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YMCA Has Designs on TLAC Site
Oh, so that's why the city wanted to close the Town Lake Animal Center
News Story  February 3, 2012, by Nick Barbaro
"...Animal advocates and parks advocates alike were in alarm mode early this week as news broke that the city is in negotiations with the YMCA to give land and funding for a new aquatics center near the Y's Town Lake branch – possibly impinging on the tract formerly occupied by the Town Lake Animal Center, and now being used as a temporary shelter by Austin Pets Alive!...."

ACC Child Care Ready to Launch
Highland campus launches a YMCA-run drop-in child care center for ACC students
News Story  January 24, 2019, by Austin Sanders
"...The YMCA-run child care drop-in center at the ACC Highland campus is now accepting registrants for the service, which is set to launch Jan. 28..."

From Southerners to Seventh Grade
Books Story  October 2, 1998
"...While Queer 13 celebrates a painful time in the lives of gay and lesbian teens to which all readers can easily relate, Take the Young Stranger by the Hand: Same-Sex Relations and the YMCA by John Donald Gustav-Wrathall provides the history of an institution which saw its pop apotheosis in a Village People song that extolled the joys of an experience common to a more limited sector of the population. The cover of this book shows a tableau circa 1940 in which men in various states of undress are enjoying the convivial atmosphere afforded by the dressing room at the local YMCA..."

SwimATX Tackles Lifeguard Shortage
Learn-to-swim program educates Eastside kids on water safety
News Story  May 18, 2017, by Katarina Brown
"...In January 2015, when the Aquatics division of the city's Parks and Recreation Department faced down yet another summer of citywide lifeguard shortages, staff decided to try a new way to hit their numbers – by targeting younger lifeguards. Together with the Austin Independent School District and YMCA, PARD launched SwimATX, a learn-to-swim program, which not only counts toward high schoolers' P.E..."

2000 Kids Summer Fun Guide
Features Story  May 5, 2000
"...YMCA CAMP FLAMING ARROW Faith, caring, honesty, responsibility, and respect. These are the things YMCA holds dear, and what they hope kids will learn and practice at their good 'ol fashioned summer camp Flaming Arrow..."

Arts & Entertainment
Best of Austin Story  September 24, 1999
"...It's clear our readers bray in unison about some things, and this year marks a decade of pinning the winning tail on Eeyore. Sponsored by the University YMCA each spring, nothing mirrors our far-flung diversity more than this unrivaled spectacle..."

Merriment & What-Not
Will Eeyore Be Banished From the Hundred Acre Wood?
News Story  April 11, 1997, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...Since PARD, after all, owns the park, this would seem to be a simple task, but Eeyore's -- titularly sponsored by the University YMCA, with funds raised from concessions and merchandise (admission to the party itself is free) going to a herd of local charities and community groups -- has quite the large contingent of fans, and to date any attempts to dislocate the Silly Old Bears from the Hundred Acre Wood have blown up in their backers' faces. The last time the issue went before the City Council itself for an up-or-down vote, in 1984, Eeyore's won 7-0...."

Then There's This: Parks and Rec in Review
In a parks-centric town like Austin, it's not easy being PARD
News Column  December 28, 2012, by Amy Smith
"...Fresh from retreating on controversial plans in 2011 to privatize the Dottie Jordan and Austin Recreation Centers, PARD again found itself in hot water at the start of 2012 over a plan that would have allowed the YMCA to build an aquatics center on prime city-owned property along the north shore of Lady Bird Lake...."

Naked City
News briefs from Austin, the region, and elsewhere
News Story  October 31, 2008
"...The city's Environmental Portal at is another handy resource cataloging all its greening initiatives. – Daniel Mottola Lady Bird Lake YMCA Master Plan..."

Summer Camp Guide
Features Story  April 28, 2006, by Nora Ankrum and Wayne Alan Brenner
"...YMCA CAMPS offer a variety of programs. Theme and Kinder camps focus on something new each week, from music to science to theatre, art, and sports, while Adventure Camp gets kids outdoors for rope-climbing, tubing, fishing, and even one overnight camping trip..."

Thoughts on the feeding tube; plus, Nu Age, El Chilito, and everything you need to know, event-wise, for the upcoming week on the Austin food scene
Food Column  July 22, 2005, by Virginia B. Wood
"...He also said we can expect the opening of the new El Chilito at the corner of Manor and Cherrywood for coffee and take-out tacos by the end of the month... Drop into the Cafe at Central Market Westgate (4521 Westgate Blvd., 899-4300) and order some dessert for a special treat: As a summer project, kids from the TownLake YMCA have been painting scenes on dessert plates, and the folks at the cafe then bake them in the oven to set the food-safe paints..."

2001 Kids' Summer Fun Guide
Features Story  May 4, 2001
"...YMCA Since your grandpappy was a young whippersnapper, the YMCA has been around to give kids a chance to do sports and bond with others. The Austin YMCA offers a wide variety of summer day camps to choose from..."

Arts & Entertainment
Best of Austin Story  September 24, 1999
"...Pease Park, 1100 Kingsberry, YMCA, 448-5160"

Community Gardens to Fulfill Your Secret Farmer Fantasy
Local veggie spots and how to get a plot of your own
DAILY Food  October 27, 2018, by Melanie Laporte
"...North Austin YMCA Community Garden 1000 W Rundberg Garden plots are first come, first served so don’t delay in contacting for one of the 4’x10’-12’ beds for $50-90 or 3’x10’ ADA accessible beds for $37.50 per year. All are welcome, all are welcome...."

March 6 Party Primaries
Early Voting Feb. 20-March 2
News Story  February 15, 2018
"...THURSDAY, MARCH 1 YMCA Northwest, 5807 McNeil, 8am-6pm Sam Houston Bldg., 201 E. 14th, 8am-5pm North Austin Muslim Center, 11900 N..."

Austin Gets Out the Vote, 2014
PHOTO GALLERY  November 4, 2014
"...Springdale Hills resident, Helen grew up in District 1, moved out of state for a while, then settled in the East Austin neighborhood in the early 1990s. She takes great pride in her community, and votes in Precinct 122 at the East Communities YMCA...."

'Chronicle' Endorsement
News Story  January 17, 2014
"...Northwest YMCA, 5807 McNeil, 8am-noon..."

The AggreGAYtor: November 13
What happened today in gay? Here’s your QILTBAG recap of queer news.
DAILY Qmmunity  November 13, 2013
"...The Roman Catholic Church has jilted a Michigan YMCA over its support for marriage equality. It Came from the Tubes..."

Early Voting Locations
Early Voting: April 29-May 7 • Election Day: May 11
News Story  April 26, 2013
"...North Austin YMCA, 1000 W. Rundberg, 2-5pm..."

The AggreGAYtor: January 24
Your daily dose of LGBTQIA news
DAILY Qmmunity  January 24, 2013, by Brandon Watson
"...• A couple in Tyler is alleging that the local YMCA is discriminating against LGBT families...."

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