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Martin Scorsese steps outside his comfort zone to create an effects-heavy children’s film set in France – and winds up creating one of his most splendid and personal films.
Film Review  November 25, 2011, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...The boy continues to tinker with the automaton after he is relocated to the train station where his drunkard uncle (Winstone) maintains the clocks until he disappears, leaving Hugo again on his own. The boy nicks items of food from the station’s cafe and tools from the depot’s toy store..."

Screens Column  August 22, 1997, by Margaret Moser
"...Re-runs are the comfort food of television's menu. It's like seeing a familiar Denny's sign on an unfamiliar road or the old favorite tune that kicks in on the radio at just the right moment..."

Five Austin Chefs Reveal Their Favorite Foods to Start the Day
Who says you can't have ice cream and french fries for breakfast?
Food Story  March 8, 2018, by Dan Gentile
"..."I always thought it was a weird thing. I thought it was because we just didn't have any food, we're just mixing hot dogs with eggs."..."

Corporate Evolution: In-House Chef Serves Efficiency
Chef Ari Dvorin feeds morale of corporate clients
DAILY Food  August 13, 2013, by Carly Yansak
"...Hiring company chefs to provide in-house food service options is a relatively new trend in corporate culture. It's a way to bring staff members together and eliminate the time, thought and expense put into figuring out where and what they'll be eating during office hours..."

Second Helpings: Post-Easter-Egg-Hunt Brunch
Food Column  April 6, 2012
"...BC Tavern Take a short trip to Bee Cave for this upscale comfort food for Easter. Enjoy a special à la carte brunch menu from 11am to 3pm; if you're celebrating late in the day, dinner starts at 5pm..."

It's March in Austin, not April in Paris, but Hopfields splits the difference
Food Review  March 23, 2012, by Melanie Haupt
"...Opened quietly in November by Bay and Lindsay Anthon in the small shopping center across from Wheatsville Food Co-op at 31st and Guada­lupe, Hopfields has quickly established itself as a popular Hyde Park watering hole for those who might be a bit too mature for the typical bar scene. More than just a bar, though, Hopfields features French comfort food that transcends the genre of bar fare...."

Possessed of a jewellike individuality, Komé hits it out of the park
Food Review  February 17, 2012, by Kate Thornberry
"...What this has to do with Komé is that, unlike the sea of indistinguishable strip-mall sushi places that seem to open with regularity, Komé is one of these impossible gems of individuality. Owners Také and Kayo Asazu mindfully set out to open a restaurant that serves the one food that they could not find in Austin, for all our sushi bars: Japanese home cooking, or as Kayo calls it, "comfort food."..."

Southern Hospitality Catering & Dining
You'll go back to work with a full stomach and money left in your wallet
Food Review  December 10, 2010, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Lamar Ste. A-138, 458-4679 Monday-Friday, 7am-3pm"

Tasting 2002
The year in food
Food Story  January 3, 2003
"...1. Madam Mam's Noodles and More (2514 Guadalupe, 472-8306): My favorite Austin restaurant, and it's right across the street from my job! Thai food that equals or surpasses that found in the home country, large portions for little prices, and many home-style dishes not found on the standard Thai menus (and they've added about a dozen new items lately)..."

Soup's On
Eat Warm in Winter
Food Story  January 3, 1997, by Rebecca Chastenet dé Gery
"...Gone are the gazpacho and cool green salads, forgotten the grilled fish and marinades of soy or citrus fruits. What exits most kitchens during the chilling winter months has a mission beyond mere nourishment: Cold weather food soothes the soul and warms the body...."

Second Helpings: Interactive Foraging Downtown
Food Story  March 2, 2012
"...24 Diner This "chef-inspired comfort food" includes stuffed Swiss chard, beer cheese, and a fancy twist on fried jalapeños plus burgers, breakfast, and meat loaf. Don't forget about the milk shakes..."

Bistrot Mirabelle
Cozy French classics
Food Review  February 24, 2012, by Rachel Feit
"...When veteran restaurateur Brian O'Neill purchased Northwest Hills' Mirabelle Res­tau­rant from Michael Villim (onetime owner of the now-defunct Castle Hill Cafe), he knew he already had a loyal neighborhood client base. Mirabelle's chopped "hacke" chicken salad and its duck-and-sausage gumbo were comfortably enshrined among the neighborhood's choice comfort foods..."

BC Tavern
Scruggs and Paul tailor Zoot to suit a casual crowd
Food Review  October 28, 2011, by Wes Marshall
"...Austin restaurateurs Stewart Scruggs and Mark Paul advertise their new tavern as "comfort food done well," and for once, the self-advertising nails it. For those not following the dramatic backstory, Scruggs and Paul owned both wink and Zoot..."

Taco Wars
Three homegrown chains thrive on the competition
Food Story  November 5, 2010, by Rachel Feit
"...They're fast and cheap, you can eat them standing up, and you can mix in lots of different ingredients and sauces to make delicious meals. For many people, myself included, tacos are a primary comfort food..."

Trading Post Wine Bar & Grill
Head to the Trading Post for high-end comfort food in an unfussy atmosphere
Food Review  May 1, 2009, by Wes Marshall
"...The owners decided to move on in life, but thankfully, the new owners, Jaime and Jennifer Sudderth and Buddy Bell, chose to keep the charming facade. They also brought a welcome upgrade to the interior and a new menu featuring high-end comfort food allied with a thoughtful wine list (all available by the glass or the bottle) and a full bar...."

El Gringo & the Red House
Amid lounging hipsters, comfort food with a sophisticated spin
Food Review  January 12, 2007, by Virginia B. Wood
"...While I'm certainly not part of the hipster lounging crowd, I do frequent El Gringo – for the food. The restaurant is in my neighborhood and serves as a reliable place for lunch meetings..."

How to Handle Your (Very Nice) Family This Holiday Season
Where, oh where, have all the hideouts gone?
Food Column  December 13, 2018, by Emily Beyda
"...It's non-threateningly hip, has great views of Downtown, and even boasts a rooftop pool bar if you somehow have enough energy to swim. And most importantly, their room service menu is prepared by the chefs at Geraldine's, their in-house restaurant that just happens to specialize in kicking comfort food up to the next level..."

A Guide to Vegan Austin
It’s a proverbial land of milk and honey for those who adhere to a plant-based diet
Food Story  June 1, 2017, by Alisha McDarris
"...Arlo'sVarious locations For the veggie burger that sets the standard to which all other veggie burgers are held, head to one of Arlo's three food truck locations for lunch, dinner, or late night. The bac'n cheezeburger, complete with seitan bacon and Arlo's signature soy- and gluten-free made-in-house patty, is a top seller, but don't discount the street tacos..."

Cheap Eats: Aviator Pizza
Pies worth traveling for
Food Story  March 16, 2017, by Mary Bryce
"...Long gone are the days when I'd drive 30 minutes to meet a dude for coffee when I could have saved myself an hour, gas, and money. However, sometimes being forced out of your comfort zone results in good food and hopefully a good story, which is where Aviator Pizza comes in. [image-2-right] Cheap Eats Case File 007: Aviator Pizza..."

An armored truck robbery of $42 million is an inside job in this action film starring Matt Dillon, Laurence Fishburne, and Jean Reno.
Film Review  December 11, 2009, by Marc Savlov
"...Antal's direction has the zip and zing (and ricocheting ballistics) of early John Carpenter (Assault on Precinct 13, the original, comes to mind) and he keeps the story front and center while avoiding any flash other than that which issues from the barrel of a gun. It's hardly a classic of the genre, but then again, like Armour hot dogs, it's comfort food for men...."

Counter Cafe
This old-timey-style diner satisfies with true American comfort food
Food Review  November 16, 2007, by Virginia B. Wood
"...One of the hottest trends in the American dining scene has to be the resurgence of the diner – smallish, quick-service cafes with counter seating facing open kitchens. Often family-owned and operated, these little gems are known for regional comfort-food menus as well as a comforting sense of community..."

Musicians on the Menu
In concert or in the kitchen, these locals have the chops
Food Story  May 12, 2006, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Live music and good cooking are created to be consumed immediately, to satisfy the senses and nourish the soul. So, it's no wonder that a connection between food and music would flourish here and be recognized by fans and musicians alike..."

Siena Ristorante Toscana
Set in a limestone, tile-roofed building at the corner of FM 2222 and Loop 360, Siena resembles one of those rambling manor houses that define the Italian countryside
Food Review  November 19, 2004, by Rachel Feit
"...Siena is one of them, emerging as a favorite among the Loop 360 set. Owner Stan Adams and Executive Chef Harvey Harris exert considerable effort to cultivate its clientele, treating them to appetizers if the food service is uncharacteristically slow, hosting prix-fixe wine dinners, or opening its doors to wedding receptions and parties..."

Asian Connection
If your culinary tastes run to wild boar cutlets served on polenta with green peppercorns and port wine sauce, you can definitely get that in Austin. But taken as a...
Film Review  January 17, 2004, by Russell Smith
"...As is par for the course for Hong Kong imports, the English subtitling ranges from stilted to near-dadaistic, and the production values as a whole suffer by comparison with equivalent Hollywood products. But for those who don’t bring any unrealistic expectations to the table, The Asian Connection will serve as nourishing, stick-to-the-ribs comfort food...."

The Right Impulse
Cafe Caprice joins the Central City casual fine dining lineup.
Food Story  January 9, 2004, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Three of our entrée choices came from the evening's eclectic menu, and the other was a blackboard special. The special was comfort food of the finest kind, a roasted bone-in, skin-on Chicken Breast ($17) nestled on a generous portion of home fries and sautéed mushrooms in a luxurious sauce of heavy cream, fresh sage, and Asiago cheese..."

Thai Me Up, Thai Me Down
A Sampling of Thai Restaurants Around Austin
Food Story  March 27, 1998
"...America just can't seem to get enough of Thai food. Over the past decade, the addictive Asian cuisine - a scintillating interplay of exotic flavors, aromas, and textures - has gone mainstream in the U.S..."

Staying Healthy to Stay in School
National nonprofit Communities in Schools looks at the role of food in education
Food Story  September 21, 2017, by Melanie Haupt
"...With poverty comes food insecurity – a considerable obstacle to successful school performance: Hungry kids are less able to focus in class, and have short attention spans and discipline issues. What's more, kids are growing bodies and brains and need lots of calories in the form of healthy food – protein, veggies, and fresh fruit – for optimal social, mental, and physical development..."

“Taste of Black Austin” Explores Cultural Foodways
New photography exhibit showcases Austin’s African-American chefs
Food Story  January 26, 2017, by Jessi Cape
"...Austin may not have as many black-owned restaurants as Houston and Dallas, but the Central Texas timeline is rich with African-American involvement in the food industry. A new photography exhibit, "Taste of Black Austin," aims to showcase the past, present, and future stories of Austin's black chefs by exploring cultural foodways..."

Rock Lobster
How do you eat healthy on tour?
Music Story  February 14, 2014, by Kevin Curtin
"...On tour, food is fuel. We musicians fill up at diners, drive-throughs, grocery stores, and backstage, then burn it up onstage...."

Miguel and the Miracles
Why Austin's most revered restaurant, Fonda San Miguel, is still in business against all odds.
Food Story  February 8, 2002, by Clay Smith
"...For a very long time now, Ravago and Tom Gilliland, who owns Fonda San Miguel, have been seducing diners into believing that Mexico is a place you get to from North Loop. Staunch, rigorous traditionalists when it comes to Mexican cuisine, from the beginning Ravago and Gilliland have nonetheless been daring innovators who insisted on serving only the foods found in Mexico, the precise way they are prepared in Mexico..."

Oh, Oh, Those Summer Bites
Camp Food
Food Story  July 8, 1999
"...Camp was not about food, surely, but food inspired our greatest excesses. I consumed my weight in corn fritters each week, followed by binges on blueberry blintzes and sloppy joes..."

13 Austin Women-Owned Restaurants
Where to fuel up on A Day Without a Woman and beyond
DAILY Food  March 8, 2017, by Sierra Diaz
"...Reyna and Maritza Vazquez grew up in Veracruz, Mexico, later moving to Austin with their family. Their passion for cooking led them to create their food trailer Veracruz All Natural..."

Texas Toast
Drinking up the Austin Food and Wine Festival
Food Story  April 23, 2015, by Veronica Meewes
"...It's time to wrap up your post-South by Southwest juice cleanses (or abandon all hope of starting). This weekend, the Austin Food and Wine Festival will deliciously unfold at various locations around Town Lake..."

The Q&A Hole
Austin chefs field questions about the weirdest thing they ever ate and the trends they want 86'ed
Food Story  June 14, 2013, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...We run this question-and-answer feature – the Q&A Hole – every week or so online, asking topically relevant or totally random questions of people in town or across the country. Now we're serving up a special edition of five questions for the Food Issue, featuring answers from a tiny array of local culinary professionals..."

Dining del Lago 2010
What a difference some rain makes! The water is blue, the hills are green, and several new restaurants are cooking near area lakes.
Food Story  July 2, 2010
"...The food is much better than we normally expect around the lake, with quality ingredients like Niman Ranch meats, scallops from Georges Bank, and mussels from Prince Edward Island. Those mussels ($10) come in a delicious fennel broth with smoky prosciutto cracklings..."

Counting Our Blessings
Considering what we're thankful for in the local food scene
Food Story  November 23, 2001, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Perhaps this year more than most, we can use the time to reflect on a terribly trying year and try to concentrate on the many good things available to us. For the past few weeks, we members of the Chronicle Food staff have been scattered around the country busy with projects, making it impossible for us to coordinate our schedules for a planned pre-Thanksgiving potluck supper..."

Eat Globally, Dine Locally
Ethnic Nights Offer Intercontinental Tastes at Home
Food Story  September 19, 1997, by Meredith Phillips
"...Hurtling along in a plane about to take off for New England, the prospect of two weeks between Mexican food and my mouth ate holes into my heart. Then I remembered the eager plans to fill those spaces with pumpkin stewed by Afghani immigrants and zuppa di clams prepared by Italians, two cultures better represented on the Eastern Seaboard than in Texas..."

Please to the Table: From Russia, With Love
Food Story  April 29, 1999
"...The first time I went to the former Soviet Union, to Kiev and to the Crimea, I steeled myself for what I imagined to be a culinary wasteland. Brought up on Cold War images of endless food lines set against spartan, gray buildings, I expected the cuisine there to be unpalatably bland..."

Heart of the Orient
Food Story  November 13, 1998, by Mick Vann
"...Austin has its own little China/VietnameseTown, loosely centered at the intersection of North Lamar and Highway 183. Within a one-mile radius of this crossroads, the raw ingredients or prepared foods for an Oriental dinner party, meal, or picnic can be had inexpensively and with ease, and everybody in town knows about it except the (non-Asian) Round Eyes..."

Austin Eats Is Now Bigger and Better Than Ever!
If these choices aren't enough for you, we don't know what is
Music Story  October 8, 2010, by Claudia Alarcón
"...This year, festivalgoers will be happy to see a large number of newcomers to the Austin Eats Food Court – from longtime Austin favorites to award-winning fine-dining establishments and plenty in between – with more wraps, tacos, and burritos than you can shake a stick at, plus lots of refreshment in the form of natural sodas, teas, sno-cones, and all-natural aguas frescas and smoothies to keep you cool and hydrated for the long weekend haul...."

Austin Landmarks on the Menu
Pay tribute to old Austin with a visit to one of these 19 landmark restaurants
Food Story  September 12, 2008, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Construction cranes and traffic detours dot the Downtown and campus-area landscapes, making it entirely likely that your hallowed college hangout has recently been replaced by a shiny new high-rise tower complete with trendy street-level boutiques and posh restaurants. That's right – this city once known primarily for Tex-Mex food and barbecue joints now boasts a rich and diverse culinary scene with nationally recognized fine-dining spots, wine bars, comfort-food cafes, and an ever-expanding array of enticing ethnic choices..."

Lightning Strikes
Austin's Food scene hits the big time
Food Story  November 30, 2001, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Torrential rains and deadly tornadoes battered Austin, disrupting many scheduled events on Thursday, November 15. However, 200 well-heeled Texas food lovers had paid $100 each to attend the Texas Book Festival's Bon Appetit, Y'all party, and they were not about to be dissuaded by a little Texas weather..."

Day Trips
Earl Abel's Coffee Shop in San Antonio has that vintage advantage.
Columns  April 27, 2001, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...It's not uncommon for tables to be surrounded by several generations devouring heaping plates of steaming food. There is something on the menu to satisfy nearly every craving with a list of steaks, seafood, and Mexican food..."

Little Bombay
Food Story  August 19, 1999
"...I probably would have passed this restaurant a thousand times were it not for a hot tip from a concerned Indian food lover. But upon hearing word that a new Indian restaurant had opened -- one that served good, cheap, South Indian-style street food -- I rushed out to give it a try...."

Hoover's Cooking
Food Story  April 15, 1999
"...We ate Canadian bacon, not Cajun ham. So when I chose to move south, a host of Southern foods challenged me..."

Dear Glutton: Healthy for the Holidays
Finding an oasis from family obligations
Food Column  December 1, 2016, by Emily Beyda
"...Our Thanksgiving table this year included vegans; vegetarians; people with wheat, sugar, and dairy sensitivities; a surprisingly large number of people who don't like turkey; and one guest who steadfastly refuses to consume anything but pie and dinner rolls. This means that no one is in a position to judge anyone else's weird food stuff and, as a bonus, there's always a dedicated audience happy to take home even the strangest leftovers (cranberry sauce with sour cream and horseradish, anyone?)...."

Head for the Hills
Driftwood is Central Texas' hottest culinary destination
Food Story  December 17, 2015, by Virginia B. Wood
"...The once-sleepy gateway to the Hill Country now offers attractions that make it a prime destination for dining, recreation, and special events. Take off down a winding country back road to discover wine, food, and camaraderie...."

The Good Word
This Knish combines literature and pastries
Food Story  September 3, 2015, by Serena Yeh
"...In Austin, the story of food has had its fair share of protagonists. Stock characters abound – from ubiquitous Czech kolaches to overstuffed calzones..."

L.A. Chef Roy Choi Shares a Wild Tale
Bourdain-esque memoir with recipes good for reading and cooking
DAILY Food  March 17, 2014, by Mick Vann
"...My City. My Food..."

Rock, Then Nosh
ACL aftershow eats
Food Story  October 4, 2013
"...Second Bar + Kitchen Second may be Congress' more casual kid sib, but the food's just as good. Bold flavors and iconoclastic taste combinations make for a cosmopolitan take on traditional bar fare..."

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