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Will Travel for Food
Cooking at the Little Port Walter Research Station
Food Story  July 27, 2001, by Marko Ellinger
"...My responsibilities as a chef included providing lunch and dinner six days a week to a crew that numbered between six to 12 people. I had complete freedom to cook whatever I liked and a reasonable budget for food..."

Tex-Mex Institution Reopens as an Austin Food Truck
Austin’s newest tamale mavens, Karam’s Tamale Company
Food Story  December 14, 2017, by Jessi Cape
"...But, here we were, ready to move forward, and we just couldn't secure a location we were happy with. Alex said, 'Let's just start with a food truck.'" They've combined the names of Josephine's original business venture with the name of their longstanding South Texas institution to call the new spot Karam's Tamale Company..."

Making it a little bit easier for the Big Easy; plus, an Event Menu filled to burstin'
Food Column  September 16, 2005, by Virginia B. Wood
"...I've watched hours of newscasts and scoured the Web for stories, hoping to catch a glimpse of some place I recognize just to have some sense that maybe some things survived. New Orleans friends in the Southern Foodways Alliance ( are gladly all accounted for, and you can check the SFA Web site and for news about job banks and national fundraisers..."

Food editor Virginia B. Wood makes corrections on the Chronicle's recent "Barbecue Dynasties" article and updates readers on local goings-on.
Food Column  November 23, 2001, by Virginia B. Wood
"...There are plenty of local food lovers who would put Boggy Creek Farm (2414 Lyons Road, 926-4650) near the top of the list of things they're thankful for in this and every season. Friends and customers of the little urban farm in the city were disappointed to hear that the homestead suffered severe damage during last Thursday's frightening storm..."

My Usual Table: A Life in Restaurants
Cookbooks and cultural conversation starters top our summer reading list
Food Story  May 22, 2014, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Andrews is one of those people who can chronicle his entire life based on the restaurants he's frequented, and he's been responsible for seeing that many of them appeared in newspapers and magazines over the years. As one of the most influential magazine editors and cookbook authors of the boomer generation, Andrews edited the restaurant content of the fabled New West magazine during the Eighties emergence of what became known as "California Cuisine," and moved on to co-found the American version of Saveur, expanding its focus beyond just recipes to the consideration of food as an important element of culture..."

The Food Issue: Table for One
The boon and bane of living alone
DAILY Food  June 13, 2013, by Kimberley Jones
"...You sing-song “breakfast!” or “dinner!” to your dog, depending on the time of day, but you will feed your dog the exact same scoop of dried food for breakfast and dinner. You wonder if she wonders why there are two words to mean the same thing..."

More Vignettes from 2013 Austin Food & Wine Fest
This year's edition a big improvement over rocky debut last spring.
DAILY Food  April 30, 2013, by Claudia Alarcón
"...For the most part, the tents' proximity to one another did not affect the presentations, with the exception of Tim Love's apparent need to scream out his hands-on grilling demonstrations for the whole park to hear in an "Austin, are you ready to rock?" style. And judging by the lines and the roars from the crowd, the Food Network chefs are still as popular as ever..."

Food Events
Juneteenth, Father's Day, and wine on the road
Food Column  June 15, 2012, by Virginia B. Wood
"...› Galveston is the birthplace of the Juneteenth holiday celebrations, and honors that with a reading of the Emanci­pa­tion Proclamation, a parade, picnics, festivals, a barbecue cook-off, heritage exhibits, block parties, food, live entertainment, and more. See a schedule at"

In spite of the sad circumstances, Bill Clinton at El Chile made Carlos Rivero's week
Food Column  September 29, 2006, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Third, 499-3993;, a cozy shop modeled after the corner stores and bodegas popular with urban dwellers in big cities. The proprietors are Craig Staley and George Scariano, who developed their food and customer-service chops during years of working for homegrown powerhouse Comida Deluxe (Chuy's, Shady Grove, etc)..."

Hill Country Food and Wine Guide
Food Story  April 5, 2002
"...42. Homestead Healthy Foods 1313 W..."

Hill Country Food & Wine Guide
by Virginia B. Wood & the Cuisines staff
Food Story  April 13, 2001
"...39. Homestead Healthy Foods 1313 W..."

Then There's This: Utilities or Food?
The poor get poorer as electric and water rates rise
News Column  February 24, 2012, by Amy Smith
"...It should be noted straight away that Gómez isn't up for reelection this year, and her rare appearance at a council hearing earlier this month can't be easily dismissed as just another campaign stop for an incumbent who too often stays inside her buttoned-up comfort zone until she's on the ballot. So give the Precinct 4 commissioner credit for coming before the council to address the stressful decisions that thousands of families a must make on a daily basis – choosing between buying food or paying for utilities, or paying for utilities and foregoing medical care or school supplies...."

Host your own Tex-Mex Super Bowl party, buy your sweetie a heart-shaped pie or pizza pie, or discover other food news
Food Column  February 4, 2011, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Sports bars and casual restaurants all over town are gearing up to host Super Bowl viewers this Sunday, but if watching the game in the comfort of home is your preference, two local Mexican food chains are eager to provide the food. Either location of Santa Rita Tex Mex Cantina (1206 W..."

New products, new smokers, new catering operations, and a new cake studio? Is it our birthday again already?
Food Column  October 15, 2010, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Third, 499-3993; 360 Nueces, 476-5700; proprietor George Scariano e-mailed to announce that his stores are the exclusive local vendor for Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, I'd never heard of the product. But no sooner had I responded to his e-mail than I happened to catch a Food Network show with a segment on the artisanal ice cream company in Columbus, Ohio ("

Mourn closing Austin eateries, but check out the new ones, too
Food Column  October 31, 2008, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Seventh, 474-6300, One way to continue eating out without breaking into the old piggy bank is a new local website called, the brainchild of Austinite Mitch Barnett, who launched the user-friendly and information-packed site recently with the goal of "helping people eat cheap at good restaurants any day of the week." The site is free to both the public and the restaurants it covers and offers detailed information about daily food deals all over town – the listing of half-price appetizers alone could keep you eating cheaply for weeks! Check it out, and let me know what you think....."

The most delicious things are happening in South Austin this summer
Food Column  August 22, 2008, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Look for the colorful trailer in the bike-shop parking lot every afternoon and evening but Tuesday... SoCo residents with a taste for Thai food have already discovered Thai Fresh (909 W..."

Keep Food Section Free of Politics
Postmarks  March 2, 2004
"...Dear Editor, I read Rachel Feit's review of Zax Pints & Plates ["Comfort, Upgraded," Food, Feb. 27], and couldn't help but notice her "Dubya" dig halfway through the review..."

If visions of sugarplums are dancing in your head but the time or talent for holiday baking have yet to materialize, Virginia B. Wood has done the homework for you: This week's Food-o-File lists local bakeries cooking up Christmas sweets.
Food Column  December 17, 1999, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Marta's Flan (476-4334): In addition to the famous Pumpkin Flan, Marta has added a marvelous Eggnog Flan as a special holiday flavor. Look for them at both Central Markets, Whole Foods downtown, at Fresh Plus, and selected HEBs..."

The case of the barbecue bandits
Food Column  January 8, 2015, by Virginia B. Wood
"..."Several people have expressed outrage about it and said how awful it is that someone would steal our pit, but we haven't gotten any tips about it at all," Wagner told us earlier this week. The custom-built pit was a gift to the IBEW from their friends in the pipe-fitters union and was used to prepare barbecue for regular monthly meetings and the union's annual picnic, in addition to private parties hosted by members and community functions such as serving food to victims of the Onion Creek flood in the fall of 2013..."

The Year in Food
The 2014 tastes we just couldn't stop thinking about
Food Story  December 31, 2014, by Virginia B. Wood
"...9) WHITE ASPARAGUS ROASTED IN PORK SALT, GARDNER Andrew Wiseheart introduced Gardner's vegetable-forward concept with this unique spring delicacy at the Austin Food & Wine Festival...."

Food and a Movie
Strategic local restaurant suggestions to enhance your SXSW Film Festival schedule
Food Story  March 11, 2011, by Claudia Alarcón and Virginia B. Wood
"...The wine selection is actually very good, and the full bar offers exotic cocktails. Or, for Indian food without the full service, check out Tärka Indian Kitchen (5207 Brodie), a quick, casual sister restaurant to the acclaimed Clay Pit..."

Mangia best served 'Cold'; plus, cake talk
Food Column  September 15, 2006, by Virginia B. Wood
"...They hired Michael Hsu and Joel Mozersky to re-imagine the late Fifties Harrison-Pearson building, and Austin's most in-demand design team has created a space that evokes the hipster glamour of a swanky Rat Pack-era supper club. In hopes that the food is every bit as memorable as the design, the partners hired Executive Chef Benjamin Nathan to create lunch, dinner, and late-night menus with innovative renditions of classic American favorites..."

Food & Drink
Best of Austin Story  September 24, 1999
"...The stubborn funkiness of this roadside motel diner endears it to students, Gen X,Y, & Z night crawlers, and trend-spotters alike. With reliable, no-nonsense food and service that borders on the belligerent, Star Seeds exists in its own little world, and so many of our readers love to visit it...."

Gifts by the Book
Food Column  December 11, 1998, by Virginia B. Wood
"...That means you can have an After Midnight New Year's menu with migas, cheddar cheese grits, brown sugar-baked ham, and kolaches, or a Tex-Mex Christmas Eve meal of guacamole, chicken mole, refried beans, Mexican hot chocolate, and flan. The author is a native Texan and the book is just the right gift for friends in search of authentic Texas holiday food traditions, displaced homesick Texans, or newcomers eager to assimilate, y'all...."

The Dish: Relish the Comfort of Hibachi Scallops at Sushi Japon
Newly remodeled Japanese steakhouse delivers entertainment and big flavor
Food Column  October 18, 2018, by Jessi Cape
"...Sushi Japon boasts an enormous menu with other Japanese cuisine choices (pepper tuna tataki, udon, katsu) and a whole other Chinese menu with favorites such as kung pao and egg drop soup. Their titular food feature is also delicious, with several unique specialties like the Hot Night, good maki rolls, and fresh nigiri flown in daily..."

The beloved Gourmet magazine dies as cooking TV expands
Food Column  October 16, 2009, by Virginia B. Wood

Virginia B. Wood sets the record straight on Rocco's Grill and sets the town to stompin' grapes this weekend in this week's "Food-o-File."
Food Column  August 16, 2002, by Virginia B. Wood

Dot's Place
Bite-sized reviews of local comfort food restaurants.
Food Column  September 10, 1999, by Rachel Feit
"...Dot's Place elevates homestyle cooking to an art form; a meal with two vegetables and bread will leave you dreaming of food for days. Order the fried catfish or daily specials from the menu or take a trip through the bountiful buffet line..."

Dinner Rush
It's hard to resist those jejune food metaphors when describing Dinner Rush, a pleasant and often surprising ensemble dramedy set almost entirely within the walls of a busy, fashionable Tribeca...
Film Review  December 21, 2001, by Marrit Ingman
"...Starring: Danny Aiello, Kirk Acevedo, Edoardo Ballerini, Summer Phoenix, Mike McGlone, Vivian Wu, Sandra Bernhard, Mark Margolis, Jamie Harris and John Corbett. It's hard to resist those jejune food metaphors when describing Dinner Rush, a pleasant and often surprising ensemble dramedy set almost entirely within the walls of a busy, fashionable Tribeca trattoria on a spectacularly busy Tuesday night..."

The Hundred-Foot Journey
This Helen Mirren film feasts on wisecracking one-liners, sunny aphorisms, pretty landscapes, and tasty-looking food.
Film Review  August 8, 2014, by Kimberley Jones
"...A picturesque, well-acted comedy about the culinary education of a young Indian cook who emigrates to the south of France, The Hundred-Foot Journey is elevated comfort food. The flavors aren’t complex, but it’s nourishing nonetheless...."

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
Matthew McConaughey stars as an oily womanizer who does an about-face in this purported romantic comedy.
Film Review  May 1, 2009, by Kimberley Jones
"...He dumps last week's conquests via teleconference as he's already undressing his next lay. Love, he argues, is nothing more than "magical comfort food for the weak and uneducated," a sentiment he lifted from his mentor, Uncle Wayne (Douglas)..."

Mark Wahlberg plays footballer Vincent Papale in this story about how he captured a spot on the Philadelphia Eagles team in an open tryout.
Film Review  August 25, 2006, by Marc Savlov
"...Disney loves its inspiring, true-life sports stories – witness The Rookie and Gavin O'Connor's Miracle, which even managed to recycle Disney lifer Kurt Russell – and Invincible is one more firm, competent notch in this most all-American of film genres. The story of Vincent Papale (Wahlberg), a lifelong football fan and backyard pigskin enthusiast who's plucked from the depressed and depressing anti-boom of mid-Seventies Philadelphia and offered a shot at being a bona fide Philadelphia Eagle, Invincible is like a thick, sweaty slab of NFL comfort food..."

Hilary and Jackie
For all its knock-'em-dead acting and aggressively stylish direction, Hilary and Jackie is still best described as arthouse comfort food: a big, proteiny platterful of cinematic meatloaf cooked to order...
Film Review  January 29, 1999, by Russell Smith
"...Starring: Emily Watson, Rachel Griffiths, David Morrissey and James Frain. For all its knock-'em-dead acting and aggressively stylish direction, Hilary and Jackie is still best described as arthouse comfort food: a big, proteiny platterful of cinematic meatloaf cooked to order for an audience with a limitless appetite for soap opera coated with a light, sophisticated glacé of highbrow-culture ambience..."

Rendezvous in Paris
Opinions about French film director Eric Rohmer tend to diverge sharply into two entrenched camps. One regards the doggedly productive septuagenarian as an ageless treasure of world cinema; the other...
Film Review  November 22, 1996, by Russell Smith
"...While I generally count myself in the pro-Rohmer group I have to admit that Rendezvous in Paris is not likely to cause massive defections to his side. Its three typically modest, unadorned tales of earnest young lovers and would-be lovers walking, talking, conniving, and staging flamboyant breakups in the streets and cafes of Paris will be nourishing comfort food for some, warmed-over hash for others..."

Mrs. Claus Delivers
Food Gifts for the Holidays
Food Story  December 15, 1995
"...Santa Claus today. In that capacity, I've got some excellent gift suggestions for the food lover on your Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa list..."

Fairground Attraction
In Austin, carnival food has no season
Food Story  November 25, 2015, by Amira Jensen
"...But in Austin, there's no need to mourn the season's end. These comfort-food-slinging businesses deserve a blue ribbon year-round. Fried and True 1104 E..."

Ten Good Bites of Prose
Food and its preparation spans literary genres like a rich thick gravy
DAILY Food  May 5, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...While we’re busy distending our guts with the most succulent of victuals, citizen, and maybe simultaneously enjoying the Chronicle’s coverage of the best in local noms, let’s also partake of a little non-journo food for thought: Descriptions of culinaria that flavor the prose of contemporary authors...."

Ramen Heads
What's cooking in the world's greatest ramen shops?
Film Review  April 13, 2018, by Kimberley Jones
"...Food trends come and go, but the foodie documentary boom shows no signs of going bust. It’s a genre niche so popular and prolific it’s sprouted niches of its own: the food competition doc (Kings of Pastry, Barista, Somm), the mission-driven food doc (Food, Inc.), the chef profile (I Like Killing Flies, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent), the food-and-travel porn sandwich (Chef’s Table, Somebody Feed Phil, Ugly Delicious, all on Netflix)..."

30 Restaurants to Try in Downtown Austin
Eat some good food while you’re in town
Food Story  March 14, 2018, by Acacia Coronado
"...SXSW: Emotions are high, patience is low, and food lines are long. It's easy to give up on finding reasonable meals while darting between rideshares and film screenings, but do yourself a favor and skip the greasy pizza slices and flat beer..."

Michi Ramen Inflames the Ramen Wars
Food truck turned brick-and-mortar is a serious contender
Food Story  October 25, 2013, by Rachel Feit
"...Until a few years ago, ramen was something most Austinites purchased in plastic packages for a quarter. But the city's growing diversity and culinary sophistication has created new demands for global tastes, along with a swelling population of entrepreneurial cooks. You can trace the beginning of the ramen wars to May 2012, when Michi Ramen opened in a North Austin food truck, selling bowls of honest, slow-simmered broth and noodles. Ramen Tatsu-ya followed in the summer of the same year, with Daruma Ramen close on their heels. Add this to places like East Side King, Komé, and Banzai, which also serve ramen, and the city suddenly looks like a scene from the movie Tampopo, with soup devotees passionately staking their territory in one ramen camp or another..."

Native Family
Midwestern comfort food
Food Story  January 22, 2015, by Brandon Watson
"...But maybe that surprise speaks to a culinary prejudice that developed concurrently with Austin's deepening palate. Our own foodways and traditions are sanctified, while we posit Midwest cooks as bumbling Rose Nylunds..."

Trailer Parked
The yin and yang of food trucks and bars
Food Story  September 24, 2015, by Adrienne Whitehorse
"...When planning for that oh-so-happy hour where food and drinks intersect at bargain prices, many of us forgo the typical bar-and-grill establishment and instead opt for a bar whose trailer's Instagram has most recently stimulated our hypothalamus. If we've been dreaming of those savory morsels that are the deep-fried beets from East Side King – those spicy shallots, that tangy aïoli! – we might start the night out at Liberty (their happy hour 'til 9pm also buoys that choice)..."

Chicken & Waffles! YUM!
Chicken and waffles? Hell yes.
DAILY SXSW  March 8, 2008, by Kate X Messer
"...And the best in this town for my money, is just a stumble from all the racket on Sixth Street and the Austin Convention Center: Tony's Southern Comfort on E. Sixth. Tony's, owned and run by chef Tony Herring, is a totally local comfort food palace that is holding steady despite our city's best efforts to squeeze out li'l homegrown places like this with looming catacombs of ground floor retail and California-priced condofication..."

Calling All Queso Enthusiasts: Quesoff and Hot Luck Fest
Celebrate melted cheese and compete to win Best Queso in Austin
DAILY Food  April 10, 2018, by Jessi Cape
"...Queso is an ultimate comfort food and people have very specific concepts of what it should be. Maybe you’re hellbent on the South Texas Velveeta and Ro-tel tradition or maybe it’s queso flameado served flambé with tortillas that cures your raging hangover...."

Isla Switches Gears, Emmer & Rye Starts Brunch
Daily Austin food news
DAILY Food  November 19, 2015, by Brandon Watson
"...Sala & Betty brings happiness to more hours, Vivo hits a milestone, and more afternoon food news...."

Two More Restaurants Open in Rock Rose
Daily Austin food news
DAILY Food  January 27, 2016, by Brandon Watson
"...Flyrite spreads its wings, Food + City gives power to the people, and more afternoon bites...."

Salad Days Are Over
Vegan food's next step at Bistro Vonish
Food Story  March 26, 2015, by Alisha McDarris
"...Bistro Vonish, one of Austin's newest vegan food trailers, has maybe had salad listed on the menu once since it opened in January. Once..."

First Plates Extra Helpings: The Best Chicken-Fried Steak Is the One in Front of You
Connoisseurs may know the truth, but can we talk about it after dinner?
DAILY Food  February 6, 2015, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...When I was a kid, chicken-fried steak was my favorite restaurant food. A big slab of meat encased in batter and fried, accompanied by a big scoop of mashed potatoes and green beans, was the perfect meal..."

Review: ManinPasta
Italian food crafted with love just down the road from the Broken Spoke
Food Story  April 5, 2018, by Jessi Cape
"...Late last year, ManinPasta's owner, Davide Careri, who hails from Sicily, opened a new Italian restaurant on South Lamar down the road from Broken Spoke. The food is clearly legit, but that's not what makes it delicious..."

Culinary Ladies of the Eighties: Jackie Davies
Austin entrepreneur was national restaurant delivery pioneer
DAILY Food  April 10, 2015, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Growing up in Detroit in the Fifties and Sixties, Jackie Davies spent a lot of time around the restaurants and bakery delivery business run by her father. You might say the food service business was in her blood...."

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