maudie's CafeVegetable DishHoover's Jalapeño Creamed SpinachChicken DishRoast Chicken at Lambert's; Chicken-Fried Chicken at Hoover's; Fried Chicken at Top NotchWild Game DishSika Deer at Kenichi; Wild Boar at SienaBargain DishSandwiches at Ba Le; Salvadoran Sampler at Chumikal'sVeggie BurgerHyde Park Bar & GrillTofu Dish888 CafeItalianVespaio, Siena Ristorante ToscanaChineseT & S Seafood, Din Ho Chinese BBQThaiMadam Mam'sOther AsianBistro 88, Java GrillAmerican BistroNorth by Northwest Restaurant & BreweryEveryday VegetarianMadras PavillionUpscale VegetarianDegustation menu at AquarelleVietnameseSunflower RestaurantFrench BistroChez NousCajun/CreoleMs..."

Critics Picks
Food Story  May 12, 2000
"...Best Seafood DishSaffron Seafood Risotto at Vespaio; Salt & Pepper Shrimp at T&S Seafood..."

Neighborhood Italian
Great Food Compensates for Ill-Fated Location
Food Story  April 25, 1997
"...An incredible yet poorly placed eatery can go bankrupt in months while a mediocre cafe can be a gold mine in a well-trafficked site. If you need proof, consider these four words: shopping mall food court...."

South Austin Italian Spot Milano Cafe Celebrates 10 Years
An authentic meal in a tucked-away Southwest Parkway strip mall
Food Column  January 24, 2019, by Lauren Jones
"...Milano Cafe's tucked-away spot in a Southwest Park­way strip mall is often blurred by whirring rush-hour traffic, so it may not be an obvious choice for an authentic Italian meal, but it should be. Co-owner Sami Demi draws inspiration from the flavors of central and southern Italy, and since opening Milano Cafe in April of 2009, he's been serving up comfort food with a side of old country charm and quality service..."

Frank & Angie’s: Closing Forever After Nov. 17
We told you this was coming, and, damn it, here it is
DAILY Food  November 6, 2018, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...“Frank & Angie’s is lucky to have enjoyed loyal support from our Austin neighbors since we opened in 1995,” says their most recent communication. “We worked hard to keep Frank & Angie’s a simple, comfortable restaurant that celebrates a love of family, food and coming together over a good meal..."

A Good Restaurant for an Awkward Conversation?
A place to say the things and eat the meatloaf
Food Column  September 27, 2018, by Emily Beyda
"...What's a good place to have an awkward conversation with an old friend? It's going to be a difficult talk, and I'm looking for somewhere quiet where I can assuage my guilt by buying them food and, ideally, booze...."

The Q&A Hole: What Got You Hooked On the Weird Stuff?
Waiting for the manlike creature with the glowing eyes
DAILY Arts  July 13, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner

Playback: “Hastily Prepared” Ordinances Head to City Council
Revised drafts of Agent of Change and OMV permitting head to Council, but again, live music interests raise alarms
Music Column  June 8, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...Problem is, in today's cap city land gold rush, the post-hippie, comfort-food-'n'-music establishment's continued existence amongst some of Austin's prime real estate remains increasingly implausible...."

Review: Irene's
ELM Group's latest project replays its greatest hits
Food Story  July 28, 2016, by Brandon Watson
"...The snacks portion of the menu mostly follows the Easy Tiger playbook of riffing on foods your mom might have packed for a summer road trip if said mom also always packed a case of Lone Star. There's a platonic ideal of movie-theatre popcorn, drizzled in cultured butter ($2); a solid harvest club mix ($3) with some extra electricity from dill; a "picnic" plate ($12) with deviled ham, summer sausage, newly voguish bread and butter pickles, and a chow chow that bears little resemblance to the stuff you find in jars; plus a cheese plate ($12) focused on accessible American Cheddar paired with Confituras' miraculous nectarine and white pepper jam..."

First Look: Stella San Jac
Even more Southern hospitality
DAILY Food  August 19, 2015, by Brandon Watson
"...Hotel restaurants have always gotten a bad rap. Legendary food writer Richard Olney used the words as a slur, sneering at “international hotel cooking” in The French Menu Cookbook..."

First Look: Liberty Kitchen
Houston favorite casts their line to Austin
DAILY Food  June 30, 2015, by Serena Yeh
"...Liberty Kitchen has just started making waves in Austin with a coastal seafood menu and everything-but-the-kitchen-sink dishes like the monster Heisenburg-er. Newly opened in Old West Austin*, the Houston group’s Austin outpost has a laid-back neighborhood feel that is removed from the hustle and bustle of Downtown Austin...."

Blue Streak
New Azul Tequila duplicates success
Food Story  December 11, 2014, by Virginia B. Wood
"...The former convenience store on Dry Creek just off RR 2222 has seen a long procession of restaurants over the past 30 years, mostly casual cafes offering counter service for burgers or barbecue. They all barely changed the food-mart atmosphere, and none of them lasted more than a few years, even with the addition of a bar and a patio..."

Dining Beyond the Chains
Good food moves to the 'burbs
Food Story  July 17, 2014, by Virginia B. Wood
"...As someone who has been reviewing restaurants for 20 years, it is all too rare that I am totally captivated by a restaurant, impressed by the decor, the ambience, the food, and the service as a complete package. I experienced this unique phenomenon recently at Georgetown's El Monumento and my only possible complaint is that this exemplary restaurant isn't in Austin..."

World Cup Watch: USA vs. Belgium
Free admission at two great venues today
DAILY Sports  June 30, 2014, by Anne Harris
"...Food, Brews, and a Full Bar Austin City Limits has announced a World Cup viewing party. If you'd like to cheer on the USA in air-conditioned comfort on a gigantic screen, surrounding TVs, and, duh, the best sound system in town, this one is for you...."

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