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Yard Dog Turns 20
Dream Syndicate and Mekons frontmen art – rock
DAILY Music  September 4, 2015, by William Harries Graham
"...Twenty years ago, Randy Franklin and his wife Jann Baskett opened Yard Dog Art Gallery. Spanning folk art to fine art, the South Congress landmark has curated Ian McLagan, Walter Salas-Humara, Mike Egan, Jimmy Lee Sudduth, Mose Tolliver, Kurt Herrman, and Scott Griffin..."

"Carl Block: Odd Pottery"
Block's ceramic monster-faced jugs with crooked teeth and varminty eyes are indeed odd but also colorful and delightful
Arts Review  December 28, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Sometimes, when you want a piece of artwork to advance the goal of keeping your own meager portion of Austin weird, your best bet might be to go to Waxahachie to get it. Except when Waxahachie conveniently comes to you – as with this new "Odd Pottery" exhibition by Carl Block...."

Art Openings
News Story  March 4, 1999
"..."Dance Show," Skylight Gallery (Mar 4); "Definientia II," Gallery Lombardi (Mar 4); "New Work by Virginia Fleck," Women and Their Work (Mar 4); "Standing, Sitting, Sleeping, Sinking," Lyons Matrix Gallery (Mar 4); "N-O-N," Terra Children's Gallery (Mar 5); "Texas Film Art," Pro-Jex (Mar 5); "C-21 Expo -- Metamorfosis," Austin Visual Arts Association (Mar 6); "David Douglas Duncan: One Life, a Photographic Odyssey," LBJ Library (Mar 6); "A Quiet Song," Tarrytown Gallery (Mar 6); "Models and Artists," Laughing at the Sun Gallery (Mar 11-12) Rebekah Baines Johnson Health Center Mural..."

Art Openings
News Story  March 14, 1997
"...ALTERNATE CURRENT ART SPACE, 2209 S. First, 443-9674..."

Top Ten Art
The Best Art Shows in 1997 That I Never Reviewed
Arts Story  January 9, 1998
"...Out of Bounds: New Work by Eight Southeast Artists at Hunington Art Gallery. "In Search pf the Face of God," by Dawn Deveax Out of Bounds: New Work by Eight Southeast Artists (UT's Huntington Art Gallery) Annette DiMeo Carlozzi, the Huntington's new Curator of American and Contemporary Art, and Julia Fenton assembled this exhibition and wowed visitors not only with the expansive scale of the installation work and powerful video components but also the opportunity afforded by the university to meet most of the artists during the course of the exhibition to gain further insight into their ideas...."

'Over and Under'
Jenny Hart weaves together threads of mystery and wonder in this exhibit of embroidery
Arts Review  November 20, 2009, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Yard Dog Folk Art..."

Native Texans
Arts Story  October 11, 1996
"...If you've only seen Bob "Daddy-O" Wade's well-known work -- giant dancing frogs, huge screaming iguanas -- you might be surprised to learn that he was formally trained to paint in the traditional Renaissance style. But one look at his work in this collection and you'll be able to see Wade's education at work. The paintings are clearly the work of an eccentric artist, but it takes a well-trained eccentric artist to create a blown-up, hand-painted photo of smiling cowgirls from the Thirties...."

Mike Egan: The Death of 1977
Egan's stunning, simple graphic images of skulls bring Yard Dog to life
Arts Review  September 30, 2011, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...This Egan show's got the spotlight right now, but it fits perfectly, comfortably part of the whole, in the well-stocked South Congress hall of American folk art treasure that is Yard Dog. To which emporium we'd recommend a visit soon, because life, as they say, is short, while art remains as long as ever..."

Dancing About Architecture
photograph by Todd V. Wolfson A Big Hand for a Little Lady
Music Column  March 13, 1998, by Ken Lieck
"...On the "Most Asked Questions" front, Grulke confirms that Sonic Youth will indeed be performing as part of SXSW, with the time and place set as Thursday, March 19, 7pm, at La Zona Rosa. The doors for that show open at 6:30pm due to a party at the venue that runs through the afternoon, and like the rest of SXSW, first badges and then wristbands will be admitted..."

Jon Langford, Still Punk After All These Years
Mekons founder talks art and music
DAILY Music  November 19, 2012, by William Harries Graham
"...He’s also a founding member of first wave UK roots-punks the Mekons. While an acute and ingenious musician and artist, Langford's a resplendent storyteller from the seaport town of Newport, Wales, the subject of many of his lyrics...."

Tom Russell's Sound and Vision
DAILY Music  February 14, 2008, by Doug Freeman
"...Americana pioneer Tom Russell may be most widely known for his songwriting, which includes such classics as “Gallo del Cielo” and “Spanish Burgundy,” but his artistry spans across media. In addition to recording more than 20 albums, Russell has published a detective novel and a book of letters with poet Charles Bukowski, and is currently completing a documentary about his sister-in-law that will serve as the third installment of his "Americana Trilogy." He's also an avid painter, and when he comes through Austin tomorrow to play the Cactus Café, he'll visit the Yard Dog Gallery on South Congress for the opening exhibition of his latest folk art..."

Rock & Roll Books
Summer reading
Music Story  June 2, 2006, by Jim Caligiuri
"...Nashville Radio: Art, words, and music..."

Southern Rock Opera
SXSW 02 Music Fest Wrap-up
Music Story  March 22, 2002, by Jim Caligiuri
"...South by South AustinSouth Congress Avenue, Saturday 16 For many people, the daytime events up and down South Congress on the Saturday during SXSW is as good as it gets. With the traffic jams, people watching, classic car show, free beer, lots of food, and of course, an incredible array of free music, the party is hitting on all cylinders..."

Austin Critics Table Nominations, 2002-2003
The full list of nominations for the 2002-2003 Austin Critics Table Awards, recognizing outstanding achievements in local theatre, dance, classical music, and visual art
Arts Story  May 9, 2003, by Robert Faires
"...For the 11th time, Austin Critics Table has found a whole lot to like on the local arts scene. The informal affiliation of arts writers has gathered its nominations for the 2002-2003 Austin Critics Table Awards, recognizing exceptional work in local theatre, dance, classical music, and visual art from May 1, 2002 to April 30, 2003..."

The Saturday Is Bright and Not Filled With Terrors
And here's a plethora of recommendations for you
DAILY Arts  May 4, 2012, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...In fact, there's Todd Reynolds & the Golden Hornet Project doing something sonically strange and compelling near MoPac and Lake Austin Boulevard even before it's noon on Saturday. We're also going to point you again to this. Because if there's one sweet respite from the heat and the driving-around-town, it's a brief (and Topo Chico-spiked) sojourn in the home of some local writer. And Saturday is also Free Comic Book Day, wherein you can snag a plethora – ah, that word again – of paper-based sequential-art goodness at any of the several comic book shops around the ATX. And, later that day, edging into the night, where it may very well be dark and full of terrors (like, at the least, drunk college students hurling their semi-digested meals onto your formerly favorite stretch of sidewalk) … later that day, we say, it's a veritable visual-arts wonderland, with the Springboard: Deep East Austin Studio Crawl … Co-Lab's Teenage Wasteland … Lindsey Kuhn at the South Austin Popular Culture Center … and Camp Bosworth's 'Los Narcos' show at Yard Dog Folk Art. Oh, hey – there's also something called the Pecan Street Art Festival happening Downtown, we hear..."

Dancing About Architecture
Danny Crooks, down with the ship once again
Music Column  September 20, 2002, by Ken Lieck
"...So far, the switchover, which had not been completed at press time, has been astonishingly smooth -- with the notable exception of one Steamboat shareholder, who expressed concern about the proposed change of ownership. (Said shareholder, had given Crooks $75,000 in order for him to own the Steamboat moniker after the club closed down its Sixth Street location.) For his part, Oveisi says he's insisting that Crooks continues to make his presence known around the club as much as his health will allow..."

Music Story  March 17, 2006, by Jon Langford
"...Our cabdriver is mortified that he's never heard of us but says that he had Sufjan Stevens in the back of his cab this morning and he got his guitar out and previewed a whole bunch of new material! Wow! Only in Austin, eh!? The floor of the cab is thick with fractured demo CDs, party invites, and vomit...."

Andrea Heimer: "Folk and Dagger"
In these narrative paintings, the complex human interactions of suburbia depicted are so strange and yet so familiar
Arts Review  November 26, 2014, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Andrea Heimer: "Folk and Dagger"Yard Dog Art Gallery, 1510 S. Congress, 512/912-1613 Through Dec..."

3 New Artists
The name of the show doesn't have to be creative, because what's on the walls is
Arts Review  November 14, 2008, by Rachel Koper
"...'3 New Artists'..."

Jesus Gonna Be Here
Johnny Toxic
Music Story  March 25, 1999
"...It has often been said that rock & amp; roll is a rather transparent metaphor for extreme sexual frustration. If this is indeed the case, a porn star should be the last person on earth with anything to gain by strapping on a guitar or grabbing a microphone..."

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