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The Q&A Hole: What’s Your Favorite Comfort Food?
Because everybody needs some gastrointestinal cosseting sometimes
DAILY Food  May 22, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...That annual First Plates issue of ours, an excellent guide to the best of what’s available among a burgeoning diversity of local dining venues, worked a theme of Comfort Food a couple of weeks ago...."

Why Dim Sum Is the Ultimate Chinese Comfort Food
Ordering from the heart
Food Story  May 4, 2017, by Dan Gentile
"...A takeout box of sesame chicken undeniably falls into the realm of comfort food, but fans of Chinese cuisine know there exists a wealth of dishes beyond the Americanized staples that hit the same pleasure centers. For restaurateur C.K..."

Classic Jewish Comfort Food Elevated With Modern Techniques
Traditional Jewish food your Bubbe would be proud of
Food Story  September 14, 2012, by Amy Kritzer
"...For the husband and wife team, food is all about the memories – from reminiscing about one's first pastrami on rye to remembering grandmother's brisket. Their goal is to connect to the past and their families through food..."

Second Helpings: Comfort Food
Food Story  March 19, 2004
"...Try the sides of corn pudding or mashed potatoes with cheese and spinach.Cafe 29011011 Hwy. 290 E., 272-4212 Monday-Friday, 6am-10pm; Friday-Saturday, 6am-10:30pm; Sunday, 7-10pm If Cafe 290 looks a lot like a "greasy spoon," it should be noted that its food is most definitely a cut above..."

Comfort Food by the Numbers
Facts and figures about your favorite eats
Food Story  May 4, 2017
"...1) According to a 2016 survey by market research firm Harris Interactive, pizza is the No. 1 comfort food in America, followed by chocolate, ice cream, mac & cheese, and chips...."

Classic Jewish Comfort Food Elevated With Modern Techniques
Traditional Jewish food your Bubbe would be proud of
Books Story  September 14, 2012, by Amy Kritzer

Dear Glutton: Healing Through Food
Comfort food for a post-election world
Food Column  November 17, 2016, by Emily Beyda
"...For most of us blue-dot-in-a-red-state bleeding heart liberal types, this week has been a rough one. I'm a big fan of turning to food for comfort in times of trouble, but this week I haven't been able to eat at all..."

Rolling With Austin's Food Trucks
Why moveable feasts define the city
DAILY Food  May 10, 2017, by Thea Newell
"...It’s hard to pinpoint exactly one thing that makes Austin the cultural mecca it has become in the past couple of decades, but on the list we always find a spot for the casual vibes, friendly people, great food, outdoor living, and affordability. These same characteristics also identify an Austin culinary staple: the food truck...."

Food Truck Tuesday: Masa
Louis Cantu brings fusion to W. Sixth
DAILY Food  March 7, 2017, by Thea Newell
"...The Masa food truck has only been open for about a month, but it may just add itself to the growing list of Austin food trucks that are as much of a destination as the bar they share a patio with...."

10 Recommended Food & Drink Events This Fall
Looking for a few culinary celebrations, are you?
DAILY Chron Events  August 29, 2018, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...So many food events are coming up this fall! Yes!..."

Austin's Fareground Food Court Has Something for Every Palate
Downtown's first food hall includes local favorites Dai Due, Easy Tiger, Contigo, and more
Food Story  March 29, 2018, by Jessi Cape
"...Downtown's newest buzz space is Fareground, an upscale adult version of a teenage hang zone at the mall food court. No, Sbarro Pizza isn't one of the vendors, but these six concepts from some of Austin's brightest names in food will have you making plans with your friends all the same..."

New Food Trailer Court is Ready to Picnic!
Barton Springs Picnic offers parking, comforts, amenities
DAILY Food  April 22, 2014, by Amira Jensen
"...Eateries along Barton Springs' restaurant row have new neighbors with the opening of Barton Springs Picnic trailer park. The new park not only boasts eight of the most highly rated food vendors in Austin, but also paved parking, air-conditioned restrooms, picnic tables, and covered pavilions to make guests feel comfy during their visit...."

Food-o-File: Friday Lagniappe
A little extra Austin food news
DAILY Food  October 31, 2014, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Sometimes there is too much Austin food news to squeeze into the print edition of the Chronicle. Rather than wait a week, we've decided to give our readers a little bite of something extra...."

East Side Bars Sporting New Food Trucks Oct. 11th
Be More Pacific at the Volstead & new East Side King back at the Grackle
DAILY Food  October 11, 2012, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Hot on the heels of being named one of America's hippest hipster neighborhoods in part because of its configuration of bars, music venues, and food trucks, East Austin is now home to two new mobile food emporiums...."

Food-o-File: Super Bowl Edition
The Austin food game is on
DAILY Food  January 31, 2015, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Here's a list of places around town that are offering viewing parties and specials for Super Bowl XLIX. And for those of you who couldn't care less about Tom Brady, we've thrown in some extra food news too...."

Southern Comfort on SoCo
Lambert's has the buzz, the location, the pedigree, and the menu to make some noise in Austin. But does it have MM Pack's recommendation?
Food Story  August 16, 2002, by MM Pack
"...It's unlikely that anyone would mistake Lou Lambert for Britney Spears. Midriffs aside, The New York Times revealed recently that La Spears had been just too busy to even taste the food served in her newish NYC restaurant, Nyla..."

Southern Comfort
The Chronicle food staff has scoured Austin in search of the city's best down-home eateries; they're served up within.
Food Story  March 3, 2000, by Rebecca Chastenet dé Gery, Barbara Chisholm, Pableaux Johnson, Mick Vann and Virginia B. Wood
"...All that history and tradition flourished here and is still being practiced in some restaurants around Austin. The Chronicle food staff, Rebecca Chastenet de Géry, Pableaux Johnson, Mick Vann, Barbara Chisholm, and myself, have identifed some of the best Southern Comfort food purveyors in our hometown for your dining pleasure..."

Does Food Really Help Us Through Trying Times?
Soothing negative emotions with fat, carbohydrates, and sugar
Food Story  May 4, 2017, by Melanie Haupt
"...During trying emotional times (or just PMS), humans tend to seek out comfort foods to salve their negative emotions. Everyone's got their vice: Fried chicken..."

Kin & Comfort: An Early Look
Thai/Southern mashup is Austin's best-kept secret ... for now
Food Story  June 19, 2014, by Melanie Haupt
"...Open since mid-April in the space formerly occupied by 123 Noodles in the Hana World Market food court, Timrerk's newest enterprise, along with kitchen partner Bonnie Wright (most recently of East Side King), features mashups of Southern comfort food and classic Thai dishes. Within this context, son-in-law eggs, a popular Thai street food consisting of deep-fried boiled eggs seasoned with tamarind, are transformed into church picnic-worthy deviled eggs topped with wisps of fennel ($3 for 3)..."

The Year in Food
The 2014 tastes we just couldn't stop thinking about
Food Story  December 31, 2014, by Mick Vann
"...1) A+A SICHUAN CHINA Cyndi and Ling have edged ahead of their just-down-the-road rival, Asia Cafe, for dominance in Austin's Sichuan food scene...."

10 Austin Food Trucks to Fuel Your SXSW Fun
Because you can't get all your calories from beer
DAILY Food  March 16, 2017, by Thea Newell
"...SXSW is not the time to sit down for a three-hour dinner that starts with an amuse bouche. When your favorite band has a set in 30 minutes, you need good food fast..."

Southern Comfort
Homestyle Eats in a Post-Virginia's World
Food Story  June 6, 1997, by Virginia B. Wood
"...I'm convinced the crowds would make the trek out to Dot's even if the prices were higher. This is Southern homestyle comfort food as an art form, and it just doesn't get any more comforting than this...."

Good food news for smart cookies with a little Southern comfort and help with your New Year's resolution
Food Column  January 21, 2011, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Richard Whitaker's report (see "Hidden Capitol Kitchens") on Capitol-area dining and drinking secrets reminded me of a new Downtown hot-food delivery service that's been gaining popularity over the past months. Chef Samantha "Sam" Rhodes is a UT grad and former big-city real estate executive who followed her bliss into the kitchen and started a South­ern comfort food delivery business called SoCoToGo (970-8646,"

Fried-chicken fans rejoice, Perla's and Max's come to Austin, and more
Food Column  May 8, 2009, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Enjoy chicken and blues music on the cool, covered patio on Blues Tuesdays... And while we're on the subject of fried chicken, Chronicle contributing Food writer Rachel Feit was raving about the "greasy, spicy" delicacy she enjoyed at Lucky J's Chicken & Waffles (5703 Burnet Rd., 296-9914,, the new street-food trailer conveniently located between the Crest­view and Allandale neighborhoods....."

Heirloom Cooking With the Brass Sisters
Discover America through food with the Brass Sisters
Food Story  October 31, 2008, by Kate Thornberry
"...The Brass Sisters were dubbed the "Queens of Comfort Food" in their WGBH Boston PBS special, and it is a mantle they wear with pride. Their first book, Heirloom Baking, was a James Beard finalist, and this September, the Brass Sisters were named by Publishers Weekly as likely to rise to culinary stardom..."

Food Top Nines
Food Story  January 7, 1999, by Virginia B. Wood
"...So many choices, so little time. These days, there are wine tastings at liquor stores and grocery stores, vintner dinners at restaurants, chef luncheons at area wineries, and classes on pairing wines and foods everywhere you look..."

Food Truck Tuesday: My Name is Joe
Philip Speer’s new trailer supports recovering addicts
DAILY Food  February 28, 2017, by Thea Newell
"...On February 2nd, Philip Speer opened the My Name is Joe Coffee Co. coffee and food truck on Colorado St..."

Comfort, Upgraded
Zax Pints & Plates mixes boutique beers and a bistro menu – with predictably mixed results
Food Story  February 27, 2004, by Rachel Feit
"...The menu flutters with the foods that have come to signify American bistro cuisine: fluffy crab cakes made from Gulf blue crabmeat ($6), classic Caesar salad ($7), meaty burgers smothered with blue cheese ($7.50), and herby roasted chicken (not to mention a large selection of great beers on tap, and a full bar serving specialty cocktails). Fundamentally, these are old-fashioned comfort foods that have been duded up with fancy sauces or toppings to suit the new American palate..."

2009 ended in a flurry of culinary activity
Food Column  January 8, 2010, by Virginia B. Wood
"...2009 certainly ended in a flurry of culinary activity, with multiple restaurant openings and weekly additions to the local trailer cuisine scene. To recap: We sampled the drink-friendly comfort food at Davis Tucker and John Hocken­­yos' new Red's Porch (3508 S..."

Cold Comfort
Little Barrel and Brown is still warming up
Food Story  March 28, 2014, by Melanie Haupt
"...There seems to be a disconnect, then, between who LB&B wants to attract and who it's actually attracting. Unfor­tun­ately, the food doesn't help clear that up...."

Southern Comfort
Food Column  September 10, 1999
"...Voted best dependable comfort food in the 1996 Chronicle Critic's Poll, the Marimont is the kind of place you went to as a kid with your aging aunt who insisted on eating only soft, easily digestible food. Since 1976, this cafeteria-style restaurant has been serving real homestyle food from the office-like restaurant on 38th Street..."

What's cooking in the Central Texas food scene.
Food Column  February 14, 2003, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Nearly 300 donors were guests at dinner parties in 25 private homes across the city. Party hosts had volunteered to entertain guests in their homes, designed party themes and menus, and donated the food and wine..."

Who Is Cast in the Story of Austin Food?
Eight underrepresented views from the local food scene
Food Story  November 16, 2017, by Nina Hernandez
"...Rising property values and stiff competition mean restaurants live and die by media exposure. It's a harried cycle revolving around restaurant openings, closings, and reviews, and the coverage is disproportionately leaving out minority-owned food businesses..."

TV Review: 'Soul Food Junkies'
A documentary examining the past, present, and future of soul food
DAILY Screens  January 13, 2013, by Jessi Cape
"...I grew up eating my grandmother's country-style cooking. Similar to traditional, African-American soul food, our meals of fried chicken with heaps of mashed potatoes and corn and greens and biscuits are an integral part of my personal history...."

Virginia contemplates Austin's April foodie marathon
Food Column  April 5, 2013, by Virginia B. Wood
"...The April food event and festival calendar offers a serious spring foodie marathon. This weekend alone, there's the Foodways Texas Symposium, Texas VegFest, the new Texas Olive Festival, the Children's Picnic and Real Food Fair, and the kickoff of Austin Restaurant Week..."

What Food Goes Well With Comedy?
Jim Gaffigan can tell you – and does in this Q&A
DAILY Arts  October 17, 2014, by Russ Espinoza
"...23, to come clean on his cleanliness. And there's a continuation of the discussion about food begun here, inspired by the release of his new book, Food: A Love Story...."

The Food Issue: Finding Austin's Bodegas
We need to talk about Austin's takeout issue for a minute
DAILY Food  June 12, 2013, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Restaurants require preparation, corner stores can’t be bothered. You can go to a place like Whole Foods or Central Market and hastily scoop something together, but you’ll spend half an hour looking for parking, and another twenty in line at the register..."

Tools for Telling Stories: Food and Social Media
Eddie Huang stays true to the message
DAILY Food  March 12, 2013, by Rachel Feit
"...How did he do it? He let go, and stayed true to himself. A Taiwanese American with a penchant for irreverence, pranks, and pork buns, Huang bounced from job to job (he designed street clothes, did stand-up comedy, and even sold pot) until he and his brother dumped all of their savings into a little café selling Taiwanese style comfort food..."

Food Events
Food events for the stomach, soul, and liver
Food Column  October 28, 2011, by Virginia B. Wood
"...› Look for information on upcoming Halloween celebrations on the Chronicle Food blog, On the Range...."

Virginia B. Wood explains what Por Tabla is all about and gives the lowdown on the latest culinary news in Austin.
Food Column  May 26, 2000, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Sweetish Hill Bakery owners Jim and Belinda Murphy, Patricia Bauer-Slate, and Joseph Slate threw a party last night at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Texas' premier French bakery. The surprise ending to the evening was the announcement of Sweetish Hill's newest food venture, a retro-styled eat-in and takeout shop called Por Tabla (1200 W..."

Cuisines editor Virginia B. Wood describes the amusing history behind discovering the new Roy Henry's Famous Waffles & Chicken and updates readers on changes in Austin's restaurant scene.
Food Column  March 3, 2000, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Who's Your Food Critic?..."

Food-o-File: Friday Lagniappe
A little extra Austin food news
DAILY Food  November 7, 2014, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Sometimes there is too much Austin food news to squeeze into the print edition of the Chronicle. Rather than wait a week, we've decided to give our readers a little bite of something extra...."

This summer brings a bumper crop of fresh chefs and local foods
Food Column  June 15, 2012, by Virginia B. Wood
"...It's a great summer for canning and preserving, or just enjoying the fresh bounty of summer produce every week. In celebration of this, the Sustainable Food Center's markets Down­town (Fourth & Guadalupe) and at Sunset Valley (3200 Jones Rd.) have scheduled fruit and veggie festivals on Saturday mornings in June with cooking demos by different local chefs...."

New spirits wizardry at the Alamo Drafthouse, a food court recovery at Highland Mall, and more food news
Food Column  July 15, 2011, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Now for a lightning round of local restaurant news: Stewart Scruggs and Mark Paul last week announced the upcoming opening of their new BC Tavern (11715 Bee Caves Rd.) in the former Zoot space. It will feature comfort food done well and a full bar Monday through Saturday evenings....."

Food Truck Trails: The South Austin Trailer Bazaar
The food trailer scene is still in high gear on South Lamar
DAILY Food  August 14, 2012, by Rachel Feit
"...It seems like anyone with a specialty, a modicum of culinary talent, and good story is opening a food trailer these days. Landowners with vacant real estate are jumping like lemmings into the food trailer scene because it costs them virtually nothing...."

Food and a Movie
Strategic local restaurant suggestions to enhance your SXSW Film Festival schedule
Food Story  March 11, 2011, by Kate Thornberry and Virginia B. Wood
"...• The HighBall (1142 S. Lamar), right next door to the Alamo, is a genuine pleasure palace, featuring bowling and karaoke to the left, and fabulous, award-winning food and drink to the right..."

East Austin barbecue, Austinites receive culinary awards, new Downtown food businesses, and more to sink your teeth into
Food Column  July 9, 2010, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Both the Sticky Toffee Pudding Co. and Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods won gold medals at the National Assoc­i­a­tion for the Specialty Food Trade's Fancy Food Show in New York City late last month..."

No Reservations, Mindy Kucan's Hot Summer Night, and more
Food Column  August 3, 2007, by Virginia B. Wood
"...The folks at Warner Bros. are certainly going all out to promote the summer's second big foodie movie, No Reservations, to Food Network viewers..."

Even Threadgill's gets the blues
Food Column  December 4, 2014, by Virginia B. Wood
"...The lease on the 8-month-old restaurant space will be taken over by Jae Kim, bringing the first brick-and-mortar outlet of his popular Chi'Lantro BBQ to South Austin. "I started the food truck in February of 2010 with no money, so this is a wonderful situation for us, to be able to take over the lease on a location that already has a kitchen," Kim told us this week..."

Food Events
July 19-24
Food Column  July 19, 2013, by Virginia B. Wood
"...› Cupcakes & Cocktails This annual Austin Food Blogger Alliance fundraiser features treats from local bakeries and restaurants. Fri., July 19, 6-9pm..."

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