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SXSW Film Review: We Are X
Music doc explores the biggest band you never heard of
DAILY SXSW  March 23, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...But just as this isn't the normal rock & roll underdog story. Director Stephen Kijak (Scott Walker: 30 Century Man, Jaco) isn't creating the standard slavish hagiography..."

The Flesh and the Faith of 'We Are What We Are'
Director Jim Mickle on remakes, religion, and America's dark history
DAILY Screens  October 12, 2013, by Richard Whittaker
"...JM: I wonder if we've woken up to the Middle East and fanatics over there. I think the public is going, "OK, back to America," then looking inwards and going, "Oh, we have our own fanatics." It's not just "they're crazy, we're totally normal."..."

We Are All Family
Postmarks  February 16, 2004
"...Meaning, in lay terms, we are all of one God. With this in mind it would seem that a normal, balanced, sentient being would reflect the order within chaos that is the hallmark of nature..."

Page Two: We Are the Walrus
... And other tales of circles unbroken
Columns  July 9, 2010, by Louis Black
"...Age is the consistent, ultimate game changer. What was once reasonable becomes unreasonable; what once seemed awfully tainted, unacceptable, and scarred evolves into normal..."

We Are the Stars
  December 31, 1998, by Kim Mellen
"...The elementary version: First, the publisher makes his deal with the songwriter for the publishing rights. Included in these publishing rights is sheet music, video rights, "a whole slew of rights that normal people would not think about," explains Barnstormer Bruce..."

Define 'Normal'
Debra Monroe on the families we're born with and the families we build
Books Story  May 14, 2010, by Scott Blackwood
"...She's won the prestigious Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction, a John Gardner Fellowship, the Violet Crown Award, and the Quarterly West Novella Contest. She's the author of two award-winning collections of stories, The Source of Trouble and A Wild, Cold State, and two novels, Newfangled, a Borders' Original Voices pick and an Elle magazine Top 10 Book, and Shambles, which the Texas Observer praised as a novel of "graceful ease and substance." Monroe's new book, On the Outskirts of Normal: Forging a Family Against the Grain (Southern Methodist University Press), is a memoir about being the white mother of a black daughter in a small, rural Texas town..."

Leaving Normal
What interest was generated by the presence of Lahti and Tilly is tempered by this film's ingratiating ways. It practically crawls into our laps and licks our faces. Lahti and...
Film Review  June 5, 1992, by Kathleen Maher
"...I alternated between impatience and then being charmed, but impatience won out when it finally became clear that the sole point of this film was to cater to the perceived desires of a female audience. It's so dishonest: Lahti and Tilly don't leave Normal (the town in which they first meet) at all..."

Gay Place: Back To ... Normal?
Compared to last Saturday, this weekend gay Austin may be able to hear a pin drop, but there's still too much to do
Columns  June 7, 2013, by Kate X Messer
"...Really, what is "normal?" Post-Queerbomb reality? Now let's get through this summer and make it to Pride. Do you realize how lucky we are to live in a town that supports so many LGBTQ celebrations? San Marcos, for example, is celebrating their first Pride later this month..."

They Are Going to Eat You!
The year in filmishness, 2010.
DAILY Screens  January 6, 2011, by Marc Savlov
"...We started last January on a surreal note -- Michael Cera's pre-Scott Pilgrim gambit for non-Ceraian relevance, Youth in Revolt, and the terrifically wiggy, locally-lensed documentary Zombie Girl -- and rapidly bypassed any semblance of whatever passes for normal these days, onscreen and off. And that included J-Lo's career..."

Off-Centered Film Fest Day 1: What Have We Learned?
Day 1 of the Off-Centered Film Fest
DAILY Screens  April 20, 2012, by Marc Savlov
"...Scanning the crowd, the fabulously attired Mazza noted (and we're paraphrasing his actual statement), "I see about two black people here, and while the Alamo doesn't normally condone using the "N" word, this is Blazing Saddles so you're going to hear a lot of it. Relax, because it's all in good Mel Brooksian fun..."..."

Objections to Wal-Mart Are Not 'Whining'
Postmarks  January 12, 2007
"...Then I hear that the proposed Wal-Mart will be larger than Cabela's, more than 200,000 square feet, and that the traffic that is already backed up on Burnet Road and Anderson Lane will not just double but will quadruple. They expect so much business and traffic that the already-normal parking lot at the mall will not be enough, so a four-story parking garage will have to be built..."

The Film Prof's Drunk, and the Kids Are Not All Right
Zombie auteur George Romero delivers another state of the union
Screens Story  February 29, 2008, by Spencer Parsons
"...They're a disaster. They're this major, earthshaking change, and my stories are about the humans and how they react or fail to react, react improperly, whatever, and I thought it was perfect post-Katrina, in "the new normal" for these guys to be smart and okay guys..."

We Don't Need No Stinkin' De-Icer
City trumpets response to the great storm of aught-7
DAILY News  January 19, 2007, by Wells Dunbar
"...18. Call volume averaged 25% higher than normal for the event. Austin-Bergstrom International Airport *ABIA worked to ensure airport runways, taxiways and roadways were in operational condition, clear of ice..."

Here We Go Again
The Riddlin' Kids -- DIY with a bullet.
Music Story  August 2, 2002, by Andy Langer
"..."The other is the normal kids that like poppy stuff and it's not their fault they're out of the loop. They watch MTV and listen to the radio, because they don't have the older brother or the cool friend that knows the local underground to lead the way..."

We're Still Here
Assessing the continuing black Austin experience
News Story  January 7, 2016, by Kahron Spearman
"...Masontown was a viable neighborhood. Two colleges were established – Samuel Huston College and Tillotson Collegiate and Normal Institute..."

You Are Entering Harlan County
Justified creator Graham Yost exits Kentucky for the ATX Television Festival
Screens Story  June 4, 2015, by Raoul Hernandez
"...GY: I'd read Riding the Rap, and had Pronto. When I bought it, I read a little bit and then stopped, because I knew it was going to Italy and I wanted to be in normal Elmore territory..."

No, Armed Protests Are Not Normal in Austin
Infowars stages open carry publicity stunt
DAILY News  March 12, 2014, by Brandon Watson

APD Pot-Hunters Are Data-Mining at AE
Are you using 'too much' energy? Inquiring drug cops want to know.
News Story  November 16, 2007, by Jordan Smith
"...Appraisal District records to determine the square footage of the residence (a duplex) at issue. Cross checking the utility information with the tax information, Haynes wrote that he "immediately observed that for structures of their size the electrical consumption was disproportionate (very high) for normal residential usage..."

Are You Decent?
Dudley & Bob and the footsoldiers in the FCC's war on pop culture
News Story  February 18, 2005, by Kevin Brass
"...His title is master control operator, which means he sits surrounded by blinking lights and control boards, cross-checking ID numbers on tapes and counting down to the next station break. In normal times, it's a fairly routine job at a TV station, but now it has become one with dire implications...."

Resuming Normal Programming
TV Eye
Screens Column  July 31, 1998, by Margaret Moser

No Hollywood Fluff, Please – We're Polish
Cinema tackles the tumult of history at the Austin Polish Film Festival
Screens Story  November 2, 2012, by Anne S. Lewis
"...80 Million is an action film revolving around Solidarity's attempt to withdraw 80 million zlotys from its own account before the authorities could seize or freeze it. The Polish press compared the film to Ocean's Eleven, says Gil Rappaport, the University of Texas Slavic Languages prof who will introduce the film at the festival: "A normal transaction – a legal organization withdrawing its own money from a bank account, right? The underlying irony of the film is that nothing was normal in Communist Poland."..."

Point Austin: The Way We Were
In Austin's politics of nostalgia, the truth is a frequent casualty
News Column  May 2, 2008, by Michael King
"...That didn't matter to these paragons of historical virtue, who claimed she said it anyway. In normal parlance, that's called a "lie," and it's a peculiarly incompetent one..."

Marines Are People, Too
Postmarks  January 15, 2008
"...I saw them as Marines, but I saw pictures of them also as people. I saw them presented as people young and healthy, as normal people like you and me..."

Are We on the Edge?
In The Bateman Trilogy, about a family of working-class suburbanite Texans, Ken Webster reveals a fine playwright's voice to go along with his strong directorial style
Arts Story  January 30, 2004, by Robi Polgar
"...The three shorts span five years with the family Bateman and kin, working-class suburbanite Texans, about as normal as you'd expect, until you start to really examine them. In "Thanksgiving at the Batemans," it's all systems go for the returning brothers and sisters of clan Bateman, except that their deceased father apparently has made an unexpected homecoming..."

Point Austin: We'll Always Have ... Mass Murder
On not surrendering to pro-gun mythology
News Column  June 5, 2014, by Michael King
"...While congratulating Texans on their "robust gun culture," the release continued, "Let's not mince words, not only is it rare, it's downright weird and certainly not a practical way to go normally about your business while being prepared to defend yourself. To those who are not acquainted with the dubious practice of using public displays of firearms as a means to draw attention to oneself or one's cause, it can be downright scary..."

SXSWedu: Are Legos the Next Edu Wave?
Playfulness enters the classroom
News Story  March 14, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...As the designer of Pong and co-founder of Atari, Bushnell is often dubbed the god­father of video games, but in recent years his interests have turned to educational technology with his new firm, BrainRush. It depends upon adaptive learning, which tracks and shifts to meet students' needs: Rather than forcing kids down yes/no tracks, he said, "Software allows you to test the concept, iterate it, and test it again." Bushnell has made big claims for its game-based learning, suggesting that underlying skills can be acquired between eight and 10 times faster than through normal methods..."

SXSW Eco: Can We All Just Get Along?
Former Gov. Bill Ritter considers the possibility of cooperation
News Story  October 7, 2011, by Richard Whittaker
"...As Mark Twain is popularly thought to have said, "Whiskey is for drinking; water is for fighting over." That holds truer than ever in the South and West, where ballooning populations, expanding cities, and the "new normal" of drought conditions are placing extra pressures on the water supply. Ritter argued that "there's this real significant relationship between energy, water, and food production." Case in point: the oil and gas fields of the Niobrara shale shared by Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska..."

Austin @ Large: Which Way Did We Go?
Looking for the starting line as the Council races begin.
News Column  November 19, 2004, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...And begun pretty damn early, or should I say begun in public view earlier than normal. The most salient effect of Austin's austere campaign-finance ordinance is that it now takes a year, or more, to run for City Council..."

This documentary explores the hidden world of amputee fetishism.
Film Review  October 3, 2003, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Amputee fetishism – who knew? Whole, the documentary debut of filmmaker Melody Gilbert, shines a remarkable burst of light on a situation that, for most people, will prove to be an eye-opening revelation. Apparently, many people (the movie ventures no numbers) suffer from a form of body dysmorphia in which they would feel more normal or "whole" with a limb missing..."

The Arrival
Screenwriter Twohy (The Fugitive, Waterworld, Alien3) takes the directing helm in this above-average tale of alien invasion that's less concerned with the invasion itself and more worried about giving the...
Film Review  June 7, 1996, by Marc Savlov
"...Surprisingly, The Arrival works. While Sheen may never master the fine art of acting like a normal person, The Arrival's never less than silly script lets him run wild; it's sci-fi, so he's not bound by the constraints of normalcy..."

Just Like a Woman
“He's just a normal heterosexual man, who happens to enjoy dressing up in frocks.” This is the first description Monica (Walters) gives of her new boyfriend Gerald (Pasdar) in this,...
Film Review  September 16, 1994, by Brian Baker
"...Starring: Julie Walters, Adrian Pasdar, Paul Freedman and Gordon Kennedy. “He's just a normal heterosexual man, who happens to enjoy dressing up in frocks.” This is the first description Monica (Walters) gives of her new boyfriend Gerald (Pasdar) in this, the latest entry in the suddenly popular cross-dressing comedy genre..."

Come Home to Grey Gardens
HBO premieres Grey Gardens, featuring Drew Barrymore.
DAILY The Gay Place  April 21, 2009, by Anne Harris
"...… for the same reasons that we still stare at portraits by "freak" photographer Diane Arbus: We seek assurance that by comparison we are "normal." But in reality we are dipping our toes in our own fear. These artists know that, and ask us to take another look in defense of subjects that we have dehumanized because they mirror our own awful dread..."

Another Profile in HIV Advocacy
Greg'ry Revenj joins the fight against stigma
DAILY The Gay Place  September 4, 2014, by David Estlund
"...We should be in a place where we can talk frankly about prevention without worrying about scaring people or upsetting people living with HIV. For those of us who contract HIV, we can live a full, normal life, and we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about prevention, testing, and treatment options..."

SXSW Interview: Margaret Brown
We're all connected through the Great Invisible
DAILY SXSW  March 10, 2014, by Kate X Messer
"...I became more interested in our larger relationship to oil. I told them: Your perspective is not one that people hear normally, and I'm interested in that perspective...."

The Daily Hustle: 10/18/10
Neighbors sick of the WTP4 shaft
DAILY News  October 18, 2010, by Wells Dunbar

We Are Normal, Cha Cha Chaaa
The dance 'We Are Normal, Cha Cha Chaaa' is such a whirl of motion, bursting with youthful exhilaration, that it suggests nothing so much as five girls hard at play on a long summer's day
Arts Review  October 13, 2006, by Robert Faires
"...We Are Normal, Cha Cha Chaaa..."

The AggreGAYtor: October 3
Your daily dose of LGBTQIA news
DAILY The Gay Place  October 3, 2012, by Brandon Watson
"...Matt Barnes goes totally mnemonic, Portia de Rossi has a fit, and George Takei decides to be normal. What does God need with today’s AggreGAYtor?..."

Letters at 3AM
Our national self-doubt and self-conflict are nothing new, but what is new, in the last 40 years or so, is a state of confused and conflicted values. It is the signature of our era that we live in a world so unstable that its limits may be tested merely by a bumper sticker.
Columns  February 17, 2006, by Michael Ventura
"...Those brave lesbian/witchcraft gals in their cheap tin-can car sporting their bravado bumper sticker – if they can drive unmolested for even a block down Lubbock's 19th Street, their very existence (regardless of what price they may pay) testifies to a tectonic shift in the solidity of what Americans can assume is real or normal. The more you must enforce a dictum of normality, the less that normality actually exists..."

The paths of a seemingly unconnected, multicultural group of Los Angelenos cross in the most compelling American movie to come around in a long while.
Film Review  May 6, 2005, by Steve Davis
"...In Crash, the multiplicity of storylines is rooted in the script’s theme about the complex nature of human beings. Normal social intercourse, for many of the film’s characters, is defined primarily by preconceived notions about the color of a person’s skin, the type of car he drives, the number of tattoos on his body, his line of work, and so on..."

Do I really need to waste time telling you how awful the new “Stephen King Movie” turned out? Should I ramble on about how Mick Garris (Critters 2, Psycho IV)...
Film Review  April 17, 1992, by Marc Savlov
"...Looking suspiciously like a transformed Nastassia Kinski in Paul Schrader's Cat People, these nomadic critters roam across the country, feasting on the life-forces of humans unlucky enough to cross their paths. Although they transform into giant, furless cats when provoked, it seems the only thing that can really harm these creatures are normal cats -- there must be a couple hundred feline extras in this film, and it should tell you something that they turn in the best performances of the cast..."

Steely Steve
Stephin Merritt’s Psychocandy holiday
DAILY Music  October 9, 2008, by Doug Freeman
"...The pause on the other end of the phone line seems interminable, as if filtered through the delay of a satellite connection reaching somewhere beyond the ranges of normal communication. Stephin Merritt, the notoriously wry leader of the Magnetic Fields, lingers, supposedly, on the other end..."

Nominations for the 2006-2007 Austin Critics Table Awards
Arts Story  May 18, 2007, by Robert Faires
"..."Room," Fuse Box Festival, Deborah Hay, Linda Austin, Tahni HoltChoreographer Amanda Butterfield, We Are Normal, Cha Cha Chaaa..."

Live Election Coverage
Is it over yet?
DAILY News  November 8, 2016, by the News Staff

Perry Gonna Make it Rain
Governor picks prayer over investment in firefighters
DAILY News  April 22, 2011, by Richard Whittaker
"...WHEREAS, a combination of higher than normal temperatures, low precipitation and low relative humidity has caused an extreme fire danger over most of the State, sparking more than 8,000 wildfires which have cost several lives, engulfed more than 1.8 million acres of land and destroyed almost 400 homes, causing me to issue an ongoing disaster declaration since December of last year; and..."

Under the Skin
Samantha Morton makes a stunning acting debut in this wrenching British drama about two sisters, one of whom descends into a self-destructive spiral after the sudden death of their mother....
Film Review  June 12, 1998, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Of the two girls, however, Iris has always believed that her mother liked the elder Rose more. Whether this is an actual fact or merely the fretful pangs of normal maturation is unclear, but what is certain is that the two sisters are both rivals for their mother's love..."

The sleepy Desert Savings Bank is about to be hit – from here to Sunday and then some. Scorched is a new bank-heist movie cast in the comic tradition of...
Film Review  August 1, 2003, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...The comedy (by screenwriter Joe Wein) is unfortunately hit and miss, but the actors often manage to eke out humor from the barest of ideas. Although Scorched is no thigh-slapper, its comedy is light and amiable, and as the film is opening in only four cities (New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin) this Friday, Austin moviegoers have a better-than-normal opportunity to partake in the movie's future...."

UPDATED - It's Done: Voter ID Passes Senate
After marathon all-nighter, Republicans now send bill to House
DAILY News  March 11, 2009, by Lee Nichols
"...The “committee of the whole,” an unusual process in which the entire Senate hears testimony instead of a normal committee, began yesterday morning. The Democrats immediately began delaying tactics...."

Bus Strike Nearly Over?
Contractor, union reach tentative deal: Members to vote
DAILY News  November 7, 2008, by Richard Whittaker
"...Seems that something has shifted in the Capmetro contract negotiations: It seems that contractor Startran Inc. and union Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1091 may come to terms, and normal service may resume at the beginning of the week..."

Top 10 Dance and Classical Music Events That Made 2006 a Year to Remember
Arts Story  January 5, 2007, by Robert Faires
"...9) We Are Normal, Cha Cha Chaaa (Yellow Tape Construction Co.) Five women in a whirl of motion – running, rolling, racing – almost nonstop for 45 minutes. Who knows where they got all that energy, but their youthful exuberance and fierce commitment to Amanda Butterfield's choreography – suggestive of girls at play on a summer's day – was deliriously infectious...."

Top 10 Pratfalls of 2006, Plus Some Shining Examples of Physical Comedy
Arts Story  January 5, 2007, by Elizabeth Cobbe
"...10) We Are Normal, Cha Cha Chaaa (Yellow Tape Construction Co.) Did any play show actors having more fun running up and bouncing off the walls?..."

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